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Black Mirror Episode 1 (Season 5) – Striking Viper… In Review

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I don’t watch a lot of ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix, mainly because I’ve never really drawn to dark Alfred Hitchcock (In this case futuristic based) kind of stories.

I did, however, watch a lot of the Twilight Zone when I grew up.

Anyway, my girlfriend wanted me to watch Episode 1 of Season 5, so I did.

All I can say is, if you like, or have ever liked Video Games, especially Roleplaying (I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft) &/or especially if you’re interested in Virtual Reality Video Games (I’m not, but I’m assuming many are), you’re going to love this Episode.

Living in this technology based world, this Episode also has a lot of issues in regards to romantic relationships in this Era.

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My hat also goes off to the Acting in this Episode, especially Anthony Mackie whome I’ve always liked.



The Office

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A Few Months Ago, I Started Watching ‘The Office’ On NETFLIX… I Had Never Watched The Show, Other Than A Few Scenes Over The Years

Here’s My INSTAGRAM Review;

  • legendsproductionsI  Never Watched #TheOffice When It Was On Tv – I Knew The Basic Premise. And Caught A Few Scenes – I Could Tell #SteveCarell Was Hilarious – But A Few Months Ago We Started Watching All The Seasons On #Netflix – I Have To Say I Was Blown Away By The Hilarity And Heart Of The #WritingAnd #Characters – I Also Figured When Steve Left The Show It Must Have Finished The Show – But I Was Wrong – But The Coolest Thing I Noticed About The Show Was How Much More You Enjoyed Later Episodes Because Of Being Familiar With The Earlier Episodes – There Was Basically A Compounding Effect – Beyond That, The Office Wasn’t Actually About A Bonehead/Halarious Boss And The Mondane Office He Managed, The Office In My Opinion Was About Love – Not Just Romantic Love, But Love In General From One Person To Another – I Reccommend You Watch Every Season… Though I Admit, I Was So Bummed When We Ran Out Of Eoisodes, That I Couldn’t Get Myself To Watch The Finale

The Dark Globe – Winter Is Coming… Game of Thrones In Review

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This is the First Time I’ve Reblogged a Post that I’ve Written on my other Blog The Dark Globe, but I really Love this Series, and wanted to share it with my Written Word Readers



Legendary Post

“Once Upon a Time… In Another World… Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.”

It’s funny, My Brother has been telling me for months “You’ve got to see Game of Thrones man”… Granted, I’ve wanted to see it ever since I heard of its Existence, but it simply came down to, I didn’t have HBO.

But good News, with the coming of the New HBO Series called “Luck”, staring Dustin Hoffman… We in this household decided, not having HBO any longer, simply wasn’t going to work, lol

Now, Season 1 of this show is actually through, but I believe Season 2 starts in something like April.

And after watching the Full Season, which is 10 Episodes, over a 3 day period, I can simply say this…

“Dark, Bold, Beautiful and Robust”…

Take it for what it’s worth, I simply Love this Series.


Then again…

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