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There is a place…

Where no one knows

The heart felt breath…

The deepest woes

Alone in peace…

Blue sky above

Here we rest…

Here we love

PICTURE CREDIT – Tranquility



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The open sea of thought

It’s a miracle we’ve made it here alive…

Sometimes I wonder

Wonder and get lost…

In all the things that are possible

But often seem their not…

‘Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground

Oh, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain

I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end‘ – James Taylor

How I long for the morning sounds

As frost and leaves lay upon the ground

It seems impossible this bliss and confusion will ever end…

Savor every moment until the when



Life, Love & Misery

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Life, Love & Misery

Come what may…

I am not alone

The Tranquil fog of my mind…

The deepest, purest love

PICTURE CREDIT – Shattered Dreams



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Like red beams of light, it enters the black surface

Veins of truth, of pain, of night

I am not with you…


I’ve never been

And yet…

Our love is real

Our lives entwined…

I love you more than you could ever know

Your light, your love, friendship and more

But I am alone…

I’ve always been

I stay… I go

Dark and deep…

Still, complete

I wait for that thing…

That confirmation, that need

I wait too long…

The wings, they grow

And I am above surface again…

Take to the sky




Corner Of Truth

Posted in Poem, Poetry, Writing on March 4, 2022 by darkjade68

Listen To While You Read

Corner Of Truth

While ice colored blood runs down the light…

I am forced into a corner

An unforgotten place, and memory…

Someplace so hard

A place so far away from me…

The destruction of morality

The home a prison…

I am so afraid

Afraid nothing will ever change…

Screams and pain remain

A sudden, distant menagerie

The beast within will not tame…

The power seekers but scars in rocks

A troubled single sought injustice…

Nothing will ever be the same

The tears so shed, it crushes to powder this strange…

…guttural and harsh reality

Can’t they stop the beating

It’s so loud now…

Below the surface I remain

Nothing will be the same…

…and who is to blame, but wrongness in its’ most literal way

I am undone

I am not the same…

The Pain Of Loneliness

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The Pain Of Loneliness

Though my heart is full…

I am alone

The pain unbearable…

The reasons


I think of you, hoping for relief

Inside, my heart bleeds

Some tumbling need…

I remember when things were so much worse

And yet, here I be…

Who or what do I look to

Are these answers truly in me…

I have so much to give

So much…

To share

But what if no one cares…

What am I to do

Art Above Alone in the Dark


Winter, Lust And Wonder – Poetry

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10 years ago I created this Writing Blog in order to get in the habit of Writing

During the first few months, I wrote Blog Stories, a Novella and Poetry

In early 2012 I published my first group of Poetry, ‘Winter, Lust And Wonder’

Soon I’m hoping to redo the basic cover, I also hope to start publishing more Poetry from this site

This first and only Book is only part of what I wrote at the end of 2011, when I started the blog

Many Color Covers are available on Amazon right now, links are below




Dark Blue

Light Blue


If you don’t have Amazon Prime, it’s less expensive to order from me direct, just reply to me below

Thanks for your support

DarkJade- (James Mahoney)


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Who you are…

What does it matter

You are free

These words I utter…

Dance alone…

Under moonlight

Run so hard…

Waves touch your skin

When you awake…

It begins again

PICTURE – Imperial Sand Dune



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Written/Posted 10 Years Ago Yesterday

The Written Word

Listen to this while Reading…


The man stands, arms crossed

His Black Trench Coat Flapping in the Knowing Wind…

His Eyes on the Distant Horizon

Beyond the Blood Black Sea

His eyes Reflectant of the Blue Flares that Fall from the sky…

He raises his hands slowly, palms to the Sky

The Fragile Walls of all that is real

And established as True…

Tremor, you ask why

His Skin begins to Water, and Fade to Light

But he must Press On

The Stars start to Quake, and lose form

His Tears roll back, and inward

Shall his selfishness Prevale

He starts to scream

White Birds Rise

He turns Kneels and cries

The Wings upon his back do Take Shape

His Eyes open White

Is he too late

His Blood begins to Tremor

Silent is the night




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Wrote/Posted this 10 years ago yesterday

The Written Word


Alone I Float

Above this Vastness of Dark, and Deep Water

Simplicity is there

As I spin slowly, letting my fingers touch the Coolness Below

As they immerse within the depths of Imagination

The Impending Truth awaits me…

But I am not ready…

I wish that I was… But you can not rush these things

And so I wait…

Knowing full well, you will never come

As I look around me, I realize I am not Alone after all…

These Pedestrians of Light

You… Wanderers of the Night

Look how you touch it’s waters with me

Each more inspired, and impressed, than the next

Oh how they smile

And yet what a wonder is this… For Courage is such a Rare thing

And Strength… Not a Common Deployment

Hard Earned… And Rarely Given

You look at me “She will not come you know…”

But your words fall in front…

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