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Captain Fire 197 – Full Circle

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Wrote this 10 years ago today, back when I was doing ‘Blog Series’… ‘The Written Word’ was created as a place for me to write, like a writing journal, nothing within it is edited, just a free consciousness of stories etc… ‘Captain Fire 197’ was one of my first Blog Series, really need to go back and read it some time

The Written Word



Jenna sits inside the Druggy Abandoned Building, bodies of Drugies, or Henchmen of The Drug Lord Colonel Otquai‘s Number One Man, “Rain”, either dead, or knocked unconscious…

Outside The Toodlock Thire Police are still holding their position, and not entering the building.

Nisho suddenly appears, and approaches Jenna…

Jenna senses Nisho.

“Get back Nisho! I can’t seem to control this…” Jenna says with her head hung low, never looking up at Nisho.

“Sure you can” Nisho confidently replies.

“NO!! NISHO!! GET OUT!!! I DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU, BUT I WILL!!!” Jenna suddenly floats into the air, and gazes at Nisho as she yells.

Her eyes full of Rage.

Nisho steps even closer, she’s maybe 15 feet from Jenna now.

“You couldn’t always control your Telepathy right? This is no different Jenna…” Nisho pleas.

“This…” Jenna starts to cry as she lowers back…

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What Do I Think Of Disney

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Let me start from the beginning

15 Inspiring Walt Disney Quotes for Screenwriters - ScreenCraft

Walt Disney is one of my all time heroes (see my post from 2012 ‘Walt Disney – Through My Eyes’), along with Bruce Lee, Captain America (The Comic Book version), George Lucas and John Hughes

He was the epitome of ‘Imagination’

The Euro Disney Land : Not 'Hello' Say 'Bonjour!' | Loyola Digital  Advertising [로욜라 디지털 광고]

Growing up in the 70’s-80’s, Disneyland was truly ‘the happiest place on earth’

Storytelling of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride... and the Redhead

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was my favorite, but I also enjoyed the Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain

But more than that, the whole feeling at night

20 Weeks of Disney Animation: 'Sleeping Beauty' -

And the Disney Movies, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was my favorite and when ‘Aladdin’ came out, I’d never in my life laughed harder in a movie theater that one of the Genie scenes

Rare Recording Outtakes of Robin Williams Doing the Voice of the Genie From  'Aladdin' in 1992

Robin Williams was a genius, I will always love him

More Than Hugs: Open Letter Takes a Hard Look at Lasseter, Pixar Culture |  Animation World Network

Then Disney picked up ‘Pixar’, which was brilliant

Their animation department was flailing, so it made perfect sense to pick up the future of animation…


Marvel Celebrates the Movies:' Marvel Studios previews upcoming films,  looks at back at MCU so far - 6abc Philadelphia

Next came Marvel, we’ve all seen how that has turned out

Lucas Films (George Lucas) | Star wars, Classic movie posters, Star wars  episodes

And last, but not least, ‘Lucas Films’…

Once again, brilliant

Today in History, May 25, 1977: George Lucas's 'Star Wars' premiered

Most importantly with ‘Lucas Films’ is, the original first two ‘Star Wars’ films/George Lucas were the reasons I became a Filmmaker…

…so this was a big deal for me

And the reality is, George Lucas isn’t going to live forever, so I thought Disney was a perfect place/home for the ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Star Wars | LM2 CREATIVE

The difference between me and a lot of people who loved the first and second installment of the ‘Star Wars’ films (Chapters 1-6), is I never called myself a ‘fan’

I’ve always been a filmmaker first

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope - Framed Movie Poster / Print (Regular  Style C) (Size: 27" x 40") - -

I simply felt ‘Star Wars’…

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - IMDb

…and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ were brilliant (They’re my two favorite films of all time)

Redemption of the Jedi: A Look Back at Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the  Jedi - Christ and Pop Culture

I wasn’t much of a fan of ‘Return of the Jedi’, I wasn’t an Ewok fan, but all of the Luke and Darth Vader scenes still felt like ‘Star Wars’ to me

Looking Back at What the Star Wars Prequels and Sequels Got Right | Twin  Cities Geek

The films in 1989, 92 & 95 were their own thing

I felt Lucas got slammed pretty hard for ‘Phantom Menace’, which likely lead to ‘Attack of the Clones’ being so great, as well as ‘Revenge of the Sith’

But unlike a ‘fan’, I had no expectations going into those films, so I truly enjoyed them for what they were

The Star Wars sequel trilogy failed its characters, but we aren't ready for  this conversation yet

Chapters 7, 8 & 9 (Also ‘Rogue One’, and ‘Solo’) were also their own thing

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) - IMDb

‘The Force Awakens’ surprised me…

…although J. J. Abrams, did not

He’s great… he’s a force

I was so happy with ‘The Force Awakens’, even though SPOILER ALERT Han Solo died

Cine-SW Rey - Emedemujer Venezuela

Rey was a great two dimensional character (Focused on what was in front of her)/Never stopped running/Typical ‘Star Wars’ character in a good way

Star Wars: Poe Dameron

Poe was awesome, but I’ve always loved Oscar Isaac

He’s brilliant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hinged on Finn's convenient crisis of  conscience

But to my surprise, Finn was my favorite character in ‘The Force Awakens’

The Rise of Skywalker: How Powerful Ben Solo Is Compared To Kylo Ren

I didn’t really care for ‘Ben Solo’ in ‘The Force Awakens’, which was a big deal because ‘Darth Vader’ is my favorite villain of all times

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Wikipedia

But in Chapter 8, ‘The Last Jedi’, Ben (Adam Driver) is brilliant

What You Ship Doesn't Make You a Bad Person. Or a Good One. | The Mary Sue

And Rai was awesome… Their characters made that film

How Did Luke Skywalker Become the Last Jedi? - The New York Times

Mark Hamill (Luke) was also a welcome ‘Star Wars’ contribution to the general vibe of the film

Kylo Ren vs Luke Skywalker HD. : StarWars

Plus his final scene was brilliant

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Buy, Rent or Watch on FandangoNOW

‘Rogue One’ was literally the best possible prequal to ‘Star Wars’ Chapter IV

Brilliant, a stand alone film for sure

Some say it’s their favorite all time ‘Star Wars’ film

I don’t blame them

But Chapter IV & V are my favorites, followed by Chapter II

Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story | Full Movie | Disney+

When I was a kid, Han Solo & Darth Vader were my favorite characters in the original ‘Star Wars’…

…and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ was Han Solo’s/Harrison Ford’s ‘swan song’ (It was his best ‘Star Wars’ film)…

These characters and films changed my life

With ‘Solo’ (The film), once again, I entered with no expectations

And in the end, I liked it

But more than that, a sequel should have really been made… This film was truly built for it, and it would have likely been an even better film

How Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian stole 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

Also, Lando was great

Darth Maul Cameo Scene - SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018) Movie Clip - YouTube

SPOILER ALERT I wasn’t thrilled to find out Darth Maul was alive (The dude was cut in half in ‘The Phantom Menace’), but I guess they brought him back before this film in another project

That I’d call a mistake/attempt to bring back what ended up being a fan favorite from ‘The Phantom Menace’

Boba Fett spin-off series announced in The Mandalorian season 2 finale -  Radio Times

But ‘Star Wars’/George Lucas made his own mistakes/’what I considered a lackluster decision’ by killing Boba Fett in that pit in ‘Return of the Jedi’…

SPOILERS But Disney brought Boba Fett back to life too in ‘Mandalorian’, also a bad move in my opinion… But also based on his popularity I think

And now he’s going to have his own series… Ehh not so thrilled

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Wikipedia

Finally, the final ‘Star Wars’ film, Chapter IX (The Rise of Skywalker), no expectations once more (The world on the other hands had huge expectations), they destroyed the Finn character sadly, having him run around after Rey the whole film, but the chemistry of Rey and Ben Solo was awesome (Once more)

All and all, I was happy with that film (I’m not sure many were, but I was

The reality is, there was no way to meet the expectations of the whole of the ‘Star Wars’ audience (Perhaps if my bro and I filmed it, lol), which is already largely broken into at least to parts anyways (The die hard fans of the original films, and the fans of the second group of films, not to mention the new fans from all over)

Lets move on/back to Disney

Disney+: What to know about Plus release date, price, bundles, shows for  new streaming service - ABC7 San Francisco

First with the creation of Disney+, which is awesome…

…Disney old movies, Marvel Movies, Pixar Movies and ‘Star Wars’ movies and series all in one place

I was in

Also, making it just $6.95 made it a no brainer

The Mandalorian (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb

And if that wasn’t enough, galvanized with the creation of ‘The Mandalorian’, which in my opinion truly gave me hope that the original ‘Star Wars’ feeling from the original ‘Star Wars’ films, was alive and well, and more than that, had a future

Pedro Pascal Out As The Mandalorian; Voice Acting Only | Cosmic Book News
Gina Carano, Ludwig Göransson, Emily Swallow, Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow,  Rick Famuyiwa, Ming-Na Wen, Julia Jones, Pedro Pascal, Brian Posehn, Jon  Favreau, Kathleen Kennedy, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Omid Abtahi, Bryce  Dallas

Thanks largely to Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni and Pedro Pascal

Each, indispensable

SPOILERS I’m not going to even tell you what happens at the end of Season 2 if you haven’t seen the show… If you’re ‘Star Wars’ fan, just check out both seasons

Planning a Disney vacation may soon get easier, and for that you can thank  the pandemic and the influencers — really | Blogs

This post was going to be even longer (I wrote much more), but I feel it’s long enough as it is

I will end with this

To the Disney Execs;

  1. I really hope that what you do isn’t all, or even 80% about making money, and that’s it… Try to keep the spirit of Walt Disney himself in your ranks
  2. Steer clear of all of this ‘cancel culture’… Stop giving so much power to the trolls/haters out there, and that goes for all major corporations
  3. Tweet happy birthday to George Lucas from now on, once again, if the trolls steered you away from it, you’ve given them too much power… Respect the creator of ‘Star Wars’, or sell Lucas Film
  4. Yes, Disney+ out performed your expectations, even before the pandemic, but don’t expect that growth rate to continue, it’s not natural/possible… Appreciate and maintain the followers you already have, sorry corporate america, it’s not all about growth, it’s also about maintenance
  5. You’re making great shows, don’t let greed cloud your vision, nor destroy everything positive that you’re achieving
  6. Break the mold over and over again, don’t stick to things that extinguish the souls of your employees, and leave your fans hanging dry
  7. Greed is wrong… Be the change

Nuff said, thanks for listening/reading

And ‘May the force be with you…’


R.I.P. David Prowse, The Body Language & Presence Of Darth Vader

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David Prowse Was The Body Language, And Presence Of Darth Vader, My Favorite Villain Of All Time… One Of The Several Layers Of This Masterful Character… I Was Distracted Immediately When I Saw How Darth Vader ‘Did’nt’ Move The Same In The Newer/Non Prowse Films… Prowse, James Earl Jones, George Lucas (Plus Kershner And Marquand), John Williams And Alll That Had To Do With With His Costume Design And Sound ‘Are’ Darth Vader

R.I.P David, We Will Always Remember/Love You

‘MARS, The Unwanted’ – Episode I (The Arrival)

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When I First Started Pursuing Filmmaking, I Used Action Figures To Practice Lighting, Angles Etc.

It Was Also Fun Doing It With My Brother, Took Us Back To Action Figure Days, lol

I’ve Been Missing Filmmaking, So Went Back To The Basics, Messing Around With Action Figures Again

Check It Out!

Grace 24

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EPISODE 1 – Release








Ellis, a blond hair, blue eyed fair skinned six foot two inch figure…

…lean, and well dressed, sits in the dark of his high rise apartment

Suddenly an in shape, thirty something black man, also well dressed, enters from the apartment elevator

‘Everything alright boss?”

Ellis takes a drink of his brandy, ‘We have exactly three years to prepare for our next endeavor…’

The man, JAM by name, approaches, ‘Three years?’

‘Yes… That’s when Grace turns 18.’



Fifteen year old GRACE, carrying more books than she can handle, makes her way up the stairs to her school…

…she drops a book

‘Here, let me grab that,’ a handsome boy student picks it up for her

Grace, a black haired girl, with large blue eyes, throws her guard up

‘Just put it on top,’ and the boy does

‘I could help you with those yah know…’ he says, but she’s already hurriedly moved up the stairs and beyond



‘Star Wars’ & ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Are The Reason I Became A Filmmaker

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‘Star Wars’ & ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Are The Reasons I Became A Filmmaker… Story, Story Scope, Characters & Character Development Are My Thing Largely Because Of It… May The Force, And The 4th Be With You

Euphoria Jack

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Image result for shiro deadman wonderland

Euphoria Jack

by DarkJade



“Jack hadn’t been at the office for a month…”

A young half Japanese, have Caucasian, 17 year old girl arrives in an automated Limousine Flyer, outside the high rise apartment building of ‘REAL TECH’ Industries CEO, and Owner, JACK RYAS.

The girl, EUPHORIA, is the head Hacker… Er… Computer Specialist for the company.

She has a slim, but slightly curvy figure, with white shoulder length hair and grey eyes.

Wearing all white, her outfit is skin tight, but with a utility belt, and wrist brace devices… and on her fingernails are little black skulls against a white background.

Outside the entrance are two very large security guards, dressed in all black, with dark shades…

Euphoria is also wearing shades, hers are silver…

…through them she sees all the hidden backup weapons on each of their persons.

“Hello…” she says as she walks by them.

“Euphoria…” one of them replies.

Euphoria crosses the lobby, and enters the high speed elevator…

…but before it starts to go up, she stops it, “Halt”.

“What if it’s bad news… What if…” her thoughts wander off.

“Go,” with this the elevator continues.

It stops at Jack’s bedroom floor, and opens.

She enters the barely lit room hesitantly… She’s never been anywhere near Jack’s Apartment, let alone his bedroom.

“Euphoria… Come,” he speaks weakly…

Image result for older guy anime black and silver hair

…as he lays in his bed, several blinking medical devices are around him.

Euphoria moves very slowly, and can tell looking at him, that he is not well…

…tears come to her eyes, but she pushes them back.

“Hello Jack… We’ve missed you at work… I’ve–” she speaks, but is cut off.

“Come…” he says, patting his bed.

Jack looks to be in his late twenties, but whatever’s wrong with him, makes him look a bit older, and definitely thinner.

She slowly makes her way to the edge of his bed, and sits, as far away from him as possible.

He smiles, “I’ve missed you too.”

Euphoria smiles slightly, but than the dread of what he’s probably going to tell her returns, and she is subdued once more.

“Euphoria… What you’ve done for ‘Real Tech’… What you’ve done for me, has been…” he fades off, and coughs.

She stands and approaches him, “Do you need some water?”

His coughing stops, “Don’t worry, I’m not contagious…”

She sits next to him, “I’m not going to be around much longer Euphoria…”

She looks horrified, and can no longer hold back the tears, which begin to run down her face.

He places a hand on her cheek, “I’m leaving you in control of ‘Real Tech’… The things we’re accomplishing there… They’re changing the world.”

She takes his hand, “What is it… What’s wrong with you… We can stop it… We can heal you!!” she bursts out in desperation.

Jack smiles, “It’s no use… This body is done.”

She puts two of her fingers on his forehead, “But this mind is not… With the new Cloning Technology, and Consciousness Transfers, we’ll just get you a new body, I’m sure it will work…”

“Believe it or not, I’m a believer in the nature of things… Though it might seem the contrary with my companies creations…” he explains.

“There’s nothing natural about you leaving this world under 30!” she says spiritedly, and stands…

…when she does, she notices an open computer port with blue colored text across the screen… what one might call an old school way to process, or write.

Jack glances at it.

“I’m a Writer… I never told anyone that…” he explains.

She approaches the computer port, on the screen she sees writing about a fantasy barbarian character, called Khor’an.

“Khor’an,” she speaks.

Jack laughs a bit, then coughs, this time worse.

She rushes to him, and hands him a glass of clear water.

Exhausted, he finally stops coughing, takes the water, and takes a drink.

He sits it down, “Euphoria, tell me you’ll keep ‘Real Tech’ going…”

She stares at him, then nods in agreement.

He smiles, then picks up a small Identifier Tablet, signs it, then hands it to her…

…she looks at him, tears welling again, then signs.

“I better get some rest…” he speaks, smiles, then falls asleep…

Euphoria sits in the low lit room, rain starting to strike the outside window looking over the city…



GIRL – Kazuma Kondō

2019 – A Year In Post Pictures

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RR Project: 002. by vmbui

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chickpea rotini sweet potatoe

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Tor Myth.jpg



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Image result for black mirror season 5 episode 1 viper fight


Image result for beautiful art



Image result for john hughes movies


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cover ritd



Image result for netflix elves

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Image result for green eyes painting



Image result for dark waters

Image result for libra art"


Front Cover A PNG

Image result for she ra season 4"

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Image result for emo boy drawing"

Image result for writer



Dark Light – Going Public

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by Darkjade

Episode 1





Jaden lights a cigar, and flips on his computer screen.

“M6, Open client list…” he speaks.

“Client List, Open.

He stands, “Clients… This is the last time you will hear from me… I appreciate all of you contracts, and will attach referrals for future services.

Jaden Darius Tusk… Out”

“Our You Sure You Want To Do This Jaden…”

He turns of his computer screen, “It’s done.”

Jaden puts out the cigar, throws on a black coat, and heads out the door.


He summons his craft, then lifts into the sky.

In his craft he brings up the 7 Hybrids on his screen.

“M3, take me to NORTEN BRAYLECK’S home…” he speaks to his vehicle.


His ship flies for a bit, then enters a non desirable district.


He lands his craft across the street from a run down home with 6 carrier crafts parked in front of it.

“This Isn’t A Very Safe Area Jaden…”

“I know…” he replies.

Suddenly, 4 heavily armed street youth in their 20’s approach his vehicle.

His driver’s door opens.

They’re a bit surprised to a very fit silver haired Jaden step out.

“What’s up old timer…” speaks one of them, aiming his canon at him subtly.

Jaden disregards the youth, stepping by them, and towards the house.

A fifth youth steps out from behind one of the black carriers, gun lifted, Jaden disarms him, removes the ammo cartridge from the cannon, and drops it on the street.

The youth follows him into the house, amused by what they’re seeing.

Jaden enters, there are two girl Hackers, and one more young thug surrounding another dark haired youth on a computer.

“I said no interruptions!” speaks the black haired youth on the computer, without turning to face Jaden.

“Norten Braylecks?” speaks Jaden.

The black haired youth turns to face him, he is of Asian decent, his eyes are dark with hacker lights in his eyes, “Who’s asking?”

“Dark Light,” replies Jaden, who seems suddenly shocked by this.

“You’re… Dark Light?” Norten replies.



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by DarkJade





“You really should see a Cyber Specialist Rogue…” speaks a dark haired, 40 something year old female, in a medical coat.

Sitting in a Cyber Adjustment chair is Detective CHESTER ROGUE, a black with silver tips haired, fairly rugged looking, yet somewhat handsome man in his early 50’s.

“Yeah… Well… If I do, they’ll just reignite the arms’ militant aspects… No thanks,” Rogue replies, as he looks down at his Cybernetic right arm, its’ electronics open.

She approaches the arm with an instrument, “Still…” she makes some adjustments, which cause his fingers to move.

She closes it up, “There yah go.”

He bends his arm, which appears to be functioning fine.

“Thanks Doc…”


Rogue lights a cigarette, and clicks a switch on his key chain, causing the sleek black vehicle before him’s driver side door to open…

He gets in…

“Up…” the ship rises some 100 feet into the air, then propels forward, entering a metropolis sky full of other types of flying vehicles…

…From product, to people transport, to high end cruisers, to ships similar to his own in general design.

“I should go home… There’s no reason for me to be out here tonight…” he thinks to himself, as his ship swoops through the sky, avoiding all other craft.

It was a dark night…

Even for the Blue Zone District.

Lights in the city seamed as seldom stars…

As Rogue’s ship went low, the BOULEVARD was quiet.

…and it was late.

“Better than being home with my cat…”

Rogue’s eyes swept the streets, as if looking for something… Or… Someone.

“It’s better this way. We both need space. Autonomy.”

Suddenly three girls appear on the street, one looks dressed unbelievably, she has red brown hair to her shoulders, light makeup on her beautiful face… She looks to be like 26ish.

The other two are younger, but not nearly the scale of… Anything the first girl is.

The other two girls look scared, but trying to draw attention from drivers by.

” ROSE SCARLETT,” he says under his breath.

He knows her.

The girls see Rogues vehicle approach, and Rose waves the other two girls off, “I got this.”

Rogue pulls up along side the curve, and lowers his dark passenger window.

She leans over to peer in his dark cockpit, “Hi Rogue…”

He puts his cigarette out, raises the window, and drives away.

ART by Salvador Trakal