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The Paladin – Knocked From The Sky

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Silver-armor-holding-a-sword-anime-girls_1920x1200The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

‘Trust No One”

CHAPTER IX – Knocked From The Sky

The camp was dark…

Barely a star in the sky.

Joro had fallen asleep leaning up against a centrally located tree, whilst reading one of his many Books Of Magic.

Zara, Nyn, Shaylyr and Truer were all fast asleep…

Meanwhile, Brisk Leaf and Doren were nowhere to be found…

CRACK made the sound of a branch under thick leather Ranger Boots.

Whoever it was, they were approaching Joro as he sleep, with their sword drawn, and heading slowly towards the direction of his throat…

“What are you doing Doren…” suddenly the silence under the dark moon was broken by the familiar voice of Brisk Leaf, who stepped into the shadows of the camp, as the fire had gone out… His bow drawn, and aimed at Doren who stood now before Joro, sword near his throat.

“You think I was not expecting you…” with this Doren quickly turned, and in one quick movement hurled his long sword in a swirly windmill directly at Brisk Leaf’s chest…

“AHHH!” let out Brisk Leaf as he was able to avoid it just enough, to end up with it stuck in his leg instead…

…as he fell to the ground, bleeding badly.

“Your kind should do better than this…” Doren spoke as he slowly approached where Brisk Leaf lay, long poison doused dagger in hand… “…isn’t this what you do.”

Just as Brisk Leaf tried for his own dagger…

“AHHHHHH!” a loud holler came from no where, and with it, Zara, her blade blazing, she brought it down upon Doren, completely removing his right arm…

“SSSSSAHHHHHHHH!” Doren made an inhuman sound as he fell to his knees…

“ZARA! WAIT! YOU KILL ONE OF OUR OWN!” suddenly shouted Truer who had awoken, and drawn his bow as well… Aiming it directly at Zara’s back.

“I care not…” spoke Zara, saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth, as her eyes raged deeply… She rose up for one more final blow behind Doren, when Doren’s form suddenly went black, with a fairly shiny skin… His face becoming formless.

“AHHHHHH!” down came Zara’s sword upon the beast, cutting through its’ neck, and chest from behind…

The black form fell lifeless to the ground.

Truer lowered his bow… “By the gods…”

By this point, Shaylyr had fully armored, and had his hammer raised and ready for battle, glowing the familiar orange, yellow and white… “What! Where! What’s happening… Why was I not woken for my turn at guard.”

“Naytonan…” spoke Nyn now awake, bow drawn as well.

The next morning none spoke as Zara and Shaylyr’s horses pulled a quickly made hammock which carried Brisk Leaf on it… As Joro and Nyn followed behind them… On occasion they’d find a mark left by Truer, the only remaining uninjured or killed Ranger in the party…

“Why do we continue… We are down a man and a half, both Rangers, which we need if we are to remain uncaptured by General Zai Zai Qed’s legion…” stated Joro, who seemed both frustrated, and perplexed.

“Our sacrifices are meager compared to the amount of lives we may save should we prevail…” replied The Paladin Shaylyr, without looking back at him.

Zara merely grimaced, saying nothing, thinking much… Mostly words of profanity.

“We can’t give up now… Or Doren’s sacrifice will be for not,” speaks Nyn unenthusiastically.

“Nynwayen is right… We must continue,” interjects Brisk Leaf, who is very weak, and can hardly speak…

But his words seem to rally the spirits a bit of the party… Save Zara, who grimaces more.





The Paladin – Man Down

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elvenThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

“So Shadow…”

“So… So… Shadow”


Joro, Shaylyr, Nyn, Zara and Truer are all at their camp.

“Doren and Brisk Leaf should be back by now…” speaks Truer.

Just then, Brisk Leaf enters the camp, sets his long ash bow down, and sits at the fire.

“Here…” Zara hands Brisk Leaf a wineskin of water, and a stick with animal freshly cooked upon it.

“Thank you Knight…” he replies, Zara nods and continues to cook another for Doren, who has yet to show up.

“Doren?” Brisk suddenly asks.

Truer shakes his head.

“We must find him at once…” speaks Shaylyr who stands suddenly, his silver, white armour gleaming, and yellow tabard flapping in the slight post sunset breeze.

“No need for that…” Doren suddenly appears, and speaks.

He then sits at the fire, where Zara gives him a stick of cooked animal and a wineskin of water as well.

“Thank you woman…” he speaks.

With this Zara starts for her sword, but Nyn grabs her hand, and shakes his head at her.

Shaylyr sits, “Good to see you Doren… Brisk Leaf… Now a report is in order.”

Truer, Doren and Brisk Leaf go on to explain how a Magic Wielder by the name of Yo Pre Ghado, camps with 60 Dark Warriors, and enlists a small party of Trolls… And how General Zai Zai Qed will be there by nightfall.

“Very good… What is our plan?” speaks the Paladin, and Joro and Nyn smile slightly at Shaylyr’s zest.

“We wait…” replies Truer.

“Wait?” speaks Zara impatiently… “Why did we come here if we’re to do nothing,” she finishes.

“There’s nothing to be learned with these interactions,” interjects Brisk Leaf… “Truer is right… Our best bet is to continue to track them from a decent distance.”

“And their scouts? And lookouts… Will they not detect our presence…” questions Nyn.

“Not on your life,” interjects Doren with a gleam in his eyes.

“Doren’s right… We Rangers will maintain a stealthy, yet fairly safe distance and continue to report back to you as you follow from a still safer distance,” explains Truer.

“Hmm…” Zara huffs, stands, and moves to her sleeping spot.

Joro smiles once more, “Sounds good… More study time for me.”

“Very well…” replies Shaylyr as he too stands, “…we’d best get our rest then… I–” he is cut off before finishing his last sentence.

“I’ll take first guard,” Doren suddenly interjects, and stands enthusiastically.

This grabs Brisk Leaf’s attention, but he makes sure not to gaze unnaturally at Doren.

“Very well… I the second,” replies Shaylyr.

Shaylyr then heads to his sleeping spot, and takes off just enough armour so that he might rest a bit.

Joro finds a s pot to read by a tree, and Nyn finds a sleeping spot as well.

Doren gayly grabs his sword and starts a bit of a perimeter around the camp.

Truer catches Brisk Leaf watching Doren as he goes.

“What is it Brisk Leaf…” speaks Truer.

Brisk Leaf is startled by Truer… “Nothing…” he replies, as he then makes his way out of the camp into the shadows.

Truer wonders for a moment why he’s going outside the camp, then lets it go, and finds his place to sleep.



The Paladin – Into The Woods

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SkyrimPainting2The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

“Man Is An Arrogant Breed…”

“One Worth Slaughtering”

“And Forgetting…”


CHAPTER VII – Into The Woods

The air is cool…

The Rangers Truer, Doren and Brisk Leaf have separted, but lead Zara, Joro, Shaylyr and Nyn deep into the Bolftire Woods, hot on the trail of General Zai Zai Qed, and his legion of two to three hundred orcs…

“Where Are They Heading…”

Shaylyr wonders of Qed’s Legion, as his party of four seem to follow no one through the woods, though in truth, the Rangers leave them indicators which guide them, though they themselves are nowhere to be seen…

“Here…” announces Nyn just audibly enough to be heard, as he points at a purposely broken branch, left by the Ranger Doren.

“Will this journey never end,” complains Zara, as she hacks her way through some of the branches around her.

“Are you sure you’re a Knight?” questions Joro in jest, as he reads contently his book of magic, letting his steed lead his way.

Zara gives Joro an unfriendly glance, followed by a quarter smile.

It’d been a long time since she traveled with a party of any sort… She was a loner in the truest sense of the word.

It was her way… She felt it was the safest way to not be killed by another fools error… And supplied her the luxury of caring about no one, which was helpful in such times as when she might be tortured by an enemy…

“Tortured…” she inadvertently spoke quietly under her breath.

With this Nyn cast a subtle glance back at Zara, as his elven ears were the only ones that caught wind of it…

“This Knight Is A Complete Mystery…”

Thought Nyn to himself, then continued his movement forward through the woods, his long elven ash bow strapped securely to his back, and short sword drawn and hacking away.


Yo Pre Ghado, an Asian looking man in his late 30’s, to early 40’s, black robed, stands upon a rock preaching his words to a pack of trolls that had found their way into his 60 Dark Warrior Camp…

“Here me brothers! The time has come to shift the waking world in our direction… You and your people will be wiped out if you do not move beyond your meager ambush tactics… I bestow upon you, ‘ambition’… Something that your kind lack…” the trolls do not look pleased by these words, but they are 6, surrounded by the 60 some odd Dark Warriors serving Yo Pre Ghado.

“This is not your fault… But the time for evolution is upon us… All of us must change… Take on aspects of one another’s people, in order to vanquish these lesser beings with all their ‘honor’, and ‘valor’… Let them burn I say… Let them burn…”

“HRRRAHH!” exclaimed the Dark Warriors, where as the trolls merely looked about, overwhelmed by this ‘interactive’ manner… Thus was not the Troll way.

Watching in the distance, is Doran, one of the three Rangers employed by the Paladin Shaylyr, and his party.

“You really shouldn’t ease drop brother…” suddenly a voice that sounded… Well… Exactly like Doran’s own came from behind him.

He began to sweat as he slowly turned to face this mysterious figure who seemed to appear out of nowhere… Dorn’s dagger was drawn low.

What Doran saw, shattered his mind… An exact image of himself stood before him…

“Naytonan…” spoke Doran quietly, more to himself than to the figure standing before him… A doppelganger.

The mimic stood staring at Doran with a menacing grin, his sword held high above his head.

“You know your myths…” and with this, quicker than Doran could react, the mimic brought his sword down upon the him…

“Too bad I’m not one.”



The Paladin – The Rangers

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RANGERsThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

CHAPTER VI – The Rangers

The Paladin Shaylyr, the Elven Archer Nynwahen, the Mage Joro and the Knight Zara spent that evening discussing the slaying of the young Cleric, potentially by a Doppelganger, and the fact that the notorious Orc General Zai Zai Qed was leading a legion of Orcs into the nearby territory, and how all of it played into what is quickly being called The Rise of Darkness…

“I’m not exactly sure how the four of us are supposed to stop a legion of Orcs, or this ‘Rise of Darkness’… We are but four…” spoke Zara, who seemed more interested in her ale than the conversation.

“You are a Knight? right…” replied Nyn, annoyded by Zara’s lack of conviction…

With this Zara started to slowly draw her sword, “You doubt it… Elf.”

“Enough!” spoke out Shaylyr as he grabbed Zara’s sword drawing hand.

“Zara is right… We may not be able to stop this legion, but we can certainly see what they’re up to…” interjected Joro.

“And the Mage? or… Doppelganger… Whichever it be,” questioned Nyn.

“I’m afraid that will have to wait… This legion of orcs seems to pose more of a threat… At least in my eyes…” replied Shaylyr as he took a swig of wine.

“We’ll need Rangers to track the legion into the Pennor Region… They will find their trail, as well as help us cover ours…” spoke Nyn.


Outside in an alleyway of the town, three Rangers stood before them.

The first a young red haired man, who looked like he did not trust humans, though he is one.

The second a more rough looking fellow, with dark hair, and dark eyes, he was surely their leader, if there was one.

And the last a fair haired Elf, surely a High Elf, who’d turned to Rangerhood.

He was an elegant looking creature if ever there was, with his long, silver black bow, and long flowing blue water like cloak.

“Will you help us…” spoke Shaylyr.

“What you ask… Is a lot,” replied the rough leader, Truer by name.

“We are more than willing to pay for your services,” spoke Joro who gestured towards the large sack of silver held by Shaylyr.

“It’s not about the money,” whispered just audibly enough the red head ranger, called Doren.

“Than what is it about… Don’t waste our time… There are others,” interjected Zara who was securing her horse, and didn’t even look at the Rangers as she spoke.

“This has the feeling of a quest… More than an inquisitive undertaking,” replied the High Elf, called Brisk Leaf.

Shaylyr started with a sigh… “Perhaps it is… Perhaps it is.”

With this Truer smiled slightly… “Well then…” he stepped forward to arm embrace Shaylyr, “…that’s different.”

The two armed embraced, “We’re definitely in…” he finished, and he brushed by the sack of silver, to get his dark brown steed.

“There will be no need for payment,” spoke Brisk Leaf as he smiled and passed as well.

“Great… A quest,” interjected Doren under his breath, but he too nodded at Shaylyr, and made his way to his light tan horse.

Brisk Leaf intended to run… No steed required.

And before they knew it, the 7 of them were off… Off to track Zai Zai Qed and his legion… Off to pursue… A quest.

Meanwhile in the shadows, the form of Joro, but not Joro, watched… His long violet cloak draping to the ground.

“Where you go…” he spoke as his form went black, then reformed as Doren the Ranger, “I follow.”


PICTURE CREDIT – Ranger, Paizo, The Ranger

The Paladin – The Knight

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The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

“Thou Shalt Not Pass”

CHAPTER V – The Knight

All of the inhabitants of The Red Rogue Tavern parted, leaving some 40 odd feet between The Paladin Shaylyr, his glowing hammer raised, and Joro, the unsuspecting Mage, who had now sat his magic book down upon the table…

“IT WASN’T ME! I SWEAR! IT WASN’T ME!” called out Joro in desperation…

“What wasn’t you Mage…” spoke Nyn, who had now stepped beside Shaylyr, his long ash bow drawn…

“What ever it was, I didn’t do it,” Joro continued to plead.

“What was it Mage! Why did you slay that young Cleric so thoughtlessly… Without remorse,” spoke Shaylyr loudly, his hands gripping the hammer handle tighter, longing to strike.

“I know no Cleric sir, that I have slain… You must believe me, for I do not lie,” replied Joro.

“Must I now,” spoke Shaylyr.

“It really doesn’t matter either way Paladin,” suddenly Zara’s voice rang through the tavern, clear as a bell, as she moved in front of the Mage in a quick sweep…

Shaylyr eyed the strong woman in black armour, but she was unwavering.

“You’d best check your mind sir, for I’m sure that you will find that it is off…” spoke Zara as she lifted her long sword above her head.

Suddenly Nyn placed a hand upon Shaylyr’s shoulder, “She’s a Knight… I doubt that she’s mistaken.”

With this Shaylyr loosened his grip, and the orange, yellow, white glow of his hammer dissipated…

“Yes well…” with this Shaylyr stumbled out of the tavern, shaken with his rage… Something he had not truly felt before.

Nyn gave one more look at the Knight Zara, who had brought down her sword, and returned to her table, where her head did drop once more, and she continued her slumber.

Meanwhile Joro stepped towards the Elven Archer, “I wish to speak to your friend…” he spoke.

Nyn nodded, and the two of them stepped out of the tavern…

Outside Shaylyr pet his great grey steed, and poured some water out of his wineskin onto his face.

“Good sir… A word if I might,” spoke Joro graciously.

This startled Shaylyr a moment, but he quickly nodded, as he strapped his hammer to the side of his horse.

“May I ask… Why you thought I had slain a young Cleric?”

“It was the Village Klay…” spoke Nyn out of place.

Joro looked first at Nyn, then Shaylyr, “South of here?”

“Aye,” replied Nyn.

At this point Shaylyr, who had yet to actually speak to the Mage, sat down on the wooden planks outside The Red Rogue Tavern.

His large form creaking the wood.

“There was a Mage there in a violet cloak matching yours… He killed an unarmed, unarmoured Cleric right in the middle of town, while several Dark Warriors held him.

“I see,” replied Joro fairly perplexed, yet intrigued.

“I have never seen a cloak of that color before… So when I saw you… You see, the Mage had his hood on, and was turned away, I saw not his face…” Shaylyr explained, and in hearing himself say it, began to feel like he may have been a bit hasty in his verbal assault upon Joro.

Shaylyr extended his arm to the Mage.

Joro couldn’t help but smile, and reached out as well,”Joro is my name… And you are?”

“Shaylyr… Paladin of The Watchers Order…” Shaylyr replied.

Joro then looked at Nyn…

“Nynwahen… But most call me Nyn,” spoke Nyn.

“I will say that this cloak is rare indeed… Given to me by my father, who was of noble decent within my people.”

“But most that wear it, save me, do not practice magic… No in fact, the nobles where it, but I have left those ranks to go my own way…” continued Joro who seemed to be formulating a thought.

“There is one other possibility, though remote…” he suddenly spoke, as returned inside of the tavern to retrieve his book, then back to the Paladin and Elf.

Joro opened his book to a picture of a black faceless humanoid, “Naytonon…” he spoke.

“Naytonon?” replied Nyn as he took the book into his hands.

“A doppleganger,” spoke Joro almost excitedly.

“What? A shape shifter… Those are but myths,” spoke Shaylyr.

With this Joro looked ath Shaylyr with great clarity in his eyes…

“Oh no… That’s not true… They’re definitely real.”



The Paladin – The Doppelganger

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doppleThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

“It Wasn’t Me I Tell You!”

“It Wasn’t… Me.”

CHAPTER IV – The Doppleganger


Joro and Zara sit at a corner table… In what is a fairly busy tavern.

There are Dwarves, and Humans, Thieves, Warriors and all sorts about.

Joro studies away at one of his Magic Books, with one hand firmly about the neck of a tall metal chalice full of very dark red wine…

Meanwhile, Zara looks sadly at her huge tankard of ale, but continues to drink.

Suddenly Joro stops reading…

“So… If Zai Zai Qed has entered the territory, things really have gotten as bad as they say,” he says hoping she will not confirm it.

Zara merely nods, and continues to drink.

“May I ask you why you’re so sad Zara?” Joro inquires.

“Nope…” she replies with out looking his way.

“Alright then…” he replies in irritated fashion, and goes back to his reading.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of town, Shaylyr and Nyn make there way… Shay still riding on the back of Nyn’s horse.

“I hope they have horses in this town… Not that I don’t appreciate the lift,” speaks Shaylyr.

“They will,” replies Nyn.

The two are about to enter the town gates, when Nyn brings his horse to a halt.

“This is as far as I go,” he states.

Shaylyr dismounts, “What do you mean?”

“Towns like this do not ‘appreciate’ Elves, and there is nothing here for me anyway,” he explains as he’s about to ride off.

“Let me at least buy you an Ale… Or some wine for your troubles… It would mean a lot to me Nyn, for your assistance.

Nyn is about to say no, but the look in Shaylyr’s eyes is so pure… So… Honorable… He can not decline.

“Very well…” and they continue into the town.

Once within its’ walls, Shaylyr looks to find a horse, and in fact does, a great grey one…

Nyn approves, and the two make their way to The Red Rogue Tavern, tying their horses out front.

Inside, Zara has passed out face first against the table, leaving Joro to his reading.

The Paladin steps inside the Tavern, towering over most within, his silver grey armour gleaming proudly.

The inhabitants within the Tavern take note of his arrival, but then carry on about their conversations etc.

Next steps in Nyn, and suddenly the mood changes…

“WE’LL HAVE NONE OF HIS TYPE IN HERE!” bellows a Dwarf from a back table.

“He’s with me…” plainly states the Paladin…

“If you’ve got a problem with that, we can take it outside,” Shaylyr finishes as the two of them sit at the bar.

“A chalice of wine…” Shaylyr says to the bartender, then looks over at Nyn, who nods, “…make that two chalices of wine,”

The bartender hurriedly obliges.

Suddenly Nyn’s eyes are captivated, and Shaylyr looks to see what he’s looking at…

Nyn is staring directly at Joro… Shay looks at the long purple cloak on Joro’s back, and that’s when he stands and draws forth his hammer…

“YOU!” he yells, which both wakes Zara, and has Joro slowly peaking over his book.

“My lord…” he mumbles under his breath at the great paladin at the bar, whose drawn his hammer, which now glows a yellow orange white light…




The Paladin – The Elven Archer

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elven archerThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

CHAPTER III – The Elven Archer

In the dark of the Mythorn Forrest, The Paladin Shaylyr sits at a campfire across from the Elven Archer, Nynwahen

“I never did thank you for waking me from that paralyzed daze I seemed to have fallen into upon facing the need of slaying someone…” spoke Shaylyr, as eloquent as he could, which didn’t end up being all that eloquent.

Nynwahen smiled slightly, “It’s not important.”

“But it is… And I thank you,” Shaylyr reiterated with conviction, as if requesting acknowledgement to it.

And so Nynwahen nodded, accepting the Paladin’s appreciation.

Shaylyr, his helmet now removed, showed that he had sandy blond hair, about shoulder length… And his eyes were a sort of dark grey.

He was of a fairly large size, around 230lbs, and stood 6’3″ tall.

Nynwhanen, on the other hand, was perhaps 130lbs, and stood around 5’8″.

“Tell me about your family Paladin… The night is long yet… I could use a tale,” spoke Nyn, as he preferred to be called.

“My father was a Paladin as well… He was a good man… Provided for his family… But I did not know him well… His life was not truly his own, you know… As is the way of our Order… No, he served the 4 Gods, and he served them well,” he explained.

“My mother was lost to sickness, and I have two brothers, and a sister… All younger… My sister and one of my brothers are twins… They are the age of 15, and study the ways of the Paladin as well… As does my second brother, who is 22… He’s on his own now as well… I am 24 by the way,” he concludes.

“A family of Paladins, as is the way,” replied Nyn as he played with a stick in the fire.

“And you? What of your family…” questioned Shaylyr.

“Lost… Lost in an Orc and Ogre attack, some 5 or so years ago…” he replied without showing much emotion.

“The Tarenhol attacks?” Syaylyr questioned.

“Aye… The very same,” Nyn replied.

“So many lives lost… How I begged my father that I might join him in defending your people…” Shaylyr spoke with great angst.

“I fear if you had, we would not be sitting here this day… It is a miracle that I escaped with my life… Some 3,000 elves were lost that day, and 200 Paladin as well… It was a horror my friend… A horror.”

Somehow the conversation had gotten quiet solemn, and both men went quiet for the rest of the night… Until each of them finally went to sleep.



The Paladin – The Mage

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mage-110The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

“I Should Have Seen Them Coming…”

“What Kind Of Mage Am I”

“What Kind Of Fool Am I…”

Chapter II – The Mage


Crossing through the deep, rocky path of Edgewyn Valley, are a legion of 200 Dark Orcs… Lead by General Zai Zai Qed

A ferocious warrior, and conquering leader

Amongst their marching legion, is a line of some 12 prisoners, chained together, muddied, and bloodied

Amongst them a dark purple cloaked, and hooded mage… Named Joro

With shoulder length dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes, he grinds his teeth in self disappointment…

Practically detached from the fact that he’s surrounded by hostile, magic fearing Dark Orcs

“Fool… Fool… Fool”

Were the words he repeated to himself over and over again.


Staggering though a nearby wood, tears running down her face, a black armoured Knight stumbles her way through the many trees… Dragging a longsword at her side.

“Oh God… Oh God… Oh God”

She repeats to herself, until she stumbles out into the middle of the Edgewyn Valley path…

…what she sees before her is unphathonable…

A whole legion of Dark Orcs only a hundred feet away.

Zai Zai Qed brings his great Dire Wolf War mount to a halt, and simply gazes at her with blue fire in his eyes

She stares back… Her short blond hair muddied, and eyes of green peering fearlessly, or they at least appear that way.

She’s about to dive down the hillside when she takes note of the prisoners…

She swallows, and walks towards the legion…

Zai Zai smiles with jagged, and sharpened teeth, and rides forward alone, waving his Captains to stay behind…


Suddenly Joro’s intuition speaks to him, and he pulls down his hood to see an unbelievable sight

The knight now stands weakened in front of the great Orc Leader, her sword leaning against the ground at her side… She looks as if she’s about to fall over

“Release the human prisoners…” she speaks with absolute conviction, knowing full well the Orc isn’t likely to speak Human…

Zai Zai Qed’s eyes squint, and he dismounts… At one side is a mace as tall as the Knight herself, standing at 5’6″… And at his other side, a great axe no smaller

He leans forward…

“Now why would I do that… Human,” he growls in a reasonably understandable Human dialect.

She’s in shock at him speaking her Human language… But she must continue to appear confident

“Bravo… You do speak Human… Should make things a bit more reasonable… I’m impressed,” she speaks trying to maintain calmness…

Meanwhile, Zai Zai’s Archrs itch to unleash a rainstorm of arrows… But continue to hold

“Ha Ha Ha!” Zai Zai Qed can’t hold back his laughter…

“You would be… Human,” he replies

The, Knight, Zara by name, then raises her sword to the Orc’s throat in one slow movement…

“Release the Human prisoners… Or they lose their Leader,” she plainly, bravely states.

The Orc Leader stares at her with inquisitive rage… No one… I say no one has ever stood up directly to Zai Zai Qed…

His gruesome teeth glare again, as he smiles as best an orc can, and laughes harder than he knew possible…

Meanwhile, his Captains are completely baffled, and glance at one another for some sense of what might be going on

Suddenly the Orc remounts his wolf, and rides back to his legion…

“RELEASE THE PRISONERS!” he bellows, and though they are confused by this, the Orc Warriors surrounding the prisoner do just that…

Zara is shocked… But moves to the side of the road as the legion passes by her

The prisoners are completely lost, but at least they are free… They hug one another…

All save Joro…

Zara is sitting on the ground now, playing with the dirt with the end of her dagger…

…when suddenly two soft black shoes appear before her.

Zara looks up to see Joro who does not look pleased…

“Do you know who that was Warrior…” speaks Joro impatiently.

“Knight…” she replies as she stands.

“Excuse me?” Joro responds.

“I’m a Knight… Not a Warrior,” she plainly states, quickly losing interest in the conversation, her eyes now darting around for the best route off this path, and out of the Valley.

“My apologies… Knight… Do you know who that was?” he asks again.

“I do not know who you speak of, but I bid you farewell…” she speaks as she sheaths her sword, and makes her way down the path.

“It was Zai Zai Qed!” he speaks loudly at the back of her…

…she stops… And turns to face him.

“That was Zai Zai Qed?” her face goes pale…

Joro quickly makes his way to her, and helps her to stand.

He grabs her face before she passes out…

“That was simply the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen what you just did there… And I shall recount the tale of it at every tavern I go to for the rest of my days…” with this he lets out a great smile at her.

“That’s great… Really,” she slurs, then continues down the path, staggering, as Joro assists her.



The Paladin – Shaylyr

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paladinThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

“I’m Not Made Of Tough Enough Stuff…”

“The Things I’ve Seen”

“The Things I Know…”

“Forgive Me Four Gods”

“I Will Not Do This…”

“I Can Not”

“Do This…”



A cold, dark, winter night

What appears to be a knight, in silver armour, and white and yellow tabard…

…stands at the entrance of the village Klay.

Above the sky is dark, and peppered with stars… With threat of rain.

“Oh How They Mock Me… These Many Stars…”

Outside the Red Unicorn Tavern, four darkly clad warriors hold a 19 to 21 year old looking, blond, robed young man…

Watching on, is a dark violet cloaked, and hooded Magic Wielder… Doing their best to terrorize the young man.

The Paladin Shaylyr looks on, as the Magic Wielder tosses light purple, and blue colored light splashes across the air… Seeming to try and intimidate the young man…

“Do Something Shaylyr… You Know That You Must,”

The Paladin speaks to himself, as his sweaty left hand clutches oh so tightly the thick, dark wood handle of his long, great hammer…

“It’s not courage you lack Paladin…” with this a dark haired elf steps by him, making no sound, bow drawn…

“You’ve never killed a man… Have you,” the elf speaks in Elven Tone, stating, more than asking.

Shaylyr loosens his grip on his hammer, but does not reply…

Suddenly the Magic Wielder begins to poor his flame into the young man’s chest…

“AAAAHHHHH” he yells

“NOW!” the Elf yells, and begins to let lose several shot of his bow into the back of the Magic Wielder, who in turn disappears, his long violet cloak falling to the ground…

“Human magic… Bah… Trickery,” speaks the elf seeing his shots were for not…

Meanwhile, the four black warriors are upon him in a matter of moments…

Axes, and swords raised.

“AAARRRRHHH! YOU’VE KILLED OUR MASTER!” they yell, as the elf does his best to defend himself using his bow as a sword slash shield… His agility the only thing that keeps him alive…

Shaylyr in shock, looks to see that the young robed man lays motionless on the ground before the place the Magic Weaver stood…

Suddenly his hammer begins to glow bright orange, yellow, white, and something comes over him that he’s never felt…


“AHHH! YOU WILL PAY DARK WARRIORS!” with this he slams his hammer against the ground, sending out bolts of lightning like light, hurling the four warriors some twenty feet away…

“OOMMFF!” were the sounds they made, as they crash to the ground…

“COME!” suddenly Shaylr looks to his right, and the dark haired elf sits upon a white steed, and reaches for the Paladin’s arm, so that he might mount on the back of his horse…

“I CAN NOT ELF! THE ROBED MAN!” Shaylyr yells as he prepares to make his way to the fallen young man…


With this Shaylyr is inclined to take pause once more… But one has died already at the hand of his pausing… And so he mounts the back of the elf’s horse, and the two ride out of town, passing right by the young Cleric’s body…

Looking down, Shaylyr can see that the life has been drawn out him, in a most unnatural way…

“Dark Sorcerer… You Shall Pay.”

Rain begins to fall…