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Django Unchained… In Review

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Watched Django Unchained Yesterday For The First Time… Let Me Start By Saying, I Know Right Off The Bat That A Quentin Tarantino Film Is Going To Be Violent… Something I’m Not All That Into. Knowing That I Cover My Eyes As Needed lol That Said, He Does Use It As A Style Thing, And Method To Drive Points. And Humor. Moving On. As Much As I Love Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz For Me In General, Is An Unbelievable Actor. But Jamie And Leonardo DiCaprio Were Awesome As Well. Tarantino Holds No Punches With Casting In His Films. The Music/Soundtrack Is Pretty Much Everything, Once Again A Tarantino Thing. More Than Anything, I’d Have To Say This Is One Of The Most Penetrating Films In Regards To The Horror That Is/Was Slavery. Lastly, Jamie/Django Is A True Hero Of Retribution In This Film, And DiCaprio Is Truly Dastardly

Aquaman… In Review

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My Tweet About Aquaman…

“My Appologizes Ahead Of Time To Those Who Liked #Aquaman – I Swear I Had Heard It Was Good – Wasn’t Expecting A Great #Fim, But Did Figure It Would Be A Good Popcorn Flick, And I Really Like Jason Mamoa – That Said, It Was Horrid… From The Early Fight Scene Within The Submarine Between Him And The Horrible #Actor (Or At Least Horrible #Character) Of Manta (Who I Grew Up Watching On Super Friends), Accented With The Terrible 80’s-90’s Electric Guitar Licks, And Overall 80’s-90’s Action Movie Vibe… I Truly Felt The Only Thing It Was Missing Was Jean Claude Van Damme And/Or Steven Seagal, To The Terrible One Note Actress (And Or Character) Of Mera, Who Could Barely Walk, Let Alone Run In Those Shoes… To The Extreme Overkill #VisualEffects That DID NOT Feel One Iota Like The Ocean… All I Can Say Is I Really Miss #Filmmaking – Wanted To Turn It Off Halfway Through, But $5.99 To Rent, Stuck Around Till The End -Nuff Said #Movie PS The Dialog, Wow, Horrible”

Bradley Cooper (Spoiler Alert)

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What It Says

After I posted this, I realized ‘wow’, I’d always assumed Rami Malek (From Bohemian Rhapsody) was going to win.

But though I loved Rami, I think I actually have to give it to Bradley.

Though Rami will likely win… We shall see.

Bohemian Rhapsody… In Review

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Let me just start by saying, Freddy Mercury is my favorite all time singer… Followed by David Bowie, and Steve Perry

Also, Rami Malek does deserve the Oscar for his portrayal as Freddy

That said, my Review


Anticipation; I admit, I was looking more forward to this Film than I have about a Film in a long time.

One of the vibes I got through the whole of the Film, was that of a Tribute Film… Kind of a Film for the Fans

Which is cool, but it was a bit different than what I expected

Directing; As beautiful as this Film was, I did find myself feeling that it kind of focused on the Highlights of his career. Like I say, a Tribute Film, but I was actually more interested in some of the nuts and bolts…

I will say this though, this Film is worth seeing alone for the ending, which is basically a recreation of most of the Live Aid Concert Performance that Queen did… Which I always thought was one of the best performances of anyone, ever



Rami Malek; Brilliant… I already like Rami from Mr. Robot

I will say, and this has more to do with the Directing, and/or Writing I think, that I didn’t find myself ‘liking’ Freddy the way that he was portrayed in this Film

In the ending scenes, and performance, I caught glimpses of it

In my experience of Freddy, he’s one of the most passionate, amazing humans that has ever walked the earth. I feel the Film focused more on, like I say, his Career Highlights, and odd persona.

And though Rami was brilliant, I really do feel that it was the Directing, and/or Writing that fell short on capturing how amazing he was, beyond the music.

Not perfect, just vibrant.

Rating; In the end, it left me wanting to see it again… In case any subconscious expectations had snuck in. I really liked this Film, but he is one of my all time favorite people, so I would have liked, ‘liking’ him more by the end, and during actually. But if nothing else, see it for the final Live Aid Concert scenes.

4.25 Stars Out of 5


Jeff Bridges

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It’s funny how much when Jeff Bridges name comes up, it’s about his role as ‘The Dude’ in ‘The Big Lebowski’

In all honesty, with all due respect to those that do, I don’t remember liking this Film

So in honor of one of my Favorite All Time Actors, and Human Beings, I thought I’d Post you a bit of what I think of Jeff Bridges

King Kong (1976)



The First Film I remember seeing him in, was The 1976 ‘King Kong’

And as much as I remember liking/enjoying this Film (I was 7 or 8), I remember his Hair being a pretty big part of his role, lol

Tron (1982)



Then came ‘TRON’… This Film had a huge impact on me, and is one of the Core Movies when I think of what inspired me to become a Film Maker… The First Two ‘Star War’s’, and George Lucas, being my main inspiration.

But beyond the beautiful innovation, and artistry of this Film in general, Jeff Bridges as not just Flynn (The Arcade Owning, Video Game Programming Genius), but in particularly his Program Self ‘C.L.U.’, led to one of the best, most human performance moments I’ve ever seen in Film, even now

He shocked/surprised even the Film Makers when he did this scene… Taking what was a robotic type character in an earlier scene, and tearing right into the humanity of all

Starman (1984)



Talk about a human performance… ‘Starman’. Ironically, he’s an alien in this Film, but if you haven’t seen it, see it. His performance is beautiful, and memorable.

The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)



For some reason, whenever I think about my favorite performance by Jeff Bridges, I always come up with ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys’… Can’t exactly say what it is… There’s just something about the subtle, defeated-ness of this character… And just something about his whole vibe in this Film

Seabisquit (2003)



Another amazing performance… This Film also had another one of my favorites, Tobey Maguire

Crazy Heart (2009)



Only just saw this, loved it.

Tron Legacy (2010)



The palpable Humanity of this role… Astounding

Hell Or High Water (2016)

hell_or_high_water_film_poster (1)



He Was A Good One… RIP Adam West

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