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Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens – Trailer

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The Hobbit Japanese Press Conference

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The Hobbit Japanese Press Conference

I have to admit, when the “Lord Of The Rings” Movies came out, it was actually My Brother that Truly Loved them.

Don’t get me wrong, I Liked “The Fellowship Of The Ring”, and “The Two Towers” very much… The Third One I don’t remember caring for that much, though I know it was the one that won the Oscar… I Truly Felt the First Two Films were better.

I believe it was the ‘Pink Bubblegum Headed Orc’ that bugged me the most in that Film, Lol

Truth be known, when they came out was right in the middle of my Pursuit of Film Making, and I was very much trying to get my Brother Involved in My Experimental Film Projects, as he is a Brilliant Actor, and a Natural Born Cinematographer…

That said, where My Brother Connected more with ‘Peter Jackson’s’ style, I connected more with the ‘George Lucas’ Films…

It was December, 2001 when my wife of one year, and I, moved to Eugene Oregon, where my brother lived, so that we might start working on short films for film festival submission.

“The Fellowship Of The Ring” came out December, 2001 (right after we arrived), “Attack Of The Clones” came out in May, 2002, and “The Twin Towers” came out in December, 2002.

Now I sit here 10 years later, and “The Hobbit” Trilogy is about to begin, and I have to say, they look to be pretty Amazing… At least, the First one does… No clue about the next two.

When “The Game Of Thrones” came out, My Brother was the one to contact me and say “Dude, Game Of Thrones Could Have Been Written/Directed By You”…  I didn’t end up seeing the First Season of “Game Of Thrones” until several months later, but when I did, I knew what he meant.

“The Lord Of The Rings” Films are much more My Brother’s Style of Fantasy Films… Where “Game Of Thrones”, is more the way I would do it. Neither is better, we’re just different.

Enough of all this, I came across what’s called “Hobbit Japanese Conference” on YouTube Today, and Watched Part 4 of 5.

I thought I might as well go ahead and share all 5 Parts with you… As a Writer, and Film Maker, this kind of thing is Truly Interesting to me… The Questions are in Japanese, and there is some Japanese Translating happening in between interviews, but the Actors, and Director do talk quite a bit.

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part I)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part II)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part III)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part IV)

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference (Part V)

DarkJade Presents – My Sci-Fi Path

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DarkJade Presents – My Sci-Fi Path

As I’ve said many times before, The Original “Star Wars”, and “The Empire Strikes Back” were the two Films that Inspired me to Pursue Film Making…

But I thought it was time I Truly Shared My Path Through the Sci-Fi Genre, which basically started in the 70’s for me when I was very young.

Space 1999 (1975-1977)

Now I don’t remember when I started watching “Space 1999″, it probably wasn’t as early as 1975… But sometime when I was very young, I did watch it… And it was Cool, Lol

Wow, that was kind of painful, Lol… The 70’s man, Lol

Star Wars (1977)

Then came the Original “Star Wars”, and that was it, I was ‘hooked’ on Sci-Fi.

I was Han Solo, My Brother was Luke, and My Favorite All Time Villain Became Darth Vader.

Star Trek (1966-1969)

And of course “Star Trek” Reruns were on T.V. frequently, which were just Awesome… Spock was, and is, my favorite Star Trek Character.

The Ultimate in Sci-Fi Melodrama, Lol… With a sprinkle of Shakespearean Undertones for Good Measure, Lol

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (1979)

I hardly remember the Buck Rodgers Television Show, but I know My Brother and I used to Watch it, Lol

Wow… Wow… The 70’s… Wow, Lol

Planet Of The Apes (1968)

Somewhere in there the “Planet of the Apes” Movies were on T.V. on some of the Channels as well…


Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979)

We Loved this Show, Lol

Alien (1979)

Yes, are Mom actually took us to this Flick, Lol… Which is a Brilliant Film, but basically Scared the Hell out of My Brother and I, Lol

She regrets taking us, Ha

But in the end, I think we survived it ok, Lol

Uh, Yeah… It was pretty scary for a couple of young kids, Lol

Flash Gordon (1980)

We Loved This Flick, as Cheesy as it was, Lol… In fact I not only met Timothy Dalton years later, but My Current Cat is also Named “Baron”, after the Timothy Dalton Character, Lol Not to mention “Queen”, and more specifically “Freddy Mercury” was my Favorite All Time Singer…

Spaceships, Hawkmen, Queens Music… Yeah, this was my kind of Flick, Lol

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

And of course, One of My All Time Favorite Films, “The Empire Strikes Back”… Han was My Man, and this Film was definitely His Film.

In My Opinion, the Best Sci-Fi Film Ever… No “Star Wars”… No “The Empire Strikes Back”…  No “Star Wars”… And so it Goes, Lol

But I will Say The First Two Star Wars Films are one of My Main Motivations Behind My Focus of “Characters”, “Story”, and “Character & Story” Development. And the Importance of a Great Villain.

Blade Runner (1982)

“Blade Runner”… Also one of the Most Brilliant Sci-Fi Films Ever Done… Just a Masterpiece… And also very Influential on My Screenplay Writing, for Sure.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

One of the Best Sci-Fi Lines, and Scenes Ever… Wridley Scott is a Film Genius Basically… And of course the Writer Philip K. Dick, whose “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” Book it was based on.

TRON (1982)

“TRON”, a Film Way ahead of its time… My Brother and I Loved This Film.

At a Time when We Lived in Video Game Arcades, it was like Being in One of them…

And the List goes on and on… But those were the one’s that got My Bro and I Off the Ground so to speak, in regards to Sci-Fi.

Thanks For Listening/Watching/Reading


The Deeper Meaning Behind The Films In My “Cool Film Fight Scenes” Post

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One of My Good Friends, Anna, recently Replied to My “Cool Film Fight Scenes” Post (She Liked the Post, though she doesn’t Watch these types of Films too often) , and My Reply was so Long, that I really thought that I should make a Post out of it, Lol

The Scenes I Chose were by no means a Random Selection

Here’s My Reply;

Ah, let me Splain about these Movies… Not to Justify, just to Splain.

First of all, I’m not one of those guys that just watches Action Flicks… No, far from it… Jean Claude Von Who?? And Steven Seagal, Arghhh The Worst Actor… Or at least one of them. He’s like an Italian Cook at a really low grade Italian Restaurant, who likes to put on a Clint Eastwood Accent ALL THE TIME!! And not a good one either.

That said, These Films.

1) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Don’t know if you’ve seen it, in fact I own it, but don’t watch it a lot, because it has a pretty sad ending… As many old “Chinese” Myth Films do. The Reasons I like this Film are plenty though. The Main Young Actress ( Ziyi Zhang) is Extraordinary, you should basically see her in anything she does. I think of her as a “dark” genius. In this film, she is very much like someone that needs “Lithium”… If you watch her performance, she just looks darkly conflicted, and just can’t quite pull herself out of it. The actress herself had studied many years of dance, which enabled her to do some Amazing things on the “Wires” that they use in the film. Also, when I wrote My Screenplay “White Jade”, she is the Actress I had in mind for the “Nyoko” Character. Nyoko is Japanese, and this actress is Chinese, but to a degree, Asians often play Characters from Countries they aren’t. And she ended up playing a Japanese in “The Last Geisha”. I didn’t care for that Film all that much, but there were some Amazing Actors in it. If you don’t see “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for anything else, see it for her Performance… Definitely. Oh, and you have to see it 1000% in Chinese with Subtitles… The English Dubbing Version is absolutely Wretched… I was fortunate enough to have seen it in Chinese first… I can’t even watch it the other way… I feel so bad it was that way in theaters I think? Not sure. Only then will you see her “Dark” inner struggle… With bad English Dubbing, it just comes of as Cheesy Melodrama, which it is not. This Film is a Blend of Old Chinese Sword Fighter Heroes Tales, which the Director (Ang Lee) had grown up with, and Romance… So to a degree, he was Creating his own thing. The Screenplay Writer/Co-Producer (James Schamus/Co-Writer/Executive Producer) is very much American, and has a Knack for Romance. The two make a cool team. Don’t even bother seeing it if it’s dubbed, but do see it. If you haven’t that is.

2) Matrix 2: Reloaded – I really Loved the First “Matrix”… At the time, I thought it was “Cool, Innovative” and fairly “Brilliant”. And I thought Keanu basically made the Film. Matrix 2: Reloaded I basically only watch, this Scene, Lol. The Film was, meh… It had a few cool moments, but I just Love This Scene. And Matrix 3 was Bollocks!! Lol A real Piece of @#$@, in my opinion. Truth be known, they should have never gone beyond the First… Except for this Fight Scene. (My Apologizes to those that Liked the Third Matrix, this is only my opinion, Lol)

3) Bruce Lee “Enter The Dragon” – Well, Bruce Lee is more of a Complicated thing for me… I’m more of a Bruce Lee Fan, than I am a Bruce Lee Film Fan. His Movies are ok, but he, to me, is Extraordinary. I’ve never seen anyone in my life move like him… No one. And so that, and his “Philosophy” about Life, are the reasons he’s one of my Greatest Heroes. Generally I can’t really sit through his movies, Lol But I do watch scenes from time to time, just to see him move.  I Actually did a Post about him a bit back “Bruce Lee – The Dragon” which gives a better insight as to what Bruce Lee means to me.

4) Hero – If you haven’t seen Hero, see it… The whole thing is like a Painting of Colors… The Fight Scenes are Pretty Amazing, but beyond that, the Use of Colors is Extraordinary, and there are some Really Good Actors in it, including the girl from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. But her character isn’t a big part, it’s just okay. The Character that makes this Film worth watching, beyond the Visual Display of the Cinematographer and Director is, the Character called “Broken Sword”(Tony Leung Chiu Wai)… He is Extraordinary. One of the Coolest parts of the Film is Three People tell their version of what happened at different parts, and Each Version Told is done in a Different Color… Meaning, they’re either all wearing Red, all wearing White, or all Wearing Green, depending on whose telling their version. It’s Beautifully Epic Visually. Can’t remember if I saw it with Sub Titles or not. For me, Sub Titles disappear in my head pretty quickly, and I forget I’m reading… I prefer Film’s Native Language if I can help it. Less is lost.

5) Dragon – Dragon is the “Bruce Lee Story” (The Actor Jason Scott Lee is Amazing in this… He had never done Martial Arts before this film)… If you want to know more about “Bruce Lee” the man, see this Film. I have to tell you, he’s one of the most Extraordinary Men to have ever walked the earth… In my mind that is. And the Martial Arts is only part of it. If you go on YouTube and watch some Interviews with him…. Phew… Man was he Cool… And Spiritual… And Intuitive.”

Phew! Nuff Said, Lol

Thank You Anna for Inspiring This Reply, and Post

And Thanks all for Reading/Listening


I Rembered Why I Like Being A Romantic… Fools Rush In

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So I was watching some Random T.V. earlier today, and a Movie That I used to own on VHS, came on… It was a Movie that I always Liked… Why, Because it’s Romantic.

And it’s Funny… And it’s got Actors, and Characters I like

And I like The Soundtrack

Fools Rush In

If I remember Correctly, it’s based off a True Story, which is probably why something about it just Feels like Real Relationships and Situations.

Also, it actually makes the Desert Look Beautiful, which though it is Very Hot, it actually can be a Beautiful Place… Mainly when the Sun Sets, and/or Rises.

Now I shall take you on a Little Trip using some of the Songs from the Soundtrack

I Invite you to Enjoy The Ride into what I think is a Very Romantic, and Human Film… More so than the way it was Advertised.

First Lets Bring in the Spicy Spanish Side of the Movie, which of course Salma Hayek is supposed to Represent, but Trust me, The Music, and her Family also bring in it as well.









A Bit More Spice, then we’ll Change it up



And Now For a Bit of American Heat



Alright Time For The Song That Made Me Want To Post About This Movie










Ah Yes, This Next One I Loved From Ferris Bueller As Well



And Now… The King



Never Too Much of The King? Right?



Yes, This Movie Reminded Me Once Again, Why I Really Don’t Mind Being A Romantic… Whether I’m Alone… Or Not


Nuff Said


Thanks For Listening







Sucker Punch – An Important Message, In A Dark Package

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There’s a Few Very Important things you should Keep In Mind before you “Embark” on Seeing “Sucker Punch“…

1) This is a Pretty Dark Film (And When I Say Dark, I mean There’s Bad People, Doing Some Pretty Bad Things In It)

2) Don’t Get Too Attached to Any Of The Characters… Nuff Said

3) It Basically has a “Very Strong” Graphic Novel Feeling to it (If You’re Not Familiar with what a Graphic Novel is, Think Highly Concentrated Comic Book… Generally More Intense Stories, with Very Strong, Well Done Art…

This Film was Directed, and Co-Written by, The Guy who Directed and Co-Wrote The Screenplay for 300 (Which was Originally a Graphic Novel)

And Also Directed “Watchmen“, which was “Very Much” Based on a Cult Classic Graphic Novel.

Both Which Are Pretty Dark Films, as Graphic Novels Often Are… Though Watchmen was a Bit Darker than 300 in My Opinion/Experience.

Basically If You’re Cool with Lobotomies, Violence, and Physical Abuse of Woman (Well Not “Cool” With it, but can Take it being in the Film), than maybe you’ll get something out of this Film…

For me, being A Film Maker, a Screenplay Writer, and a Writer in General, it’s Basically Like Doing Homework for me…

The Things I Liked About The Film;

1) Strong Female Characters, Especially The Lead (As Many of you may, or may not of noticed, I Write about, or Often Include, Strong Female Characters in My Stories… I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I grew up with a Very Strong Mom, who was a Single Mother of Four Kids, and a Hell of a Survivor… Coupled with the fact that I think Girls, Potentially, Are Bad A$$, Ha)

2) Fascinating “Imagination” Sequences Meaning Scenes that “Stem” from the Lead Character’s Imagination, as a way to “Deal” With Difficult Situations that she’s Actually Dealing With in Reality.

3) Good Message to Woman, or At Least Young Woman. Fight Fight Fight, for what you Deserve in This Life.

And Now For Some Video Footage That You Might Enjoy, Especially If You Don’t See The Film;

(Keep In Mind, The Fantasy Sequences Are Only Part of This Film, It’s The Reality Scenes That Are Darker)

Giant Samurais

Defeating Imaginary Enemies, Whilst In Reality, Defeating Real Ones

See This Film At Your Own Risk Like I say, I’m a Film Maker/Writer, so for me I wanted to Check it out… And I felt by the end, that It had some “Good Messages” about Surviving some “Real Difficult” Realities… But That’s Just Me

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening/Watching








Akira… TRON… TRON: Legacy… A Dip In Inspirations Waters

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In December of 1999, Eugene Oregon, I sat down at my Computer in My 10′ by 14′ Square Foot Room, which was connected to a Garage, at a small place that My Brother, His Wife and First Son lived in…

It was there that I began to Conceive a Story Concept that I Still to this day have not Fully Written…

It Was a Film Concept, in which would be a Blending of Both Actual Actors, and Computer Animation… Something that I hadn’t Truly Seen Before.

Granted The Closest Thing that I had seen to it was The Original 1982 Tron, Which I Actually Saw in a Movie Theater, Lol… Yes, I’ve got a 28 Year Old Spirit, but I am Older than that, ha

TRON was Way Ahead of its Time Technology Wise… And Film Making Wise as well… I believe they used something like 6 Different Forms of Animation in that Film… Several of them which were “Revolutionary”… In fact, if you watch the very end of that scene again, you’ll notice that once they Go Through The Wall, The Animation Actually Changes…

And In This Story Concept, I actually had a Form of Bike which was Lit Up by Lights, but it didn’t take place inside of a Computer like in Tron…

But it did Take Place in the Future…

Another Inspiration that may have played a role in this Aspect of My Story Concept, was My First All Time Favorite Anime’ Feature… Akira

Now Akira came out in 1988, but I didn’t see it until like 1998…

But it was Probably This Next Scene that Actually Truly Inspired Me About Akira

And for All Those “Purests” Out There, Here’s The Same Scene, but in Its Original Japanese Spoken State

Well Since 2000 when I sat at My Computer, Listening to The Oregon Rain Outside My Window, in a Room where Basically The Light From the Computer Monitor Lit Up The Whole Room, Lol

And Listening To an Album by Christopher Lawrence, Called “City of Angels” (Same Name as the Film, but this is something Different), or “Temptation“, which Sadly I can’t Find on Line to give you a Sampler… Correction, I can’t Find A Link to a Song Called “Medusa”, which was The Main Song I played over and over again While Conceiving This Project.

But I did Find One Track from the Album Here…

But as many of you know, I sat down “Film Making in 2003″, and Screenplay Writing in 2006, so I kind of ended up leaving that Story on the Back Burner.

Then to My Amazement, come 2010, They Finally Did a Sequel to the Original TRON, Which was TRON: Legacy

Which I Actually Reviewed a Bit Back Here An Opus Of Light – TRON: Legacy In Review

(Sadly You’re goina have to Follow This Link to YouTube To Watch This Scene, but It’s Worth It)

Ironically, My Story was about a Father and Son, which TRON: Legacy was basically about, but mine is a total Different Concept.

None the less, the way “Clu” looks in this Film, and the Way The Bikes Look, is very Similar to what I had Conceived back in 2000…

I Guess If I go forward with Writing it at some point, I’ll have to be careful about it, Lol

Thanks For Listening/Reading/Watching



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