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The Vengeance – Truth

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The Vengeance

by DarkJade

Episode I – Light

Episode II – Employment

Episode III – Training

Episode IV – Truth

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense


The Year 2080

A Small City In Japan

Arata’s Home

Just After Midnight

Tokui quietly enters Arata’s house where he is staying.

To his surprise Arata is asleep on the lazy boy chair, with a huge Slurpee in his hand.

Tokui smiles slightly.

The room is a lit by the blue glow of Arata’s television.

Tokui tiptoes into the bedroom where he is staying.

Fortunately Arata has two bedrooms in his place.

Tokui takes off his shirt, and though his physique is in shape, there are many scars upon his upper body.

Around his neck is a black strip of thin leather, with a silver key hanging from it.

He takes a black metal box out of his military duffel bag, and sits it on the desk in the room.

He then removes the necklace with the key, and opens the box with it.

A luminous orange glow comes from the inside of the box…

Inside are some 50 or so small vials, filled with a liquid giving off an orange luminescent light.

Just as he’s about to take one of the vials out, Arata steps into the room rubbing his eyes.

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in…” he says barely opening his eyes.

Tokui quickly shuts the metal box, and turns to face Arata.

“Sorry I woke you,” he speaks.

“Ah, nah man, you didn’t wake me… Hey, I have some turkey subs in the fridge, you hungry?” asks Arata as he steps out of the room, and into the kitchen.

Tokui follows.

Arata opens the refrigerator, and tosses Tokui a sandwich.

“Thanks man,” replies Tokui, who pulls off the paper wrap from one side of the sandwich, and starts to eat it.

“What were you doing in Tokyo City?” questions Ataka.

Tokui tosses his Hydro Bike’s keys at Arata, who barely catches them.

“Go take a look…” says Tokui.

Arata looks at the keys, then steps outside, only to see a brand new yellow AION 8000 Hydro Bike.

“Wow… Are you kidding me? An AION 8000… Those things are fast man,” he tosses the keys back to Tokui.

“And expensive…” adds Arata, as he closes the door.

“Don’t you wanta try it out?” asks Tokui.

“Not tonight man, it’s after midnight… Some of us work for a living,” they both laugh.

Tokui sits on the black couch, and Arata back in the lazy boy chair.

“How’d you afford that on what the military was paying you man?” asks Arata, as he eats his sandwich.

“I was sent a check for my father’s house, which was sold at a ridiculously low amount of money… Yet, enough to get that bike… And a bit more,” explains Tokui.

“I see… I’m really sorry about your father Tokui,” replies Arata.

“I know Arata,” replies Tokui.

They both eat, and don’t talk for a moment… Until Tokui finally breaks the silence.

“There’s something I need to tell you Arata,” speaks Tokui.

“Shoot,” replies Arata.

“There might be some trouble coming my way soon… And I don’t really want you to be put in any danger,” explains Tokui.

“Eh heh,” replies Arata.

“I wanted to stay with you for a while, but I suspect it’s going to be coming sooner than anticipated,” continues Tokui.

“What kind of trouble?” asks Arata.

“Lets just say, I suspect foul play was involved in my father’s death… And I’m not going to sit back and take it,” concludes Tokui.

“Well… It all seemed strange to me… I mean, your father really knew his work… And it just never made since that he died on the job,” replies Arata.

“Right… Well-” starts Tokui, but  Arata interjects.

“You’re staying her Tokui,” he says, then stands.

“Arata-” Tokui tries to speak again, but Arata stops him again.

“End of discussion… I’m going to sleep, you might consider getting some yourself,” is the last thing Arata says, before he goes into his bedroom and closes the door.

Tokui smiles a bit once more, then puts the second half of his sandwich in the fridge.

Tokui’s Room

Moments later he’s in his room again with the black bock open again.

He takes out one of the orange glowing vials, and swigs it.

The room spins, his eyes close, and he falls face forward onto the bed.



The Vengeance – Training

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The Vengeance

by DarkJade

Episode I – Light

Episode II – Employment

Episode III – Training

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense

“I have failed you Kin… And now with both you, and Father gone… I am lost.”

“It is the Vengeance alone that keeps me going… Keeps me breathing… Keeps my heart beating”

“Though the Blood it pumps be black.”

“I have yet to prove that Mr. Mashahiro is behind both your disappearance, and father’s death…”

“But in my heart… And in my gut… I know it to be true”

“And so I will continue to train… Not as Tukui Shinsou, Military Pawn to a Government out for itself…”

“No… I am free of that now… But with what I’ve learned within those walls… There will be no escape”

“for Mr. Mashahiro… But It must be at the right moment… He is an extremely powerful, and well”

“guarded man… So I shall train hard, but at night, under a new identity… I will be Adauchi…”

“I will be…”



The Year 2080

Tokyo City

Mr Mashahiro’s Home


Mr. Mashahiro is at his desk looking over some documents on his computer screen.

Within his chamber are two well armed bodyguards in white suits, and shades.

A late twenty something year old man in a grey suit enters the office. His name, is Juro.

“What is it Juro, I am very busy today… Trying to run an Empire here,” snaps Mr. Mashahiro without looking up at him.

“He was here… Sir,” replies Juro.

Mr. Mashahiro looks up at him bothered if anything. “Who was here?”

“Well… Not here… But across the street… Tukui Shinsou… Sir.” With this Juro swallows loudly.

Mr. Mashahiro stands, “You were supposed to keep men on him!”

“And we did… Sir… Which is what lead us… Here,” Juro replies.

“He was watching your home… Sir,” he finishes.

“Well then… Send him a singular warning… I will not tolerate anymore of his ‘watching’ me,” Mr. Mashahiro speaks, then sits back down at his desk and goes back to work.

Jiro bows, “Yes Sir… Consider it done.”

Jiro leaves the room.

Katsuo Industries


Tokui and Arata leave work.

“Hey, I’m going to go grab some noodles and fish… Care to join me?” speaks Arata.

“No… I mean… I have something I have to do in Tokyo City,” replies Tokui.

“Tokyo City?” Arata replies back.

Tukui gets on a hovering bus transport destined for Tokyo City, and waves back at Arata.

Arata scratches his head, and waits for his bus transport.

Tokyo City

A Hydro Bike Outlet


Tokui is purchasing an extremely expensive, and fast yellow Hydro Bike, black riding gear, and a helmet.

He pays the man in cash-tokens.

An Abandoned Factory


Tokui is inside an abandoned building training in a Hybrid, Military Taught Form of Martial Arts.

He’s fast… Very fast.

A Busy Nightclub


Tokui arives on his Hydro Bike, and parks it outside the club.

“AION 8000… Not bad,” speaks a man outside the club hanging with his buddy, referring to Tokui’s bike.

Tokui goes in the club.

It’s packed with hundreds of people.

It’s dark, with multi-colored lights over the large dance floor.

He goes to the bar and orders a blue drink.

Woman are all around selling themselves, and sleazy looking dudes are selling illegal stimulants.

30 Minutes later

Tokui has had a few drinks, when two large men approach him from behind wearing black suits.

“Can I help you two gentlemen?” Tokui asks without looking at them.

“Your name Tokui Shinsou?” one of them asks, holding a picture of Tokui. But somehow Tokui looks different than the photo… Darkness fills him, and it shows.

“The name’s Adauchi,” Tokui replies.

The two men look at one another, then one of them grabs Tokui’s soldier.

“You really shouldn’t have done that…” speaks Tokui.

In three moves he knocks both men to the floor, unconscious.

The bartender looks nervous, and several bouncers surround him.

He holds up Cash-Tokens indicating there’s more drinks to be had, and the bartender signals for the bouncers to remove the two unconscious men.



Episode IV – Truth

The Vengeance – Employment

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kung_fu_kid_by_davergeThe Vengeance

by DarkJade

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense

Episode I

Episode II – Employment

A Small City In Japan

The Year 2080

A Lower Home District

Tokui Shinsou stands before his old friend Arata’s home.

He feels ashamed to knock, and so instead stands in front of the door for a half an hour.

Suddenly, just as he’s about to knock…

“Tokui!” comes from behind him.

Tokui turns to see his friend, eight years older than the last time he has seen him.

He can’t help but smile just slightly.

“I can’t believe it!” Arata says as he grabs, and gives him a huge hug, lifting him off the ground.

Arata, is  after all a 6’4″, 280 pound, Japanese young man. Very tall for his race. And Tokui is after all, only 5’9″, and 175 pounds at best.

“Woe man, I can’t breathe,” says Tokui, half laughing.

Inside Arata’s Home

Arata serves Tokui some tea, as Tokui sits on his couch.

“I heard about your father… I’m so sorry Tokui,” speaks Arata.

Tokui simply nods and takes a drink of his tea.

“And your sister, I…” Arata starts to say, but Tokui holds up his hand, rage filling his eyes.

“No,” he simply says, and Arata doesn’t say another word about it.

“So… What now Tokui? What will you do?” asks Arata.

“I don’t know… Find a job I guess,” Tokui replies.

“Hey, I might be able to help you out with that… I do some computer work for this manufacturing company…” he starts to explain.

“Computer work? Ah, you know I’m no good with computers Arata,” he interjects.

“HaHa, no, not computer work, I was always the brains in our band of teenage offenders, HaHa,” he says, and they both laugh.

“No, it’s a fairly physical intensive job, but I figure you’re up to it… You’ve kept yourself in pretty good shape, right,” Arata says, more than asks.

Tokui smiles slightly “Yeah… A bit.”

“Listen, Arata, is it ok if I stay with you for a while? I can pay for my own groceries,” speaks Tokui.

“Of course, of course old friend… Stay as long as you like, it’s not like I have a woman that’s goina show up HaHa,” they both laugh.

Katsuo Industries

Two Hours Later

Mr. Katsuo, a fairly short, silver haired Japanese man, walks Tukui and Arata around the facility.

“It’s not easy work… But if you want the job… It’s yours… A friend of Arata is fine by me… Truth be known, I didn’t know Arata had any friends HaHa,” they all laugh.

An Expensive Home In Tokyo City

Later That Evening

A well dressed, 50 something year old Japanese man, sits behind a black desk, petting a silver cat with green eyes.


Suddenly a younger Japanese man in a white suit steps into the office, “Mr. Mashahiro, we have located Tukui Shinsou… He’s found employment at Katsuo Industries. He runs some manufacturing machines there.”

“I see… Keep two men on him,” speaks Mashahiro, who then turns his chair away and looks out the window at Tokyo City below.

Across The Street

Tukui Shinsou stands staring at Mashahiro’s home, his eyes tearing, rage filling his heart.

“You will pay Mashahiro… You will pay.”

A Japanese Salelite

“Tukui Shinsou Located… Awaiting Further Orders”


Episode III – Training

Episode IV – Truth

The Vengeance – Light

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Kung_Fu_by_Anime_Individual 2The Vengeance

by DarkJade

Episode I – Light

Vengeance; Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense

“It wasn’t her fault… It was mine. As if one Tour of Service  wasn’t enough…”

“I remember the day I came home, her eyes were all lit up as she ran into my arms…”

“I picked her up, and swung her around… She was so small.”

“And I remember the way her face dropped when she found I had enlisted for a Second Tour of Duty.”

“What was I thinking… Why did I believe so badly in this country… Why did I conceal the Truth from my Eyes… From my Heart.”

“I was a fool… A Patriotic Fool.”

“And look what it cost me… It cost me everything.”

A Military Plane Flying Over Japan

Within the darkness of a ship filled brim to brim with returning soldiers, a single light keeps appearing, and then disappearing… It is a man’s lighter. And with every flash of light, there is a glimpse of a distraught, angry looking, fairly young man.

His name… Tokui Shinsou… His first name means ‘Triumph’… His last name means ‘Truth’.

A Small City In Japan

The Year 2080

Tokui Shinsou stands before a home that has been torn down.

Behind it a large stretch of land, as far as the eye can see, waiting to be developed.

Tokui is a strong, trim and muscular Japanese man, the age of 28.

He’s wearing soft, black traditional looking Japanese clothing.

Above him fly by several small private ships…

Ships belonging to the wealthy class of Japan.

For him, and the likes of him, ground vehicles were still in use.

But he does not own one of his own.

After eight years of military service, he has finally returned home…

But to a home, that no longer stands… On property, that is no longer his fathers.

Two months ago he received a check 1/10th the value of his father’s home, and property.

His father would have never sold the home… And certainly not for such a low amount.

Why was the check sent to Tokui? Because his father was mysteriously killed at his job.

Construction foreman by trade, something just wasn’t right about his death.

But there’s time for that.

The bigger loss, Tokui can not even speak of… Nor think of.

All that he can think of, is Vengeance.

Tokui continues to stand in front of what used to be his families small home… Tears running down his face… Rage filling his heart.

Finally he kneels down on one knee, takes a chunk of dirt from the ground, and squeezes it in his hand.

Tokui is no more… For now on… I am Adauchi.

I am Vengeance…


Episode II – Employment

Episode III – Training

Episode IV – Truth