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20 Days Later… Haven’t Posted In A Bit

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20 Days Later… Haven’t Posted In A Bit

AnimeboyIt’s been a bit since I’ve Posted…

What have I been up to??


Writing Front


In The Works are still “Chess With Agatha” and “Mady’s Storm

“Chess With Agatha” is being Wordsmithed by another Writer

And I’m still working on getting Funds to get “Mady’s Storm” Edited


I haven’t been Writing any Poetry lately

But I’ve got a ton of it that still needs to be Edited, and Self Published

Blog Series;

Wolfjade was my last real series, Check it out if you haven’t

It’s not complete, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick it up again at some point


That’s all for now

Hope you’re all doing well



Wolfjade (Chapter IX) – Trust No One

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by DarkJade


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII





Wolfjade sits alone, staring at his drawn dagger’s reflection…

“Wavering Thoughts…”

Wavering… Loyalties”

“I can not Stop what has begun”

“I am Surely Undone…”

“The girl…”

This last thought jars Wolfjade out of his momentary trance…

“Forget the girl…” he says to himself out loud, and sheathes the dagger


The Emperor speaks to Eldof, his High Advisor, and two of his Elite Stormdark Guards

“Keep a close eye on Wolfjade…” the two guards listen intently, “Something has changed in him… I can sense it,” he finishes, the guards bow, and the Emperor makes his way to his tent…

…Eldof follow closely at his side, “Why not kill him now?”

“It’s not him that we need alive…” speaks Emperor Lasate

“It is his ‘name’,” finishes the Emperor as he steps through his tent opening, the fabric being held back by two of his guards

Leaving Eldof outside, left to ponder


Aliazia stands on her bedroom balcony, in a beautiful Vernosian gown…

Suddenly there’s a rap on the door, and her Father, Thae-oh-lon, enters the chamber, one hand covering his eyes

“I hope I’ve found you decent daughter…” he speaks with a smile

Aliazia smiles, and quickly makes her way into her father’s arms

“Woe! That’s one strong squeeze,” speaks her father playfully

Thae-oh-lon has blue white hair, and yellow blue eyes…

Suddenly Aliazia looks sad, and turns away, making her way back to the balcony…

Her Father frowns slightly, then joins her

“So you freed the Great Stormdark Knight, Wolfjade…” speaks her Father

With this she quickly turns towards him, almost smiling, but knowing better

“I must go to him Father… I must find him… There is good within him, I know it…” she speaks earnestly…

“Perhaps… But be that as it may, it is I that shall seek him out… And look into his otherwise darkened heart… Only then will I know if what he’s been doing has merit… And if not, why he has done it,” replies Thae-oh-lon

“But father…” she pleads, but he raises his hand, as if indicating there is nothing more to say

And so there wasn’t


Thae-oh-lon speaks to his High Guard Captain, Bre-sah

“Gather a group of 30 of our Archers… We leave tonight,” speaks Thae-oh-lon, as the two of them walk away








Wolfjade (Chapter VIII) – The Emperor

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fantasy art armor artwork warriors white hair 1680x1050 wallpaper_www.miscellaneoushi.com_9 2Wolfjade

by DarkJade

Some men have died… And yet live… The shell of their former self reeking havoc on the living world… Some sleep… Never to be woken… Some… Awake


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII





Early in the morning, Wolfjade is brought out of a post sleep daze, lying in his hammock, by a great cheer outside his tent

It is Emperor Lasate

Suddenly Wolfjade’s tent flap is opened by two Imperial Guards, and in comes Lasate

“Greetings great Knight…” speaks Lasate with a hand gesture towards Wolfjade

Wolfjade bows, “Emperor…”

Emperor Lasate is an older looking, greyish skinned man, with not so great teeth

But he wears lots of gold trinkets, and a thick white robe

Wolfjade sets a seat for the Emperor, as well as for himself, then there is silence

“Why so gloomy Wolfjade, your ifiltration into the Breenum Hall was a great success,” speaks Lasate

“Soon we shall tear them down foot to neck…” he finishes

“I do not think w should strike at Breenum Hall my Emperor…” speaks Wolfjade

“Oh…” with this the Emperor adjusts the sleeves of his robe, then looks up at Wolfjade blankly

“The Dwarves are arrogant… Foolish… We can remove them at any point we please…” explains Wolfjade

“I see…” replies the Emperor…

“CLAP!” suddenly with a clap of his hands, the Emperor summons in food…

Brought in by three beautiful woman…

All stealthily eying Wolfjade

The Emperor takes note of this… “I think they favor your younger, stronger form over mine…”

The Emperor laughs in a mischievous way

Wolfjade is unphased, and waves away the food

The Emperor is a bit bugged by this

“CLAP!” he clamps hands again for them to leave, not taking anything more than a few grapes himself

“What then Wolfjade… The Elves?” inquires Lasate

“The Human?” he continues

“I think that is time to bring on some allies…” Wolfjade replies

“Allies… Interesting…” the Emperor responds

“They know what we’re doing now… We no longer have the element of surprise as they battle the Orcish Tribes…” Wolfjade explains

“We need allies…” he finishes

“Who the… The Orcs?” questions the Emperor

“No… The Tokra…” replies Wolfjade

The Emperor is silent at first, then, “The Giants of Light… I see”

“There power is… Well… And the fear that they cast… I feel this is the right move… With your blessing that is,” explains Wolfjade

The Emperor stands, “You have my blessing Good Knight…”

“And I feel you should leave in the morning my Emperor… This is not the safest of time for you to be vulnerable,” explains Wolfjade

The Emperor nods, “We shall, as you say, leave in the morning…” replies the Emperor, who then leaves the tent


Wolfjade (Chapter VII) – The Return

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Some men have died… And yet live… The shell of their former self reeking havoc on the living world… Some sleep… Never to be woken… Some… Awake


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI




North of the Execlum Desert is a very unique place…

A place called, River Noran

An unlikely place where harsh desert, transforms to a wooded area, near a river

This is where Wolfjade’s Stormdark Legion awaits…

This is where he has just arrived

“HOORAH!” yell his 120 Swordsmen, and 60 Archers of Stormdark

Though he is ragged, and weary, he raises an arm in appreciation


Wolfjade bathes in a metal tub, brought there for his arrival

His eyes are tired, but relieved, being safely within his camp

Suddenly one of the Emperor of Stormdark’s Advisors enters Wolfjade’s tent, with two Imperial Elite Soldiers, appointed from the Emperor himself

With a wave of Wolfjade’s hand, still within his tub, the two Elite Soldiers leave the tent

The man that stands before him is Eldof… One of Three of the Emperor’s High Advisors…

Eldof being the least trustworthy, in regards to anyone other than the Emperor that is

Everything he does… Every move he makes… Is contrived, and designed to further his own Political Career

“Greetings Great Wolfjade…” he says with a dramatic ceremonial bow

“What is it Eldof…” states Wolfjade, who has now lifted himself up, and out of his tub

His 300 pound form of solid muscle, shaking Eldof a bit…

“Good Knight… In behalf of Stormdark, I say bravo for your penetrative efforts of infiltration into Breenum Hall… Well done sir… Well done…” he states and bows again waving his arms about

Wolfjade drys himself, and begins to place his red under armor attire on

“Speak your words Eldof…” demands Wolfjade, quickly tiring of him already

“The Emperor is coming my Liege…” speaks Eldof, cunningly spying Wolfjade’s reaction

Which, other than pausing for a mere second, there is none

“Good… We have much to discuss… If that is all,” Wolfjade states plainly, hoping to rid his tent of Eldof

Wolfjade begins now to place on his under armor layer of silver chainmail

“Yes… Well… I just thought…” begins Eldof

“Yes?” replies Wolfjade, getting irritated now, as he draws his long sword from its scabbard, and inspects the blade, which is very sharp

“Perhaps you’d like to run your thoughts by me, prior to speaking to the Emperor…” finishes Eldof

With this there is a great silence, as Wolfjade places his blade back in its scabbard, turns and inspects Eldof’s throat, wondering how quickly he could remove his head, even without removing the blade from the scabbard

“Nope… I’m good… You may go,” replies WolfJade as he claps, and two squires enter the chamber to help him put on his black steel plate armor

The Red Lion Emblem blazing on the chest

“Very well my Liege…” Eldof replies holding his tongue, which is sharp… But he’d rather not die this day

He bows, turns, and leaves Wolfjade’s tent

“TURNUM!” Wolfjade suddenly calls, and one of his two Stormdark Swordsmen who stand guard outside of his tent, enters

“My Liege…” he replies.

“I want two of our Archers to keep an eye on Eldof… If he tries to send a messanger, or a bird to the Emperor, kill the messenger… Or kill the bird… No word leaves this camp… Understood?” speaks Wolfjade

“Understood sir,” replies Turnum, who turns and leaves the tent



Chapter VIII

Wolfjade (Chapter VI) – Out Of Mind

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by DarkJade


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V




Aliazia lays in a queen size bed, bright blue eyes staring blankly at the ceiling

Aliazia’s uncle is in the doorway talking to High Dwarf Geono-Miaton

“She has not uttered a word since Wolfjade’s escape…” speaks her uncle

“I do not think her mind is right,” he concludes

“Mind right, or no, I want her out of Breenun Hall… And quickly, before I change my mind and hang her from the rafters…” huffs Geonno-Miaton, as he storms away




Wolfjade sits by Haro at a campfire

“Your men are not safe…” speaks Wolfjade

“Whatever can you mean my friend…” states Haro dismissively, as he pokes at the fire with a stick

“Trust me… What’s coming will leave nothing alive… I will part ways with you in the morning…” continues Wolfjade as he stands

“You speak madness…” replies Haro, still not taking what Wolfjade is saying all that seriously

“I am appreciative of what you have done for me…” Wolfjade says as he makes his way to his sleeping spot

“But even I will not be able to protect you if you stay…” and with this he leans up against one of the lush oasis trees…

“Disappear Haro…” are the last words that Wolfjade utters before passing out

“Madness…” speaks Haro under his breath… This time with a hint of worry in his voice


The next morning Wolfjade awakes to an abandoned camp

He stands and notes a lighter brown colored, fresh horse waiting for him tied to another tree by the oasis water

Fully supplied with all that he will need to last a week in the desert

He smiles slightly, “Haro…”

He mounts the horse, and rides off

Meanwhile off in the distance, some 200 feet or so, Haro watches…

…and follows Wolfjade out of detectable range



Within, Aliazia lays on one of the two benches, covered with a blanket… She is across from her Uncle

“I had to do it Uncle…” she explains

“”Rest now child… Let us put more distance between us, and Breenun Hall before you start any kind of ‘confessions’…” he says with a smile

With this she sits up, “Leave me here! I must face justice for what I’ve one…”

“Not a good idea… Nor is it a choice… Your father will have my head if I simply toss you to the wolves…” her Uncle replies

“But, it’s the law?” she rebuttals

“Not our law… The law of the Six Dwarven Kingdoms… And Breenum Hall,” he replies

“You think me not a murderer? A, traitor?” she speaks

With this he smiles again, “I hardly think so… You have a gift child… You have the innate ability of knowing what is wrong… And right…” he explains

“And between you and I, if they had ‘hung’ Wofjade, the wrath of all of Stormdark would surely have fallen hard upon the inhabitants of Breenum Hall… Leaving none alive,” he continues

“So wrong or right… What you have done has, though it cost several guards their lives, has likely saved the rest of Breenum Hall

With this she seems a bit relieved, but not much

“Now rest… Soon we shall home… Soon we shall be in Vernos…” finishes her Uncle, as he closes his eyes to sleep


PICTURE CREDIT – Dreamers Of The Darkness

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Wolfjade (Chapter V) – Silent Ride

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by DarkJade


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

He Who Waits…


He Who Longs…


CHAPTER V – Silent Ride


Wolfjade, slumped over, rides his way through the Exelum Desert, far to the east of Breenun Hall, and the hundreds of Dwarves that seek him

He is mourning…

He is…


His Crusade leading 60 Stormdark Archers, and 120 Stormdark Swordsmen prevailed for many a battle…

7,000 plus killed by his command

Primarily Dwarves of their Six Kingdoms… But also some Humans and Elves

He was alone

His Legion assuredly seeked him, knowing of his escape

But did he want to be found

And return to his life as a Shell of a Warrior…

A Shell of a Knight

“The girl…”

He thought to himself…

“Forget the girl…” he spoke out loud, countering his thoughts

“Forget the…”

And with this he fell from his horse…

The 120 plus degree sun beating down upon him






Wolfjade wakes to water being thrown on his face

He opens his eyes, squinting blearily, up at a smiling dark skinned human

A Nomad

“Hello my friend…” spoke the smiling man, who was handing Wolfjade a wineskin pouch, full of water

Wolfjade did not react at first…

“Drink or die…” spoke the man

Convincing words

Wolfjade reached out and took the wineskin…

And drank all within it at a rapid pace

“You have been out under our sun a long time my friend… It is amazing that you are still alive,” spoke the man

Wolfjade sits up to see that he is the middle of a Nomad Camp, right by a bright blue oasis, surrounded by lush dessert trees

“Joyobun?” asks Wolfjade

The man is surprised to hear this

“Yes friend…” he reaches out his hand to lift Wolfjade up, “You are full of surprises…”

Wolfjade stands, his grey clothing covered in sand

“Swim…” speaks the man, as he gestures towards the oasis

Wolfjade starts towards the water, piece by piece removing his clothes, then looks back at the man

“What is your name?” he asks

“Haro…” replies the man, as he turns and returns to his friends in the camp

Wolfjade enters the water…

The coolness envelopes him…

The sun still blazing down, but can not penetrate the coolness of the spring

Wolfjade swims down as deep as a man can go…

Then goes deeper, and sits in the darkness of the water’s depths




Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Wolfjade (Chapter IV) – The Pact

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normal_4206856 2Wolfjade

by DarkJade


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Release The Pain…

Release The Fear

Release The Things…

You Hold So… So… Dear



From the shadows of the hallway outside Wolfjade’s cell door, appears Aliazia…

The two Breenun Hall Dwarven Guards look at one another.

“Open the door…” she speaks as she approaches, a mock air of confidence surrounding her…

“Uh… We’re under strict orders to–” begins one of the guards.

“I am his council… Open the door…” she demands.

Recognizing her from the hearing, they do as she requests.

She steps into the darkness…

Wolfjade does not move, but rather stays seated against the back wall, chained.

“You killed that man…” she spoke with slight pain in her voice.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” she concludes.

Wolfjade raises his dark blue eyes, seen still from the crack of moonlight that penetrates the chamber.

“Is that why you came… To lecture me girl,” he replies.

A silence passes…

“No…” she responds…

She then walks slowly towards him, and drops the keys to his chains on the floor….

…then begins to back slowly towards the door.

Once at the door, she opens it, and passes slowly by the two guards.

“What is it girl?!” one of the guards says, as he then turns to look inside the chamber, only to see Wolfjade standing there.

“Dear god…” he says…

The rest is blood.



Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Wolfjade (Chapter III) – Destined

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by DarkJade

From Above I see a Wounded man

A man who Followed his heart

A man who Must let go

If She reaches out to him, it is as a Friend

There is light… And There is Blood

Beyond the ‘I’


Chapter I

Chapter II


“Awake young Aliazia… Awake”

Aliazia awakes in her room, with her uncle smiling down at her, whilst holding a cold cloth upon her head.

“Well hello there young one… It’s good to see you are ok,” speaks her uncle, a friendly looking Elf, also of the Vernos Clan.

Aliazia starts to sit up, but quickly places her hand on her head, and lays back down.

“Easy now Aliazia… You took quite a blow to the head,” he speaks in a calming voice.

“The hearing?” she says.

“Is over my child… Wolfjade will die in the morning,” he speaks with assurance.

“What!” she exclaims, and starts to sit up again, this time becoming dizzy…

“Whoah…” she says, and her uncle helps her lay back down.

“Is something wrong child? Justice has been served,” speaks her uncle, looking a bit perplexed at her reaction.

“What about a fair trial?” she questions.

“Well now… He gave that right away when he…” he begins to speak, “…well now… I best let High Dwarf Geono-Miaton speak to you… He’s waiting outside.”

With this her uncle opens the door, and High Dwarf Geono-Miaton steps in, two of his Elite Dwarven Guards at his side.

“Good to see you alive and well council…” he speaks, and pats her hand in a gesture of kindness…

Most unlike a Dwarf to do so to an ‘Elf’.

“Thank you council… But can you tell me… Why has the hearing ended so abruptly, without a fair trial?” she questions.

With this Geono looks at her uncle, then back at her.

“He killed that Dwarf that hit you with the tankard…” he speaks solemnly.

“What?!” she responds in shock.

“But how is that possible, he was chained–” she begins to say.

“In Ordruk Steel… Yes, I know my lady… Somehow he… And we as of yet still don’t know how… Broke his hand chains, hopped highly into the air, landing next to a Breenun Hall Guard, snatched his axe, and hurled it at the dwarf’s chest who had tossed the tankard…” Geono explains, hardly believing it himself as retells the tale.

Aliazia stares in shock.

“We’re not even sure how he knew which bloke threw it… But he did,” Geono finishes.


In the dark, Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark, sits alone…

With only a splinter of moonlight flashing against his piercing blue eyes, to keep him company.

Entering through a slight crack in the upper wall.


Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Wolfjade (Chapter II) – True Criminal

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by DarkJade


Chapter I

Do Not Underestimate The Elven People

Do Not Underestimate A Young Girl

Elven Chieftain Las-En

CHAPTER II – True Criminal




The great Breenun Hall is once again filled to the brim…

But this time, all are silent

The Six Sacred Judges Of The Breenun Hall Sit Waiting…

The Dark Haired Elven Sheedea presiding.

Below stands the Stormdark Knight, Wolfjade… War Criminal.

Serving as his Lawyer, is the youthful, recent law graduate, Aliazia of the Vernos Elves.

Dark hair… Intense eyes… Lite spirit.

Opposing her is Geono-Miaton, High Dwarf, of the 6th Dwarven Kingdom of Handros.

Strong… Aged, and wisend… Typically a Judge, made Lawyer for this case.

He will see Wolfjade hung, or worse.

“Ask your questions girl!” speaks Sheedea, from the Judge’s Balcony.

Aliazia steps forward, fumbling some scrolls a bit, and at last opening one, whilst facing Wolfjade.

His foreboding form, Armour or no, shaking her confidence, and making her uneasy.

“State your name…” she speaks.

He looks into her eyes, “I am Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark,” he speaks in a deep, rumbling, yet calm tone.

She drops her scroll.

“Sorry about that,” she picks it up.

“You and, your Legion of Archers, and Swordsmen, are charged with deaths exceeding 7,000 Dwarves, Humans and Elves… How do you plea?” she finishes timidly.

“I have killed these men, yes,” he replies.

“So then you plea… Guilty?” she asks.

“I have no guilt about it, no…” he plainly states.

With this, High Dwarf Geono-Miaton, the prosecution, jumps in, “NOT GUILTY?! NOT GUILTY?! YOUR HONORS…”

“Geono… Hold,” speaks Sheedea, from the Judge’s Balcony.

With this Geono huffs, then sits.

“So then… You plead… Innocent?” she asks.

There is a long silence, as the onlookers start to rumble slightly.

“You’ve had your time… It’s our time now,” he replies.

With this the onlookers start to yell and throw things down at Wolfjade.

Aliazia steps back, avoiding some, but not all of the thrown objects, until an ale mug strikes her on the side of the head, and she falls, unconscious.



Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Wolfjade (Chapter I) – The Captured

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video games blue eyes devil may cry dante male white hair dantewontdie 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_80Wolfjade

by DarkJade





A crowd of several hundred has gathered in the Great Breenun Hall, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, to see justice come down upon the the War Criminal Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark.

Wolfjade stands in the middle of the hall, hands and ankles chained in Ordruk Steel…

His head down, not in shame, but rather, he is not ‘truly’ there in mind.

Wolfjade stands 6′ 6″, weighing some 300 pounds of solid muscle.

His hair is white, about shoulder length, with strong facial features, a broad jaw, and piercing dark blue eyes.

His Armor taken from him, he wears some soft grey clothing, supplied to him by the Clerics of Brazuul.

From above, the angry mob yells, and throws things down around, and upon him, crying for justice… Crying for his quick death.

Meanwhile in a balcony above, Dwarven Captain Braken looks down upon him, as he speaks to a female elf lawyer who represents Wolfjade.

“Who is he?” she asks naively, being given this position primarily because of her freshly out of school situation.

Braken looks at her, “You really have been locked away in that Elven School of yours…”

She smiles slightly, “Yes.”

“He is Wolfjade… And he is Evil,” replies Braken.

“What has he done?” she questions.

“In the middle or our own military efforts against the Graughten Orc Tribes, Wolfjade began taking out the many Dwarven Legions of the 5 Kindgoms, one by one…” Braken explained.

“Bastards struck at us while we struck at one another…” he concludes and looks at her.

“Good luck Aliazia of the Vernos Elves…” with this he starts to walk away, “You’re going to need it.”

He is gone.



Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII