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Wake Up…

Now go to sleep

Never Mind the Shadows…

The Friends you keep

The Dancing Creek Light…

At Bed Posts Feet


Spread Out…

Yes… Take your time

For No Good Reason…

Nor Good Rhyme

3D Abstract Background

Find Truth…

The Rest Makes Mad

Draw Forth Your Senses…

Bring Forth Your Bad


Let Go…

These Coals… They’ll Burn You

Where’s Smoke

Will Churn You…


Red Fire…

Will Zen You

“So Be Zenned”


Skies On Fire

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Skies On Fire

We Dream of Skies On Fire

The End… My Friend

Of Distant lands

Full of Hatred…

And Dread

But the Blue Light is all around us

It’s just Quieter now

No Loud Beginnings…

Only Echoed Ends

There Isn’t Any Time to wonder


Count Friends

The Time to act was Yesterday…

Arm yourself with Love…

Hold them close

Live like there’s No Tomorrow

Because there isn’t…

Without today



Son Of Stars

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Son Of Stars

You are…

An Enigma

You are

A coin toss in the night

Your roots…

Do not belong here

Your light

Unmeant or known beyond you

Some say we’re lucky…

But I know better

Suave Hair…

Perfect… Sweater

You are grace

You are a friend

A source…

That never ends

You are beautiful

Rivaling the stars…


Jupiter and Mars

Pin drop silence

Captured breath

You’re larger than life…

Amongst muggy death

You are my friend…

I hold you dear

Take my hand…

Hear the rain

Powder blue moonlight…

Spread throughout



Your shadowy, light


Everything changes…

Hope pulls from light

Heart beats rapidly

Can you call this…


I am alone

They say we all are…

But we’re not

We never were

I’m sorry for our loss…

Sorry for heavens gain

Sorry I didn’t meet you

Have a handshake

Exchange names

It takes time…

Or so they say

But hasn’t time taken enough…

I need this day

The Rest Is Silence



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Through Spearmint Forrests…

And Life Color Comes

Leaves Of Falls Choices

And Planets Among

These Little Red Bearded

Magical Chums

Woods Full of Unicorns…

Nutrients To Some

Below Ireland Skies

And Served Before Feasts

The Planets Direction…

If Leaning Towards Peace

It’s Sometimes Forgotten…

Instead Full Of Grey

Are Skyscraper Choices…

And Paramount Blame

Instead Stop The Wind…

Kneel And Praise

The Life In Your Hands…

Is Yours To Display…




Blue Hope

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Winter… Thoughts



Blue Hope

Why do you embrace me

This So…

Noble Thing

What am I supposed to believe

What am I supposed to do…

Sit on Sand watching Waves wash in


The Love…

Is so great

The pain

Is Unbearable

And yet nature demands an answer…


An action

We’re not meant to be alone

Pondering Our Own

Lone existence

Am I…


Is this some sort of game

This is my heart

This is my mind

My soul cares not…

For it is free

You are everything I ever hoped was possible…



And yet this Web of Truth

Keeps me down…

Demands my Obedience…

I am not obedient

Instead I bleed…

Stricken by the rules I can not abide


PICTURE CREDIT – Winter Thoughts


Black One

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This Is A Bit Of A Departure From The Holiday Poems I’ve Been Posting Lately… Forgive The Darker Tone…



Black One

I Have Become All Too Familiar With Thee

Much More Than I Ever Would Have Intended…

Or Hoped

As I Find Myself Trying To Break From Your Embrace…

I Am Met With Legions Of Fears…

And Thoughts In My Way

It’s Not Your Fault Really…

Sent Here To Defend Me From This Sometimes Difficult Realm

And Yet Your Presence Is No Longer Needed Here…

Why Do You Stay

I Remember The Friends I’ve Lost Along The Way…

They Could Not Face Their Heroes Fall

I Remember Cool Evening Nights…

And Long Winter Days

And How I Danced With Winding Roads…

My Black Wings, Gone Astray

I’m Not Big On Complaining… No

But Maybe You Could…

Make Your Way

You Are Not Needed…


Desired In Any Way…

As I Lay Here Pondering The Day Sky

Blocked By The Clouds You Display

I Think… There May Be Hope Yet

In This Long… Long

Too Long Life And Day



Dark Angel

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Dark Angel

The Being Sits Alone At The Bar With His Thoughts

Black Clothing, Hair, Eyes

When The Bar Closes He Asks For Another…

You See Sir, I’m Having A Hard Time

The Bartender Seeing His Need, Nods And Pours Him A Drink

I Can’t Say I’ve Spoke To Your Kind

Not Sure I’ll Be Much Help In This Time Of Need

The Dark Eyed Man Gazes Directly At The Television

The World’s Dance Of Fear

Then Back At The Bartender And Says

I Hold Your Life Both Precise And Dear

The Bartender Laughs, As He Shuts Down His Register…

Closing Time Is Near

Don’t Waste Your Time Demi One

We’ve More Than Had Our Chance To Be Revered

You’ve Only Just Begun Says The Dark Clothed Man

As The Sun Outside Starts To Appear

With This He Finished His Drink…


And Spreads His Great Black Wings Wide

At Least You’ve Got Life…

I’ve So Much To Do

An Eternity To Make Things Right

With This The Roof Parts

Without Breaking Wood…

And The Angel He Starts To Rise

Come Back Any Time Friend The Bartender Speaks

Your Humanity Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

It Gets Hard Down Here For Us Humans

Death Isn’t All That Near

Be Calm And Follow Your Truth The Angel Speaks

As He’s Swallowed Up In Light

The Love In Your Heart Is All You Need

To Navigate Through This Life




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