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by Darkjade




Several shady individuals gather around a single, young individual.

“I didn’t see anything… I swear,” speaks the youth, as they begin to draw short blades to take him out.

Suddenly, in a flash of light, a Masked Man, one might refer to as a ‘Hero’… Or, ‘Vigilante’ appears, taking down three of them in a blink…

…the others run off.

“Thank man—” the youth speaks, but the mysterious figure is already gone.




JADEN DARIUS TUSK exits the elevator, his conditioned body notable, though he is in his low 50’s, and silver haired.

He opens the door to his apartment, and enters a dark chamber…

…dark save the city lights which blare through his all glass outer wall.

He peers out upon the city, then steps to his desk, and switches on his computer.

He brings up 8 photos on his screen…

…Twenty year olds, to late 30’s.

There’s a Red X across one of the girls, a dark haired one.


He stands and pours himself some expensive whisky.

“You Really Should Consider Including Your Daughter In This Team You’re Assembling…”

“We’ve discussed this M-6… No… Send the locations of the remaining 7 to my Cell…” Jaden speaks, sits down the empty whisky glass, and heads to his room to sleep.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

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Wow… Watched this for the first time last night on Netflix

So much heart

And the Animation was Mind Blowing

Aftermath: Chapter VII – Zod

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

By DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7 – Zod

The truth is, I don’t even know if Zod and his disciples are even on the planet anymore.

Zod… An enemy of my father’s.

Irony doesn’t quite cover it.

My father sent me here to have a life, as Krypton was destroyed by the red sun.

But my father’s life continued in the form of this enemy, who I did not know other than what the crystals at my fortress told me.


But I couldn’t spend the life that my father gave me, the second chance, looking over my shoulders for some remote possibility that he’d ever escape.

And even now, I do not regret the path I took.

As the inhabitants here are fond of saying, “I’m only human.”

Or so I’ve nearly become.

For in all honesty, humans, though they are flawed, have the greatest potential for love, and joy.

I yearned to feel that…

And I did with Lois, though not for as long as I had hoped.

But is that not also human.

Hopes and expectations, followed by adaptation.

Another dark day…

It felt like I was walking forever…

But in a matter of time, I would reach Metropolis.

And perhaps, find out some answers.

Is Lois alive?

Has Zod left the planet.

What precisely happened during those 10 years I was underground, beyond the obvious near destruction of our planet.

Time will tell.


Aftermath: Chapter VI – Beyond The Glasses

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

By DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode VI – Beyond The Glasses

“Good morning,” I woke to the warm words of the older man as he knelt down and handed me a cup of coffee.

And for just one moment, I forgot that the world around us was ash and wreckage.

But for only that one moment, as the black rain was starting to fall once more as they packed up their camp.

One of the ladies, the friendlier one, was combing her son’s hair…

While the other watched me with suspicious eyes as she packed, sawed off shotgun never to far from her.

I smiled slightly at her, to no avail…

…if anything, it made her more suspicious.

“Good morning,” spoke the gentle voice of the little girl, who had somehow snuck up behind me.

Though she was 9 or 10, she was holding a ragged looking stuffed pink bear tightly.

The innocence in her eyes…

“Well hello there,” I spoke, as I stood, and rolled up the blankets they had afforded me.

“What’s their name?” I questioned about the bear, as I pinched one of its’ ears.

“Seymour…” she replied, as she gazed at me softly.

I knelt down next to her, “What about yours?”

“JENNY! Leave the nice man alone,” her mother called, dropping the comb she was using on her son in anxiety.

“Go on,” I spoke, and she walked away, grasping tightly onto her bear, and peering back at me with a bright smile.

Somehow this group had survived just fine on their own… And I would leave it that way, I moved on alone.

PICTURE CREDIT – Superman & Girl

Aftermath: Chapter V – Mortality

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

By DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5 – Mortality

It was obvious I wasn’t going to make it all the way to Metropolis alive at this rate…

If those A.I. Robots had wished, they could have simply snapped my neck.

“Think Clark… You’re Not Giving Yourself Enough Credit… You Knew That They Were Military Issue… They Weren’t Likely To Do That”

But A.I. Change, grow, adapt to their surroundings.

And though I tried to make myself feel less foolish, it wasn’t working.

The fact was, I needed to find others to travel with.

But who.

The morning was cold, and as I looked to the sky, I could almost swear the sun beyond wanted to break through the darkness…

…but I was always the optimist.

Perhaps my greatest weakness… But also a strength.

As I entered into some charred hills, the idea of actually finding others to travel to Metropolis with faded from my hopeful mind.

No, I just needed to be more careful than last night.

And then I saw them…

…two girls in their 30’s, an older man and two children… Maybe 9 or 10 years old.

I stopped, “Hello there,” I spoke naively.

With this one of the woman rose what looked like a cutoff shot gun, and aimed it right at me.

“DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!” she spat.

The second girl than grabbed the barrel of the gun, “Laris… It’s alright.”

An optimist… Like me.

“You really shouldn’t sneak up on people like that,” the second girl spoke.

“I’m sorry… I guess I was just surprised to come across anyone,” I spoke, we were standing maybe 50 feet away.

“What’s your name fellow?” spoke the elder man, who had rose from his lawn chair, and stepped in front of the woman…

…meanwhile the two children hesitantly continued to play with some toy trucks…

One a girl, one a boy, the girl kept glancing my way with sad eyes.

“Clark…” I replied.

The man approached me, a sort of warmth in his eyes.

But for the most part, a defeated looking fellow.

“Well Clark,” he spoke as he stuck out his hand, “Why don’t you settle in here with us for the night.”

He was a fool like me…

But this fact would not cost him this night…

“Thank you,” I replied, and made my way to the others.

PICTURE CREDIT – Clark Kent Comic




Aftermath: Chapter IV – Machines

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

by DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4 – Machines

When I woke, the old man had gone…


I gather my things, and moved on.

The weather was definitely strange…

Midday brought a warm, black rain.

My instincts told me it wasn’t nuclear…

…but strange none the less.

A few hours later, I came across some blackened trees, and some sort of  half melted factory…

Before I knew, I saw two… No, three Robots.

Military I think…

High end A.I…

…chances were that they weren’t under man’s control…

…but instead, their own.

Man of Steel I wasn’t…

…not anymore.

I took cover behind a large burned tree, and waited.

Darker and darker the night fell…

…what were they doing in there.

I decided to take a look… foolish.

I found a back window and peeked inside…

…they were building some sort of… land transport.

Something more than a tank.

Suddenly, a blue light eye caught view of me, and I ran…

Ran so hard… Ran as hard and fast as my now mortal legs could carry me.

“Don’t Look Back… Don’t Look Back”

I told myself.

But it didn’t matter…

Before I knew it, they were upon me…

…grounding my jaw into the ash, dirt, rock ground.

I tried my hardest to escape… to no avail.

“HUMAN… USELESS…” one of them spoke, then released me.

I sat up, my face hurting, and watched their shadowy images disappear back to where they had come from.

I grinded my teeth, and gave them a stare…

“Heat Vision no more…”

PICTURE CREDIT – Military Robot


Aftermath: Chapter III – The Path

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

by DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 – The Path

The journey to Metropolis would be a long one…

And a lonely one.

After spending 10 years underground with other survivors, I’d become accustom to having people around me.

The sky was so black…

…I wondered if the sun ever showed itself.

As the night came, which wasn’t all that different from the day, I decided to make a fire, and settle in.

So far I hadn’t seen any other survivors along the way…

…I doubt many have survived.

But maybe.

Odd how I still feel like Superman, though I walked away from all of that some 13 years ago.

My father warned me in the images from the crystals at my fortress…

…but love lead my way.

And though it did not work out in the end…

…I do not regret my decision to remove my powers.

“Mind if I sit with yah?” suddenly came a voice from behind Clark.

He looked behind him to see an elderly colored man…

…seemed harmless enough…

…but in this climate.

“Sure, have a seat,” I replied.

The man sat, and brought out his own can of food.

“Beautiful night,” he spoke.

I looked up, but there was only darkness.

“I suppose so…” I reply.

The man looked me over, “You sure are a clean looking one… Haven’t been above surface long I’m guessing…”

I shook my head, “No.”

“Well… Watch yourself out here, it’s dangerous,” he spoke then laid down, rolled over, and went to sleep.

I spent a couple more hours awake, then grabbed some shuteye myself.