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Star Wars Episode VII Darklord Trailer

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Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens – Trailer

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George Lucas – Charlie Rose Interview

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I, Filmmaker – Star Wars Part 1

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Due to the Content of this Video (Star Wars), YouTube isn’t currently allowing this Video to be seen… However I’m hoping that it can be seen here on my Site

I, Filmmaker – Star Wars Part 1

A James Mahoney/DarkLight Film’s Video

Legends Productions

Produced & Edited by James Mahoney

Commentary by James Mahoney (DarkJade)

Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part I)

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star wars 2Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part I)

It was May, 1977…

My Brother, Mom and I went to see the Original “Star Wars”

My Brother and My Lives would never the same

That Opening Sequence…

The Size of the Ship

And in Walked My Favorite All Time Villain, Darth Vader

Darth HelmThe Cape, The Helmet, The Voice

The Force…

He’s Affected me forever in regards to Villains

He has, in fact, Set The Bar

And has Lead me Directly to my Theory that

In a Story where there are ‘Good Guys’

And there are ‘Bad Guys’

(Be it Movie, Book or Other)

A Story can only be as good as ‘The Bad Guy’

Cuz who cares if the Good Guy Defeats some Fool, Lol

Check My Theory Out on some of your Favorite Good Guy Bad Guy Films

Flashback to

“Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”

That Movie would have been Horrible without Alan Rickman as The Sheriff of Nottingham

(It’s Still Pretty Horrible, and Dated, Lol but Rickman was Hilarious)

Flash Forward to


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Guarantee you, if Loki had been Played by anyone less then him

It wouldn’t have done nearly as well



At the time I saw “Star Wars”, I was 8 years old

And, in Truth, I was more of a ‘Han Solo’ guy

My Bro was into ‘Luke’

Which worked out good in regards to Toys, and/or Acting out Scenes Etc.

But Looking back now, I have really gained an Appreciation for Luke’s Character

He is Hope… He is Light

And I do believe, Visually, George Lucas was inspired a bit by…

Peter O’toole as Lawrence…

The Desert…

The White Clothing, and White/Blonde Hair

Very Luke-esq

Also, did you see Alec Guiness in it as a Sheik?

Probably where Lucas got the idea to bring him into “Star Wars”

Which leads us to… Ben

Enter… The Force

And… Light Sabers

Which are a Simply Elegant Weapon

And Damn Cool Looking, Lol

But I Love Knights, so

The Blend of Sci-Fi, and Knights…


I was Done

But it’s Time For ‘The Man’

He was My Favorite Man…

I wanted to be ‘Han Solo’

Me, and a Million other young Boys, Lol

So a Young Hopeful Hero (Luke)

And an Aging Knight of the Jedi Order (Ben)

Along with a Roguish Pilot (Han Solo)

An Annoying Nagging Robot (C-3PO)

With a Hilarious Beeping Robot (R2d2)

Oh, an a Giant Wolf/Bear Growling Co-Pilot (Chewbacca)

off to Save a Princes (Leia)

From the Coolest Evil Dude in Film (Darth Vader)

Great Start, Right?

Oh, and did I mention the Millennium Falcon?


Star Wars… The Reason I Became A Film Maker – My Story (Part II)


Star Wars Rebels

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star_wars_rebels_concept_wallpaper_by_engelha5t-d67vtgwStar Wars Rebels

Always good to keep in the Star Wars Loop…

Just heard about this Show Coming Next Fall

Star Wars Rebels

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Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars Rebels logo.png
Genre Science fiction
Format CGI Animated series
Country of origin United States
Executive producer(s) Simon Kinberg
Dave Filoni
Greg Weisman
Production company(s) Lucasfilm
Lucasfilm Animation
Distributor Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Original channel Disney XD (2014)
Disney Channel (premiere)
Original airing Fall 2014
Preceded by Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Followed by Star Wars live-action TV series
External link

Star Wars Rebels is an upcoming CGI animated series that will be produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation. It takes place between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in which the Galactic Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form.[1] The series is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2014 as a one-hour special on Disney Channel before airing regularly on Disney XD. Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, and Greg Weisman have all been announced as executive producers. The villain’s official role as The Inquisitor in the Empire was revealed at the 2013 New York Comic-Con. [2] It is possible that Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker‘s former Jedi Padawan, will make an appearance in the series, as stated by executive producer Dave Filoni.

See This and More Here Wikipedia

PICTURE CREDIT – Mercenary Ace Ahsoka

The Writer – Keeping The Dream Alive

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The Writer – Keeping The Dream Alive

by DarkJade

I Find Myself in an Interesting Place

I just Read Two Different Articles with Completely Different Opinions about “Giving Free” Copies of your Ebook away.

One Article seemed very Intelligent, and left me feeling like it would be a good Idea to Give a Copy of My Novella “I Died Once” away…

Followed by a Second Article, that was pretty much saying that Social Media basically Creates More Social Media, Lol

As opposed to Book Sales that is.

There are Certain Built in ‘Inner Conflicts’ in pursuing a Professional Career as a Writer.

Conflicts I also ran into when I was briefly pursuing Film Making for a Few years.

And they are this…

1) Yes, I’d Like to be Making a Living from My Writing…

Nothing wrong with that… Right? Being Paid for what your Passionate about… Not having to do a 40 hours a week Office Job Etc…. Or so it was with me anyways

Yes, for me it went something like this…

  • Bus Boy at a Restaurant (First Job)
  • Box Boy, then Meat Clerk at a Market (Like, 3rd and 4th Job)
  • 5 Years of Data Entry, and/or Office Jobs (Arghh, Artificial Lighting, Lol)
  • 6 1/2 Years Inside Sales (I actually did well at this, but was completely fried on Sales by the end of it)

Before I finally said $@#$ it! and walked away from the High Paying Job, and started to take other more basic jobs to pay the bills while I pursued Film Making.

Granted, I didn’t have any Kids, so it was a bit easier to take this kind of Risk…

I then spent the next 3 years Pursuing Film Making, whilst taking an assortment of jobs to pay the bills, eat, and roof over my head kind of thing.

And I have to tell you, it was completely Satisfying.

Then I ran into some Medical Issues which slowed me up a bit… Don’t worry, I’m fine now… But during this time where I found myself at Home a bunch, I shifted My Film Making pursuits into Screenplay Writing Pursuits.

Yes, I spent a lot of time Watching Old Classic Movies, which got me even Further In Touch with ‘True’ Story Telling… But it also turned me off the Current Film Industry a bit, which made shifting to Screenplay Writing from Film Making a bit easier then if My Health had Forced me to Give up My Dream.

Wrote Screenplays for a couple years, without being able to establish an Agent (Though I only sent a Hand Full of Query Letters Out), then sat Writing down for a while… These are things I’ve mentioned before. Yes, I fell in love, and played lots of World of Warcraft for a while, Lol

But I needed the Break… I’d Worked from the age of 15, and then went right into Passionately Pursuing My Dreams for 6 Years after that…

But mostly the Medical Scare, though I got through that, Created the Need to just take a Break for a bit.

And last year, just as I was about to get into Writing again, My Girlfriend and I broke up…

Two Months later, I Created This Blog, and spent the Next Year+ Writing, and Writing, and Writing. (The Goal was to get into the Habit of Writing, which Worked, 800-1,200 Words Per day on Average)

A Lot of Poetry… A Lot of Blog Stories… My “I Died Once” Novella… My Up and Coming Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”… And My Vampire Series “Allure” which I will Publish as Short Novella’s next year…

And That’s when I began Self Publishing My Own Work

But first, My 2nd Point about Why I Want To Write

2) I’m a Storyteller… I want to Get My Stories Out, and Share them with People that might Enjoy the Worlds, and or Characters I Create.

For this I largely Blame George Lucas… His First Two “Star Wars” Movies not only Inspired me to be a Film Maker… They also Inspired me to be a Storyteller.

Sure, he’s not the Greatest Writer in the World… There is a Strong Simplicity to the Actual Script and Dialog of his Films…

But… His Story Concept… Story Scope… And Characters… Were Brilliant, Interesting, and Diverse.

Yes I was there… I was a young kid when I saw these first two Films… And it not only Changed The Film Industry… It Changed the World.

Well… At least for me.

But My Points are this

1) I Want to be a Professional Writer… Be Paid To Weave Tales, and Share them with People

2) I Want to Write Stories, Tell Stories, and Share Stories with as many People as care to Check them out. To Connect with the Readers, and possibly even be Inspired by other Writers as well. Which by the way I have been in the last Year+ that I’ve been Writing/Blogging.

So when I look at the Possibility of Giving Out Free Digital Copies of My Novella “I Died Once” (Something I hadn’t planned on doing)… Whether it Generates Future Interest in me as a Writer, and Perhaps My Future Books or not… One thing that it does for sure, is Share the Stories in My Head with as Many People as are Interested in taking a Peak.

Nuff Said

Thanks For Listening/Reading




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