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I Need To Write Something

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Definitely feeling the need to Write something…

It was late 2011 when I created this Site, with the goal of getting in the habit of Writing an average of 900 or 1,100 Words a day, I believe

For the first year and a half of this site, I did more than that

And during that time I Self Published A Poetry Book, a Novella and a Partial Comic Book

I also wrote the Sequel to the Novella (Self Published it in 2015), and the First and Second Draft of a Fantasy Novel

I then ran a Kickstarter to get money to hire an Editor for the Fantasy Novel, but when it was done, I still wasn’t happy with it…

…so I sat it down

In 2015 I picked it back up, and hired a Second Editor to give a few Chapters a go…

…during that, they asked if they could ReWrite some of those Chapters, and I said yes

When they were done with the first 3 1/2 Chapters, I really liked what they had done

I’m more of a Screenplay Writer, than a Novelist…

…and they had read a lot of Fantasy Novels, and just had the touch when it came to ‘details’

Characters, Character Development, Story and Story Scope are my strengths, which works well for Screenplays, but only offers some of the core elements of a Fantasy Novel I feel, what they added lifted the book

But to hire them to ReWrite the whole book, will be costly

And though I don’t mind the cost, I don’t have the money to do it at the moment

I’ve considered, and am still considering doing a Kickstarter for it, but still haven’t decided

Not only that, but the Editor/Other Writer has a lot of their own projects going on, and even if I come up with the money, I’m not sure they’ll be up for it at the moment

My most recent Writing Project was actually Writing a Module for Dungeons & Dragons, which then took 15 months to get prepared, and finally Self Published

The actual Writing for that project was done early on, but all the other Game related stuff, and hiring of an Artist for the book, took a bit

I Self Published it November 8th, and though I’ve dabbled with my next Module Concept, I’m feeling like Writing more of a book, or something other than a Module at the moment

Maybe it’s the cold weather

Or the Fall/Winter in general, which always makes me more ‘writery’

We’ll have to see

Nuff Said,

Thanks for Listening/Reading



You can pickup my books at the following


Winter, Lust And Wonder (Poetry Book) 2012


I Died Once… (Novella) 2012

Part I in the Mady Chronicles


Mady’s Storm (Novella) 2015

Part II in the Mady Chronicles

Front Cover A PNG

Frost Rhealm (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module)

Winter, Lust And Wonder (Poem 3) A Grip On The Darkness

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Winter, Lust, and Wonder

Scribblings by James Mahoney (2011)

Copyright © 2012-19 James Mahoney

Winter, Lust And Wonder is Available Here (Printed Version) & Here (Kindle Version)

Poem #3

A Grip on the Darkness

Alone… Always


These Dark Purple Lights make Not Fair Company…

Come in… The Thought is Warm

But the Means… Are Not

These Translucent Hopes… of Glimmering Light

But Memories of some Greater Thing… Some Normal Thing

The Winds of Time Cast a Ghastly Glow

On what you Hope Will Be… These Figments… These

…untouchable Integer Components of Unknowns

The Air is full of what isn’t Really There

And You are Grasping at what you only Hope is True…

But wait… You are not Breathing

Breathe… In New Hope

Breathe Out the Strength you know you Hold

Expand Beyond what you know, and think is Possible

Do it now…

…do not wait

You Are Home

Winter, Lust And Wonder (Poem 2) Dragon Blood

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Winter, Lust, and Wonder

Scribblings by James Mahoney (2011)

Copyright © 2012-19 James Mahoney

Winter, Lust And Wonder is Available Here (Printed Version) & Here (Kindle Version)

Poem #2

Dragon Blood

Beneath the Fire Red Sky

Underneath The Star Lit Heavens

Beside a Pool of Blood and Magic…

The Baby Dragon is Born

His Egg Cracked, One of Three, But Only His Lies Open

His Mother, Oh So Near, But Look to the Skies and you shall See Her

What Now, Why This, Its first thoughts mustered

Swords have been Drawn, Son, The Mother Replies

And only you will have the Strength to Break them…

The Baby Draggling Stretches forth its Black Reddened Wings…

Its Teeth Sharp, His Eye’s Glistening Dark with Bright Stars Within them

If you Insist, Mother, I’ll Rise Again and Strike them Down Before me

But Know you This…

These Mortal Games of Power and Mist

Are Really Beginning to Bore Me

Suddenly, His Eyes Aim Up, and to the Air He does go…

His Size Does Morph, Fifty Folds One’d Say, He Cracks The Sky Above Them

Thunder Roars, Lightning Strikes, The Skies Fall to Pieces for him

When I Return…

These Humans will have Learned, Alone and Unguided…

They’ll Pay the Price, I Won’t Be Nice, My Dragon’s Heart shall Wane Them…

Winter, Lust And Wonder

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Winter, Lust, and Wonder

Scribblings by James Mahoney (2011)

Copyright © 2012-19 James Mahoney

Back in 2011, I started this Writing Blog… And one of the things I wrote, were Poems

In 2012 I Self Published my First Ever Poetry Book, ‘Winter, Lust And Wonder’

Those Books are Available Here (Printed Version) & Here (Kindle Version)

Here’s Poem #1


This Bold Darkness that clouds my everyday way

Hold her hand, it says, but there is no hand to be held

Touch her face… No face to be known

You cannot escape me, though you try, it urges

Why not give in… But to what

Pain my boy, feel the pain, you now deflect and evade

And so I hold, see, feel what passes

It is not… Pleasant


This Bold Darkness seems to know my name

Feel my breath… Heads my way

I try to reason with it, it nods and says

You speak of pleas, I speak of truths

I long for Light… It’s where I stay

The warmth of love, so far away


Wait, be still, I think it sleeps

This Bold Darkness rests for now

Mady Unlocked

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RR Project: 002. by vmbui

Mady Unlocked

by DarkJade

SPOILER ALERT, if you’re interested in Reading the First Two Parts of this Novella Series, you can grab em on Amazon @ I Died Once (Book 1) in Print Or Digital, & Mady’s Storm (Book 2) in Print.

“Maybe None Of It Was Real…”

“God Knows I Wouldn’t Likely Be Alive Right Now If It Was.”

Chapter I – Friction

A young girl, just 24 years of age, finds herself in a large black trunk, which appears to be left slightly open…

Once she is awake enough to move, she lifts the lid, and steps out onto what appears to be a River Boat, heading down a Louisiana river.

A gamblers riverboat.

The girl is 5’9″ tall, with long black wavy hair, a lean figure, and vibrant blue eyes.

She’s wearing a dark blue dress, that doesn’t appear to have been wrinkled from her confinement.

“Somehow I ended up on a gamblers riverboat in Louisiana.” she thought to herself, noting the name of the boat, “Little Miss Louisiana”, which is painted on the side wall.

She also noted the gambling tables through the windows near by.

“Sounds about right, right?” She thought.

Her name, Miss Mady Monroe.

A millionaire’s daughter, originally from Virginia.

Relocated to Africa at 15 years old, where she united with her absentee father…

…Sam Monroe.

The Murder of her Mother? Well, that’s another story.

And her relocation which lead her to New York City? That’s another story too.

Mady straightened her dress, and stumbled a bit as she made her way into the bar and casino in the middle of the boat.

She pulled up a bar stool next to a thin man, with a thin, pointy beard in his early thirties, wearing a tall black top hat.

“Evening,” he spoke.

Mady smiled, and that’s when it hit her…


I come around the corner to see Mack tied up to a chair, facing toward me, his face bloodied…

Two black suited mobsters stand near him, one rubbing his fist, as he has obviously used it repeatedly…

My eyes go black…

I step toward Mack, and reach out to him, touch his face, “Mack… I’m so sorry.”

The mobsters look at one another…

The other four mobsters have now entered the room as well, and line its entrance

Mack looks at me through the eye that isn’t swollen shut, “Mady… You shouldn’t have come.”

“I’m getting you out of here,” I say, as I step toward one of the tables, and remove a knife from a rolled napkin…

With this, one of the mobster’s steps toward me, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that—” he starts to say when…

I turn towards him, my black purse dropping to the floor, and I aim my silver revolver right at his forehead…

And pull the trigger



Mady suddenly jumps with a jolt, knocking over the man’s whisky.

“Oh, I am so sorry… Mr.–” she spoke apologetically.

“Spilwell,” he replied as he waved for the bartender to come clean the whisky from the counter.

“Edward Spilwell.”

Here you are sir. spoke the bartender as he handed Spinwell another cup of whisky, and wiped away the other.

Suddenly Mady’s eyes go dark from the memory, “What have I done…”

“It’s no big deal little lady…” replied the man, thinking she’s referring to knocking his drink over.

“What would you like to drink? It’s on me,” he spoke kindly.


I Died Once (Novella)

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Back in 2011 I started this Creative Blog as a way to get me in the day to day habit of Writing…

It worked. I went on to Write Posts for a year and a half and beyond, and in the first hand full of months I Wrote my First Novella, ‘I Died Once’

In 2012 in addition to Self Publishing a Short Poetry Book, I also Self Published ‘I Died Once’

I’m currently trying to generate some money for a New Laptop (This one is dying), and so I thought I’d let you all know about not just ‘I Died Once’, but the follow up Novella in the series…


“Mady’s Storm”, which takes place 8 years later.

“I Died Once” can be found on my BLACK ORC GAMING Site Here for $6.00 + Freight, or if you prefer you can get it on Amazon Here + Freight

“Mady’s Storm” can be found on my BLACK ORC GAMING Site Here for $6.00 + Freight, or if you prefer you can get it on Amazon Here for $7.95 + Freight

If you Purchase both books on BLACK ORC GAMING, I will charge you only once for Freight.

Here’s a few Reviews of “I Died Once”

I’m Blown Away… Figuratively, by Something Literary

Kymlee’s Review

Terri Wachala

Thanks for your Interest, and Support

DarkJade- (James)

Selling A Few Things

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Selling A Few Things To Get Some Money For A New Laptop, Including My Two Self Published Novellas That I Actually Wrote Within The Pages Of This Blog

Also Selling A Few Comics

This Laptop Is Dying, lol

Here’s The Link If You’d Like To Take A Look

Thanks For Your Support