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Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

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Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI, Episode XII, Episode XIII

“Hark As Tales Do Tell Of The Great Eagles, And Their Elven Riders… But These Tales Be Real”


Kor’s 100 White Orcs did as ordered (Kor’s Last Appearence Was In Episode IX), and split into 5 parties of 20… They dispersed to the outer areas of the Lake of Gorne which sadly included a single Town known as Braewood…

One of the Parties of 20 would lay siege on this Village by nightfall…

Blood would surely fall.

Meanwhile in the forests of Widdleben, Borgodan, the Paladin of Blue Hawk, and his traveling companion, a Great Wolf Rider Warrior known as Nathe (Last Seen In Episode X), would soon be in the Town of Widdleben, where they would rest for the night, and replenish their supplies for the next days journey into the Mountain Region of The North Lands.

…but for some, that would not be soon enough.

Suddenly from the sky a Giant White Eagle did appear…


…and upon his back, a white and sliver clad Elf, bearing a long silver spear which he held above his head… And a white feathered silver helmet.

“By the Gods!” gasped Borgodan, and he pulled back the reigns of his black Warhorse…

Nathe too was taken off guard, but without exclamation.

The Great Eagle landed before them…

Nathe stepped forward, “Greetings Elf… What business have you with us,” he spoke.

Borgodan, not at all impressed with Nathe’s charms, and/or lack of, stepped forward as well…

“Greetings Great Eagle… How may we be of service?” spoke Borgodan.

Nathe was completely baffled by the fact that Borgodan was talking not to the Elf, but to the Giant Eagle itself.

Suddenly the Great Eagle did in fact speak…


…in his own tongue that is.

The Elf, LEVAND by name, translated the Great Eagle’s response.

“The Great Eagle Ziox would ask that you board its’ back with me, and head north to the Town of Braewood…” spoke Levand.

Nathe looked at Borgodan, then at the Elf, “Not a chance–” he started to say…

“–Of course,” replied Borgodan, who looked into his horse Order’s eyes, and whispered to him… Order then ran towards the Town of Widdleben.

Borgodan began to step towards the Great Eagle, when Nathe grabbed him by the shoulder, “Are you mad?? Getting on top of a Giant Eagle!”

Borgodan shook him off, “You needs not come Nathe…” and mounted Ziox with his gear on his back.


The Great Eagle spoke at Nathe, but before the Elf Levand could translate…

“I know, I know,” Nathe spoke, as he too scruffed his Great Silver Dire Wolf’s head, and sent it off northward as well, “you need me as well… I get it.”

The Great Eagle then soared into the air, carrying the three travelers northward.


Warriors Of Light – More Frost Giants

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Warriors of Light – More Frost Giants

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI

“Behold These Early Signs Of War… And All Its’ Discomforts”


Tora and Hannah continued their journey north through the South West Hills of The North Land’s Hill Region (Their journey was last posted in Episode VII)…

They passed many herds of local animals, but traveled without issue for several days…

They then came upon some Tribesmen from the Village of Shar, several days west of them.

Shar lays in the middle of a small forest on peaks dropping down to the Xoat Ocean.

There were 12 Tribesmen in all, carrying spears and wooden shields… They appeared to be being lead by a Cleric, or Druid, who was in front.

They approached on feet.

Tora dismounted from the back of Hannah’s horse, and approached the Tribesmen Leader one hand raised.

“Greetings… I am Tora… Keeper, and Paladin of the Fire Tree Order…” she then gestured towards Hannah, “This is my travelling companion, Hannah… A Curate Cleric, and Healer…”

“Greetings Paladin and Cleric… You’d best go back from whence you came… There is trouble to the North… And some of it is nearly upon us,” replied the Druid Leader.

Hannah then dismounted, and joined the conversation, “What kind of trouble… Do you speak of the White Orc Legions… Do you speak of Kor?”

“We have not time to concern ourselves of Kor… His allies are on their way, and they are not White Orcs,” replied the Druid.

Tora looked at Hannah, then back to the Druid.

Tora stepped closer to the Druid, “As a Paladin of Fire Tree, it is my sworn duty to protect those in need… How may I service you?”

“Go,” spoke the Druid, as he gestured for his Party to continue north, and they started to run off.

Hannah stepped beside Tora, and followed her eyes which peered upon the departing Party.

“We best abide their wishes…” spoke Hannah, who then placed a hand upon Tora’s shoulder.

“That Party of Tribesmen will surely perish if we do not aid them…” spoke Tora angstedly.

“We must respect the Druid’s wishes… They are heading in the direction that we are anyway… We shall stay back, but keep watch none the less,” stated Hannah, who remounted her horse.

Tora looked up at Hannah who had spoke wisely, “Agreed,” then remounted the back of Hanna’s horse.

Day turned to night, and the Tribesmen stopped and made camp, as they feasted and spoke of troubles ahead.

Hannah had also made a campfire, and was eating, and looking into the fire, when she took note of Tora, who was pacing back and forth.

“Come Tora… Eat something… Get some warmth… The cool winds of the North are upon us… These are not typical temperatures for the Hill Region,” Hannah spoke as she pulled her cloak over her shoulders.

“I want to ride ahead… Make sure the Tribesmen aren’t ambushed in the night,” Tora spoke.

“My horse,” replied Hannah.

“Hannah… I’m sure you can feel it as I do,” insisted Tora.

“Nope… Just a bit cold here… No premonitions,” Hannah replied.

Suddenly out of the dark the Druid Party Leader appeared, causing Hannah to jump…

“By the gods you scared me Druid,” spoke Hannah.

“You wish to help?” spoke the Druid to Tora.

“Yes… We do!” quickly replied Tora.

Minutes later the Tribesmen, Tora and Hannah sat atop a large hill and looked to the bottom of the hill where a Frost Giant was sleeping, surrounded by four Winter Wolves.

“This creature should not be here…” spoke the Druid.


Warriors Of Light – Unexpected Companion

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Warriors of Light – Unexpected Companion

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

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Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX


Once Borgodan and Nathe were beyond the bridge (See Episode V), and the Trolls, they continued through the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands…

Neither spoke.

Soon, a strange thing happened, as 10 Wolves started to follow them, due to the fact that Nathe is riding a Great Silver Dire Wolf…

Howling as they went…

Borgodan smiled in fascination at this unusual site.

They weren’t exactly friendly, as they growled, and howled at the Paladin’s heels…

But they never attacked… As they feared the Great Silver Dire…

On the fifth night, the Warrior and Paladin started to set camp…

…meanwhile the 10 following wolves slept in a circle around the camp… Almost as if they were on guard.

Borgodan and Nathe sat at the fire, cooking some meat, breaking some bread, and drinking some of the Paladin of Blue Hawk’s wine…

“Is this a normal occurrence for you Wolf… Er… Nathe,” spoke Borbodan.

With this, Nathe looked about at the wolves… “It happens sometimes.”

“Hmm,” replied Borgodan…

Suddenly Bordodan froze.

“What is it?” asked Nathe taking notice.

Borgodan then stood, and spoke some words under his breath, “Simmo Pree Ayy,” as he closed his eyes, and held out his hands, palms up.

His eyes suddenly opened… “Hell Hounds…” he spoke… And just as he did, the wolves around the camp started to growl as three sets of red eyes could be seen in the nearby trees.

With this Nathe stood, and drew his two handed axe…

…Borgoden in turn cast some more words “Protecto Omdo,” and suddenly a red circle of light surrounded them both.

Nathe noted, and was semi impressed.

“Now what?” spoke Nathe.

“We wait to see what the wolves do…” replied Bordodan with authority…

Nathe nodded.

Suddenly Borgodan whipped out a potion from beneath his white cape, swigged it down, causing a yellow golden glow to be around his skin, drew his Great Sword, and lifted his Silver Long Shield, which bore a Blue Hawk on it “For Blue Hawk!”, ran forth, and leaped over the wolves into the dark, and started to swing his blade.

“What the…” spoke Nathe as he dropped his axe, pulled his double crossbow off his back, and began shooting into the darkness, hoping not to hit the Paladin.

Neither Borgodan nor Nathe struck the beasts in their first attempt…

But the wolves moved in as well, damaging one of the Hell Hounds…

The other two Hell Hounds, seeing this, quickly dispatched three of the wolves…

This woke the Great Silver Dire Wolf, who leaped through the air, landing in front of the remaining 7 wolves, and growling at the Hell Hounds, who were breathing small bursts of fire…

Just then, Nathe’s second shot of two arrows struck the wounded Hell Hound, which fell dead.

The wolves then swarmed the second Hell Hound, and killed it…

…leaving only the third who was not scared off.

The Great Dire sprang at it, but was unsuccessful…

It then struck one of the wolves.

This caused the remaining 7 wolves to swarm, and kill it…

…at which point Nathe lowered his crossbow, and “What happened to wait to see what the wolves do?”

Borgodan walked into the fire light, sheathing his sword, and setting down his shield, “I changed my mind,” he said with a smile…

And the two laughed, and went back to eating and drinking.

Warriors Of Light – Northern Passage

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Warriors of Light – Northern Passage

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

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Episode VIII


Dane (Introduced In Episode IV) hadn’t ridden but half a day, before his horse Scarlet sensed something, and came to a halt.

“What is it girl…”

Dane smelled smoke, so tied his horse to a branch, and in stooped fashion, made his way forward…

Beyond he saw them, three orcs who looked to be setting up a campfire, as it would be night soon.

“Only three of them,” he spoke quietly under his breath.

“But why are they here” he thought to himself.

Dane wasn’t the wisest of men, but he was fluent  in Orc tongue, and felt this would be a good opportunity to put it to practice… If he could only figure out a way to get rid of two of them, leaving one for questioning.

Suddenly Scarlet broke loose and rode straight through the camp!

Two of the Orcs went after him on foot, as he’d make for a fine dinner…

While one stayed back to make the fire.

“Good girl…” Dane looked and located a large rock, and when the Orc’s back was to him, he ran in to knock him out, but stepped on a large branch…


The Orc turned to see the Warrior running directly at him, and lept out of the way!

Dane then stood across from him, and pulled his pole arm from his back.

“Alright then…” he spoke.

The Orc grabbed his spear, and spotted a bone horn near by.

“Fre Rah Nor,” spoke Dane in Orc, saying “For honor…”

The Orc, stunned by the hearing of his own Orcish tongue, replied, “Fre Rah Nor…”

The Orc quickly threw his spear, and would have struck Dane, but he was able to knock it out of the air with his pole arm…

Dane then charged the Orc, leaping clear over the fire, and striking him, damaging his shoulder badly.

Dane looked to see if the other two Orcs were anywhere to be seen, but they weren’t.

He then lept forward and smacked the Orc with the handle of his pole arm, knocking him unconscious…

…and dragged him a hundred or so yards away, propt him up against a tree, his hands tied behind his back, and tossed water in his face.

“Spri Quon Rarg Nah (Why are you here?)” he spoke as he held a large dagger against the Orc’s neck.

The Orc did not reply…

“Ten Po… Spri Quon Rarg Nah (Last chance… Why are you here?)”

“Kor…(Introduced In Episode VIII)” replied the Orc.

Just then he could hear his horse approach, and the other two Orcs in pursuit from some 80 feet back.

Dane quickly mounts Scarlet, and they ride off.


Warriors Of Light – Kor

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Warriors Of Light – Kor

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII


In the North East Region of the Mountain Region of The North Lands, just below the Great Lake of Gorne…

KOR, a White Orc General, and Leader of a Legion of 600 White Orcs, sits atop his Great Silver Dire Wolf… A gift from the Orc Priests of Mon Era…

Kor is a strong looking White Orc, but smarter than most… He sits staring at a small Black Temple… The Temple of Triad

At his side, looking impatient, is his Captain, LOR GOH, and his High Mage, BREE, a Female White Orc

“We’ve been here for three days Kor… The Legion grows restless,” speaks Lor Goh maintaining respect.

Kor does not asnwer…

Lor Goh is about to step towards Kor, when Bree places her hand on his shoulder, temporarily calming him.

She then steps forward… “What is it Kor… Has Gorne spoken to you?”

Without facing them, Kor replies, “Yes… Many weeks ago… Under the blood red moon… And that is why we wait for his coming.”

Lor Goh now steps forward, “Well then… Let us begin to clear these areas in preparation of our… ‘His’ dominance…”

Kor dismounts slowly, and approaches Lor Goh, “It is not time.”

He then walks over to a nearby fire and takes a piece of meat off of a hanging beast.

“Ahh…” grumbles Lor Goh, as he returns to the Legion camps.

Bree then sits on a rock near Kor.

“Your Legion is not like you Kor… They are not in tune to the worlds of the Gods… Nor do they have the capacity of it…” speaks Bree.

Kor looks at her, then swigs from a wine skin of red wine.

“What would you have me do…” he speaks.

She smiles… “Give them something to do…”

Fifteen minutes later, 100 of the Legion split into five parties of 20, and head out in different directions…

Meanwhile Kor has returned to his Great Silver Dire Wolf… Where he sits… And waits.


Warriors Of Light – Vyle & Sparen

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Warriors of Light – Vyle & Sparen

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V


As the party of four able adventurers, Chemney, Odle, Sparen and Vyle (All Introduced In Episode II) made their way out of the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands, and into the Southern Plains of the Mountain Region, they came across many a wild animal, but no real foes.

But on the fifth day of travel, as the air began to brisk a bit, even on the plains, Odle decided it might be a good idea to upgrade his mule mount, for a lion…

Yes, a lion.

As Odle chased around found lion with his axe and shield drawn, Chemney covered his eyes in embarrassment, as Vyle and Sparen watched from further back.

“This Dwarf is a fool…” Vyle scowled.

Meanwhile Sparen couldn’t help but laugh from her belly…

“Oh come on Vyle, lighten up, he’s a good soul,” Sparen replied.

“Good soul or not, he has us sitting in broad daylight in the middle of these plains, with nothing save our cloaks to hide us… Which I might ad, do not hide us.”

Vyle  was very unpleased.

At this point the lion was on top of Odle, doing it’s best to strike him.

“Need some help old friend?” spoke Chemney.

“I’m just fine!” feistyly replied Odle.


“Oh very well Vyle,” spoke Sparen softly as she began to shift her hands together without touching, in a snake type way.

“Brim Tou Vium,” her hands suddenly lit up in a very dark red flame like light, and suddenly the lion became a white kitten, and dropped down onto Odle’s shield.

“Meow… Meow” it wined.

“What the?” Chimney gasped, then looked back at Sparen who was smiling.

Vyle smiled as well, “Not bad Mage… Not bad.”

Soon the four of them were off, leaving the kitten behind.


“I had it…” spoke Odle as they rode off.

An hour later, the kitten returned to lion form.


Warriors Of Light – Nathe

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Warriors of Light – Nathe

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV


Nathe (Nathe’s First Appearance Was In Episode I) followed the Blue Hawk Paladin from a distance across the mountains which would lead to the Mountain Region of the North Lands.

He road his Great Dire Wolf, and for the most part, merely followed the Paladin’s War Horse’s tracks.

It wasn’t until the third day that Nathe came upon Borgodan (The Blue Hawk Paladin, First Appearance In Episode I As Well), sitting on his black warhorse, staring ahead at a large bridge leading where he needs to go.

Nathe rides up next to him.

“How long have you been following me… The whole way,” Borgodan spoke, never taking his eyes off the bridge.

“What is it? What do you see…” questions Nathe.

“Trolls… Three or four of them I think.”

“Well, that’s not good… I’m surprised they haven’t smelled us already,” replies Nathe.

“Hmmff… Agreed,” speaks Borgodan.

“I’m not sure even the two of us can take three or four of them,” continues Borgodan.

“Let’s not find out… There’s a hidden route to the east, follow me…” speaks Nathe.

Nathe rides off to the east, Borgodan following close behind.

The two of them head through this hidden path for an hour or so, before breaking through to a stream of water.

Nathe gets off his Dire Wolf, and fills his wine skin with  water… Then pours some over his head.

Snow covers part of the ground.

Borgodan appears at his side, kneels, and fills his wine skin as well.

“Why are you hear Wolf Hunter?” questions Borgodan.

“This is a tough terrain… Only a fool would travel alone,” Nathe looks at Borgodan who smiles back smugly.

“I am a Paladin… We are not easily slayed.”

“Perhaps… But I felt inclined to accompany you… Also, if these White Orc Legions do exist, it will be bad for trade… Which is how I make my living,” replies Nathe.

“Lets move,” speaks Nathe, he then mounts his Dire Wolf, and continues forward…

Borgodan smiles, then mounts his horse, and follows.


Warriors Of Light – Dane

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Warriros of Light – Dane

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III


Dane, a Fighter by trade, and Hero to his Village of Rona, left just after the sun had risen.

Leaving behind his young Sister, Sarah.

Word has spread of a large number of White Orc Legions gathering in the North, and he felt investigation in the name of the safety of his small village was imperative…

Rona, being near the Merchant Port of Varamore, meant that the option of escaping any type of insurgence would be easy enough…

But Rona is his, and his people’s home, and so that is not what he desires.

Dane is a 6′, 200lb man, in his late twenties.

His eyes are blue, hair shoulder length and dark brown of color.

He rides a White Horse by the name of Scarlet.

His armour is grey, and he wears a maroon cloak, a light grey shirt, with dark grey pants, and black boots.

It will be a long journey scouring the Mountain Regeion of the North Lands…

But it’s what he must do.


Warriors Of Light – Odle & Chemney

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Warriors Of Light – Odle & Chemney

Episode I

by DarkJade


In the forest region of the Northlands, south of the Northern Mountain Gate, is a town called Widdle Ben.

And at the center of this town, The Red Dragon Tail Tavern and Inn.

A not all that smart Dwarven Cleric enters…

“I need a drink” he speaks.

“Not too much now ODLE… We are Clerics of Grey Ring after all, and must stay to our purpose…” Speaks a second, tall, but very think Cleric.

“Ahh… You’re no fun CHEMNEY…” Proclaims Odle, as he takes a seat at the bar.

“Two waters please!” speaks Chemney to the bartender jovially.

The bartender, not a friendly looking fellow, approaches.

“We don’t serve water here… Wine, or ale, which will it be…”

“Um… A wine for me, and a tankarnd of ale for my Dwarven friend here…” replies Chemney.

“Aye… Now you’re talking…” Odle interjects.

Odle goes about drinking while Chemney scopes out the place.

There must be 40 or so inhabitants, from Elf, to Dward, to Human to Halfling within the Tavern.

“Hmm… How does one seek a Thief after all?” Chemney speaks under his breath.

“They find you,” replies a blond female, with a scar across her face, in a cloak sitting next to Chemney.

“Oh, hello there… I am Chemney of the Order of Grey Ring…”

“Yes, yes would you like this back?”

The girl holds up Chemny’s pouch of silver coin.

“My words, are you a Thief?” he speaks.

“Well, you’re smarter than you look, I’ll give you that,” she replies as she drops his pouch in front of him.

Chemney, who seems unconcerned about the purse, speaks quietly.

“We have need of a Thief…”

The girl laughs…

“Are you not men…” she looks at Odle who has ordered his second ale, “and Dwarves of the cloth?”

“Yes, indeed we are, but never you mind, do you want the job?” asks Chemney.

“Yes,” she replies.

“Odle! Odle! We have our Thief!”

Odle does not seem interested.

“Don’t we need a mage as well…” Odle grumbles.

“I’ll find you a Mage,” speaks the girl as she disappears into the crowd.

An hour later, Chemney, tired of waiting, helps Odle out of the Tavern.

But Odle is a Dwarf, so 8 ales later, he’s still fairly sober.

“I guess we lost her–” Chemney starts to say.

“I’m here… And I’ve found you a Mage.”

Chemney turns to see the Thief, and next to her a young black haired girl, with brown eyes.

Wearing a green cloak, brown boots, red pants and a yellow tunic.

“Hello,” she speaks and waves.

“I am SPAREN the Conjurer…”

“I don’t know about this…” Chemney seems suspicious of it all.

“Oh come on Chemney!” speaks Odle as he reaches out and shakes her hand a bit too tightly.

“Lets be on our way already.”

Chemney shrugs a bit, then hands both Sparen, and…

“What is your name Thief?”

“Vyle…” she replies.

“Oh… Well…” …each two gold coins and they’re off.


Warriors Of Light – Borgodan Paladin Of Blue Hawk

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Warriors Of Light – Borgodan Paladin Of Blue Hawk

by DarkJade


“Good Paladin, you best not travel alone, the elements alone in teh Northern Mountains offer much peril…”

“Let alone the White Orc Legeions of Kor.” implored the Priest of the Netago Village, south of the Northern Mountain Gates.

With a dismissive smile, Borgodan, a Paladin of the Blue Hawk Order, patted the Priest’s shoulder in thanks…

“I will be illusive, and constantly aware, I promise you good Priest.”

“But I must go now, my preparations are in order, and I want to make camp prior to sun set.”

“You’ll see no sun there…” came a gravely voice from behind the Paladin.

Borgodan, a large man, 6’6″ in height, weighing some 250lbs, turned to face the man speaking…

…only to see another large fellow, 6’3″, 225lbs, so not quite as large…

However this man bore wolf fur cloaks and boots, and held a large two handed axe which he leaned against, as it leaned on the ground.

Also on his back was a double crossbow, not common, though nothing about this man rang common.

Borgodan, with black hair, and dark brown eyes met the deep blue eyes of the other, fair haired man.

Meanwhile the Priest, on seeing the wolf furred man, quickly left.

“Why say you this, Wolf Hunter?” Questioned Borgodan.

“The weather… There is the beginning of a great storm in the direction you look to travel.”

“I see…” responded Bogodan who, unfazed by the man’s words, mounted his great black warhorse, rightly named ‘Order’, his white and silver armour making him look almost mythical.

Upon his back a great two handed sword.

“I’ll be fine–“

“Nathe… The name is Nathe…” injected the man.

“Nathe… Right… Well… Peace be with you…” Bogodan spoke as he rode off.

“That man’s going to die…” spoke Nathe under his breath.