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I am Castaway from my own heart…

Not because I want to be

I am Young…

And Troubled

And Undone…

When you close your eyes

You can still feel his Warmth

Wrapped Around you

He is there

When he Closes his Eyes

You are holding his hand…

Your Love For him

The Two of you are One

Why so much doubt…

Hopes and Dreams are just fine

He laughs and cries

Blood streaks the side of his cheek

She wipes it away

Can I stay she says

Stay Forever…

Stay a Day

Say You’ll Always Love Me

Things Like this are so uncommon

Love Like ours is so uncommon

Forgive, and Forget the rest…

Life’s Trappings are such a Mess

My God just Hold Me…

I Never Let you go

Just so you know

Our hands are Tangled, Crossed, and One

My Eyes closed so tight

And yet you are in

You’ve always been

My Dearest One


What You Want

Posted in Poem, Poetry, Scribblings with tags on July 22, 2013 by darkjade68

What You Want

Walk in Shaded Dreams

Glass light blears

You move beyond with only Faith to Guide you

It’s so lonely here…

The life you seek seems so far away

Until it comes upon you

Glorious Growth, Creatured Color Light

You smile

The ground beneath you Guides the Masses

You are not Alone

You step in…

Reaching… Oh reaching

You Find what you need, and it is so, so Sweet

You Turn, Your Dark Eyes Glowing

You see…

All that you Wanted

All that you Needed

You were so Wrong…

Misery was your Bedfellow

But not your Friend

It will come…

But it will not Stay

Your are Home


PICTURE CREDIT – Breath Paniting

The Outsider

Posted in Poem, Poetry, Scribblings with tags on July 16, 2013 by darkjade68

49613_100001500339784_4200_nThe Outsider


They try so hard to fit in

But in is not the truth

What’s so great about what they do

Another person, another way

If it’s Truth that you’re searching for

That Voice that sets you free

Water’s Reflection

Your Heart will not fail you

Your Soul will Feed You

The Outsider is no Outsider at all

But instead waits only for the Truth

Their own Truth

A Shattered Mirror Speaks Loudly

Shattered Pieces put together again

Still Set you Free

The only Truth you ever need to know

Is that you’re only an Outsider, if you’re not yourself

If you are yourself, than you never needs look to others to define you

Instead enjoy the one’s that truly know you

And be True to the one that’s closest to you

And that is You



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I thought of you today…

We are not so close

Not really…

We are friends, and we do speak

But as time goes by, I wonder…

Wonder of a world without you

You are wise…

And you are good

And yet…

We are not all together close

And I fear that any closer isn’t really possible

I hope you are well…

I think that you are

(Though we aren’t all that close, strangely we both have the same favorite Beatle album)



Fire Alarms

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Fire Alarms


I can not believe, this happened to me

Choking, fingers snapping

Candid Acts of Chivalry


Blinding pages, full of lies

Blood and Pain is on the Rise

Devilish smiles, Evil eyes


Blink but once, your Godless Ties

Covered in frogs, and ropes, and vines

Lack of Trust, your Soul’s Demise


Trying, Trying all the time

Written by Kaitlin Q. Calkins & James P. Mahoney



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Standing Still

You pass through me…

In… Then Out

My Body Shakes…

Your Light

It Penetrates me…

What’s Left to do

Isn’t this what I asked for…

I Can not be sure

And even if I could…

Would I change a thing

Not Likely…

4 Loves

A 5th Pending…

One Life

Never Ending…


I Was A Fool

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539592523_408823I Was A Fool

I’ve been a Fool

I’ve been Waiting for you…

What else could I do

Love Struck…

No Choice

It’s all that I know…

I’m Falling apart

And I hardly know…


The Song they’ll sing…

This Useless Pain

I’ve known so much…

It’s left me Wanting

More than you know…

It’s you I Adore

But I am a Fool…