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What was I doing when I Took a Break from Writing Back in 2006-2011??

That’s Right, Playen WoW, Lol

Ok, so that’s not all I was doin, but I did Play it Alot with My Girlfriend, and Ran a few Guilds, Lol

It was a Good Break from Reality for a While, after a rather Tough 2003-2005

And Besides, I hadn’t Played Video Games since I was a Kid, Lol… I earned a bit of Fun Time, Ha

I just wanted to Share This Video, I actually Saw This Video before I had ever heard the “Real Song” (This is a Remake of a Real Song)

The Real Song came on Pandora a few minutes ago, and I thought I’d hunt down the “Ulduar” Version, Lol

Nuff Said


DarkJade Presents – The Unusual Ones

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Weird By Any Other Name, Sounds Just As Sweet…

Shirley Manson – Garbage – You Look So Fine

I’m the first to say some of the “Oddest” Musicians, are some of the Sexiest and Coolest

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

No One Odder… No One Cooler

The Guy has such a great Voice, I always felt if he had someone else Write his Music, he’d be unbelievable… But this song is one of the Exceptions, just Close yours and Listen to it

Robert Smith – The Cure – Pictures of You

One of my all time Favorite Cure Songs. There Music was Exceptional, and There Singer, well lets just say if Eye Liner was Candy, this Guy would have some Rotten Teeth, lol

Freddy Mercury – Queen – We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions

Ok, maybe there’s one guy that’s Odder than Bowie… The King or Queen as it were of More Than Rock N Roll, Freddy Mercury… His Voice is simply My Favorite of all Time… God Bless yah man, you F#@#’n Rule!

Lets Go Ahead and End This on Someone Whose Not Known as a Musician, but Still Found His Weird/Great/Cool Place in Musical History

Tim Curry – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite

Tim Curry’s Defining Moment, the guy is Just Awesome

Thanks For Chillen for a bit, have a Great Weekend


Other Music and Videos

Video Games From Your Past

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Talk about Nostalgia, Video Games take me way back. I thought I’d throw together a list of Video Games that I liked growing up. I’d also love to hear what you liked… Lets get this going.



May have liked this game cuz I was good at it, lol



Donkey Kong - Arcade Game

Was never very good at this game, but I liked it. There was also Donkey Kong Jr., I was even worse at that, lol. I remember there was this song by The Steve Miller Band that reminded me of the Music in Donkey Kong whenever I’d hear it.

lol, I’ve never seen that video before. It’s at the end of the song… Or maybe it’s just me, lol



Maybe you’ve heard of this one, lol But for some reason I was always better at Mrs. Pac-Man

Mrs. Pac-Man

For those of us that prefer eating dots with a bow on our head… I suppose… Hmm


Dig Dug

Great game.


Missile Command

Man that’s an old one… Hmm


Spy Hunter

Used to play that one after school at a 7-11



Man that’s an old one too, lol Keep in mind my mom worked at a Pizza Place when I was really young, during the summer my brother and I would go with her to work sometimes. She’d give us maybe $5 each we’d play for a whole!!! Half an hour, lol

8 ) TRON

Tron - The 80's One

Wow Look at those Graphics

I’ll end with one of my fave’s



Go ahead and hit me with your Coleco Visions and Nintendos etc., lol Sadly I missed those, but I’d love to hear which one’s you grew up with




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