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“Star Pilots”

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OutlawStarPilot11“Star Pilots”

by DarkJade

Earth Was Destroyed…

Our Allies Vanished

And All That Is Left Of Earth’s People…

Are A Large Hand Full Of Star Battle Cruisers

Each Carrying 91 Star Fighter Pilots

I Am One Of Those Pilots…

But This Is Not A Story About One Man

This Is A Story…

Hell I’ll Let You Be The Judge



THE YEAR, 2144


Upon the bridge of the XX7-5, Admiral Essex’s blood boils over as his 2nd in command, Joseph Tri, reports their findings.

“The colony is destroyed sir… Hard to say if the Zi-Qi did it, or…”

“Or what Tri?” the Admiral responds impatiently as he runs his large hardened hand over the top of his bald head staring at the large screen looking upon Mars surface.

“Well… Some of us feel it may have been the Quenlen on the way out of our galaxy… Sort of a farewell, and ##$@ off! If you know what I mean sir.”

With this Admiral Essex turns and faces Sergent Tri, “You think our allies of 50 years not only left us out here to rot, but took out our Mars colony as well…” the Admiral’s temper rises even more.

“It’s just a theory sir…” replies Sergent Tri.

“I don’t want theories son… I want facts… Now send down our science crew, and four accompanying Star Fighters,” and with this the Admiral left the bridge.

“Yes Admiral,” replied Sergent Tri, though the Admiral was no longer in ear shot.

Anime_Pilots_Starship_053113_“The Battle On Earth Had Been A Nightmare… So much so, that it was not allowed to be spoken about within the walls of any of Earth’s Star Cruisers.

This Is When I Came Into The Story…”


“Four pilots resided in these chambers… Four out of the 91 on board the XX7-5.”

Captain Errol Fleece Junopo lays on his cot silently, with his black, with green stripes, Star Fighter helmet over his face.

Star Pilot Sebastian Carnos enters the chambers… Standing 6’6″, he is a force to recon with.

“Fleece… Get up… Quadrant 6 is escorting a science vessel to the surface…” speaks Carnos.

“Alright…” replies Fleece, barely audibly.



“The Whole Thing Just Didn’t Sit With Me Right…

Why Did The Quenian Just Up And Leave Us.

Something’s Just Not Right…”



The science vessel lands first, followed by the four star fighter ships.

Three of the pilots accompany the science team into the half destroyed entrance building.

Fleece remains with his ship, and lights up a shambo stick, something like a cigarette… The smoke is sucked out of the air, and goes out into the mars atmosphere.

“Something’s Just Not Right…”

Suddenly what’s left of the colony entrance building, explodes!

“Holy @#$%!”

Fleece ignites his engines, and lifts off the surface.



PICTURE CREDIT – Outlaw, Pilots

Dark War Ones

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578x850_6866_Female_Sith_2d_character_star_wars_painting_girl_woman_sci_fi_picture_image_digital_artDark War Ones

by DarkJade

The Black Sand Castle rose as if it was some Dream Manifestation…

The Guards took the walls, their lives dedicated to their Queen…


Ambral, clad in black, with long black hair to her shoulders, strutted across the black sands that surrounded her castle…

Within the walls, her brother Eline would soon set march, 1,000 men strong, against the the White Clad Robotic Beasts that surrounded the Domed City of Ram Do Pla

Ambral knew that this was not right… That her brother would fall, or be taken prisoner, and tortured to death.

But Eline would hear no part of it…

Once his mind was fixated on something, there was nothing save death that would stand in his way…

Death would indeed.

Or so she had seen…

Meanwhile, some 120 miles away, the Maroon Armored Soldiers of Horden dropped from their ropes atop Ram Do Pla’s Dome, in an attempt to penetrate it… And make the city their own.

Three tribes would battle this day, and many other smaller tribes would wait to pick up the pieces, or form alliances with the victors.

Ambral’s eyes glowed Dark Blue Black as the visions filled her mind…

Horden’s men would fail…

And Eline would seem to be the victor, until the Equalizer Jarom would step in…

“I will never see Eline again…” she said out loud to herself as his armies formed, and departed for battle.

“What a sad, and useless day,” she concluded, as she made her way back into her castle.


The Vengeance – Truth

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The Vengeance

by DarkJade

Episode I – Light

Episode II – Employment

Episode III – Training

Episode IV – Truth

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense


The Year 2080

A Small City In Japan

Arata’s Home

Just After Midnight

Tokui quietly enters Arata’s house where he is staying.

To his surprise Arata is asleep on the lazy boy chair, with a huge Slurpee in his hand.

Tokui smiles slightly.

The room is a lit by the blue glow of Arata’s television.

Tokui tiptoes into the bedroom where he is staying.

Fortunately Arata has two bedrooms in his place.

Tokui takes off his shirt, and though his physique is in shape, there are many scars upon his upper body.

Around his neck is a black strip of thin leather, with a silver key hanging from it.

He takes a black metal box out of his military duffel bag, and sits it on the desk in the room.

He then removes the necklace with the key, and opens the box with it.

A luminous orange glow comes from the inside of the box…

Inside are some 50 or so small vials, filled with a liquid giving off an orange luminescent light.

Just as he’s about to take one of the vials out, Arata steps into the room rubbing his eyes.

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in…” he says barely opening his eyes.

Tokui quickly shuts the metal box, and turns to face Arata.

“Sorry I woke you,” he speaks.

“Ah, nah man, you didn’t wake me… Hey, I have some turkey subs in the fridge, you hungry?” asks Arata as he steps out of the room, and into the kitchen.

Tokui follows.

Arata opens the refrigerator, and tosses Tokui a sandwich.

“Thanks man,” replies Tokui, who pulls off the paper wrap from one side of the sandwich, and starts to eat it.

“What were you doing in Tokyo City?” questions Ataka.

Tokui tosses his Hydro Bike’s keys at Arata, who barely catches them.

“Go take a look…” says Tokui.

Arata looks at the keys, then steps outside, only to see a brand new yellow AION 8000 Hydro Bike.

“Wow… Are you kidding me? An AION 8000… Those things are fast man,” he tosses the keys back to Tokui.

“And expensive…” adds Arata, as he closes the door.

“Don’t you wanta try it out?” asks Tokui.

“Not tonight man, it’s after midnight… Some of us work for a living,” they both laugh.

Tokui sits on the black couch, and Arata back in the lazy boy chair.

“How’d you afford that on what the military was paying you man?” asks Arata, as he eats his sandwich.

“I was sent a check for my father’s house, which was sold at a ridiculously low amount of money… Yet, enough to get that bike… And a bit more,” explains Tokui.

“I see… I’m really sorry about your father Tokui,” replies Arata.

“I know Arata,” replies Tokui.

They both eat, and don’t talk for a moment… Until Tokui finally breaks the silence.

“There’s something I need to tell you Arata,” speaks Tokui.

“Shoot,” replies Arata.

“There might be some trouble coming my way soon… And I don’t really want you to be put in any danger,” explains Tokui.

“Eh heh,” replies Arata.

“I wanted to stay with you for a while, but I suspect it’s going to be coming sooner than anticipated,” continues Tokui.

“What kind of trouble?” asks Arata.

“Lets just say, I suspect foul play was involved in my father’s death… And I’m not going to sit back and take it,” concludes Tokui.

“Well… It all seemed strange to me… I mean, your father really knew his work… And it just never made since that he died on the job,” replies Arata.

“Right… Well-” starts Tokui, but  Arata interjects.

“You’re staying her Tokui,” he says, then stands.

“Arata-” Tokui tries to speak again, but Arata stops him again.

“End of discussion… I’m going to sleep, you might consider getting some yourself,” is the last thing Arata says, before he goes into his bedroom and closes the door.

Tokui smiles a bit once more, then puts the second half of his sandwich in the fridge.

Tokui’s Room

Moments later he’s in his room again with the black bock open again.

He takes out one of the orange glowing vials, and swigs it.

The room spins, his eyes close, and he falls face forward onto the bed.



The Vengeance – Training

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The Vengeance

by DarkJade

Episode I – Light

Episode II – Employment

Episode III – Training

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense

“I have failed you Kin… And now with both you, and Father gone… I am lost.”

“It is the Vengeance alone that keeps me going… Keeps me breathing… Keeps my heart beating”

“Though the Blood it pumps be black.”

“I have yet to prove that Mr. Mashahiro is behind both your disappearance, and father’s death…”

“But in my heart… And in my gut… I know it to be true”

“And so I will continue to train… Not as Tukui Shinsou, Military Pawn to a Government out for itself…”

“No… I am free of that now… But with what I’ve learned within those walls… There will be no escape”

“for Mr. Mashahiro… But It must be at the right moment… He is an extremely powerful, and well”

“guarded man… So I shall train hard, but at night, under a new identity… I will be Adauchi…”

“I will be…”



The Year 2080

Tokyo City

Mr Mashahiro’s Home


Mr. Mashahiro is at his desk looking over some documents on his computer screen.

Within his chamber are two well armed bodyguards in white suits, and shades.

A late twenty something year old man in a grey suit enters the office. His name, is Juro.

“What is it Juro, I am very busy today… Trying to run an Empire here,” snaps Mr. Mashahiro without looking up at him.

“He was here… Sir,” replies Juro.

Mr. Mashahiro looks up at him bothered if anything. “Who was here?”

“Well… Not here… But across the street… Tukui Shinsou… Sir.” With this Juro swallows loudly.

Mr. Mashahiro stands, “You were supposed to keep men on him!”

“And we did… Sir… Which is what lead us… Here,” Juro replies.

“He was watching your home… Sir,” he finishes.

“Well then… Send him a singular warning… I will not tolerate anymore of his ‘watching’ me,” Mr. Mashahiro speaks, then sits back down at his desk and goes back to work.

Jiro bows, “Yes Sir… Consider it done.”

Jiro leaves the room.

Katsuo Industries


Tokui and Arata leave work.

“Hey, I’m going to go grab some noodles and fish… Care to join me?” speaks Arata.

“No… I mean… I have something I have to do in Tokyo City,” replies Tokui.

“Tokyo City?” Arata replies back.

Tukui gets on a hovering bus transport destined for Tokyo City, and waves back at Arata.

Arata scratches his head, and waits for his bus transport.

Tokyo City

A Hydro Bike Outlet


Tokui is purchasing an extremely expensive, and fast yellow Hydro Bike, black riding gear, and a helmet.

He pays the man in cash-tokens.

An Abandoned Factory


Tokui is inside an abandoned building training in a Hybrid, Military Taught Form of Martial Arts.

He’s fast… Very fast.

A Busy Nightclub


Tokui arives on his Hydro Bike, and parks it outside the club.

“AION 8000… Not bad,” speaks a man outside the club hanging with his buddy, referring to Tokui’s bike.

Tokui goes in the club.

It’s packed with hundreds of people.

It’s dark, with multi-colored lights over the large dance floor.

He goes to the bar and orders a blue drink.

Woman are all around selling themselves, and sleazy looking dudes are selling illegal stimulants.

30 Minutes later

Tokui has had a few drinks, when two large men approach him from behind wearing black suits.

“Can I help you two gentlemen?” Tokui asks without looking at them.

“Your name Tokui Shinsou?” one of them asks, holding a picture of Tokui. But somehow Tokui looks different than the photo… Darkness fills him, and it shows.

“The name’s Adauchi,” Tokui replies.

The two men look at one another, then one of them grabs Tokui’s soldier.

“You really shouldn’t have done that…” speaks Tokui.

In three moves he knocks both men to the floor, unconscious.

The bartender looks nervous, and several bouncers surround him.

He holds up Cash-Tokens indicating there’s more drinks to be had, and the bartender signals for the bouncers to remove the two unconscious men.



Episode IV – Truth

John Black – Leaving Earth

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Judgement-Day-space-earth-black-planet-orbit-1024x768John Black – Leaving Earth

by DarkJade

Episode One – Judgment Day

A young girl wakes in her bed, sweating and crying… She looks to be maybe 11, with long black hair, with light green eyes.

Her upstairs bedroom is dark, but there appears to be a bright light coming from outside her bedroom window.

Fearlessly, she stands, and makes her way to the window.

Outside her parents two story home, there are six men standing on their lawn… Each of their eyes are glowing, as they look up towards her window.

One of their mouths start to move, but she can not hear them through the glass window.

He then holds out one hand, palm up…

Come with us,” she’s able to make out, before she wakes again… It was a dream… Only a dream.





Twenty eight year old Peter Doran, a reporter from Denver Colorado, sits on the end of his double sized bed in his hotel room in Boulder Colorado. Peter has short blondish, brownish hair, a medium build, and is wearing jeans and a white button up shirt, the top button open.

He lights a cigarette as he watches the news report on the television.


“Crazy billionaires… Think they can do anything,” speaks Peter as he takes a long hit off his cigarette, puts it out, grabs his jacket, and heads out the door.



John black, a 6’3″ man, very handsome, with grey and black hair, 53 years in age. Stands before the court, with six sharply suited lawyers at his side. He himself is wearing an extremely expensive dark blue suit, which has very thin grey pin stripes, barely visible, yet just visible.

His eyes are brown, and gentle, and he has a grey and black goatee.

An angry looking Judge speaks.

“John Black, do you understand what you did is against the law… That not only did you endanger the lives of your crew, by trying to launch a vessel that is not ready, but you were also using a ship which has been paid for by eleven additional investors, beyond your own investment?” speaks the Judge.

John is silent for a moment, then replies. “There were to be 11 prototypes before the final vessel was made… I merely took the first prototype, which is in fact, one twelfth of the over all cost. I simply cashed out early.

HaHaHa many laugh within the courtroom.

The Judge does not look pleased. “Well… Even if that is the case, the fact that you were using a prototype, as opposed to a fully prepared ship, did indeed put others, as well as yourself, in danger.”

“Judge… It is in my strongest estimation, that each of the ships would in fact end up being exactly the same… This preliminary design has been ready for ten years, it was just a matter of finding the right investors… Which, in the end, didn’t end up being a government… And instead, a group of 12 investors. That being said, this ship, once again in my estimation, was indeed ready,” explains John.

“Then why create 12 ships?” replies the Judge.

“A formality, your honor… A precaution… But not a necessity… In my estimation,” finishes John.

The Judge seems stumped.

“Council, step into my quarters,” speaks the Judge, as he steps away from his chair.



Little eleven year old Raven, the black haired girl who had been dreaming the night before, stands out in the middle of the street in front of her house, which is a culdesac.

She peers up into the sky… Just staring, for close to a half an hour before her mother notices her from their house kitchen window.

“What is Raven doing?” she asks her husband, who then looks out the window.

He sees several of her friends playing with a ball on the lawn, and Raven in the middle of the street.

“I don’t know? Maybe looking at a bird, or a plane?” he replies.

“She’s been sitting there for a half an hour… Can you check on her Richard,” requests Raven’s mom.

“Sure hun,” he replies, then heads out where Raven is.

“Whatcha doin babe?” he speaks to her, but she does not reply at first.

Then she looks over at him, her light green eyes barely visible beneath her dark bangs.

“How long have they been living amongst us Daddy?” she asks.

“Who hunny?” he replies.

She doesn’t reply, but merely looks back into the sky.



Episode II

Ego In A New Light… Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”

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“He lived in the dark ages of future. In a loveless world he dared to love the woman of his choice. In an age that had lost all trace of science and civilization he had the courage to seek and find knowledge. But these were not the crimes for which he would be hunted. He was marked for death because he had committed the unpardonable sin: he had stood forth from the mindless human herd. He was a man alone.” TAKEN FROM THE BACK COVER OF THE CENTENNIAL EDITION OF THIS BOOK

Ego In A New Light… Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”

I’m the first to admit that I don’t read all that much… I never have. I’ve always heard that the best Writers, or at least Most Writers, are also ‘avid’ readers.

But for me, Math, and Creative Writing were my best areas in school.

A’s and B’s in Math, and B+’s in Creative Writing.

D’s and C’s in Grammar, Lol.

My mind just worked a certain way.

That said, though I’ve averaged over 1,000 words a day in the last 17 months in what has been the beginning of my pursuit of being a Writer for a living, I just don’t read very much.

Either I get sleepy when I try, or I feel like “You should be Writing, not Reading”… And so it’s gone, Lol

mzl.dbvwkaekHowever, for Christmas, a very good friend of mine sent me a copy of Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”.

The “Centennial Edition” to be precise.

Which includes both her Original 1938, England Published Version in the back of the book with her notes on it showing some changes she had made in the style of it (Not the Content/Or meaning). But the Edited/Style updated version is the main version in the front of the book.

That said, my friend, knowing that I’m not all that much of a Reader, but also knowing that I have some Familiarity with Ayn Rand, primarily from my upbringing, and most recently from seeing the New “Atlas Shrugged” Film (Part I, I haven’t seen Part II yet).

Sent me Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”, because she knew that it was one of her Shorter Books, and thus I might end up reading it.

My History With Ayn Rand;

Though limited, I do have some history in regards to Ayn Rand.

I’ve never before read any of her books (Until now), but My Boss, and Mom’s Boyfriend of 30+ years, is indeed an Avid Reader, and had read many of her books years ago.

fountainhead1In fact, “The Fountain Head” was a major influence on him in college, which lead him to switching his Major in Art (I believe it was Art), to Majoring in Architecture. (I believe the main character in The Fountainhead is an Architect)

30+ Years Later, he’s one of the Best, most Interesting Architects I’ve ever been exposed to.

Moving on… My Mom and her Boyfriend actually met one another at was called a “Workshop”… This Workshop was run by a Psychologist, who not only Practiced Counseling, but also ran Workshops based on the work of a man named ‘Nathaniel Branden‘.

And Nathaniel Branden actually was in a relationship with Ayn Rand many years back.

And so you see, I definitely had my exposure in regards to Ayn Rand.

All indirectly… And yet, exposure none the less.

My Opinion/Review of “Anthem”;

My Friend was right… Due to it’s length, who had Written it, and who had Given me the book, these things lead to me actually making the time to read it.

Some of the Introduction a couple weeks ago, and the rest of the Introduction, the Author’s Forward, and the Newer Edited Version of the Story Late Yesterday Afternoon/Last Night.

The Central Message;

Now like I say, I’m not much of a Reader (Though I am an Avid Film Watcher), and this is my First Ever Book Review… But I’d say the Central Message in this book is based on Ayn Rand’s Philosophy of Objectivism.

Objectivism is a philosophy created by Russian-American philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand (1905–1982). Objectivism’s central tenets are that reality exists independent of consciousness, that human beings have direct contact with reality through sense perception, that one can attain objective knowledge from perception through the process of concept formation and inductive logic, that the proper moral purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness (or rational self-interest), that the only social system consistent with this morality is full respect for individual rights embodied in laissez-fairecapitalism, and that the role of art in human life is to transform humans’ metaphysical ideas by selective reproduction of reality into a physical form—a work of art—that one can comprehend and to which one can respond emotionally.[citation needed]

Rand characterized Objectivism as “a philosophy for living on earth”, grounded in reality, and aimed at defining human nature and the nature of the world in which we live.[1]”


And in Ayn Rand’s own words;

My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.
—Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged[2]
also ala WIKIPEDIA
Alright, so this story takes place in a Dark Dystopian Future, where Men (And Woman)  follow a ‘We’ Philosophy, as opposed to an ‘I’ Philosophy.
Where all things are based on a ‘Collective’ mentality. Meaning all that we do, is for the Greater Good of our Fellow Man/Woman, and is not based on our Individual Needs, and/or Wants.
And all of our Decisions, including what field of work we go into, and who we ‘Mate’ with, are supplied by an Appointed Council.
I don’t want to get all that technical, but I think you get the gist.
we-are-the-borg-borg-base-picard-all-your-belong-star-trek-demotivational-poster-1249788313For me Star Trek’s ‘The Borg’ come to mind… But that’s mainly because this book was Written in 1937, and thus this Fundamental Idea has been used in many ways in Stories, and/or Television and Film.
A Man Called “Equality 7-2521” (Nope, People don’t even get to have True Names), considers himself cursed, because as he goes through the early part of his life, he can not seem to control his ‘Own Personal Interests/Passions’ Etc.
And so the basic Plot is about how he suffers because he is different, and slowly, piece by piece, starts to more and more figure out ways to Express Himself as an Individual (As Opposed to one of the Collective)… And when I say “Express” himself, I don’t mean Publicly Initially, I mean Privately. And when I say Privately, I mean when he is Alone, which is supposed to be ‘Never’, but he finds/makes a way.
To me the main Character, initially, is Quite Tormented Internally… Partly because he can not Pursue his Own Individual Interests/Passions Etc… Partially because he feels he is Cursed, and is Ashamed of himself that he does not only think of his Brothers/Sisters, and instead thinks about what Makes ‘Him’, as an Individual, Happy.
The Girl… The Girl, or as he comes to call her “The Golden One”, appears to have some Inner Strength inside her as well, and is Instantly Drawn to him.
I have come to find out that Ayn Rand generally has Cut and Dry/Working Titles for her Books, and then Changes them for the Sake of Publishing. The main part of this seems to be that her Working Titles “Give Too Much Away”, and thus she Creates Names that are not as Obvious, and also wants them to be more Intriguing… So to speak. Her reason, she wants people to figure out the meanings of the Books for their selves.
A Noble/Admirable thing I think/feel.
And so, the Initial Title of “Anthem”, was actually “Ego”… On that note, I’d highly recommend Reading Both the ‘Introduction’, and ‘Author’s Forward’, prior to Reading this Book. This is where she explains these things, and I found it very insightful going forward into the Reading of the Story.
Now the Funny thing about the word “Ego”, in my opinion… Is in my experience of the word Ego, it is, and/or has been, primarily used, and/or thought of in a Derogatory Light…
In such statements as “He has a Huge Ego… So watch out”… Or, “That Guys Ego is out of control”.
Now this is in my, American, mostly Southern California, experience of the word.
Here’s what Webster thinks of the Word;
1 : the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world
3 : the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality — compare
Hmm… A bit different than the Common Use of the word… Or at least in My Experience.
But Ego is a word that I had already, in my own life, come to realize ‘Isn’t’ a Derogatory Term in its ‘Purist’ Sense…
It basically has something to do with an ‘Individual’s’ Sense of Self, and Self Worth I believe.
That said, Ayn Rand’s use of the Word, I believe, has more to do with its ‘True’ Meaning, not what we, or at least I, have been most often exposed to.
And this is True with many Words. It’s funny how Words so often Mean One Thing to one person, and something Completely Different to another. I think this is even more evident, when the people speaking are each from different countries. But that’s just my opinion.
My Overall Opinion of The Book;
In the end, something in addition to the Fundamental Message in the Book, which is basically the ‘Importance Of The ‘I”, and the Potentially Destructive/Devastating Nature of the ‘We’ way of thinking…
At least what I found Truly Fascinating, was the Process that the Main Character goes through in ‘Breaking’ down one Philosophy (Which he’s known all of his life), and basically ‘Creating/Building’ a Whole New Philosophy, and Way of Being/Living, pretty much wholly based on a Human’s Innate Primal Instincts, in all respects… Be it Love, Survival, Time Alone, Internal Thoughts Etc.
I think if I had been brought up in a ‘Less’ Freedom of Speech/Thought Etc. kind of Environment, this Book would have had an even More Profound Impact one me.
But because I was not, what it did for me is 1) Gave Me Further Appreciation For Ayn Rand, A Writer/Person Who Literally Breeds The Importance of “Free Will” 2) Reminded me of the Simplicities of Life, that we often take for granted, often by no fault of our own… 3) A Sense of Appreciation of, like I say, The Breaking Down of One Belief System, and Building, From Scratch, of Another 4) As a Writer, it also Reminded me of some of the Fundamental Essences of ‘Sci-Fi’ Writing, that you can find in such Films as “Logan’s Run”, “Planet Of The Apes” (The old one’s), and even “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”… Touching on such Fundamental (And I’m using this word a lot)… Lets switch up to ‘Rudimentary’… Primal, Basic things, that really Give One’s Insides a Tussle… So to speak, Lol
It’s a Good Book… Very Basic (Meaning Simplistic In Form)… Very Primal… Very, yes here I go again, ‘Fundamental’… And I feel, Very Important… And I Highly Recommend it.
Keep in mind, if you’re like me, or even if you’re not… It’s only 105 Pages (At least in this Edition).
And it gets you thinking… And it gets you wanting to Write Your Own Stuff… And it might even Inspire you to Read More of other People’s Stuff, which it has for me.
Nuff Said
Thanks For Listening/Reading
Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts


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by DarkJade



General Ordhen of the Battle Cruiser Noradon sits at the helm of his ship drinking a blue colored liquid known to contain three times the normal amount of intoxication chemicals in it.

His eyes glazed over, he stares out into space, waiting for the other Warships to arrive.

And soon 5 do… One after another coming out of Transfluent Space…

They do not attack his ship, no… Instead


General Ordhen does not reply.

“Just blow me up you bastards…” he mumbles.

“GENERAL… WE DON’T WANT TO REMOVE YOU FORCEFULLY FROM YOUR VESSEL IF WE CAN AVOID IT” the communications continue, but the General simply pours himself more of the blue drink from a bottle.

He then starts to arm his attack guns.

“This oughta force their hand” the General speaks under his breath.


“Just who this anyway… You’re not one of the Asenian Generals…” speaks the General as he stands, knocking over his bottle of blue liquid.

“NOW ATTACK ME!! OR I WILL INDEED ATTACK ONE OF YOUR SHIPS!!” he shouts as his hand sits over the blinking green firing control.

“THAT’S JUST IT GENERAL… THE OTHER 49 ARSENIAN GENERALS ARE DEAD…” the voice continues, which causes General Ordhen to pause.

“That’s impossible” he mumbles to himself.

“YOU ARE THE LAST” the voice concludes.

“THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!” he then yells.



Two ship security guards escort General Ordhen down a hallway, his hands behind his back, and in a blue chain of light.

He’s having a hard time walking due to his intoxication.

“You men should be with your families… Our time is short” he says to the two the security guards, who pay him no mind.

The General is brought into the ships battle conference chamber, where two Second Commanders of the ship await at the table.

“Second Commanders… Where’s the First Commander of this ship… And more than that, what has happened to the Arsenian General of this vessel” the General demands as the two Second Commanders relieve the security guards, and place the General at the end seat.


The Hamde’s First Commander Teran, and his Adviser Udorr stand outside the battle conference chamber door.

“This is insane First Commander… This man should be rotting in a prison block, not being debriefed of highly classified material.

The First Commander is a 28 year old man, with short blond hair, and brown eyes.

“You think this man doesn’t know what’s going on Adviser Udorr… He’s an Arsenian General for Haddon’s sake.”

With this the door opens, and the First Commander sits at the other end of the table… Adviser Udorr sits nearby.

“It’s an honor to meet you General Ordhen… Even under these difficult conditions” expresses the First Commander.

General Ordhen seems to be looking around the room, then looks at the First Commander.

“Don’t you have anything to drink in here…” he says, then seems to continue peering around the room.

“Show some respect to the First Commander” injects the Adviser.

“Adviser Udorr… That’s enough” replies the First Commander.

The General looks at the Adviser, and then at the First Commander.

“Where is the Arsenian General of this vessel First Commander…” the General starts.

“Teran… First Commander Teran is my name” replies the First Commander.

“Right… Commander Teran” the General finishes.

“The other 49 Warship Arsenian Generals have committed Tal-Ah-Tu General” replies Commander Teran.

“Tal-Ah-Tu…” General Ordhen says under his breath.

“Yes General… In fact… We must say… We’re a bit surprised that you did not join them” the Commander continues.

“Where is your crew General Ordhen??” the Adviser suddenly questions.

“I took them all to their home planets” the General replies.

First Commander Teran looks at the Adviser, then at the general.

“So well all the other Arsenian Genrals were committing Tal-Ah-Tu… You were returning your crew to their homes?” questions the First Commander.

“Apparently so… But Tal-Ah-Tu… That’s an extremely honorable act… So careful how you talk about those men” replies the General.

“I just thought my men should have a chance to see their families before… Well… You know” concludes the General.

“Well… As noble an act as you with your returning your crew to their homes, and the other Generals committing Tal-Ah-Tu seem to think you have done… We the Yotaqu Federation plan on fighting the Genedwa attacks when they come” inserts the Adviser.

“Oh I know” replies the General “And you’re all goina die”.




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