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Aftermath: Chapter II – Earth

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

by DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode II – Earth

As I made my way through the charred countryside that lay between my small town, and Metropolis…

I thought of Lois.

When we at last got together, I pretended not to notice for the longest time, that it was him that she missed…

Him that she had truly wanted.


After three years of pretending Clark was ever enough, she left.

Using what was happening to our world as an excuse to get away.

I can’t imagine as a Journalist she was ever very far from the action…

…the, decimation.

I can’t imagine that it’s remotely possible… That she lived.

PICTURE CREDIT – Post Apocalyptic Earth


Aftermath: Chapter I – The Hope

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Aftermath (Superman Fan Fiction)

by DarkJade

Episode 1 – The Hope

We’d been underground for 10 years…

The hope was when we lifted the lid of the Underground Nuclear Protective Chamber, the air would be breathable enough for us to live.

“Well… Here goes nothing,” spoke Dr. Harnett, as he pulled the release, causing the chamber door to decompress, and open.

What we saw outside as we entered the dark skied remains of a beaten planet, was as bad as all of our worse nightmares had imagined.

Barely standing town structures, ash stains where humans had stood when our government had tried Nuclear Attacks upon our planet’s enemies…

General Zod and his disciples.

But none of this mattered now…

Though I knew it was likely pointless… A long journey for not.

I had to find my way back to Metropolis.

“Are you sure you want to do this Clark?” spoke the small group of people I had hidden within the chamber with for the last 10 years.

“Yes.” I replied, packed as much supplies as I could, and began my trek.

PICTURE CREDIT – Post Apocalyptic 

Iron Fist Series – Episodes 1-8… In Review

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Let me start by saying, The Iron Fist is one of my Favorite Superhero Characters since I was a kid.

My Favorites go like this

  1. Captain America
  2. The Flash
  3. Iron Man
  4. Avengers (As A Group)
  5. Iron Fist
  6. West Coast Avengers (As A Group)
  7. Hawkeye

When I heard Netflix was going to make an “Iron Fist” Series, I was pretty stoked.

A more obscure Character (Compared To Some Of The Others), I appreciated the fact that Netflix was making this happen.

Nuff Said, on with the Review.



The Story is ok. It has Classic Elements, that make up many Comic Book Stories/Characters.

Such As;

  • Rebellious Wealthy Superhero
  • Parents Died, Leaving Questions


The Writing has holes… The Characters are good enough to hold the Series together, but that shouldn’t be the way that it is.


Here’s where the show improves a bit, first of all, I really like the Lead Actor…


Finn Jones, as Danny Rand (The Iron Fist);

He’s smart, sensitive, raw, doesn’t know all the answers, and is extremely driven.

He’s good.


Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing);

Jessica is also good as Colleen, who is a mild character, which works. A good fighter, and friend with a heart.


Tom Pelphrey & Jessica Stroup (Brother & Sister Ward & Joy Meachum);

Both are good, especially Tom Pelphrey, but there are holes in the Writing that sometimes makes it tough for his character.

And so far though Jessica is good, her character is extremely lost, and kind of purposeless. I blame that on writing though, she is a good actress.


David Wenham (Harold Meachum);

David is great (You might recognize him from Lord Of The Rings, Return of the King and The Twin Towers, as Faramir.


He does a great job as the angsty enigmatic father of Joy and Ward.

The biggest mistake the Series has made so far is…


Rosario Dawson’s Character, Claire Temple;

I don’t want to pick on Rosario, I’ve seen her in a lot of things, but I can’t say if I actually like her all that much as an actress. Just a personal preference thing.

But this Character is terrible… Over Analytical/Controlling and always complaining.

But more than that, she is just so disruptive, especially to the Danny Rand & Colleen characters, who had just connected romantically.

The romance is largely friendship based, which are the best relationships in my opinion, but all the sudden they’ve shoved the Claire character into all of their scenes, and she just wont stop talking.

After the Claire Character received a mysterious letter in Episode 8, who she says came from a guy who is unavailable, I started to suspect that her character may have been on the Netflix Daredevil Series…

…and I was right.

But more than that, she was also on the “Luke Cage” Series.

She was on 8 of each of those Series, and I believe she’s going to be on a total of 6 of the “Iron Fist” Episodes.

Beyond that, it all appears to be heading to a New Series coming in August on Netflix, called “The Defenders”, which will include all three Characters, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil.

It will also include Colleeen from the Iron Fist show.


Even though the Writing is often leaving the characters with hallow scenes, especially Joy and Ward, and even though this Claire Character is annoying as @#$@#…

I still like the show.


The Cast Members I mentioned above, but mainly, the Lead Actor who plays Iron Fist.

I also like the Music, and many of the Fight Scenes, though it is obvious the Actors only know so much in regards to fighting…

…my hat’s still off to their ‘physical’ efforts, and am willing to let it slide.

My biggest complaint, and I don’t like to complain, is the fact that I feel they’re so focused on creating The Defenders Series, that there is kind of a ‘diluted’ effort in regards to the Writing Effort with this show.

Still, I give it 7 out of 10.

Thanks for Reading/Listening


My Favorite Superhero Film – Captain America Civil War… In Review

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My Favorite Superhero Film – Captain America Civil War… In Review

by DarkJade/James Mahoney

It’s Hit A Point Of Saturation For Me In Regards To Superhero Films

Not Because They’re Not Good… Just Because There’s Been, And Will Continue To Be, So Many


Many Months Back, Before The Release Of “Captain America Civil War”, I Posted This Picture Above (Including What’s Written To The Right Of It) On Instagram

I Didn’t Realize How Right I’d Be


But It Wasn’t Because Of The Whole ‘Captain America vs Iron Man’ Concept Which Basically/Likely Drove Audiences To See it, Primarily

It Was Because Of The Characters, And Character Development… Two Of The Most Important Things To Me As A Writer, And Filmmaker

STORY – The Story Was Fine… Typical Comic Book, Which Is Generally A Good Thing, But, Like I Say, With The Saturation Of The Market, It’s Gotta Be Tough Figuren Out A Good Story. This Story Was Good Enough.

But It Was The Characters, And The Fight Scenes (I’m Not A Big Fight Scene Guy, They Basically Feel Pretty Generic To Me… But Not This Time, These Are Some Of The Best Fight Scenes I’ve Ever Scene In Any Film), That Really Drove This Film




Not Only Is The Actor (Chadwick Bosemen) Who Plays The African Prince Exceptional, This Character Is Just Captivating To Watch… Different Than Any Other Character I’ve Experienced In A Very Subtle Way



Paul Bettany, Come On, What An Amazing Actor To Play The Vision… I Love The Way He Basically Went From Being Iron Man’s Computer’s Voice In The “Iron Man” And “Avengers” Films, To Becoming The Vision (This Actually Happened In The Second Avengers Movie I Believe?)… Brilliant… In This Movie He Is Riddled With Compassion… More Palpable Compassion Than Them All… Brilliant Riveting Character



Better, And Better, And Better… I’ve Liked Chris Evens Since He Played The Human Torch (Johnny Storm) In The 2005 “Fantastic Four” (Yes, It’s Been That Long, lol)

But I Did Not Like Him In The First New “Captain America” Film

But It Wasn’t The Actor’s Fault

Maybe It’s Because I Actually Used To Read The “Captain America” Comic Back In The 80’s… Everyone Talks About Him Being A Boy Scout In The Comic World

To Me He Was Never Like That


Captain America Is One Of My Heroes, Right Along Side Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, George Lucas, John Hughes And Gary Gygax (Co Creator Of Dungeons & Dragons)

The Reason For This Was The Way He Was Portrayed In The Comic Book… First Of All, Like Bruce Lee, It Fascinated Me A Human Who Has Physically Maximized His Individual Physical Potential

Much Like Olympic Athletes… No Super Powers, Just Maximized Individual Physical Potential

Secondly, Captain America Is One Of The Most Compassionate Characters Ever Written… He Truly Represents, And Protects The Human Spirit

Anyway, In Everyone Of These Superhero Films With Chris Evans Playing Captain America, He Has Improved The Character… Be It Writing, Acting, Directing Or All Three Of These Elements… Captain America Hit His Stride A Movie Or Two Back, And Has Toppled That Stride In This Film



Believe It Or Not, To My Surprise, ‘Black Widow’ In The Original ‘Avengers’ Movie Was My Favorite Character… Loved The Hulk, And Robert Downey’s Iron Man Is/Was Off The Charts… But Black Widow Was The Deepest, Strongest Character In That Film… In My Opinion… But I’m An Emotional Guy

And It’s Not Because Of The Way She Looks Or Dresses, As I Know Many Girlfriends Out There Can’t Stand Scarlett Johansson

I’ve Liked Her Since I Saw Her In Robert Redford’s “The Horse Whisperer”… She Was Really Young In That (12 to 15 Maybe?)

If You Haven’t Seen It, I Suggest You Do

But Much Like Brad Pitt, Who Is Also One Of My Favorite Actors, They Are Much More Than Their Looks

In Every One Of The Super Hero Films With This Character In It, She Has Been Consistent, And Grown



This Actor (Sebastian Stan), And This Character (He Was The Main Bad Guy-ish Character In” Captain America’s Winter Soldier” As Well), Are Basically Flawless… He Is Exactly Why We Start And Continue Reading Comic Books In The First Place

Rarely Does A Character Speak So Much, So Loudly, And So Clearly, Without Hardly Ever Saying A Word


There Are Many Other Great Characters In This Film, The New ‘Spiderman’, And ‘Ant Man’, But The Characters Above Knock This Film/Movie Out Of The Park In My Opinion

REVIEW – Maybe This Is Just Exactly The Kind Of Film/Movie I Prefer… Completely Character Driven, With Beautifully Complex And Well Executed Performances… Maybe Part Of It Reminds Me Of A Game My Bro And I Created Called ‘Superhero Wars’, Where We Randomly Determined Teams Of Heroes, Developed Game Stats For Them, And Randomly Determined Who Fought Who… Or Maybe You Will Feel The Same After You See This Film… I Truly Feel This Is The Best Superhero Film Made Yet…

Sorry Batman Fans, Sorry Superman Fans, Sorry Spiderman Fans, Sorry Iron Man and Avengers Fans… In My Opinion, This Is It

5 Stars Out Of 5 Stars For The Acting, Characters & Fight Scenes Alone

(P.S. I Didn’t Show Any More Clips, Because I Truly Think You Should See Them In Context, As Opposed To Displaced)

Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk (Volume II)

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Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk (Volume II)

Back on June 12, 2012, I Wrote an Article Called “Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk“… Check it out if you haven’t, I’ll Wait Right Here For Yah, Lol

Basically it was an Article about how I thought it would be ‘kinda cool’/’challenging’ to be The Comic Script Writer for The Hulk… 1) Because I’ve never been a Huge Hulk Fan, though I think he is a Very Cool Character 2) Though I’ve not seen the Avengers Movie, and I Very Much Look forward to seeing How They Did with Hulk This Time, I’ve Never Been All that Thrilled with any interpretation of him. Though, like I say, he does look like he’s going to be good in “The Avengers.”

Now I Don’t Have all that much Experience Writing Comic Book Script… In fact, the only time that I have was back in 2006, when I Converted the First Pages of My Screenplay “White Jade” into 8 Pages of Comic Script.

I Actually Found the Whole Process to be Very Cool.





I’m Going to Go Ahead And Show You The Three Stages/Forms of one of my Comic Book Pages. Starting with the Small Segment of Screenplay, Followed by The Converted Comic Script, and Lastly the Drawn Page Itself, which was Drawn by an Artist that I Hired.


THE SCREENPLAY SEGMENT: (INT. = Interior Shot EXT. = Exterior Shot)




TITLE – White Jade


TITLE – One Hour Earlier




DETECTIVE BEN WAYNE, a six-foot plus, fairly rugged looking Caucasian, in his mid to late thirties, walks with the head of the facility.


                             DETECTIVE BEN WAYNE

Okay… What do we got…




WHITE JADE, ISSUE#1 James Mahoney      2                                                                                                                              


PAGE TWO (three panels)                                   


Panel 1. A night shot over New Tokyo.








Panel 2. The nearby hills, where there is a building built into the hillside.







Panel 3. A Facility Hallway one hour earlier. Detective Ben Wayne, a six-foot plus, fairly rugged looking Caucasian, in his mid to late thirties, wearing a trench coat, walks with the Facility Head. The Facility Head is Japanese, and is carrying a Physical Case File with him.






Okay… What do we got…



Though I May Seem Like I Know What I’m Doing, That’s only because I Studied How to do it at the time… If I ever start Writing Comic Book Script Again, I shall need to Work on the Craft Quite a Bit, Lol

Ok, enough of all that, In This Next Segment, I’m going to Attempt to Write a Bit of “Hulk” Story… Perhaps Next Time I will Convert it into Comic Script.


The Hulk

by DarkJade

Chapter I – Freefall

Inside a large underground facility, a man sits alone in the dark.

His arms are chained by the strongest metal in existence… Atamatium.

Not that this would make a difference.

This man, a renowned physicist, has now been reduced to an outcast… An outlaw… A mistake.

This man is Bruce Banner.

Suddenly a door opens some hundred or so feet from Bruce, and hundreds of bright lights come to life.

Bruce wearily covers his eyes, as he’s been in darkness for days.

No Food… No Water.

“How yah doin there Doc” speaks the voice of a rather large looking man, whose head is shaved, and has three golden teeth in his rather unappealing, and crooked smile.

Bruce does not reply, nor does he look up at the man.

“The quiet treatment, eh” speaks the man.

The man, who was carrying a small black case, sets it down, and opens it.

Inside is some sort of injection device, with a bright glowing blue liquid in it.

“This may hurt a bit Doc, but it least it will keep ‘big, strong, green and ugly’ under control.

The man injects the side of Bruce Banner’s right shoulder with the liquid.

“Arghh” Bruce Banner lets out.

The man then walks away, and comes back over with a bowl of some sort of slop, and a canister of water.

“Here yah go Doc” with this he plops the bowl on the floor next to Bruce, causing some of the slop in the bowl to splash over.


Bruce does not move, and continues simply to keep his head towards the ground… Eyes closed.

He also tosses the canister on the floor next to Bruce.


“Nice talken to yah Doc… See you in 3 days” the man says as he gets up to leave…. But just as he does

“Are they still talking about going to Mars?” Bruce suddenly says.

The man turns to look at Bruce who is now looking right at the man.

“Yeah… I guess” the man replies, feeling a bit uneasy, as if he just wants to leave.

“Is Dr. McClusky on the staff?” inquires Bruce.

This seems to bother the man, and so he walks over to Bruce Banner and stands above him.

“Now do I look like the sorta guy who would know something like that Doc?” the man  says.

Bruce looks up at him “I…” he starts to say, but the man kicks Bruce across the face with his big black boot.

“UHGGG!!” is the sound Bruce makes as he’s knocked over, his face smacking the cold concrete.

The man then opens up the water, and pours it over Bruce “It’s probably better that you don’t talk Doc… You only piss old Bruno off”

He then pours the bowl of slop on top of Bruce as well, drops the bowl on him, and exits the room.

As the lights go out, and all is dark…

All that can be seen are two glowing green eyes…

“You really shouldn’t have done that” speaks Bruce in an altered, almost growling voice.



Thanks for Reading/Listening



All Rights To The Hulk Belong to Marvel Comics


Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk

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Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk

An Interesting Thought/Feeling came over me just the other day… “I wish I was the Comic Script Writer For The Hulk…”.

Now keep in mind, I’ve never really been a Hulk Follower… No, in fact back in the Late 80’s, and Early 90’s, it was indeed “The Flash”, “Captain America”, “The Avengers”, “West Coast Avengers” and “Iron Man” that were my Comics of Choice.

And as a Very Young Child, “The Flash” and “Captain America” were Major Heroes for me, and I really enjoyed their Older Comic Books from the 60’s and 70’s.

Than why Write The Hulk? I’m not quite sure… I can tell you that in the midst of all of My Projects, some part of me Hungers for One Solid Project where I can Create on a Regular Basis, and Make a Living at it… While at the same time doing My Personal Additional Work on My Free Time.

But still, why the Hulk?

I will say this, I haven’t even seen the New Avengers Movie yet… Even though I very much look forward to it, and am a Huge Fan of “Robert Downey Jr.”, especially his Portrayal of Toni Stark, who I very much am familiar with from My 80’s/90’s days of Reading “Iron Man”, and “West Coast Avengers” (At that point he was in the West Coast Avengers, in fact I think he Lead them?).

And I never saw the Ed Norton Version of the Hulk, though I would like to see that as well, as I’m also a Huge “Ed Norton” Fan…





And though many Hulk Fans, and Critics alike, did not Care for Ang Lee’s Version of “The Hulk”… I actually felt that there were several parts about it that were Quite Brilliant…


Admittedly, Nick Nolte’s Performance/Portrayal as Bruce Banners’s Father, Basically Stole the Show…

But The “Hulk” Desert Scenes, were about as “Hulk” as it gets…


Leaping Hulk;

Beating Up On Tanks (The Desert Stuff Starts at the 2:20 Point);

But still, why the Sudden Want to Write The Hulk?

Perhaps because I feel it would be an “Extremely Challenging” Character to Write for… Lots of “Emotional” and “Psychological” Aspects to Delve into…

After all, you can’t spend the Whole Thing Writing about how He Smashed Ten Cars and Knocked down a Building… Right?

Thanks for Reading/Listening/Watching

In the next little bit I may Give a Go at Writing a Comic Script for The Hulk, and Post it on here just to see what you guys think… We shall see, I’ve got so much other stuff going on right now.



Thor – In Review

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Thor in Review;

As Part of the Ramp Up for the Avengers Film Franchise Films, several of the Avenger Members are having Films of their own made, in order to Introduce, and supply a History, for the Future Avenger Audiences. That’s my take on it anyway, maybe it’s just a coincidence… Nahh. Well Thor went far beyond that. In the Spirit of True Fantasy Films, however unlike many of the 80’s Fantasy Films, the Budget allowed for this Film (Coupled with the Superb Screenplay, and the Enormous Material in which to draw upon) made Thor one of my 40 Favorite Films. 40th to be exact (See My Favorite Films List Here on my Movie Reviews – Favorite Films Page). But that list is not 100% accurate, and I have to tell you, I just had to add it immediately after I saw it, it may move its way up at some point. Thor is a Must See for all that Love Fantasy Films. The Scenes in Asgard alone, are tremendous.

Coupled with the Stellar Performances of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and the Warriors Three Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) Josh Dallas (Fandral) and Tadannobu Asano (Hogun), it is frankly just a Solid Piece. Much Like the Thor Character Himself in the Comics, one who merely looks at a Picture of him might say, eh, A Norse Looking Dude with a Hammer, and a Winged Helmet. Big Deal, I like Superman.

There are no Pictures, nor Scenes from this Film that Can Do it Justice. You must Simply See it, you will not Regret it. What really shocked me was that they not only included The Warriors Three (I not only read some Thor, and a lot of Avengers, but I also read a Comic Trilogy specifically designated to The Warriors Three), but they were represented marvelously (No Pun Intended).

In these Three, along with Thor, a kind of Lord of The Rings Spirit of Brotherhood is captured, I was very impressed.

The Story; The Unruly Thor is Exiled to Earth, where his Father Odin (Played Excellently by Anthony Hopkins), hopes that he will perhaps learn a bit of Humility.

Stripped of all his God Like Powers, at first Thor does not exactly realize what’s happened to him. He learns quickly. Meanwhile in the background, the Mischievous Loki (Thor’s Brother Played Exceptionally well by Tom Hiddleston), is attempting to weave himself into Power in Asgard, Thor’s home.

Along the way Thor meets Jane Foster (Portrayed by Natalie Portman, not exactly a challenging Role, but she plays it well. Think Jodi Foster in Contact, the over enthusiastic/obsessive Scientist),

and Erik Selvig

(Played by Stellan Skarsgard, I love him he played Professor Gerald Lambeau in Good Will Hunting, as well as Cerdic in King Arthur). Probably didn’t know that was him, huh. He was awesome.

Time is running out quickly for Thor, as his Father falls ill in Asgard, and Loki aligns himself with King Laufey (King of the Frost Giants, portrayed very well by Colm Feore ).

I don’t want to give any more away, see it.

The Characters;

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) – I was familiar with this actor prior to Thor, as he played Kirks Father in the beginning of the Newest “Star Trek” Film. I noted him then, and thought he was an excellent choice for the role. He far exceeded my expectations, his representation of Thor is Solid, Right on the Mark (Being a Thor Fan prior to this film).

Odin (Anthony Hopkins) – Anthony Hopkins has been one of my Favorite Actors for years. Ever since “Silence of the Lamb”, he’s captivated me in such Solid Roles as Charles Morse in “The Edge”, and William Parish in “Meet Joe Black”. His Odin is Heart Felt, and very Solid, as was expected.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – This Actor is nothing short of Marvelous (Once again, no Pun intended). I would watch this Film over and over again just to see him act.

Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) – As I mentioned above, not exactly a memorable role for Natalie, but often the “Girlfriends” of the Superhero’s aren’t. I’d have to say Margo Kitter as Lois Lane was probably the best. But I don’t think it was Natalie’s fault, didn’t seem like that interesting of a character, and she is so likable as an Actress, she held up her part of the Film perfectly.

Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) – Once again, not a very Challenging Role for an Actor that I simply love. His portrayal as Professor Gerald Lambeau in “Good Will Hunting”, coupled with his Role in “King Arthur” as Cerdic, were simply… I won’t use the M word again, let’s just say he’s quite good. And as with Natalie, he held up the Role fine.

Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) –  Just awesome.

Fandral (Josh Dallas) –  Loved him, opitimany of Swashbucking.

Hogun (Tadannobu Asano) – He was fine, not much of a role actually.

Sif (Jaimie Alexander) – Eh, she was ok. Kind of a Generic Woman Warrior, not a lot of Character. When I saw her I pictured the Casting Agent saying “Choose her, she looks cute with a sword”, so needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

The Director; Kenneth Branagh. Come on, My Hat’s off to their choice for the Thor Director, why not grab the Director that knows Shakespeare Front and Back, with such Films as “Hamlet”, and “As You Like It”. After all, Thor is about as Shakespearian as Marvel gets.

The Writer (‘s); Ashley Miller (Screenplay, also Co-Wrote X-Men: First Class), Zach Stentz (Screenplay, he Co-Wrote the Screenplay for X-Men: First Class), Don Payne (Screenplay, Co-Wrote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), J. Michael Straczynski (Story, also Wrote the Screenplay for Ninja Assassin) and Mark Protsevich (Story, also Co-Wrote the Screenplay for I Am Legend). Wow, that’s a lot of Writers, and it shows in a good way.

Overall Rating; A. Gotta see this if you like Fantasy Story lines, not just Superheroes.