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Whisper Moon – Oh No You Didn’t

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Gangster_Drawing__by_Savana_good_tiWhisper Moon

by DarkJade

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out

Episode XII – Quiet Times

Episode XIII – Calm Before The Storm

Episode XIV – Loyalty

Episode XV – One Step Back

Episode XVI – Changes

Episode XVII – Debt

Episode XVIII – Oh No You Didn’t




Some sixty or so men yell and wave money around, as two dogs fight in the middle of a bobbed wire circle.

A tall, large, well dressed older man with white hair smokes a cigar and claps his hands as he watches.

The man Serena had been going to the Italian Restaurant with.

Men with machine guns are at all six entries.

Suddenly Paul’s large form, dressed in what appears to be a white zoot suit, walks in also smoking a cigar.

At his side is a man dressed in all black, wearing a hood making his face unseen.

Paul smiles as he is approached by security.

The older man takes note of Paul as he waves around a pile of money at the guard, indicating he’s got a lot of money to lose.

The guard is attempting to turn Paul away, when the large older man, Manny Mondido, approaches.

“Hey… Hey… We can all get along here,” Manny gestures for the guard to step back, and so he does.

“How can we be of service to you?” asks Manny.

“It’s late… I’m bored… And I feel like blowing some dough, and seeing some bitches tear themselves apart,” Paul says looking over at the fighting dogs.

Manny smiles, though he’s not fooled, “Sure… Sure, step right in.”

As Paul and the hooded man start to step in, Manny puts his arm out blocking the hooded man.

“Not him… Just you,” he says to Paul.

Paul smiles… “Sure,” and hands his cash to Manny, who starts to count it.

The hooded man takes three steps back, and stands by the door.



Guru Chip sits in a black custom Maserati SUV typing away on his laptop.


Paul is cheering on the fighting when the lights go out.

Every one yells and complains.

Meanwhile Manny feels a gag put in his mouth, and sack put over his head, and Paul drags him towards the exit where he had come in.

The hooded man knocks each of the six security guards out via martial arts, then follows Paul out that entrance.


Guru Chip drives up in the SUV, the hooded figure gets in the passenger side, and pulls back the hood… It’s Jonah.

And Paul gets in back with Manny.

“Lets get out of here…” says Jonah, and they tear down the street.



Whisper Moon – Debt

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Whisper Moon (Episode XVII) – Debt



June 7th, 2012


Jonan is sitting alone in his office when Paul comes in.

“So did you get that girl’s number Boss?” he asks.

Jonan stares at his computer screen.

“No…” he then turns and faces Paul.

But don’t be surprised if the two of us happen to show up at that same restaurant tonight.

Paul smiles… “Ok Boss”

Jonan turns back towards his computer.

“Say… What’s her name Boss?” Paul asks.

“Serena…” Jonan replies with a half smile.


8pm Sharp

Jonan is wearing a Black Suit, with a Blue Tie… His Hair is gelled as usual, and he’s looken sharp.

He’s seated at the same table he was at the night before, and there is a bottle of Chardoney, and a Red Cabernet sat on the table… Also a Single White Rose, and a Single Red Rose in a thin glass vase.

Serena enters looking a bit wind blown, as if she ran slightly behind… But she is wearing a fairly form fitting dark red dress, and black high heals.

She also has dark red lipstick, and her hair, and eyes are as dark as ever.

She see’s Jonan, and can’t help but smile slightly.

Jonan stands straight up, and smiles back.

She approaches, and he takes her hand into his and kisses it.

“Why thank you Sir” she responds, and he pulls out her chair for her… They are sitting kitty corner from one another, with Jonan’s back to the water in the bay.

“Wouldn’t you like to switch sides so you can see the water?” Serena asks.

“Nope… I’m fine” Jonan replies lost in her eyes.

She smiles slightly, and starts to look at the menu.

“Wow, this place is expensive… I just got a Salad last night, and he picked up up the bill of course” she explains.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got the bill… If that’s alright” he questions.

“Ok…” she replies.

“Get whatever you’d like… The spaghetti and meatballs are good” he says.


They’ve finished their meals, and are quietly talking over their Cabernet

“So tell me about this guy you were here with last night…” Jonan says.

“Well… First of all, we’re not an item… I owe him some money, so he likes me to show up on his arm as a way to pay back… Well… The interest” she explains.

“Hmm… Sounds like an… Uncomfortable arrangement” Jonan replies as he pours each of them some more wine.

“It is… But I owe him a whole lot of money… And at least this way, I don’t have to make any payments, until I can get my hands on some cash” she explains.

“Wow… This is such a romantic topic” she says, then they both laugh.


“Well… I just didn’t want to interfere with someone else’s relationship, yah know…” Jonan explains.

“Well… You’re not” she replies.

“So how much do you owe this guy anyway” Jonan asks as he starts to take a drink of his wine.

“1.2 Million Dollars” she replies.

“PSSPPTT!!” with this Jonan accidentally spits up his wine.

She laughs and hands him her napkin.

“Sorry about that… Took me a bit by surprise” Jonan explains as he wipes the wine from his suit and tie.

“It’s ok… It’s a lot of money… Which is the only reason I come here with him once a week… It saves me about 50k in interest a month” she explains.

“Wow…” Jonan replies.

“What, did he front you for a Business or something?” inquires Jonan.

“Hmm… Not exactly… Lets go” she takes his hand, and Jonan tosses some money on the table for the bill.

She then comes back and grabs the Red Rose, leaving the White One behind.


They’re holding hands.

“It’s a Gambling Debt…” she explains.

“Wow… What do you bet on?” asks Jonan.

“Horses mostly… I actually own a few… But there under my sister’s name, so he can’t take them away from me, should he find out about them” she explains.

“And what does this guy do to make a living?” Jonan asks.

“Hmm… You’re not going to like this” she replies.

“Tell me” he replies back.

“I think he runs an underground Dog Fighting Ring to start…” she explains, and Jonan comes to a halt.

“Really?” Jonan replies.

“Yeah… I told you, you wouldn’t like it… What a slime” she says.

“Uh… Yeah…” Jonan replies, and then continues walking.




Jonan is on his computer, and Paul walks in.

“You rang Boss…” Paul says as he eats a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Jonan looks at him… “Yeah… We need to do some undercover work…”

“Hmm… What kind of undercover work?” Paul asks.

“An underground Dog Fighting Ring…” Jonan replies.

Suddenly rage begins to build up in Paul’s face “WHAT?!”


On the the table by Paul’s bed is a picture of Paul Playing with his old Hound Dog, Seymour… Paul looks very happy.

Also on the table is a black urn, marked Seymour.




PICTURE CREDIT – Steven Gallagher

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out

Episode XII – Quiet Times

Episode XIII – Calm Before The Storm

Episode XIV – Loyalty

Episode XV – One Step Back

Episode – XVI – Changes



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Whisper Moon – Changes

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Whisper Moon (Episode XVI) – Changes


June 6th, 2012


After much consideration, I decided to leave New York… With all that had happened, it just didn’t feel like home anymore.

And frankly, I’m not all that interested in battling Drug Lords, when every time one goes down, another one rises.

Not to be disloyal… But New York is on her own. And lets face it, She’s always done ok on her own anyway… She being “New York”.

Jonan sits in his office chair, looking out over the bay below his home…

“I recently found out that Chicago has these amazing buildings where people live… They’re like their own cities, and sit right up against the water (I actually really did just find out about these buildings, Check This Post out)… In fact, I don’t even have to use a car, or even a taxi for that matter if I don’t want to… I can take a boat down to my favorite restaurants…”

“Life is good…”

Just then Paul comes to Jonan’s office door.

“Knock Knock…” he says.

“Come on in Paul…” Jonan replies.

“What’s the latest” Jonan asks as Paul sits in one of the two black leather chairs in front of Jonan’s desk.

“The Black Raven Mercenaries have been sent on there way, with nice bonus checks, like you wanted…” Paul explains.

“Ah good… Thanks for taking care of that for me” Jonan replies.

“No problem Boss… Mack says anytime we need em, just let em know…” Paul continues.

“Mack?” replies Jonan.

“He was their edgy looking, gravely voiced leader” Paul explains.

“Ah, ok… I made it a point never to ask any of them their names” Jonan replies.

“That’s probably for the best, Boss…” Paul stands.

“Also Guru Chip set up the security, and is on the way to the airport as we speak” Paul says as he leaves.

“Thanks Paul” Jonan replies.


Jonan receives a message on his computer screen.

“Left town eh?”it’s Sasha.

“Yup, enjoy your life in New York” replies Jonan, he then clicks a Blue Switch which activates the new security, blocking Sasha out.

“I need a drink…” Jonan says out loud to himself.


20 Minutes Later

Jonan looks out over the water, and enjoys the sound of the boat motor bouncing off the surface of the water.

“Nice night for it…” a girl’s voice comes from some fifteen feet off to his left… He hadn’t seen her get there.

She’s maybe 5′ 8″, very dark brown, almost black hair just above her shoulders.

She’s wearing a slightly loose, black, knee length skirt, though she is fairly lean… But not skinny. She’s also wearing a deep purple, magenta top, with a black shawl thrown around her shoulders.

She’s looking down at the water, and doesn’t look at Jonan, though she did speak to him.

“Nice night for?” he replies without thinking.

She looks up at him, she has dark brown eyes.

“Nice night for an evening cruise…” she smiles slightly, then looks back down at the water.

Jonan smiles slightly back, but she’s already looking back at the water…

Soon the boat arrives, and Jonan looks to say cya to her, but she is gone…

“Hmm” he says to himself, then makes his way into an amazing third floor Italian Restaurant… His favorite kind of food.


“Toni’s Home… Nice” Jonan says as he enters.

A young, blond Hostess leads him to a table overlooking the water.

“Your man called ahead, and reserved one of our best tables… View wise that is…” the girl explains.

Jonan sits, and she hands him a Regular, and Wine Menu.

“Bon Appetite…” she says, and walks away.

Jonan then notices the dark haired girl sitting with a rather heavy set man, in a pinstripe black suit.

He seems to be talking at her as she takes off her shawl, and reaches for a glass of ice water.

The man then grabs her wrist and talks louder.

“You don’t be late again… You got it… You are replaceable, capice?” she kind of nods.

Jonan stands straight up, which is fairly noticeable, as everyone else is sitting in the restaurant.

Just then Paul walks in holding Jonan’s cell phone up in the air “Hey Boss, you forgot your phone…” he says as he approaches, but then takes note that Jonan is staring at the dark haired girl’s table, the gentlemen has released her wrist, but she glimpses over at Jonan just for a moment.

Paul reaches the table, and Jonan sits back down.

“Problem Boss?” Paul asks, then looks back over at that table.

Jonan doesn’t reply to the question “I left that phone home on purpose…” he explains.

“Oops” Paul replies.

Jonan then gestures to the chair across from him “Have a seat”

“Ah nah Boss I–” Paul starts to say.

“Mangia Paul… I insist” insists Jonan.

Paul sits “Oh, alright…” Paul picks up the menu.

“Two Hundred Dollars for Spaghetti?? I’ll eat at home” Paul proclaims.

“No you won’t… It’s worth it… It’s the best… Or so I hear.” Jonan explains.

During dinner Jonan notices the girl looking slightly over from time to time… Very discretely… Jonan on the other hand, is not discrete, and basically looks over at her 80% of the meal.

“You want I should get her number Boss?” Pauls asks.

“Ha… No… She’s taken” Jonan replies.

Just then the man gets up and leaves…

Jonan suddenly stands and walks to her table.

Tossing some money on his table for the check as he goes.

“Gotta love this town…” Paul says under his breath.


Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out

Episode XII – Quiet Times

Episode XIII – Calm Before The Storm

Episode XIV – Loyalty

Episode XV – One Step Back

Whisper Moon – One Step Back

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Whisper Moon (Episode XV) – One Step Back



April 6th, 2012


Jonan is sitting on the roof of his home, where he has set up an Asian Meditation Garden.

He is meditating, sitting on a black mat.

Black Dragon appears on the roof, and Jonan sensing his presence, opens his eyes.

“What’s up Jonan…” Black Dragon speaks, as he sits on the edge of the roof.

“I’m not exactly sure…” Jonan replies.

“For eight years I lived life my way… On my terms… And made a good living doing it…” Jonan explains.

“And now?” replies Black Dragon.

“Now I don’t know… What am I going to do, try and single handily take out Organized Crime in the City of New York?” Jonan states, more than asks.

“It’s been a couple weeks or so since you met with Sasha right? Maybe they’re just going to chill out” replies Black Dragon.

“I don’t know man…” Jonan states as he gets up, and walks towards the back side of his home’s roof, Black Dragon follows.

Jonan looks off the roof, and seems to be trying to determine how many feet away from the house the pool is…

He then looks over at Black Dragon who has already stripped down to his boxers…

“Oh Yeah!” speaks Black Dragon, he then backs up, and runs full speed off the roof, jumping….

SPLASSSHH!!!” and landing in the pool.

Jonan does the same…



Suddenly Paul runs out the back of the house holding a gun…

“What the hell??” he speaks at Black Dragon and Jonan who are swimming and splashing around.

“Jesus…” Paul says under his breath.


Jonan and Black Dragon ignore him, and he goes back in the house mumbling under his breath.

“What ever happened to your Dad man?” Black Dragon asks Jonan.

“I mean, I know you’re Mother basically raised you… Right?” Black Dragon continues.

“I don’t talk about him much…” Jonan gets out of the pool and grabs a towel.

“You don’t talk about him… Ever?” Black Dragon replies.

Black Dragon gets out of the pool as well, Jonan throws him a towel as well.

“So Sasha works for a Drug Lord, eh…” Black Dragon changes topic.

“Yeah… Nice topic switch by the way…” Jonan replies with a half smile.

They both sit at a Poolside Table.

“Hey, I’m not exactly Mr. “Open Book” myself” Black Dragon replies with a half smile back.

“True… “Black Dragon” is a tad bit ominous…” Jonan finishes.

“HaHaHa!” they both laugh.

When all the sudden…

“AHHHHOOOOO!!!!” Paul comes flying off the roof, and makes a huge splash…


Guru Chip comes running out of the house “What The Hell??”.

And then suddenly the backyard is filled up with The Black Raven Mercenaries, Guns Cocked and Ready…

The Leader takes his Cigar out of his mouth and lowers his gun…

“Pool Party…” he speaks to his men.

“YEAHH!!!” they all start tearing off their black uniforms and diving into the pool.


PICTURE CREDIT – Lunascence Archive

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out

Episode XII – Quiet Times

Episode XIII – Calm Before The Storm

Episode XIV – Loyalty



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Whisper Moon – Calm Before The Storm

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Whisper Moon (Episode XIII) – Calm Before The Storm



March 18th, 2012

Jonan Black Computer Journal Entry;

“It’s been two weeks since I sent Allissa and Marin Home… And Paul’s Black Raven Mercenaries to Watch over her…

So far, so good. Time to Relieve them of duty, and bring em home.”

“And “The Black Dragon…” No need for him to be here any longer either.”

Jerome Willis, aka, “Guru Chip“, his Hacker Persona, enters Jonan’s Office doorway (Jerome was Introduced Here Whisper Moon – Quiet Times).

“This Place is “Locked Up”, and “Locked Down” Jonan… Ain’t no one getten in here with their Computers. Unless you “Want” them getten in” Guru Chip explains.

Jonan turns to face him, wearing his typical worn blue jeans, and “Too New” Button Up white shirt. His dark brown hair as “Gelled” as ever, and dark brown eyes deep in thought.

“Completely Automated…” Guru Chip uses his hands a lot when he talks “And it only took me two weeks, and 80k to do it...”.

“Thank you Chip” Jonan replies.

“No problem…” Guru Chip replies back.

“So you’re doing pretty well for yourself out there in Chicago, eh?” asks Jonan.

“Yeah, I’m doing alright… Nice Apartment… Nice Car…” he steps into the office, and sits in one of the two comfy black fabriced chairs across from Jonan.

“But… You know… I’ll always help you out if needed, you know that” with this he tosses a flash drive to Jonan, who catches it without looking.

“Yeah… Well… You have… This places is runnen like silk” replies Jonan.

There is a moment of silence as Jonan leans back in his chair with his eyes closed.

“May I say something Jonan?” inquires Guru Chip.

“Sure” Jonan replies without opening his eyes.

Guru starts to use his hands again “I think you need to find yourself a Lady…” this opens Jonan’s eyes.

“Now hear me out Jonan” Guru says with a smile “You know… Someone to hold hands with, yah know…”.

Jonan squints his eyes slightly in suspicious anticipation.

“Easier said than done…” Jonan replies.

“You’re a good looken, successful guy… It shouldn’t be all that hard” Guru explains.

“I mean… What’s the point of having all of this” Guru waves his hands around “If you don’t have someone to share it all with… Yah know” Guru finishes.

Suddenly the Large Form of Paul fills Jonan’s Office Doorway, wearing a Cooking Bib with a Giant Bart Simpson Head on it “I’m Bar B Q’n up some Steaks, Burgers and Dogs Chief…” says Paul.

“Make some extra for The Black Raven’s… Bring em home Paul” Jonan replies.

Paul nods in confirmation, and sends a “What’s Up” nod over to Guru as well, then leaves.

“I’ve Got Paul” Jonan says with a slight smile.

“HaHa HaHa” they both laugh.

“Ok… Well… I’ve said My Piece” Guru says as he stands.

“And I appreciate it Chip” replies Jonan.

“I’m goina go see if I can Give Paul a hand… Maybe throw some “Cob of Corn” into the mix…”

Guru reaches the doorway.

“Then My Flight leaves early tomorrow morning, so I’ll probably crash right after dinnerhe leaves.

Jonan than faces his Computer Screens. As he does, the Screens all turn black.

“Hello Jonan…” suddenly pops up his screen.

“Hello Sasha” replies Jonan.

“Nice of you to leave the backdoor open for me so I could still get in” she says to Jonan.

“What do you want Sasha…” replies Jonan flatly.

“We Need to Talk…” she replies.



Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out


Whisper Moon – Quiet Times

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Whisper Moon (Episode XII) – Quiet Times



March 4th, 2012

Jonan sits alone in the Dark of His Office… The Only Light coming from the Many Blinking Lights of his “Batman-Esq” Computer Panel and Screen.

Paul steps into the doorway.

“I dropped Allissa and Marin off at their place like you asked Boss… And Our Four Black Raven’s are going to keep watch on her place for the next couple weeks… Like you requested”…

Jonan doesn’t reply.

“You Alright Boss?” Paul inquires.

Jonan turns his chair and faces Paul “Oh… Yeah… I’m good… Thanks for doing that Paul… And thank the Black Ravens for me”, he then turns back towards his screen. Still lost in thought.

“Alright then, I’m hitten it early, been a Tiring couple of weeks” Paul says, and leaves Jonan’s Office.

Suddenly All of Jonan’s Computer Screens go black, and then “Green” Type Appears on his Main Screen.

“Hello Jonan…” it says.

Jonan is Puzzled by this, as he has very High End Computer Security.

“Who is this?” Jonan replies.

There is no reply at first… And then.

“Sasha…” Jonan’s Ex who apparently works for the Number One Drug Lord in New York Now (Check Out Episode VIII if you haven’t)

Jonan smiles slightly.

“How may I help you Sasha…” Jonan replies.

“Are you all done with your “Do Gooding” for now?” she asks.

“If you’re trying to tell me that “Your Boss” is planning on Picking Up Flaron’s Portion of the Business, since he is no loner “With Us”… Then… No… I’m not done” Jonan replies.

There is a long pause and then…

“Stubborn… Just like you always were”, and then his Screens go back to normal.

Jonan picks up his Cell and makes a call.



Hacker “Jerome Willis” types away on  three different Laptops, he’s a Twenty Something Year Old African American, and he is Good Looken… When his Cell Phone Rings (Dr. Dre – I Need A Doctor Ring Tone)…

He smiles when he sees who it is “Jonan… Man, how are you?”.

“Uh huh…”

“Uh huh…”

“No Problem… I’ll be there in Four Hours” he hangs up his Cell, and Packs up All Three Laptops.



Jonan hangs up his Cell and smiles.

The Black Dragon is standing in his doorway (Check out Episode X if you haven’t)

“Hello Dragon” Jonan says without looking back at him.

“I was thinking of Hitting The City… Maybe some Trance Clubs… You in?” The Black Dragon asks Jonan.

Jonan turns around and with a smile stands “Yeah… I think that’s about where I’m at…”.

Jonan steps by him and sees The Giant Form of Paul on the Stairway in his Bathrobe, with a Cigar hangen out of his mouth “You Guys are going dancing??”.

Jonan takes the keys to his Red Farrari off the wall and holds em in one hand, and His Black Range Rover Keys in the other…

He dangles both of them in Pauls Direction “Which shall it be… The Farrari for Two… Or the Range Rover for Three”.

“Ah man” exclaims Paul “You two go ahead in the Farrari, I need to get  all “Pretty Like”, then I’ll catch up in the Porsche”.

He than takes large labored steps up the stairs “Man I was really wanting to get a Good Night’s Sleep” he mumbles under his breath in his Big Daffy Duck Slippers.


PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Pensive

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out



Whisper Moon – Snuffed Out

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Whisper Moon (Episode XI) – Snuffed Out



MARCH 3rd, 2012


Flaran sits behind his desk, and Jaris his Right Hand Man is by his side.

The Henchmen that were supposed to follow Jonan, and had lost him, are standing in the room looking worried about their own health.

Flaran Stands and punches both of his fists against his desk…


“He’s–” one of them starts to say.

“He’s… What” Jaris interjects.

“Sneaky” the second thug replies.

RING RINGFlaron’s Cell rings, and he answers it.

“Hello…” he answers.


Jonan is on his Cell talking to Flaron.

“I’m at Starbucks across the street” he says to Flaron.


Flaron looks speechless “Look out the window and see if you see Jonan Black at a Starbuck’s Table” he says to Jaris.

Jaris runs over to the window “Yup, he’s there”.

Flaron then motions to his Thugs to go and follow him.


“This is your last chance Flaron… Are you going to leave the Girl and her Daughter alone, or not” Jonan plainly states.


“I’m afraid we still haven’t recovered our “Product” from Her Man Anton…” replies Flaron.


“So that’s a no then…” Jonan replies.


“Why don’t you come over, and we’ll talk some more…” Flaron says to Jonan.


Jonan stands from his seat, and drops the Cell Phone into a tall cup of coffee.

Meanwhile Flaron’s two thugs enter the Starbucks, and sit down at a table right by the door.

Jonan sees this but doesn’t seemed surprised.

He then heads towards the exit, and the two Thugs stand as if they’re going to block his way out.


“Hello? HELLO!!??” Flaron is now yelling.

He then calls the Two Thugs at Starbucks “KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!” he yells.


The two thugs start to reach for their guns as one of them hangs up his Cell from Flaron…

All seems to slow down…

Jonan smiles slightly, and before the Two Thugs know it, he’s in the air, and hits each of them in their chins with the back of his boot, knocking them both unconscious.

They fall to the ground with a THUMP!!


Meanwhile the power goes out in Flaron’s Penthouse, and all is dark.

“Ok… What’s up with the Power??” says Flaron, when suddenly Gun Shots can be heard from outside his Penthouse Door.


Followed by two thumps from the Guard Thugs outside his door being knocked unconscious.


Jaris draws his gun “Stay under the desk” he says to Flaron, who immediately goes under the desk.

Jaris leans up against the Entrance Door and just listens.


Suddenly the door is kicked open, hitting Jaris, and knocking him unconscious.

Flaron under the desk draws his gun, and suddenly stands up shooting…

BANGG!! BANG!! BANG!!unloading his gun into the darkness.

And that’s when a from suddenly comes through the air landing on, and disarming him.

In the darkness there is a knee against his neck.

It’s The Black Dragon “You really should have left the Girl alone…” he says.

“I–” Flaron starts to say, when in a single sweep of a short blade, The Black Dragon slits his throat.

By the time more Thugs come in, The Black Dragon is gone, and there’s a note pinned to Flaron’s chest, with the Knife.

One of the thugs leans over, pulls out the knife, and reads the note.





Jonan is typing away on his laptop in total darkness, and deletes Flaron’s file.

Paul stands in the doorway.

“Is it over Boss…” Paul states more than asks.

Jonan closes his laptop…

“Lets hope so” Jonan replies.

Suddenly The Black Dragon is standing behind Paul.

“Show The Black Dragon to his Guest Room…” Jonan says, and turns to face them both.

Paul jumps, not hearing that The Black Dragon had snuck up behind him.

“So than it’s not over” Paul says.

Jonan walks over to where they are.

“Lets just say I’m going to be on Yellow Alert for a little while… You guys up for some Pizza and Cards?” Jonan asks as he walks by the two of them.


PICTURE CREDIT – The Historical Miniaturist

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon



Whisper Moon – The Black Dragon

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Whisper Moon (Episode X) – The Black Dragon


MARCH 1ST, 2012


A Chinese Man in his Late Twenties sits in a small, dark apartment, eating Noodles, and Drinking a Small Cup of Tea.

The Room is lit by a single candle on the table.

His Hair is Black, and in a small ponytail.

Suddenly there is a Cell Phone Ring (The Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing Ringtone)…

The Man Continues to eat his Noodles as the Phone Rings, and Vibrates around the Table, a Blue Light Flaring from its Dial Pad.

After several rings, and many more Noodles, he answers it in a very low tone.




“I See”

“Are you sure that’s what you want…”

“I see…”

“I’ll leave tonight, it will take me a half a day or so to get to New York…”

“Uh huh…”

“No problem”

“Have you continued your practice?”


He hangs up, puts the Noodles in the fridge, and dumps the remains of the tea in the sink.

He then undresses, his body is extremely lean and muscular, but he has many scars… He then puts on an all Black Martial Arts Outfit… And starts to do stretches…

He flicks on the light, and there is a Multi Color Paper Mache Lantern Light in the Middle of the Ceiling.

His eyes squint, and he jumps into the air and knocks it out of the ceiling with a single kick…

And the room is dark again…

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s Office in His New Home

Jonan sits at his desk, and hangs up his Cell…

Paul’s large form is standing in the doorway…

“He’s coming” Jonan says without looking at Paul.

“The Black Dragon?” Paul replies.

“Yes” Jonan confirms.

“He’s a real Killer…” Paul says.

“Yeah” Jonan replies.

“When’s the last time you saw him?” Paul questions Jonan.

Jonan stands and looks at Paul “It’s been a while” he says as he walks by Paul, and pats him on the shoulder.

Paul follows him out of the room… Into the Kitchen.


Jonan pours himself a Glass of White Wine “Wine?” he asks Paul.

“Sure” he replies, and Jonan pours him a glass as well.

Allissa enters the room “I’ll take one too…” Jonan smiles slightly, and pours her a glass.

Outside the Black Raven Crew of Four Mercenaries make their rounds around the estate, each with very heavy Artillery.

“Boss, can I ask you somethen?” Inquires Paul… Jonan has stepped towards the Large Living Room window overlooking the Front of the Home.

“Hmm…” Jonan replies as he stares out the window.

“Are you really going to take on this Drug Lord? And, if you don’t mind me asking, why?” Paul asks.

With this Jonan turns and looks at him with soft eyes “Because it’s wrong…” he replies.

“What’s wrong?” Allissa interjects… “If you’re doin all of this because of me Jonan, I–” she starts to say, but Jonan interrupts her.

“Drugs… Drugs are wrong” Jonan replies.

Paul looks at Allissa in sort of disbelief “Uh… Yeah Boss… But, if you don’t mind me saying, you’re pretty much starting a war here”.

Jonan smiles slightly once again “Nah… More likely to be more of an Execution”.

Allissa looks at Paul, and then back at Jonan “An… Execution??”.

Jonan steps over closer to Allissa and Paul “This Guy “Flaran Ordith” is a killer… He’s killing young and old by the droves with the S#@$ he’s sellen…”

“Nah, this isn’t a war… It’s Retribution for a life time of “Crime and Villainy””… he says as he heads to bed “I’m hitten the sack, I gotta get up early and call Obama and tell him “Billionaires are People Too”” with this Jonan smiles, and disappears upstairs.

Allissa looks over at Paul “Crime and Villainy??”.

Paul smiles “You think that’s somethen, wait till I tell you he actually “Does” call President Obama every morning to tell him “Billionaires Are People Too””…

Allissa looks stunned.

Paul heads off to bed too “Oh Obama never takes his calls, but Jonan says, it’s still important to make the call…” and with this Paul is gone, and Allissa is left alone.

“Where am I??” she says under her breath.


Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions



Whisper Moon – Decisions

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Whisper Moon (Episode IX) – Decisions

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s New Home

February 29th, 2012


Jonan sits in the back of his Limo, talking to Paul on his Cell Phone.

“I just picked up a New Place in the Hamptons, since I Unloaded my other one…” speaks Jonan.

“If you feel that you can get Allissa and Marin here safely, go ahead and book a flight here tonight” he continues as he gets out of the Limo, holding a pair of Binoculars.

Jonan reaches the door of his New Home, turns around, and lifts the Binoculars up to his eyes… Through them he can see four Black BMW’s off in the distance parked side by side.

“And whatever you’re paying those Four Mercenaries that have been following me everywhere, offer them the same weekly to protect this New Home… Which by the way, is under a “Fake Name”… Right, I’ll see you soon” he hangs up and goes in the Huge New Home.





“Right Boss” Paul hangs up his Cell… Damn, how did he spot those guys” he stands.

“Oh well” he goes into the Living Room where Allissa is sitting, lost in thought.

Her Daughter Marin is out on the Deck Drawing in a Lawn Chair.

“Boss says we’re headen back to New York… So get your stuff together, and we’re on our way” this brings a large smile to Allissa’s face, as she feels a bit disjointed being away from New York.

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s New Home

Jonan sits in his Study, which pretty much looks like Paul’s Hidden Underground Room, very “Batman Cave Esq”. Everything in the room is black, and there’s lots of “Blinky Lights”.

He types away on the Black Computer Keyboard, and brings Drug Lord Flaran Ordith is up on his Screen.

He leans back in his very “Captain Kirk” like Office Chair…

“What am I going to do with you…” he says to himself.

Suddenly he gets a call on his Cell… It’s Paul’s Mercenary Friend.

“Good to meet you… I’ll be right there” Jonan goes outside of the house where one of the Black BMW’s is parked, with Paul’s Scarred Edgy looking Mercenary Friend leaning up against it.

“Hello” Jonan says as he lifts a Remote Control towards his Eight Car Garage off to the right, and Opens up four of the Doors…

“You and your Friends can park your cars in there… And just run a Standard Perimeter Sweep and Guard Post…” Jonan explains.

The man spits out his toothpick, and approaches Jonan “You really goina pay each of us 4K a week to Guard this Joint?” he asks.

“Yeah… And I’m ordering Pizza, what kind would you guys like?” Jonan asks as he makes his way back to the house.

The Mercenary Answers with a Grin “Pepperoni would be just swell Pal… And My Name–” he starts to say his name, but Jonan turns back towards him.

“Your Name isn’t necessary… Better for you that way… I’ll just call you Sam” Jonan says “Four Large Pepperonis on the way” Jonan finishes as he goes inside and closes the door.


Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord






Whisper Moon – Back In Black

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Whisper Moon (Episode VII) – Back In Black

(Be Sure To Check Out The Earlier Episodes of Whisper Moon if you Haven’t)






Jonan steps into Paul’s Underground Garage, and reaches for the Black Range Rover’s Keys on the wall.

Suddenly Jonan feels one of Paul’s large hands on his shoulder.

“Here… Take The Porsche Boss…” Paul hands Jonan the keys to the Black Porsche also in the garage.

Paul looks a bit blue.

Jonan hits Paul on the side of one of his huge shoulders “Don’t worry Man… I’ll be alright” and opens the Porsche’s door.

“She’ll be safe here Boss… I don’t understand why you don’t want me with you…” Paul explains.

Jonan gets in the car, opens the garage door with the remote on the visor, and starts the engine which hums to a start.


“These guys are hard hitters Paul, I’d feel better knowing you’re here” Jonan gives Paul a short salute and backs out of the garage.


“Hard hitters eh” Paul speaks under his breath, as the garage door shuts.


Paul sits in a room at a Control Panel that looks like something right out of Bat Man…

Suddenly a Scarred, Edgy looking Mercenary shows up on the Screen.

“What’s up Braddock, long time no see” the man says to Paul.

“I don’t go by Braddock anymore” Paul replies.

The man on the screen shrugs “Alright… It’s Your Dime… How may I be of service to yah”.

“Are you still in touch with any of “The Black Raven Crew?” Paul asks.

The man Smiles a Crooked Smile “Oh yeah… More than in touch… We’ve got our own little “Underground” Business goin… Why what’s up?”.

Paul smiles with a slightly knowing grin “I need like four of yah to back up a buddy of mine… But he needs to not know you’re there”.

The man smiles once again “Now you’re talken… How much, and who we talken about”..

“How much is 4k for each of yah… Who, is not important… I’ll fax yah what you do need to know” Paul ends the transmission.

“If I can’t be there… You aren’t goina be alone on this Boss” Paul speaks under his breath.



Jonan steps outside the Airport carrying a Single Black Metal Briefcase.

He is immediately greeted by 3 Large Mafia looken thugs, who escort him to a White Limo.

The Limo Drives off, followed immediately by 4 Black BMW’S, one of which has The Mercenary that Paul was talking to driving it.

He smiles his crooked smile, and throws his cigarette out the window.



Paul steps into the Living Room where a worried looking Allissa is watching T.V. with her Daughter Marin.

Allissa looks up to see Paul

“Whose in the mood for Pizza??” Paul says with Excitement in his voice aimed at Marin, who smiles back at him.


Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary