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Dark Jade Going Viral

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As I Expand Beyond Writing, and Beyond Self Publishing, I have found myself Deep In The Heart of Marketing

An Area I don’t Mind all that much, as I was in Sales for 8+ Years, Customer Service for 2-4 Years, and Have Been doing Marketing Consulting over 4 years for an Architect in Southern California.

None the less, Marketing is a “Whole Different Animal” then “Writing”, or “Self Publishing”… That is for sure.

As Marketing has Officially become one very Essential Element to my Overall Creative Efforts, I thought I’d Create A Site Which Focuses on My Overall Marketing Efforts, Including Things I’m Markting From The Written Word (My Creative Writing Efforts), The Dark Globe (My Journalism), White Jade (My Comic Book), Dark Xperience (My Strictly Music Posting Site) and DarkJade PUBLISHING (Which is what I call My Self Publishing Efforts)…

This Site is Called DarkJade Going Viral… In Addition to My Marketing Efforts, I will also be Posting About Things, and People that in My Opinion “Are” Going Viral, or “Most Likely Will Be”… This can Include Musicians, Films, Products Etc.

I figure, if Marketing is Such an Essential Part of what We Writers Do These Days… We may as well Embrace, and Talk about it… I would Love to have Any of you who are Interested in This Subject Join me over there as well, it should be Pretty Cool…

I Also Hope from time to time you will be able to take something from my Marketing Related Posts.

Thanks for Listening/Reading


DarkJade – April Agenda

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April looks to be a Very Busy, and Potentially Productive Month…






The Agenda;

1) I look to get My Novella/Short Story “I Died Once” (I.D.O.) Edited by My Eldest Sister, who also Edited My “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poetry Book.

However, being her “True Profession” is Accounting, and she is quite busy with it as of late… If she is unable to Edit it in April, I will most likely try to find someone else to Edit it.

I Finished “The First Draft” of this Novella/Short Story on November 20th, 2011, and am ready to “Self Publish” My Second Book, as I Self Published my Poetry Book in January, 2012. And hopefully get it into the Same Local Bookstore that I got my Poetry Book into.

2) Sadly, in March I came the difficult realization that I may finally have to let go of My Original “White Jade” Artist, as she appears to be too busy at the moment. This is truly something I didn’t want to have to do, as I felt when she did The Original 8 Pages for this Screenplay turned Comic Book, that she Truly 80-90% Captured My Exact Vision when Writing it… As it was Originally Written for Film, I have a Very Clear Vision as to what I Imagine The Story, and Characters to Look Like.

But being this Project has already been on hold during the last 4 or 5 years, I can’t allow this to stop me. The Good News is I did “Self Publish” The 8 Pages into a Partial Comic, designed to Generate Interest, and get Readers Feedback.

3) Begin Converting “Dark Rider” and “Tales of The Dark Rider” into Comic Book Script.

I’m actually very Excited about this, and after Printing up all of the Written Material Thus Far, it looks like I may have enough Material to Generate 18+ 24 Page Issues of it… I’ll know more specifically once I’ve actually completed Converting it to Comic Book Script.

I’ve approached both My Brother (For Dark Rider/Tales of The Dark Rider), and My Nephew (For either Dark Rider/Tales of The Dark Rider, or Captain Fire 197) about doing some Art for me For This Story, and/or Potentially Captain Fire 197.

My Brother is very Busy with being a Husband, and Father of Two Young Boys, so I’m not sure he’ll actually be able to do it… And My Nephew is a Professional Ballet Dancer, who also is a Very Good Artist… And he’s just taken on his Own Production in which he wont just be Dancing, but also Choreography, so he too may be too busy.

But that in mind, I’ve also began E-mailing Potential Artists for Both “White Jade”, and/or “Dark Rider”, so time will tell which way it will all pan out.

4) Lastly, over on My Journalism/Multiple Contributing Artist Site The Dark Globe, I will be Running Our Third Contest since our Inception back at the end of October, 2011.

I’m Very Excited about this Contest, as it is Specifically a “Writing” Contest… For More Info., or if you’re interested in Submitting something that you’ve Written, You can Go Here Dark Globe Create A World Writing Contest.

5) Keep on Marketing “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

Phew! So yeah, it should be a pretty Concentrated Month

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Your Interest and Continued Support


The Japanese Are Beautiful People

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The Japanese Are Beautiful People

An Absolutely Mesmerizing Shot From This Article Japan Remembers, Rebuilds One Year After Tsunami which was Brought To My Attention by a Tweet by Mark, My Senior Photographer over at The Dark Globe

I Not Only Recommend that you Click This Link Above and Look at the 40 Pictures there, but that you do it while Listening to This Song Below Which I Happened to be Doing when I was Looking At The Post.

The Japanese are Truly Tremendous People

And I Offer Them My Every Prayer, and Hope


DarkJade… The Meaning Behind The Name

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DarkJade… The Meaning Behind The Name

I was talking about the Meaning Behind My Name “DarkJade” to a Friend of mine today… To give them a bit of Insight behind it, as this friend was helping me Design a Banner for My Other Blog, The Dark Globe.

And “Dark” in that name is Derived from “Dark” in DarkJade…

She Suggested that I should Write a Post about it sometime, and so here I am. I have talked to a few people about it in My About Page a While back, but I doubt many have read the Comments on that Page.

So Here is the History behind The Name DarkJade…

First of all The Word Dark; It all started back in The Year 2000… I had moved to Eugene Oregon to Work on Short Films with my Brother, who lived there.

I Needed/Wanted a Name for My Film Company, so I came up with the Name “DarkLight Films“…

Now DarkLight was Derived from this; Not that I’m all into the whole “Aura” thing, but having heard the phrase here and there, and how some people say you can see a person’s Aura sometimes, I figured If I Had An Aura, I bet it would be a Dark Blue in Color… As opposed to maybe Yellow, or one of those Brighter Colors…

And so it would be a… “Dark“… “Light“… As Opposed to a “Light”, “Light” I suppose… which I believe most people associate with an Aura.

So That’s how I came up with the Name “DarkLight Films”…

Beyond that, I thought it kind of had a Cool Double Meaning as well, like in Dark, and Light Side of the Force… Which I thought was cool, especially since The Original Two Star Wars Films were a Major Part of why I ended up Pursuing Film Making.

So That’s How/Where the Word “Dark” came from when calling myself “DarkJade”…

Now The History Behind The Name Jade Comes From This;
When I was a kid, maybe 9 or 10, I started to Write a Novel Called “One Knight“… As some of you may be aware from My “One Knight” Site, where I started to Write This Childhood Concept Novel once again…

Anyway, the Main Female Character in The Novel is Named Jade… She is the Wife of The Main Knight Character, and a Character I very much Admired… I made Her Strong, and Well Versed with a Bow… And in the Story, she, and Woman she ends up Training at some point, end up Protecting Her and Her Knight Husbands Castle from Enemies, well he is off Battling Sorcerers and Dragons and such… Like most Fantasy Knights do, right? lol

Now the Second Place that the Name Jade comes from is, when I was in Eugene Oregon working on Short Films, I also sat down and Wrote a First Draft to a Screenplay Called “White Jade“.

Now in this case, “White Jade” was the name of a Japanese Order of Priests.

So that’s where the Name DarkJade comes from… Dark from my “Possible Aura Color” and “DarkLight Films“, and Jade from “One Knight” and “White Jade“… Wola, lol

And if you’re wondering about all of these “Anime'” Portraits… Each one of them has been My Avatar at some point, lol

Why Young Male Anime’ Characters? Because for some reason I relate with them… The Drama… The Pensiveness… The Vibrant Color, or Stark Darkness… And The Vitality. All parts of who I feel I am to a degree, especially Creatively.

And Because “DarkJade” is to a degree The “Catalyst” of My Creative Endeavors, why should he not also have an “Appearance” of his own.

And Now yah know, lol

Thanks for Reading/Listening


The Dark Globe – Winter Is Coming… Game of Thrones In Review

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This is the First Time I’ve Reblogged a Post that I’ve Written on my other Blog The Dark Globe, but I really Love this Series, and wanted to share it with my Written Word Readers



Legendary Post

“Once Upon a Time… In Another World… Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.”

It’s funny, My Brother has been telling me for months “You’ve got to see Game of Thrones man”… Granted, I’ve wanted to see it ever since I heard of its Existence, but it simply came down to, I didn’t have HBO.

But good News, with the coming of the New HBO Series called “Luck”, staring Dustin Hoffman… We in this household decided, not having HBO any longer, simply wasn’t going to work, lol

Now, Season 1 of this show is actually through, but I believe Season 2 starts in something like April.

And after watching the Full Season, which is 10 Episodes, over a 3 day period, I can simply say this…

“Dark, Bold, Beautiful and Robust”…

Take it for what it’s worth, I simply Love this Series.


Then again…

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