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by DarkJade





“You really should see a Cyber Specialist Rogue…” speaks a dark haired, 40 something year old female, in a medical coat.

Sitting in a Cyber Adjustment chair is Detective CHESTER ROGUE, a black with silver tips haired, fairly rugged looking, yet somewhat handsome man in his early 50’s.

“Yeah… Well… If I do, they’ll just reignite the arms’ militant aspects… No thanks,” Rogue replies, as he looks down at his Cybernetic right arm, its’ electronics open.

She approaches the arm with an instrument, “Still…” she makes some adjustments, which cause his fingers to move.

She closes it up, “There yah go.”

He bends his arm, which appears to be functioning fine.

“Thanks Doc…”


Rogue lights a cigarette, and clicks a switch on his key chain, causing the sleek black vehicle before him’s driver side door to open…

He gets in…

“Up…” the ship rises some 100 feet into the air, then propels forward, entering a metropolis sky full of other types of flying vehicles…

…From product, to people transport, to high end cruisers, to ships similar to his own in general design.

“I should go home… There’s no reason for me to be out here tonight…” he thinks to himself, as his ship swoops through the sky, avoiding all other craft.

It was a dark night…

Even for the Blue Zone District.

Lights in the city seamed as seldom stars…

As Rogue’s ship went low, the BOULEVARD was quiet.

…and it was late.

“Better than being home with my cat…”

Rogue’s eyes swept the streets, as if looking for something… Or… Someone.

“It’s better this way. We both need space. Autonomy.”

Suddenly three girls appear on the street, one looks dressed unbelievably, she has red brown hair to her shoulders, light makeup on her beautiful face… She looks to be like 26ish.

The other two are younger, but not nearly the scale of… Anything the first girl is.

The other two girls look scared, but trying to draw attention from drivers by.

” ROSE SCARLETT,” he says under his breath.

He knows her.

The girls see Rogues vehicle approach, and Rose waves the other two girls off, “I got this.”

Rogue pulls up along side the curve, and lowers his dark passenger window.

She leans over to peer in his dark cockpit, “Hi Rogue…”

He puts his cigarette out, raises the window, and drives away.

ART by Salvador Trakal


Maverick X – The Return

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Maverick X

by DarkJade

YEAR 2120

A Black Aero One Man Fighter Ship enters the Y67 Space Station proximity, orbiting the blackened Earth.


A 50 something, silver haired Fighter Pilot awakens within the cockpit…

…out his front window, Y67.

Below, the uninhabited Earth.

“Yeah… I’m awake… Maverick X checking in.”

Maverick X clicks a few colored lit up switches and buttons, then attempts to contact the Space Station.

“Y67, this is Captain Maverick X, returning from Mission 8, do you copy…”

No reply.

“Sheila can you keep trying…”


Meanwhile, Maverick X rises from his leaned back seat, stiff from the 2 year slumber, and turns on a faucet which blasts out cold simulated water.

“Ahh…” he sighs.


Maverick looks confused a bit, but rubs his face, “Yeah… Bring us in.”

Maverick’s Aero One Fighter Ship enters the doors Sheila opens, and the ship lands.

Inside, to his surprise, there’s no living beings within the Flight Docks.

“Sheila, turn on Security Canons… I’m going in, but I don’t want you to let anyone near the ship, copy.”


Maverick X grabs a D12 Laser Canon, opens the side door to the ship, and departs the craft.

“KKKKSSSHHHHHH” makes the sound of the doors decompressing.

He steps on the floor of the Flight Docks… They seem dusty, and cold.

He turns back towards his ship, “Take care of her Sheila,” then makes his way through the Flight Docks…

…no Human form to be seen.

Stranger Things – Season 3… In Review *Spoilers*

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So, ‘Stranger Things’ was a cool thing, and obviously a hit

But I was really curious what Season 3 would really be about

Some of the 8 Episode Season’s Episodes were good, some not so good

But I will say, the Actors/Cast were awesome, as usual

Though a couple of the Characters, kinda weren’t as good this time around


Image result for stranger things season 3 dustin actor

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) was, once again, the strongest Actor on the show

And for me, there are Scenes (Especially her Final Scenes in Episode 8) which made the whole thing worth watching

Actually, the overall feeling and many of the Final Scenes of the Season (Post Battling, 3 Months Later), felt good

Image result for stranger things season 3 dustin actor

Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) (Right) was also a huge stand out. Already liked him in Season 1 & 2, liked him even more in this Season & Joe Keery (Steve) (Left) was also just as hilarious as ever

Image result for stranger things season 3 billy

Dacre Montgomery (Billy) was also awesome in this Season, escalated to a main Villain

Image result for stranger things season 3 will noah schnapp

And Noah Schnapp (Will) who has absolutely transported me to my childhood in all 3 Seasons… I think this Actor has a real future.

Image result for stranger things season 3 john hughes

80’s Theme/Setting;

Though I have thoroughly enjoyed the 80’s Theme/Setting, including Music and Movie references from the time…

Image result for john hughes movies

…I found that there were a few too many John Hughes-esq (Director of The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles Etc.) type ‘forced’ moments in this Season

I get that they’re all Teenagers, and its’ the 80’s

And I appreciate the homage

But, these Scenes are not only too frequent, many of them run way too long, making it feel like ‘filler’ between Monster Scenes Etc. (Not to mention, they lacked John Hughes Talent/Magic, which is fine a couple times, but it was too often in this Season)

Overall Review; 6.25 out of 10 – Overall, it was worth watching for me… Mainly because of several of the Actor’s Performances, the 80’s vibe, plus I like Teenager Adventure Type Movies…

I also love cool Monster Stuff, but the Monsters felt repetitive in this season.

Nuff Said





Why I Became A Filmmaker

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The Future Has Arrived… And It Is Strange

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Aftermath: Chapter VII – Zod

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

By DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7 – Zod

The truth is, I don’t even know if Zod and his disciples are even on the planet anymore.

Zod… An enemy of my father’s.

Irony doesn’t quite cover it.

My father sent me here to have a life, as Krypton was destroyed by the red sun.

But my father’s life continued in the form of this enemy, who I did not know other than what the crystals at my fortress told me.


But I couldn’t spend the life that my father gave me, the second chance, looking over my shoulders for some remote possibility that he’d ever escape.

And even now, I do not regret the path I took.

As the inhabitants here are fond of saying, “I’m only human.”

Or so I’ve nearly become.

For in all honesty, humans, though they are flawed, have the greatest potential for love, and joy.

I yearned to feel that…

And I did with Lois, though not for as long as I had hoped.

But is that not also human.

Hopes and expectations, followed by adaptation.

Another dark day…

It felt like I was walking forever…

But in a matter of time, I would reach Metropolis.

And perhaps, find out some answers.

Is Lois alive?

Has Zod left the planet.

What precisely happened during those 10 years I was underground, beyond the obvious near destruction of our planet.

Time will tell.


Aftermath: Chapter VI – Beyond The Glasses

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

By DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode VI – Beyond The Glasses

“Good morning,” I woke to the warm words of the older man as he knelt down and handed me a cup of coffee.

And for just one moment, I forgot that the world around us was ash and wreckage.

But for only that one moment, as the black rain was starting to fall once more as they packed up their camp.

One of the ladies, the friendlier one, was combing her son’s hair…

While the other watched me with suspicious eyes as she packed, sawed off shotgun never to far from her.

I smiled slightly at her, to no avail…

…if anything, it made her more suspicious.

“Good morning,” spoke the gentle voice of the little girl, who had somehow snuck up behind me.

Though she was 9 or 10, she was holding a ragged looking stuffed pink bear tightly.

The innocence in her eyes…

“Well hello there,” I spoke, as I stood, and rolled up the blankets they had afforded me.

“What’s their name?” I questioned about the bear, as I pinched one of its’ ears.

“Seymour…” she replied, as she gazed at me softly.

I knelt down next to her, “What about yours?”

“JENNY! Leave the nice man alone,” her mother called, dropping the comb she was using on her son in anxiety.

“Go on,” I spoke, and she walked away, grasping tightly onto her bear, and peering back at me with a bright smile.

Somehow this group had survived just fine on their own… And I would leave it that way, I moved on alone.

PICTURE CREDIT – Superman & Girl