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Posted in Poem, Poetry, Writing on October 16, 2021 by darkjade68

Wrote/Posted this 10 years ago yesterday

The Written Word


Alone I Float

Above this Vastness of Dark, and Deep Water

Simplicity is there

As I spin slowly, letting my fingers touch the Coolness Below

As they immerse within the depths of Imagination

The Impending Truth awaits me…

But I am not ready…

I wish that I was… But you can not rush these things

And so I wait…

Knowing full well, you will never come

As I look around me, I realize I am not Alone after all…

These Pedestrians of Light

You… Wanderers of the Night

Look how you touch it’s waters with me

Each more inspired, and impressed, than the next

Oh how they smile

And yet what a wonder is this… For Courage is such a Rare thing

And Strength… Not a Common Deployment

Hard Earned… And Rarely Given

You look at me “She will not come you know…”

But your words fall in front…

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Posted in Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing on October 14, 2021 by darkjade68


The Pain remains the same…

Nothings changed

Never enough…

Pumps through my veins

Broken towers…

Blue light in

I still remain…



Fehren Light

Posted in Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing on September 15, 2021 by darkjade68
The Meaning of the Blue Light Ray Angel Color

Fehren Light

It seems there’s no way out…

And no way in

The choices placed before us…

Have no perfect end

I wish that I could help you…

I know that’s not what you need

But when I look around us…

Destructive, painful greed




Posted in Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing with tags on June 8, 2021 by darkjade68


It’s longer than you think…


But valuable none the less…

Spirits call upon you now

To rise…

To shine

Through waves of light and water…

If you let go

Forget the rest…

If you close your eyes

Just resist…




Posted in Life, Music, Poem, Poetry, Writing on February 24, 2021 by darkjade68


Paralyzed, we do not move…

Don’t do a thing

Things crumble and crash around us…

How could you not know

It’s unforgivable…


And yet we look the other way…

Ignore our common dismay

What’s wrong here…

What can we do

It’s just not logical…

It’s just not true



Posted in Love, Poem, Poetry, Writing with tags , on January 13, 2021 by darkjade68


Don’t hold onto things that hurt you…

The truly compassionate have nothing to prove

Instead spend that energy, looking around you…

Love, Prayers And Good

Control is not the answer…

Let worries fade to light

Take deep breaths…

Partake in life

PICTURE CREDIT – Light Rays Through The Water


Posted in Life, Poem, Poetry with tags on December 28, 2020 by darkjade68


Trust the Truth

The Rest does not matter…

We spend our time

We spend our lives…


We can not control…

Certain things

And if we try…

It is exausting

It can be painful…

Trust the Truth

Nothing else matters…

Picture Credit – Trust



Posted in Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing on November 20, 2020 by darkjade68
Art by Marek Ruzyk


You remind me…

Of the life I long to be

Yet, balance…

Is this the truth, or something new to me

I cast away the restraints of life…

Just so I might see

A Freer life…

One that’s meant to be

Cloaked by experience, and perspective…

Do I truly see

Am I in control…

Or is it happening to me


Such Sadness

Posted in Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing on November 13, 2020 by darkjade68

Such Sadness

Such sadness can not be overcome

Bared, and undone

Our methods of dealing come short

Our wings tattered

Our minds overrun

In My hands I hold the truth

In my heart

No parachute

PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Blue Starry Sky



Posted in Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing with tags on October 5, 2020 by darkjade68


What are we hiding from…

Where can we hide anyway

The truth is all around us…

It sees us

It hunts us while we sleep…

And when we take them off

Where will we be…

We remove layers, whilst adding layers

We’re neither here, nor there…

We run

We hide…

The truth is always there

PICTURE CREDIT – Rainbow Masquerade