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Tales Of The Dark Rider – Head In A Box

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Dark Rider continues to search the forest for the Assassin that Slayed Largoth… (If You Missed The Last TDR, You Can Check it out Here Tales Of The Dark Rider – Retribution)

“IF YOU’RE SO GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO VILLAIN!! THAN FACE ME!!” Dark Rider yells out into the trees surrounding him.


Suddenly the Assassin shows himself.






Meanwhile Elsya and Theliad have removed the poison from Axxafor’s back.

“I’m going after My Father…” Theliad says “You take care of Axxafor” he then runs into the Southern Forest.

CHING CHING CHING!!” the sounds of Dark Rider’s and The Assassin’s Weapons meeting as they battle.

They than stand apart.

“YOU’RE NOT BAD FOR A MERCENARY!!” bellows the Assassin.


“THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE RIGHT??!!” he continues to speak loudly at Dark Rider as they begin to fight again.



Suddenly from no where four arrows strike the Assassins outfit, pinning him to a nearby tree.


“And what’s wrong with being a Ranger” speaks Theliad as he steps forward into the patch where they’re fighting… His Wolf at his side, and Bow Drawn.

“STAY BACK THELIAD” Dark Rider yells, and at that moment, once again in a puff of smoke, the Assassin Disappears.

Dark Rider and Theliad position their selves back to back peering into the forest around them, but all they can do is listen to the Assassin continuing to yell.

“YOU’RE NOT A MERCENARY, NOR A RANGER, ARE YOU DARK RIDER!!” he yells, but Dark Rider and Theliad are unable to tell where it is coming from.

“NO… YOU’RE A HERO!!” suddenly he appears and is about to throw two poisoned daggers at Theliad, when The Dark Rider jumps in front to take the hits.

FOOMP! FOOMP!” but instead of daggers striking Dark Rider, two arrows come out of the trees and strike the Assassin’s neck.

GLARK!!” he grabs his throat, and falls to the ground… Dead.

From out of the wood steps Iloh “Hello Boys”.

And right behind her is Ukorian carrying a Large Chest (Iloh and Ukorian were introduced way back here Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon).

Dark Rider slaps Theliad on the shoulder, and approaches Iloh “I must say you have good timing…” the two of them do an arm embrace.

“Eh, I still owed you one for saven me from that Demon in Wogtay’s battle two years ago (Dark Rider saved Iloh Here Dark Rider – Man Down).

Ukorian sets down his Chest, and Dark Rider and he also shake arms.

“Good to see you Ukorian…” says Dark Rider, as he looks down at the Chest.

“What have you here?” he asks Ukorian.

“A Gift for you” with this Ukorian opens the Chest, and the Scarlet Bandit’s Head is in it.

“You aren’t the only one whose been out Avenging Em’s and Largoth.

Dark Rider smiles slightly.


PICTURE CREDITS – Assassin’s Creed, Dungeons & Dragons

Tales of The Dark Rider;

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Part 7 – Dark Intent

Part 8 – Wounded Heart

Part 9 – Retribution

Dark Rider Season One & Two



Tales Of The Dark Rider – Retribution

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Dark Rider sits upon a large fallen tree, sharpening his sword.

“He’ll be here soon” The Dark Rider says to Elsya who is about to climb a nearby tree.

“So you stepped into the Tavern, tossed a bag of Gold into the Darkest Corner, and it made no sound… Someone had caught the bag?” she asks him as she mounts the tree.

“Yes… It was him…” Dark Rider replies.

He then looks over at her “I figured I’d find him in the Darkest Corner, and I was right” he smiles, and she smiles back, her Lavender Eyes Darkening.


Suddenly there is a Crack as if from a branch, and the Dark Rider stands.

“You might as well come out…” he states into the thick surrounding wood behind him.

“I can “Smell” Axxafor, and I’m sure he’s the one that stepped on the branch” Dark Rider continues.

Suddenly Dark Rider’s Son Theliad Rider appears… At his side is the ever faithful Earqui, his Trained Wolf.

“Hello Father…” replies Theliad.

With this the Dark Rider sits back down his back faced toward Theliad “You shouldn’t have come here Theliad… Only death is to come”.


With another Crack of a branch, Axxafor appears.

“He is your Son… Would you expect any less…” states Axxafor.

Suddenly The Dark Rider stands, and pulls his Hood over his head…

“Quickly! Hide Yourselves!” he says in a loud whisper.

And so they do… In a Flash Theliad disappears as only a Ranger can… And Axxafor… Well… He’s on his own, but hides behind a nearby tree.

“SHOW YOURSELF VILLAIN!” proclaims Dark Rider.

The Forest is perfectly quiet… Almost peaceful for many moments…

And then The Assassin steps into the light.

“Who is The Villain… The Man that comes to a set Meeting in the Middle of a Remote Wood… Out of a Sense of Honor… Or The Man who intends to “Ambush” said Man…”.

“There is Only “One Man” Here…” Dark Rider plainly replies.

The Dark Beedy Eyes of the Assassin Scope his surroundings, and his eyes squint and rest on the tree that Axxafor is hiding behind.

“He has nothing to do with us” Dark Rider interjects as he sees the Assassin’s eyes rest upon the tree.

With this he looks back at The Dark Rider “Is that so… What about the Elf in the Tree, and the Ranger in the Brush…”.

The two of them simply stare at each other for many moments… Each grasping tightly the handles of their weapons.

“You killed an Innocent Man in killing Largoth…” Dark Rider finally speaks.

“Innocent “Elf” don’t you mean… Humans are so Arrogant, are they not” The Assassin replies.

FOOSH! FOOSH!! FOOSH!!!” suddenly Elsya lets loose several Arrows at The Assassin, who in a blear of Smoke and Mist disappears into the Wood.

“Damn it!” Elsya says under her breath, as the Arrows strike the ground below, missing their target.

Dark Rider Draws Forth his Blades and moves quickly, like some Wild Cat, into the Wood to the south… Disappearing from site.

No sounds are heard.

When Suddenly Axxafor steps out from behind his tree with a Poisoned Blade sticking out of his back.

UMMPHH” he says as he falls face first into the Leaves and Branches on the ground…


Elsya and Theliad quickly go to his side, and start working on getting the Poison out


PICTURE CREDITS – Assassin’s Creed, Lone Skills, Dungeons & Dragons, James Taggart

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Part 7 – Dark Intent

Dark Rider Season 1 & 2



Tales Of The Dark Rider – Wounded Heart

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Dark Rider sits alone by a Campfire…

He senses something

“Vengeance then…”

The oh so familiar voice of Elsya suddenly breaks the Night Silence…

He responds without raising his head from the Fire… As he cooks some sort of meat on a stick.

“Justice…” he replies.

Elsya steps into the light…

Dark Rider looks up at her “Hungry?”.

She nods, and sits across from him.

Dark Rider stands, and hands her a stick with some meat on it.

“Thank you” she responds.

Several moments go by as they both eat, and then…

“You know your Son is Following you” Elsya suddenly speaks.

“Theliad…” Dark Rider plainly states as he continues to gaze into the fire.

“Yes… Theliad… He is your Son… Right” she states more than asks.

He looks up at her “I do know that he’s following me…” he replies.

Elsya acknowledges with another nod.

“He’s brought along his Warrior Companion Axxafor–” she starts to say, but Dark Rider interrupts.

“Aye, with Axxafor’s Scent, all of the Southern Valley knows they’re here” Dark Rider smiles at Elsya, and they both begin to laugh.

“Ha Ha Ha!”

Soon all is silent again, as they both look into the Fire.

“I’ve Missed you…” Elsya suddenly says.

With this The Dark Rider looks up at her, and her lavender eyes darken a bit.

“Two years…” he plainly says.

She smiles slightly, and replies “Two years…”.

“How did the Woman you Loved Die…” Elsya suddenly says, and The Dark Rider Freezes, but does not reply.

“Who were you Dark Rider… Before she did” she states more than questions.






Dark Rider rides in with some 30 Ret’Bor Legionnaires, back from their 100 mile sweep…

Lead by their “Fearless Leader”, Ogo’Mon.

Dark Rider rides into the Village, and straight to the Flower Girl where he purchase a Bright Yellow Flower… Never dismounting from his Horse…

He then continues further into the Village to and dismounts at the Blacksmiths…

A Foreign looking, Dark Haired Blacksmith is hard at work.

“Greetings Dark Rider… You’ve come to see Sasha…” he says to Dark Rider, without looking up from his work.



“She was the Blacksmith’s Daughter…” The Dark Rider said without looking up from the fire.

“Sasha” he finished.

“She had Dark Hair… And Dark Eyes…” he spoke, but it wasn’t coming easily.

“I understand” Elsya replied.

“It’s time to sleep…” he suddenly says, and stands.

“No problem…” Elsya stands as well, and is about to leave…

“I would rather you stayed…” Dark Rider says, which catches her off guard.

She turns to face him.

“This next Assassin…” Dark Rider starts to say.

“Ah… He’s a tough one, eh” Elsya replies.

Dark Rider smiles slightly “Lets just say, I’m not against “Raising The Odds” that he will fall…” he explains.

Elsya smiles “Ok then… I’ll stay…”.

Dark Rider sets out a blanket for Elsya.


PICTURE CREDIT – Fanon, Warhammer Rider, Painting Pictures

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Part 7 – Dark Intent

Dark Rider Season 1



Tales Of The Dark Rider – Dark Intent

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Deep in the hidden Crag’s of Nor… Home to both The Criminal, and The Unsavory…

And Also… Assassins.

All but two or three remain in the Dark Unicorn Tavern… Save one shadowy figure who sits at a back corner table, his hood pulled over his head…

Upon his table, a drink which he stirs with a dagger… And a black velvet pouch full of gold… Which lay spilled slightly across the table top.

“Be there anything else for yah muh lord… Before I close up” The Barkeep asks the man… But he does not answer.

The Barkeep shrugs, and goes back behind the bar…

Suddenly the man stands almost without thinking… Grabs his pouch of gold, tossing a coin on the table, he steps outside into the Cool Night Air…

All is quiet… And yet not well.


He stands there perfectly still without making a sound for many moments… As if waiting for the Dark to Tell Him something.

“You’d best show yourself stranger… Either way, you won’t be taken in air much longer…” speaks the dark hooded man, speaking out into the solemn night.


When suddenly The Dark Rider In “Green Ranger Attire” appears before him…

“You killed a friend of mine…” he speaks bluntly.

“HAHA! I kill many friends… Of many men… You needs be more specific” replied the Dark Assassin.

“A Dwarf… By the name of Ems…” replies The Dark Rider obligingly… And yet tension fills his voice.

“Ahh yes… In The Duck’s Wind Tavern, to the North East… What of it… Do you think I fear a Ranger… HAHA!” he laughs once again.

The Dark Rider than pulls down his hood exposing his visage, which bares a foreboding grimace

“I am no Ranger… I am The Dark Rider…” with this The Assassin stands perfectly still for another minute, not hardly breathing…

The two stand staring… Waiting… Waiting… And when The Assassin’s first droplet of sweat falls from his forehead, and he readies to grab his blades, that’s when the Dark Rider Strikes!

All slows down as he’s in the Air Flying at The Assassin, both of his blades raised, Anger in his Heart, And Death at the Ends of his swords…

GLARKKK!!!is the last sound The Assassin makes as he’s pinned up against a wall with The Dark Rider’s Two Blades sticking in him… His eyes dead…

The Dark Rider, almost without feeling, pulls the swords out, and walks away… Leaving The Assassin to fall to the ground in a slump.


PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Tavern and Outside Tavern, Green Ranger

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Dark Rider Season One






Dark Rider Early Sketches From My Nephew

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These are just some Preliminary Sketches from My Nephew, but I thought it would be Cool/Fun to share the process with you guys as I experience it myself… This Sketch here is Elysa, The Shape Shifting Elf who showed up First in Owl Form in The Original Dark Rider Post Here Dark Rider. She started out Following him, but later Joined his Party.

The White Owl is the Form She Takes when Transformed.

Elsya is The Guardian of The Dark Rider, though he may not realize this, from the Rendolyn Elves… A Race of Elves that he befriended and helped in his past.

What he doesn’t realize is that she’s also chosen him as a mate, but until he realizes it on his own, she will not likely tell him.


Largoth is an Elven Thalon Mercenary from the Elven Village of Rodomor, A different, more Human Relating Clan of Elves than Elysa’s Clan who live far away from Humans… Dark Rider had befriended him several years back… Largoth Shows up Here in Part Two of The Original Dark Rider Series Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia and travels with him for most of that Series. He is, however, Killed at the beginning of the “Tales of The Dark Rider” Series which takes place two years after the Original Series.

I Love this Drawing.




I Love This Drawing… It absolutely Captures what I had pictured with the Female Asian/Human Mercenary Iloh (Her First Appearance is Seen Here in Part Six of The Original Series Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon).

Iloh is in The Original “Dark Rider” Series, and also returns in the “Tales of The Dark Rider“.

That’s all for now, My Nephew is also working on some “Captain Fire 197” Drawings, which I’m very anxious to see… And plans on doing more Detail on the “Dark Rider” Drawings.

I will continue to show you Most of the Drawings that he sends me, These were actually Texted to My Phone, lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading


Dark Riders & Tales of The Dark Rider Series

Captain Fire 197 Series

DarkJade – April Agenda

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April looks to be a Very Busy, and Potentially Productive Month…






The Agenda;

1) I look to get My Novella/Short Story “I Died Once” (I.D.O.) Edited by My Eldest Sister, who also Edited My “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poetry Book.

However, being her “True Profession” is Accounting, and she is quite busy with it as of late… If she is unable to Edit it in April, I will most likely try to find someone else to Edit it.

I Finished “The First Draft” of this Novella/Short Story on November 20th, 2011, and am ready to “Self Publish” My Second Book, as I Self Published my Poetry Book in January, 2012. And hopefully get it into the Same Local Bookstore that I got my Poetry Book into.

2) Sadly, in March I came the difficult realization that I may finally have to let go of My Original “White Jade” Artist, as she appears to be too busy at the moment. This is truly something I didn’t want to have to do, as I felt when she did The Original 8 Pages for this Screenplay turned Comic Book, that she Truly 80-90% Captured My Exact Vision when Writing it… As it was Originally Written for Film, I have a Very Clear Vision as to what I Imagine The Story, and Characters to Look Like.

But being this Project has already been on hold during the last 4 or 5 years, I can’t allow this to stop me. The Good News is I did “Self Publish” The 8 Pages into a Partial Comic, designed to Generate Interest, and get Readers Feedback.

3) Begin Converting “Dark Rider” and “Tales of The Dark Rider” into Comic Book Script.

I’m actually very Excited about this, and after Printing up all of the Written Material Thus Far, it looks like I may have enough Material to Generate 18+ 24 Page Issues of it… I’ll know more specifically once I’ve actually completed Converting it to Comic Book Script.

I’ve approached both My Brother (For Dark Rider/Tales of The Dark Rider), and My Nephew (For either Dark Rider/Tales of The Dark Rider, or Captain Fire 197) about doing some Art for me For This Story, and/or Potentially Captain Fire 197.

My Brother is very Busy with being a Husband, and Father of Two Young Boys, so I’m not sure he’ll actually be able to do it… And My Nephew is a Professional Ballet Dancer, who also is a Very Good Artist… And he’s just taken on his Own Production in which he wont just be Dancing, but also Choreography, so he too may be too busy.

But that in mind, I’ve also began E-mailing Potential Artists for Both “White Jade”, and/or “Dark Rider”, so time will tell which way it will all pan out.

4) Lastly, over on My Journalism/Multiple Contributing Artist Site The Dark Globe, I will be Running Our Third Contest since our Inception back at the end of October, 2011.

I’m Very Excited about this Contest, as it is Specifically a “Writing” Contest… For More Info., or if you’re interested in Submitting something that you’ve Written, You can Go Here Dark Globe Create A World Writing Contest.

5) Keep on Marketing “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

Phew! So yeah, it should be a pretty Concentrated Month

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Your Interest and Continued Support


Tales Of The Dark Rider – Vengeance Rising

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Some thirty five Rangers Make Camp in one of eight of The Parmon’s Camp Locations…

Brillan, One of Three Leaders of The Parmon Rangers, Flynn Rider being the Second Leader, and Alad The Third, speaks to Flynn.

Alad is away on a Hunt.

“I realize that Dark Rider is your Brother Flynn, but him being here puts the Parmon Rangers at More Risk than they are Accustomed to” Brillan explains.



“I understand your concern Brillan, and you are indeed wise… But is not My Brother, than by Ranger Law Brother to us all?” Flynn tries to stay diplomatic.

There is a Mumble from the other Rangers.

“And, by all intensive purposes, he is of “Ranger Blood” Flynn continues.

Meanwhile Elsya checks on Dark Rider, who hasn’t spoke but a few words in the last two weeks, as his body heals.

“How are you Dark Rider” asks Elsya, her eyes flickering a soft purple.

“I am Alive…” he replies as he sharpens his blades, and polishes his armor.

Suddenly Iloh approaches as well.




“These are good people, These Rangers of Parmon…”she exclaims.

“I have already learned many things about a Bow, that I did not before know… I am not exactly surprised that you come from such Honorable People as these…” Iloh tells.

And now Theliad Rider, Dark Rider’s Son comes as well… And Dark Rider is basically surrounded.

“Will you go Father… Will you Avenge Largoth, and Ems??” he questions.








And then Ukorian “Leave em be the Lott of yah… Give the man some peace, and room for his thoughts” Ukorian exclaims and waves away everyone, turns and winks at Dark Rider, and then leaves as well…

Leaving The Dark Rider alone.





The Next Morning, The Dark Rider would rise before the Sun, take his Hawk Tanum, who his Brother Flynn had been taking care of for him since the day he left Kimly and The Parmon Way some ten years ago, and left the camp alone…

Meanwhile in the distance, Elsya watched him go.



PICTURE CREDITS – Forests and Plains, Ithilian Ranger, White Ranger, Warrior Cats, Chinese Female Warrior, Wizards Dungeons & Dragons, Dark Assassin

Tales of The Dark Rider

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Dark Rider Season I and II