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Dark Rider Art

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It’s a Friggen Miracle, both My Brother, and My Nephew each Texted me Drawings today… My Brother actually Texted me Some Charcoal Drawings of My Main “White Jade” Character… Of course he was supposed to be working on “Dark Rider” Drawings, lol… But that’s My Brother, Super Alpha, and Super Independent, lol

His Original Drawings were pretty cool, but I couldn’t tell if it was a Guy or a Girl, Ha… So, he’s got some Rust to break off, as he hasn’t drawn in a while… But the Drawings are still very cool… Not sure if I’ll show those, need to get his permission first… Might wait for later drawings.

My Nephew on the other hand, did 4 “Dark Rider” Characters, and 1 “Captain Fire 197” oneI also need to check with him before I Post em… But I think at least 3 of the 5 came out pretty good… These are just First Sketches, but I’m curious if they’ll do more, and how they will Evolve. My Nephew Draws Good Elves, might have something to do with the fact that he Looks like an Elf, Ha

Anyway, this is more of a Silly Update, with no Pictures, just a bit of Type, lol

I did Write most of My Newest Captain Fire 197 in a Notebook today, as The internet was down for  a little while… So I should be posting that Tomorrow.

And then I need to Write My Newest Dark Rider, which hopefully I’ll also Post tomorrow, or maybe on Saturday.

The Mind Chronicles I haven’t decided what I’m doing with at this point… Someday I’d like to make it into a Comic, but it wouldn’t come until after Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… I haven’t decided if I’m goina continue Posting it for now… We Shall See… But My New Blog Series “Whisper Moon” is coming along pretty good, and seems to get a better response than “The Mind Chronicles”.

Anyway, this is just a bit of an Update, as I mentioned recently that I’m looken for Artists for Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… White Jade will be more difficult, but for some reason my Brother seems to be Drawing for that, lol

Anyway, Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Your Continued Support


Whisper Moon – Sanctuary

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Whisper Moon (Episode VI) – Sanctuary

Santa Monica, California

The 10 Freeway Heading North

February 28th, 2012


Jonan, Allissa and Marin are sitting in the back of a Black Range Rover heading North on The Santa Monica 10 Freeway.

Paul is driving.

Marin is sleeping on Allissa’s lap.

“Sooo… Where was it we’re heading again?” asks Allissa.

“An Underground Home in the Canyons near Malibu Beach…” Jonan calmy replies as he clicks away on his iPad.

“Anddd… You’re selling that huge house in the Hamptons?”she questions.

“Eh… I only spent a couple months there a year anyway… And if I didn’t, your Boyfriend’s Gangster Friends would have burned it to the ground by now… But that rather Large Realty Sign on the lawn put a stop to that…” explains Jonan.

Jonan then looks directly at Allissa “You know your Boyfriend Anton was working for some pretty Powerful, Scary Guys…” he conveys.

“Your Average Everyday Drug Lord doesn’t generally have a Fleet of Black Rolls-Royce” he finishes.

“Yeah… Well… I had no idea how deep he was involved, or just how Bad and Scary his Bosses were” Allissa responds, trying her best to convince Jonan.

I suspect Anton didn’t realize what he was messing with either, or he wouldn’t have taken “Merchandise” from them, and thus Crossing them… No… That wouldn’t have been too wise…” Jonan expresses to Allissa.

“We’ll be there soon Boss” Paul calls back to Jonan.

“Right…” replies Jonan

Suddenly Jonan pulls out a black bandana from his suits inside pocket and holds it up to Allissa.

“Mind if I blindfold you for a few minutes?” he questions.

“Uhhh… No??” Allissa responds.

“Thank you” Jonan replies, and then wraps the bandana around her eyes.

17 Minutes Later

In An Underground Home

Jonan takes off her bandana, and they appear to be in an underground three car garage.

In addition to the Range Rover they arrived in, there’s a Black Porsche, and a Black Mercedes.

“Nice rides” Allissa says.

“Oh… They’re not mine” Jonan replies as he picks up Marin, and carries her inside the house.

Paul then walks up and grabs her bags “They’re mine… So is this house actually” he explains as he carries the bags in the house.

Inside the house is somewhere around 4,000 square feet, with six bedrooms.

The inside of the home is mostly black, with accents of silver.

Paul takes Allissa’s bags into the same room that Jonan has laid Marin in.

Meanwhile Allissa wonders into the Living Room, and Jonan quickly joins her.

Jonan picks up a remote and an image of a beach with ocean waves appears on the furthest wall, the casted image is some 50 Feet Wide, by 12 Feet Tall.

“Pual has Camera’s on top of the Mountain above us, they’re focused in the direction of the beach, which isn’t really all that far away… The image is then magnified, and wola” Jona explains to Allissa who doesn’t seem all that thrilled.

“I gotta tell you Jonan, I really don’t like being underground… It’s kinda… Well… Creepy” she explains.

Paul then walks into the room “I’m goina make some sandwiches, whatcha want to drink?” he asks.

“Uhh… Vodka Tonic if yah got it” responds Allissa.

Paul then looks over at Jonan “Milk is fine” Jonan replies, which causes Allissa to cast a gaze in his direction.

“Man Jonan, you haven’t changed a bit” she says to Jonan.

“Right O” replies Paul, who steps into the kitchen and starts to make their food.

Meanwhile Jonan and Allissa each sit on one of the three black leather couches.

“You have full custody of Marin, right?” Jonan suddenly asks.

“Yeahhh… Why?” she asks.

“Eh, so there’s no problem with you taking her out of the State like this” Jonan replies.

With this, Paul enters the room and hands each of them their drinks “There yah go… Your sandwiches are comen right up” he then heads back to the kitchen.

“You said “I’ll” be safe here… Aren’t you staying?” she asks Jonan, and then takes a drink of the Vodka “Oh yeah, that hits the spot” she exclaims.

“I’m going back to New York” Jonan replies.

“What?? Jonan, I can’t have you risking your life over me, you’ve already done too much, if anything ever happened to you–” she says to Jonan in almost desperation, but he cuts her off.

“Nothing’s going to happen to me Allissa… I just need to take care of some business out there, so we can get the two of you back home ASAP, where you belong” Jonan explains.

Jonan then stands as Paul enters the room with their sandwiches, Paul hands each of them their sandwiches, grabs Jonan’s shoulder and sits him back down.

“You can eat your sandwich before you go off and save this little ladies world boss” with this Jonan and Allissa both laugh, and they eat.



PICTURE CREDIT – Malibu Paintings

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle



Whisper Moon – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

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Whisper Moon (Episode V) – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s Hamton Home

February 26th, 2012


Jonan’s Silver Limo pulls up to his Monstrous House in The Hamptons, Allissa and Marin are clinging against the window looking out.

“Jonan?? This isn’t your home” asks Allissa stunned.

Meanwhile Jonan is scanning his IPad “Uh… Yeah… Well, it’s more of an “Investment”… I don’t actually stay here… I Rent it out 10 months out of the year” he explains as the car pulls to a halt.

“Mommy!! Can I Go Swimming!!??” Marin bellows at her Mom.

“Uhh, Honey, I don’t know–” she starts, but Jonan interjects.

“It’s ok Allissa… Paul can watch her, and the Pool’s Heated… Very Heated actually, so she should be fine” he explains.

“Uhh” she’s still reluctant, but “Okay, lets get settled into our room, then you can go with… Paul” she replies.

“Oh!! Yay Mommy Thank You!!” Marin exclaims, and runs to the house with her Bright Pink backpack, which has Green Frog Stickers all over it… Paul follows closely behind her.

20 Minutes Later

A Kitchen Near The Pool

Jonan and Allissa are sitting at a Kitchen specifically there for the Pool.

They can see the pool from The Kitchen, and Paul has Marin on his shoulders while she beats him with a rubber duck.

“Oh dear… I fear Paul is taking a beating” Allissa says, trying not to laugh.

“Eh, he’d just be watching some obscure sports channel if he wasn’t out there… He’s having a blast… He’s never had any kids” Jonan explains.

Allissa looks at Jonan “Jonan… How did you ever get this house… In fact… It’s not a house, it’s a Fricken Castle” she laughs this time.

Jonan is kind of causally slouched back in his chair “Oh, I did really well in the “Technologies” Market… What started as some New Ideas quickly became Millions… And Millions quickly became Billions…” he explained.

“Well… The Millions to Billions thing I get, as you always were good in Math… But The Ideas to Millions thing is harder to grasp” she replies.

“Yeah… Well… Most of it is Invested… So that Billions stay… Billions” he explains and kind of laughs.

Suddenly Paul is at the glass door holding Marin, pointing to the front of the house.

Jonan stands “Take Marin to your room and lock the door” he says to Allissa, who grabs Marin, and takes her to the guest room she’s staying in.

Out Front Of Jonan’s Home

Paul in swimming trunks, and holding a Large Silver Revolver, follows Jonan out to the front driveway where there are Six Identical Black Rolls-Royces Parked in a Semi Circle.

“Well this is interesting” Jonan speaks under his breath to Paul.

From each of the Cars Two Men in Black Suits, with Dark Glasses, and Semi Machine Guns get out and stand next to the Cars.

“We’re slightly outnumbered” Jonan says to Paul.

Out of one of the Middle Cars a Very Well Dressed, long blond pony tailed man gets out, and walks over to the house, two of the Men in Black accompanying him.

He lights a Cigarette as he comes, and tosses the match on the driveway.

Jonan winces at this.

“Uh oh” mumbles Paul.

The man is about 30 years old, and casts a broad smile at Jonan “So… You put 3 of My Men into The Hospital… And now they’re rotting in Jail” he says.

Jonan looks at him, and then the match on the ground.

“You wanta pick that up…” Jonan says about the match.

The man looks at Jonan blankly, then snaps his fingers, and one of his Two Men in Black goes and picks up the used match, comes back to the Pony Tailed man, sticks the used match in his mouth, and swallows it.

“Wow… That was smart” Jonan states as his blood begins to boil.

“You come anywhere near that Little Girl again… And I will make sure it’s the last thing you do… And that goes for your Match Eating Friends too” Jonan states flatly without facial gesture.

“Oh… It’s a War you want… Well then… I guess Our Business is through here” states the man, he then turns to walk away, and as he does he gestures slightly to both men, and they begin to raise their guns…

All seems to slow down as Jonan squats slightly, then starts to come up, Paul reaching under his feet and launching him at the Pony tail guy…

The Men and Black try to react, but they are too slow… Jonan has landed on the Pony Tailed Man’s Back and positioned his arms around his neck in such a way that one movement will snap his neck…

“GLARKK!!” is the only sound that comes out of the man.

“Take these Shadow Men Off My Property… Or Simply Die… Your Call” Jonan whispers in the man’s ear.

The Man starts to sweat, but lets out an Evil Laugh “HaHaHa” he then waves his hands, gesturing for all of  The Men in Black to get back into the cars, and so they do.

Jonan lets him go, and the man spins around and adjusts his Suit Jacket.

“This isn’t the end of this “Judo Man”… And let me tell you… This won’t End Well” the man turns goes back to the car, and all Six Rolls-Royce Drive off.


Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode VI – Sanctuary



Whisper Moon – The 27th Year

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Whisper Moon (Episode IV) – The 27th Year

New York City, New York

An Emergency Room

February 26th, 2012


Jonan sits on an Emergency Room Bed, shirt off, his Right Shoulder Bandaged from the Bullet Wound he received some three hours earlier.

Paul his Chauffeur walks in with an N.Y.P.D Detective.

“Boss… This is Detective Harris” Detective Harris comes in and shakes Jonan’s left hand.

“We’ll have you come down to the station tomorrow morning to get a full statement from you, so that you can get some rest…” Detective Harris explains.

“From what we can ascertain, three masked men with guns broke in to Miss William’s House, and you disarmed two of them, and knocked all three of them unconscious” Jonan nods.

“Does that about cover it?” he asks.

“Yeah… That about covers it… But Paul Distracted the third” Jonan replies.

“The one you hit with the Pan…” the Detective states.

“Yeah… That would be the one” Jonan confirms.

“Alright well, we’ll see you down at the station tomorrow morning, appreciate your cooperation” The Detective walks away, then turns back.

“What was it… Kung Fu or somethen?” he asks Jonan, meanwhile Paul smiles slightly.

“Jeet Kune Do” Jonan replied.

“Ah yeah… Bruce Lee Right… Be Like Water…” The Detective smiled, and walked away.

Suddenly Allissa ran into the E.R. Room holding Marin in her arms “Oh My God Jonan!! Are You Alright?!” she spoke hysterically, and tried to hug him but…

“Woe Woe Woe The Shoulder” he responded.

“Yeah I’m alright… Are you alright?” he questioned.

“Yeah… But–” she starts to say and Jonan looks at Marin.

“How about you… Are you alright?” he asks her.

With this Marin wiggles her way out of her Mom’s arms, and wraps around Jonan who winces in pain.

“Easy Baby, he’s injured” Allissa says as she half effortly tries to get Marin back, but Jonan nods her off.

“It’s alright, it’s just a scratch, the bullet went right in and out again, I won’t be 100% with that arm for a while, but I shall recover…” he replies.

“Paul can you take Marin to the Candy Machine for a moment” Jonan speaks.

“Sure Boss” the large Paul responds, takes Marin’s hand, and they walk away.

“So… You wanta tell me why those three guys came to take your Little Girl?” questions Jonan.

Allissa sits down next to the E.R. bed “Well, I knew that Anton was involved with drugs somehow, but now I’m starting to think he may have taken some of a drug lords goods, and has been trying to sell them himself” she explains.

“And now he’s in jail, so the Drug Lord was trying to take his kid to hold her for ransom until he revealed the whereabouts of the drugs” Jonan replies.

“Right” she responds.

“Alright, well, until this all blows over… I want you to stay at my Beach Home in the Hamtons with Paul and I” Jonan insists.

“Oh Jonan, I could never ask–” she starts, but is interrupted.

“I insist… Just for a little while, or until The Police figure this out” he puts his hand on hers.

“Please Allissa… Let me do this for you” he finishes, and she nods in ok.

Paul and Marin return, Marin holding Candy.

“Paul, I want you to take these two back to their house to grab some things, and then come back for me, and we’ll all head out to the Beach Home… They’re going to be staying with us for the time being” Jonan explains.

“Right O Boss” Paul, Allissa and Marin then leave, but Marin runs back in and gives Jonan a hand full of Candies, and runs back out.

“26 years of nothing… And now this” speaks Jonan under his breath, and then throws the candies all in his mouth.


Whisper Moon;

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary



Whisper Moon – Sleep Now

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Whisper Moon (Episode III) – Sleep Now

The Outskirts of New York City

February 26th, 2012


Marin had fallen asleep on Jonan’s lap… And so Jonan was stuck watching some terrible… Well… Some Cartoons.

In his thoughts were memories of his Teenage Hood, and being friends with Allissa…

In a certain way, she was the only friend he ever had… In his life… Period.

He hadn’t really thought about it before, when High School ended, everyone pretty much went their own way… And so had he… He spent the next 4 years doing heavy Technologies Research, and by the time he was 24, had 16 different patents… Two of which had made him Millionaire in weeks… And 3 more that by the time he was 26 not only allowed him to buy his own building, but frankly, he was a Billionaire because of all of their diverse uses.

RATTLE RATTLE” suddenly Jonan is awoken from this daydream from the rattle of the front door, like someone was trying to get in.

Quickly he sat Marin down on the couch without waking her, and got on his Cell “Paul I need you here” and hung it up.

As he moved towards the door he could hear the back door through the kitchen now being rattled.

He quickly, almost silently, ran back there, unlocked the door, opened the door slightly, and jumped around the corner into the laundry room.

Outside the the door the two black ski masked wearing men holding guns looked at one another and shrugged.

They then entered the kitchen guns first.

From nowhere Jonan stepped in front of them “Hello” disarmed one, and knocked the other out with a direct blow to the face.

Oommff” he slumped to the floor.

The second man leaned over trying to get his gun, and Jonan took him out quickly, and quietly with two solemn blows to first his side, then the back of his head.

“Move like water” he spoke under his breath as he did this… Looking at his hands like they had controlled their selves.

CREAKKK” came the sound of a footstep behind him…

As he swung around, he was confronted by a third man in a mask who must have come in an open window or something… This man was holding the sleeping Marin, and pointing a gun directly at him “Bye Bye” the man said as he let off a single shot…


Jodan moved like no other could have to avoid the shot, but still got hit in the shoulder…

UGHHH!” he yalpped as he was knocked back, but was still standing.

SCREECH!!!” Marin woke with a scream.

The man turned and headed towards the front door, opened it, and there was standing the Ominous Form of Paul, Jonan’s Cauffer “You really shouldn’t have done that” spoke Paul.

And then a large cooking pan came flying through the air and smacked the back of the masked man’s head…

OOMFFPTT!!” was the last sound he made as he fell to the floor, Paul catching the child so that she didn’t fall with him.

Jonan had thrown the pan, and was now standing in the kitchen holding a “Hello Kitty” Oven Mitt against the wound on his shoulder.


PICTURE CREDIT – Little Girl Sleeping

Whisper Moon;

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary



Whisper Moon – Flashback

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Whisper Moon (Episode II) – Flashback

The Outskirts of New York City

February 26th, 2012


Jonan’s black limo pulls up in front of Allisa’s House…

Allisa’s House… He hadn’t been here since High School.

In fact the last time he was here was the summer of 2003 at that crazy farewell to High School Party she and her Boyfriend at the time, Tommy, had well her Mom was off in Las Vegas Marrying that Creepy Car Sales Guy Bob Billens…

Jonan gets out of the car holding the pizza box, and leans over to his Chauffeur Paul, a 275 Pound, Silver Haired Behemoth…

“You can take off Paul, I have absolutely no idea how long I’m going to be” Jonan explains.

“Ok Boss” he replies.

Jonan shuts the door, and Paul drives off.

He then walks towards the house which is pretty rundown… Then again, it always was.

“We must’ve fit 60 to 70 people in here that night… Cat throwing Contest… Crazy night” Jonan thought to himself.

Jonan’s about to knock on the door when Allissa opens it.

Allissa’s about 5’7″, 130lbs, with sandy blond shoulder length hair, and green blue eyes.

She has a nice face too “You look so tired” Jonan thinks to himself.

She seems stunned when she sees Jonan.

“Jonan?” she says without meaning to.

“Oh… Didn’t you want me to come here?” Jonan asks confused by her looking so stunned.

“Oh.. Yeah… Yeah… Of course… Come in” she motions for him to enter the house which he does.

“I just haven’t seen you for a while you look so…” she starts but pauses.

Once inside Jonah turns towards her and “Look so?” he inquires.

“Ha… Clean” she replies and they both start to laugh a bit.

Meanwhile the television can be heard from the other room…

“Here” Jonan hands Allissa the Pizza Box “I’ve got some extra pizza if yah like It’s Pep–” he starts to say Peperoni but suddenly she grabs on to him tightly with tears in her eyes.

“Oh Jonan… I’m so glad to see you… Things are such a mess right now” she then lets him go, and takes the Pizza box.

“My god you smell good” she states without thinking.

He smiles slightly “You smell the same” he replies.

They laugh…

Just then a 6 year old little girl enters the room from the T.V. Room, she has dark long hair, and darkish skin… Obviously she got Anton’s Hair and Skin coloring, because Allissa is fare skinned.

“Mommy… I’m hungry” she says as she rubs her eyes, having been woken by the commotion that took place prior to Jonan getting there.

“Here you go baby” she hands her a piece of Peperoni Pizza “Just pluck off the Peperoni baby” Allissa says to her.

“Marin… This is Jonan” Allissa introduces him and with this Jonan drops down to her size.

“Hello Marin” he says.

She responds by burying her head into her Mommy’s hips.

“Go eat on the couch honey” she says, and Marin runs off with her Pizza to continue watching Sesame Street.

Jonan stands back up straight again “She’s lovely”.

Meanwhile Allissa takes out a cigarette and frantically looks for a match.

Suddenly Jonan takes out a Silver Lighter with a Horse Engraving on it and holds it lit up to her cigarette.

She leans in and lets it light “You smoke?” she asks.

“Nah, but a lot of people do, so I keep the lighter on me” Jonan replies.

“Well listen, she’s a piece of cake to watch… She’ll sit in front of that T.V. for hours, and will likely pass out again” Allissa explains as she puts on her jacket, takes two hits off her cigarette, and puts it out with her shoe.

“I have to run down to the Police Department and check on Anton” she explains.

“Better if I don’t tell her I’m leaving”

“No problem… Maybe I’ll take her to the Zoo or somethen… New York has a Zoo, right?” questions Jonan.

Allissa can’t help but smile, and hugs Jonan again “Thank you so much for coming” she lets go and heads towards the door.

She turns back and looks at Jonan once more before she goes “I can’t believe you still have the same phone # after all these years” she says.

Jonan pulls two identical cell phones out, one from each of his jacket pockets “One for business, one for pleasure”.

She smiles “I’ll call you!” she says as she heads out to her car.


Episode I – In The Dark

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary



Whisper Moon

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Whisper Moon

by DarkJade

New York City – New York

February 26th, 2012


Billy Zolgas, the local pizza delivery kid from Luigi’s Pasta and Pizza, arrives at the completely dark thirty story Aurora Tech. Building

He sits in his dark blue pickup truck and fusses with his flashlight, which he uses to navigate the inside of the building.

“Okay Billy, lets do this” he says to himself as he grabs the large pepperoni pizza and two liter bottle of rootbeer from his passenger seat, and makes his way towards the building.

It is both Billy’s least favorite, and most favorite place to deliver pizza… Least favorite, because it’s always completely pitch dark, other than the elevator light, which is a one inch thick strip of blue light that runs through the middle of the elevator interior walls.

And it is his favorite delivery because Jonan Black, the Owner of both The Building, and The Aurorra Tech. Company itself, always gives Billy two crisp twenty dollar bills, and tells him to keep the change…

Heck, the pizzas only twelve bucks…

DING” the elevator bell rings as the doors open on the thirtieth floor, and Billy steps into Jonan Black’s Office, which is basically the whole floor.

Sitting at the far end of the office by the large glass window, at a black marble desk, clicking away on his 13″ screen laptop, is Jodan Black…

“Hello Billy” he says without raising his eyes from the screen, which is basically giving off the only light in the room.

“Evening Sir” Billy replies as he almost trips over a box in an odd spot near Jonan’s desk.

“Jonan Billy… Call me Jonan” he insists as he hands Billy the two crisp twenty dollar bills.

Now Jonan is fairly handsome looking fellow, with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes… His hair is rather short and stylish, with an exuberant amount of gel applied to it.

He’s wearing a white short sleeve t shirt which looks like it was just taken out of its package… Which in reality, it had been before Jonan came in to work. And old torn up 501 Levis, the same one’s he used to wear some eight or so years go when he was still in High School.

Yes, Jonan is a twenty six year old Billionaire… One might say, Eccentric Billionaire… And basically the lowest profile Billionaire known. Just the way he likes it.

“Thank you Sir… Err… Jonan” Billy says, as he turns and makes his way back into the elevator, leaving Jonan alone once more, one hand holding up a piece of pizza in the air and taking a much to big bit, and in the other hand the two liter bottle of root beer, which he in turn takes a big guzzle of.


Just as Jonan is about to call it a night, his cell phone rings, its ring tone being Stevie Wonder’s Superstition

…The Actual song, as opposed to some form of digital beep beep rendition.

Curiosity strikes his brow as he looks to see who it is…

…and then answers “Allisa?”

Soon curiosity turns to concern “Wait Wait, hold on, I can hardly understand you”.

He grabs his short grey cashmere jacket, his laptop, the extra pizza and the box on the floor, and makes his way towards the elevator as he continues to talk “uh huh… uh huh…”.

He gets on the elevator “Gotcha… So Anton’s in Jail, and you need me to watch…” suddenly he turns pale, and horror strikes his face “your daughter?” the elevator doors shut.


Picture Credit – Full Moon Rising – New York City

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary