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I Need To Write Something

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Definitely feeling the need to Write something…

It was late 2011 when I created this Site, with the goal of getting in the habit of Writing an average of 900 or 1,100 Words a day, I believe

For the first year and a half of this site, I did more than that

And during that time I Self Published A Poetry Book, a Novella and a Partial Comic Book

I also wrote the Sequel to the Novella (Self Published it in 2015), and the First and Second Draft of a Fantasy Novel

I then ran a Kickstarter to get money to hire an Editor for the Fantasy Novel, but when it was done, I still wasn’t happy with it…

…so I sat it down

In 2015 I picked it back up, and hired a Second Editor to give a few Chapters a go…

…during that, they asked if they could ReWrite some of those Chapters, and I said yes

When they were done with the first 3 1/2 Chapters, I really liked what they had done

I’m more of a Screenplay Writer, than a Novelist…

…and they had read a lot of Fantasy Novels, and just had the touch when it came to ‘details’

Characters, Character Development, Story and Story Scope are my strengths, which works well for Screenplays, but only offers some of the core elements of a Fantasy Novel I feel, what they added lifted the book

But to hire them to ReWrite the whole book, will be costly

And though I don’t mind the cost, I don’t have the money to do it at the moment

I’ve considered, and am still considering doing a Kickstarter for it, but still haven’t decided

Not only that, but the Editor/Other Writer has a lot of their own projects going on, and even if I come up with the money, I’m not sure they’ll be up for it at the moment

My most recent Writing Project was actually Writing a Module for Dungeons & Dragons, which then took 15 months to get prepared, and finally Self Published

The actual Writing for that project was done early on, but all the other Game related stuff, and hiring of an Artist for the book, took a bit

I Self Published it November 8th, and though I’ve dabbled with my next Module Concept, I’m feeling like Writing more of a book, or something other than a Module at the moment

Maybe it’s the cold weather

Or the Fall/Winter in general, which always makes me more ‘writery’

We’ll have to see

Nuff Said,

Thanks for Listening/Reading



You can pickup my books at the following


Winter, Lust And Wonder (Poetry Book) 2012


I Died Once… (Novella) 2012

Part I in the Mady Chronicles


Mady’s Storm (Novella) 2015

Part II in the Mady Chronicles

Front Cover A PNG

Frost Rhealm (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module)

One Knight (Chapter 2.5) – The Celebration

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One Knight (Chapter 2.5)- The Celebration


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

CHAPTER TWO (Part Two); The Celebration

Meanwhile, within the Castle, all prepare for the great celebration, as peace fills the kingdoms walls.

The woman sew their dresses, as the returning knights simply sleep. Great feasts are prepared, flowers hung, speeches being written… It would truly be a wondrous night.

Meanwhile, deep within the Valley of Jjor, a small army of dark knights march through it’s windy pass.

Leading the knights is Baron Braug. On his right Ryme, his Adviser. On his left, the Sorcerer Onddos, an older white haired man, with a great scowl upon his visage.

“Is all prepared…” Onddos growled. “It is” responded the Baron.

At the back of the line of knights, there are three young girls, on three white horses, hands bound, and sacks over their heads.

Jade and Tyrions Chambers…

The two prepare, and dress their selves for the celebration. Jade is wearing a crushed green velvet dress, stunning, and a thin gold chain necklace, with a single pearl on the end of it.

Tyrian is dashing in black, with a white blowsy shirt.

“Will you speak to him…” Jade inquires as she powders her face. “Oh how I hate face powder, what is wrong with our natural skin, as the gods intended.”

Tyrian smiles “Yes, I shall speak with him…”

When the evening finally comes, the Great Hall is filled from brim to brim with Lords and Ladies, as all make merry, dance and sing. The king, most pleased, watches and taps his foot as his people celebrate the end of the Great Wars.

At last Tyrion and Jade make their entrance, the music stops, the masses part making a path straight to the Kings throne. “HUZZAH!!!” they cheered as they made their way to King Maelem. Jade blushed, and Tyrion waved in appreciation.

At last they reached the King, who was now standing. “Greetings Tyrion…” he then took Jade’s hand and kissed it “And the ever lovely Jade…” she smiled, and blushed. The King than made his way atop one of the Feast tables, his Royal Guard quickly stepped forward, in fear that he may fall. “I’m fine, I’m fine…” he waved them away.

The King than raised his goblet. “Tyrion… I have always thought of you as a son… And like a son, you have done me proud…” Tyrion bowes slightly. “And I know that you needs speak to me…” he looks at Tyrion who seems surprised by this. “I know this son” the King spoke softer. Jade tugs on Tyrian’s arm, he looks at her and shrugs, for he had not mentioned to the King that he was needing to speak.

“And I know what you would say… You would tell me how you had served me loyally for these fifteen years of constant war… And how you long to leave our Kingdom, and start a life a new with your young wife Jade…”

Tyrion stares in awe. How did the King know this.

“I know this, because I was once you… I too once had a young wife, but as I was King, I had no such option… But I do not regret this… Not for a day” “And our days together, your Queen and I, were lovely… Lovely indeed”.

The King steps down from the table, two of his Guards assisting him. He approaches Tyrion and Jade.

“But this is your time son…” he looks to Jade. “Both of your time…”. The King than waves his hands, and the Kingdoms Royal Architect runs forward holding a large set of plans. The King takes them, and lays em out upon one of the Feast Tables, his Guards move the food aside.

“And that’s why I’ve built you this…” in front of them is the schematics of a Great Keep. “Tananhall Keep“. “It took five years to do it, but by god we did it…”

Tyrion stares in utter shock, at the plans, then the King, then his wife. “My King–” Tyrion tries to speak, but the King interrupts “Do not deny me this my Son… Do not deny a Father his final wishes…” “As I am not dead yet, no… But I will not always be here… And I wish this”. Tyrion is stunned. Suddenly the crowd begins to cheer “HAZZAH!!!”, and all continue to celebrate, including The King, Jade and Tyrion.

Editing… The 5th Draft – Becoming A Better Writer

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editing-ratesEditing… The 5th Draft – Becoming A Better Writer

So my Editor got my 4th Draft of “Chess With Agatha” back to me a week or so ago… And I’m finally starting to implement some of the changes… Some grammar… Some Sentence Suggestions. And then there’s some Story, and Clarity Comments which I still need to figure out.

Once I implement these things, that will be my 5th Draft… And then I’m hoping to grab my Sister (Who Edited My Novella), and have her read through it, and help me with a few things. But she’s very busy, so I don’t know if that will happen.

This is only the Second Editor I’ve worked with, and I have to tell you, each Book I’ve worked on has helped me become a Better Writer. And when I say ‘Better’, I don’t mean Content (Though Hopefully That’s True Too), what I mean is I’m learning things… Primarily from these Awesome Editors.

I’d say I’m about 60% done with implementing my Editors Changes/Suggestions, then it will be on to the 6th Draft… I’m also hoping my Map Drawer Finishes soon too, Lol Really need that map.

Hope You’re All Having A Good Weekend!

Thanks For Your Continued Interest And Support


My Editor Has Finished Editing “Chess With Agatha”… And, I Have A Lot Of Work To Do, Lol

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My Editor Has Finished Editing “Chess With Agatha”… And, I Have A Lot Of Work To Do, Lol

A Font with Serifs

Ok, so My Editor Finished Editing My 4th Draft of “Chess With Agatha”, and as I hoped she’s really cleaned up the Grammar, and some of the Sentence Structuring. I need to implement all of that, but I’m totally down with that.

The real Challenge before me will be making Story Adjustments based on some of her Comments… Now I only Skimmed over them, but this stuff is going to take a lot of thought and focus on my part. Which is to be expected, and I’m totally glad for the Insights… But it is still going to be a challenge making sure the book still captures what I want it to, but also is clearly written.

Wish me Luck

This Next Week or Two should be Challenging and Interesting preparing it for Self Publishing


DarkJade – Editing Protocol

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2012 MI Ghost Protocol 4

DarkJade – Editing Protocol

Yes, that’s me in the Picture, Lol

And I know, I actually have a Plan… But I didn’t want to mess with that Text, Lol

Not bad for not having Photoshop… I used Window’s Paint, Lol

This is what happens when a Film Maker isn’t focusing on Film Making anymore, Lol

But in Truth, I have my Final Notes from my Last “Chess With Agatha” Reader, and I will be applying her Notes during the next couple days… I’m actually supposed to be doing that now, Lol

But instead I’ve been messing with this Picture for the last hour, Lol

Blogger Dedication? Or Hard Core ‘Editing’ Avoidance, Lol

Either way, I need to get this 4th Draft Complete so I can send it to My Editor, who’s standing by.

I’m also working on the Land Map for the Book, which isn’t all that big, as they don’t go to all that many areas in this first book.

And when I say ‘Working’ on it, I don’t mean I’m Drawing it, as My Drawing Abilities suck, Lol Well, they don’t suck, I’m ok at Copying things, but not Original Stuff. So I have someone working on it.

Editing Music;

I Will say, I found a few songs lately that I really Like, will be listening to when I Edit, and Posted on My Dark Xperience Music Blog… But I’ll Go ahead and put them here as well…

But first I thought you’d like to see the Original “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” Poster, Lol

2012 MI Ghost Protocol


Thanks for Listening/Reading




“Chess With Agatha” Ready For An Editor

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A Font with Serifs“Chess With Agatha” Ready For An Editor

So I Completed My 2nd/3rd Draft of “Chess With Agatha”…

It is Officially Ready for an Editor

Save some Changes I might make to the Prologue, or Chapter 1 (I have a Friend Reading the First Third of the Draft, so more changes may come)

Now it’s time to Generate some Cash for Editing

Wish Me Luck


Iliad (Chapter X) – Following A King

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GreatWarrior 2Iliad

A Novel

by DarkJade

Book II of The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

Chapter X – Following A King




And so we were off…

We were a small group, and we were traveling some six hours behind My Father, King Elias, and his men.

It was Me, Iliad, Captain Riotch, six of the King’s Elite Archers, and now Samyth, the Lamelon Warrior from the East.

Oh, and I mustn’t forget Mondo Gue… Hemmingbyrd’s mysterious white bird, which shows up from time to time, and lands on my right arm.

“Spyr Bird,” Iliad suddenly says to Agatha, as he rides along on his white horse, his head in his book as he rides.

“Spyre Bird?” Agatha replies.

Iliad lowers his book and looks at Agatha, “It says here that a wizard of great age, which Hemmingbyrd is, is often known to take on a Spyre Bird as an ally, and servant,” he explains.

“I see,” Agatha replies, not really knowing what to say.

“You wizards, and your magic… You might try picking up a blade some time, and seeing how that works for yah,” suddenly says Samyth, as he rides up beside Agatha and Iliad.

“Hmmph,” replies Iliad, and his nose goes back in his book.

Agatha notices that Captain Riotch has placed the six King’s Elite Archers in a circle around Agatha and Iliad, while Captain Riotch brings up the rear.

Agatha laughs to herself.

“What is it?” inquires Samyth.

“It’s just… Even with all the known tales of my abilities in Ordose form, men still seem to feel that they must ‘protect’ the female,” she explains with a further laugh and smile.

Samyth takes note of the Archers positions, “I think he might be the one they’re protecting,” with this he points at Iliad, and they both laugh.

“Ha, Ha… Very funny…” Iliad says as he looks out from behind his book once more.

“I am, after all, a wizard you know…” he says with a sneer.

“Sure you are lad… Sure you are,” Samyth says with a smirk, and rides up to the front of the party.

Iliad pretends not to be bothered, but looks over at Agatha anyway, who has become more serious.

“I believe you’re a wizard Iliad… I always have,” she says with a smile.

Iliad starts to smile, but quickly tucks his head back in his book.


Meanwhile, 10 black cloaked assassins ride parallel to Agatha’s party, lead by the assassin who stabbed Hemingbyrd.




Chapter I – Home

Chapter II – Matters Of The State

Chapter III – Elias

Chapter IV – The Meeting

Chapter V – Swordplay

Chapter VI – Ambush

Chapter VII – Iliad

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire

Chapter IX – Westbound

Iliad (Chapter IX) – Westbound

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A Novel

by DarkJade

Book II of The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

Chapter IX – Westbound



Outside the gates of Sthorn Light Castle, King Elias stands besides his white steed, Coran, and speaks to his daughter Agatha.

Also outside the gates are Prince Morr, 20 Sthorn Archers, and 10 of the King’s Elite Guard.

The King is wearing golden red armor, that appears almost to have moving fire within its metal.

And his sword’s handle almost seems to have a white glow.

“And so no sooner than you have returned, I am departing,” he says to Agatha as he kisses her cheek.

She in turn holds him tightly.

“I’m beginning to feel as though I’ve lived here father… Like Agamemnon told me, this place was once my home,” she says with tears coming to her eyes.

“It does my heart well to hear it,” he says as he mounts Coran. “Still, I wish I could have spent some more time with you.”

“It’s alright father… It is what it is to be King,” she replies looking up at him upon his horse, and holding onto one of his hands.

“True indeed. And good that you know this already… As someday it will be you that rules Sthorn,” he adds. “I leave you in command of Sthorn Light Castle, and the Kingdom of Sthorn.” he says as he turns his horse away. “Guard it well,” are his last words as he rides off, his men following in tow.

“I shall father,” Agatha replies.

Her eyes than lock with Prince Morr’s, who bows slightly, and rides off.


The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd sits in a chair, looking out his window, with his white bird Monto Gue on his arm.

Iliad comes in, holding a large dark blue velvet covered book under his arms.

“You called my Lord,” speaks Iliad.

Hemmingbyrd sends his bird out the window, and turns towards Iliad.

“Oh good… Come, sit, sit,” he says, and Iliad sits in the nearby chair.

“I see you’ve found the book of Lomahy, studying it?” he asks.

“Yes my Lord, as you have suggested,” Iliad replies.

“And?” asks Hemmingbyrd.

“It is… Amazing,” replies Iliad with a half smile.

Hemmingbyrd smiles with relieved satisfaction “Good… Good.”

Hemmingbyrd then weakly rises, and makes for his bed.

Iliad assists him.

Once under his blanks, he speaks more “And have you chosen your school of magic?”

“Not as of yet… But I will most hastily, I promise,” replies Iliad.

“Good… Good. As a Common Mage you will only be so powerful. And should you run into the one who ordered this,” Hemmingbyrd points towards the wound on his side, “They will be much too powerful for you.”

“I see,” replies Iliad.

“This is why you must choose quickly, and begin your focused study,” continues Hemmingbyrd, whose eyes then begin to close, as he suddenly requires rest.

Iliad starts to stand, but Hemmingbyrd grabs his arm “Choose wisely Iliad! Let not your ego misguide you.”

Iliad pats Hemmingbyrd’s hand “I shall choose wisely… Old one, ” and with this they both laugh a bit, then Hemmingbyrd falls to sleep.


Agatha, after watching her father and his men ride off, sits outside the castle pensively, sitting upon a large rock… But just as she rises, and walks back towards the castle, she hears a horse approaching.

She turns to see a golden warrior, dark brown caped, with shoulder length sandy blond hair.

He raises his hand in greetings as he approaches, and brings his horse to a halt, “Greetings from the Warriors of Lamelon… I am Samyth… I’ve come to aid you in your quest,” he speaks with a green eyed twinkle in his eyes.

Just then Hemmingbyrd’s white bird Mondo Gue swoops down in a blaze of white light, and lands upon Agatha’s arm.

“Aye… This is the bird that has requested our coming,” finishes the warrior.




Chapter I – Home

Chapter II – Matters Of The State

Chapter III – Elias

Chapter IV – The Meeting

Chapter V – Swordplay

Chapter VI – Ambush

Chapter VII – Iliad

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire

Chapter X – Following A King

The Bear Necessities

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Ok, so as I ‘Trudge’ My way through Applying some of My Friend’s Grammar, and Line Editing Notes to My “Chess With Agatha” Manuscript… I find myself constantly changing which Pandora Station that I listen to…

I ended up landing on My “Arabian Nights Radio” (Check it out if you like Animated Movies Etc.), and This Song Came on, and made me feel a bit better about what I’m doing, Lol… And I don’t know why (Though I have always Liked this Song, Lol)


Iliad (Chapter VIII) – Giants Of Fire

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A Novella

by DarkJade

Book II of The “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy

Chapter VIII – Giants Of Fire




Hemmingbyrd is laying in bed, resting… He still looks rather pale.

Iliad, and Agatha stand before him, and Prince Morr is standing by the entrance.

“It’s good to see you Agatha” speaks Hemmingbyrd.

She replies with a smile.

“But… Why am I here Hemmingbyrd? I am but a King’s Fool?” says Iliad.

“Enough of all that… You know that is far from true,” replies Hemmingbyrd.

Suddenly Iliad gets a knowing look in his eyes.

“Have you chosen your school of magic?” inquires Hemmingbyrd.

“You knew” replies Iliad.

Hemmingbyrd smiles proudly.

“That’s why you made me the Kings’ Jester when I was a boy” continues Iliad.

“A little humility never hurts a Wizard” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“You brought me here to replace you…” Iliad inserts.

“Not immediately… But someday… Yes” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“I am after all, 513 years old, I’ve only got a couple hundred years left, at best… And the Kingdom of Sthorn, gods allowing, will continue to need magic within its walls” concludes Hemmingbyrd.

“But I’m no Wizard…” replies Iliad.

“But you are… You already are” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“That’s why I could understand your silly, strange words” says Iliad.

“Only strange to those that do not have magic running through their veins” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“But Agatha?” says Iliad.

“Can understand some of them… Yes” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“So she?” questions Iliad.

“Yes… She definitely has magic with her… But you know this Iliad… You’ve seen what she can do,” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“There are many things that you know and disregard as roaming thoughts,” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“Well I,” Iliad begins.

“Are wise Iliad… Very, very wise,” interjects Hemmingbyrd.

Iliad blushes a bit, and Agatha lightly hits his shoulder.

“One might say, almost as wise as I…” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“No…” replies Iliad.

“And yet, you are 484 years younger” finishes Hemmingbyrd.

“I could never” starts Iliad but Hemmingbyrd interrupts again.

“We our an evolving race, just like these mortals,” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“They’re evolving?” questions Iliad with a smile.

HA! HA! they all start to laugh.

“Agatha!” suddenly the warm voice of King Elias comes from the behind them, and Agatha runs into her father’s arms…

“Father!” she says.

King Elias strokes his daughter’s hair “Oh my girl… I am so glad to see you” he tears up “you have no idea.”

Iliad then leans over and whispers to Hemmingbyrd “Have you determined how much longer you live?”

“Indeed… Give or take a few years” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“And this” Iliad points at Hemmingbyrd’s knife wound, which is bandaged.

“Well… I’m sure it doesn’t help… But it wasn’t meant to kill me, only weaken me temporarily, as well as send you a message to come I suspect” explains Hemmingbyrd.

“A message for me to come?” questions Iliad.

“Never mind that for now… Either way, I will not be able to accompany you and Agatha to Zor Thos’s Kingdom to the West” says Hemmingbyrd.

“I shall go myself to Zor Thos” suddenly interjects the King.

“Who is Zor Thos?” Agatha leans back and asks Morr.

“He is the King of the Giants of Fire” replies Morr quietly.

“My lord” starts Hemmingbyrd, but Elias stops him.

“I am the King of Sthorn… And you have swore that our kingdom shall speak to Zor Thos… It’s only befitting that it is I that goes” he continues.

“Very well my lord… But then I insist that Prince Morr, and at lest 50 of our strongest Sthorn Knights accompany you,” says Hemmingbyrd, who is starting to look a bit weak.

Suddenly the king’s doctor comes into the room “He really must rest my king,” he speaks.

“Very well… I shall prepare for our journey” speaks the king who touches Agatha’s face, then nods to Prince Morr, who accompanies him out of the room.

“Just give us a minute more doctor” Hemmingbyrd says to the doctor, who nods, and leaves.

“Iliad… Go to my chambers and find the ‘Book of Lomahy’… You must study it like there is no tomorrow” speaks Hemmingbyrd, who nods, and leaves the chamber as well… Leaving only Agatha and Hemmingbyrd in the room.

“Come here my sweet” Hemmingbyrd speaks gesturing her to come closer…

With this she slides a chair up to the bed, and takes one of Hemmingbyrd’s hands.

“Agatha… You, Iliad and Captain Riotch will follow your father from afar,” he says.

“But the King?” she replies.

“Must not know… Though he’s liable to figure it out, he will not say a word… He knows that I know best in these sort of matters” he explains.

“But… Why?” questions Agatha.

“The kingdom, and Plane of Ordose itself, is  in great danger,” explains Hemmingbyrd.

“From who?” she replies.

“Never mind that… In addition to Iliad, and Caption Riotch, I want you to take my Spyr Bird, Monto Gue” with this Hemmingbyrd holds out his arm, and in through the chamber window flies Hemmingbyrd’s Spyr Bird, Monto Gue… A trail of white light trailing behind it, it instead lands on Agatha’s arm.

Hemmingbyrd smiles “He likes you already.”

“You must protect him Agatha… And protect Iliad too, though he must also protect you” continues Hemmingbyrd.

“But I” she starts.

“No buts,” interjects Hemmingbyrd.

“I shall” she finishes.




Chapter I – Home

Chapter II – Matters Of The State

Chapter III – Elias

Chapter IV – The Meeting

Chapter V – Swordplay

Chapter VI – Ambush

Chapter VII – Iliad

Chapter IX – Westbound

Chapter X – Following A King