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Monsters Of The Wilderness – In Review

Posted in Book Review, Dungeons And Dragons, Product Review, Writing on April 6, 2022 by darkjade68

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

Wow, what an amazing book… The Themes right off the bat, this isn’t just a list of monsters, this is a serious Dungeon Master Tool

I love the Ocean Section

And the Art by Travis Hanson once again, such a great feel

The Arctic Section is also awesome, will definitely be using some of these guys

The Desert Region

Jungle/Swamp Region, this book is awesome

Been looking forward to the Forest Region

And the Mountain Region

Cawood does not disappoint, so much work goes into these books

There’s also Wilderness Events Tables, and a couple Subclasses in the back (Druid & Ranger)

This book is loaded with stuff for the Dungeon Master

Andrew & his Crew have done it again


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Twitter Cawood Publishing

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Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit Review

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Monsters Of Feyland… In Review

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Back in early 2017, I returned to the world of Dungeons & Dragons via Twitter, and the D & D/RPG community.

D & D had really begun to take off, and it was exciting to see.

During 2017 I began creating my own Homebrew content, and vlogging, and even considering Self Publishing my own content.

One of the Independent Publishers of RPG content I did notice was Cawood Publishing.

And though I have yet to buy any of their product, I was intrigued by their Campaign Setting The World Of MYRR. I still am actually.

I stepped away from social media at the end of 2017, and returned this January, and one of the things that quickly grabbed my eye upon my reentry was Cawood Publishing’s MONSTERS OF FEYLAND.


The art of the cover grabbed my eye immediately, and lately I had begun entering several different planes in my Campaign, and had been intrigued by what I had heard about the Feywild.

I replied to one of their Tweets, and they contacted me letting me know about the different versions, PDF, Softcover and soon the Hardcover.

I love Hardcover books, and told them that I am definitely interested once it comes out, and I have some funds.

A week went by and I decided I’d like to Review the book, so I reached out to them and asked if they could supply me the content so that I could.

They warmly responded, and sent it to me immediately.




Right off the bat, as I say, the Cover is Amazing… It lures you into a Magical Mythical place of unknowns and Adventure.


The ILLUSTRATIONS within the Book were done by Travis Hanson, and I find it to be Magical, Imagination Provoking and Organic.

There’s a beautiful & unique drawing done for each of the 100 Creatures.

Each of which draw you further, and further into the world of The Feyland.







Written by Andrew Cawood, it’s obvious to me that when Andrew closes his eyes at night, he sees other worlds of color and mystery.


Each of the characters are put together meticulously, and are full of life, making the use of any one of them a dream for Dungeon Masters.

And the overall theme is truly mischievous and alluring.













Graphic Design and Layout are by Jeff Porter.

The way the book is set up, makes it easy to use, and appealing to search through


Table of Contents;

  1. Feyland/Advice
  2. Feyland Courts
  3. Monsters
  4. Beasts
  5. Challenge Ratings
  6. Encounters Table


The book begins with a description by Andrew of Feyland, which really sets the stage/brings the world to life…

It also speaks of the Three General Divisions of Feyland, the good Seelie Court, the evil Unseelie Court, and the Wild Fey.


The Advice Section gives insights for the DM, such as how the Fey love to make deals, and will use a multitude of trickery to achieve contracts with newcomers to Feyland, binding them with powerful magic.

And how the Fey are less interested in combat, and more interested in drama, and toying with those who have never been there.

It also speaks of the many ways that one might cross the threshold/enter the magical world of Feyland, such as portals etc.

There’s also a table listing creatures within each of the two courts, as well as a table which demonstrates the Hierarchy of each.

Both sections give a very mischievous/Puck of A Midsummer Night’s Dream kind of feeling to the land.



It’s like I say…


Andrew and Travis, with meticulous care, have brought to life a wondrous world…


A mysterious, and alluring realm.


Full of color, and intrigue.


Beyond the Creatures within, Andrew has supplied you with a Table indicating a list of the creatures by CR Level.


As well as an Encounters Table.


Everything you could ever need, to leave your world behind, and enter and embrace MONSTERS OF FEYLAND.


For More Info. About MONSTERS OF FEYLAND, Reach Out To Cawood Publishing on Twitter @cawoodpublish

For The Product, Go To MONSTERS OF FEYLAND ON DriveThruRPG