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Time Taxi Trailer

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I’m working with the Writer of this Children’s Book, to Promote his Ebook, “Time Taxi”

Would Love your Feedback on his Trailer for it

DarkJade – 2012 Video Projects

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2012 Video ProjectsDarkJade – 2012 Video Projects

In June, 2012, I Created My Dark’s Media Empire Vlogging And YouTube Video Projects Blog.

During the last 5 months, in addition to some Silly Vlogging Videos, I also threw together some Video Projects.

Some of them I’ve Posted, or Reblogged here, some of them I did not.

For your Viewing, and Hopefully Listening, Pleasure, here are the Video Projects that I did during this period, which Include some Tribute Videos, Song Videos, Comic Book/Music Videos and Book Promo Videos.

All were either done with Still Shots/Photos/Pictures, and/or Video Footage from Projects I did some 10 to 12 years ago, when I was doing Experimental Film Projects, and My Short Film from 2002.




Kymlee’s “Peter’s Song’ Video

(Uploaded To YouTube July 2nd)


“I Died Once” Novella Promo Video

(Uploaded To YouTube August 14th)


Kymlee’s “What’s Left” Video

(Uploaded To YouTube August 25th)


Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind) Danrell Remix

(Uploaded To YouTube September 14th)


White Jade Comic Video (Part I)

(Uploaded To YouTube October 23rd)


White Jade Comic Video (Part II)

(Uploaded To YouTube October 25th)


Kimbra Tribute Video Plus Farewell Vows Tour 2012 (Feat. Kimbra’s Posse) STRANGERS Remix

(Uploaded To YouTube October 29th)


“Chess With Agatha” Book Promo Video

(Uploaded To YouTube November 7th)



Thanks for Listening/Watching



“I Died Once” Novella Promo Video – Final Copy

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Sorry about all the Posts, Lol

I decided to “Not” wait for Evanescence to get back to me, and just add some Music on my own

This will be the Final Copy, unless Amy Lee comes Knocken, Lol



Let Me Know whatcha Think, and You’re Welcome to Reblog or Tweet it


Thanks Guys