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DarkJade – Crossroads

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The Writer

Inside of all of us is The Writer… I’ve been writing since I was young, but I have never truly given my Writer a home… It is my intention to finally and truly embrace my Writer, I intend to do this by Writing, Writing, Writing…

But to do this, I must first create the space for it… Where will I write… What music will I listen to… Who will I share my writing with while I develop it… Time will tell

Time has told… I Wrote that as my very First Blog Post, back on August 18th, this year.

Now as I reflect how far I’ve come, and yes I know that seems silly to say, as it was only 11 weeks ago that I started this Blog… But in truth, I have accomplished exactly what I set out to do… 1) To Create a Space for me to Write, so that I could get in the Habit of Writing, Writing, Writing…  And that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve Started 3 Blog Series, 2 Novel’s, 1 Novela, I’ve Written 20 Poems, 5 Film Review’s, Some 30-ish Editorial’s, and Numerous Music Based Social/Experiential Posts, and started Two Other Blogs.

I’ve Written one to three Posts Daily for Eleven Weeks Straight… And I’ve learned a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Promoting Quantity over Quality by any means… I’ve just really been busy.

I’ve now found myself in an interesting Place. As I’ve shifted my Editorial’s, to a degree, over to my The Dark Globe Blog, which I’ve really enjoyed… I’ve set it up to be like a News Paper to a Degree… Something that our Society has slowly Weeded out, and shifted more towards the Internet… Which is fine. It’s not the same as Holding a News Paper in your hands, but it does give you a lot of Freedom, in regards to what Content you fill it with, as well as Who You Have Writing with you.

I’ve also Shifted my Film Review’s over there, but have also added  Book and Television Reviews. Something I’m hoping my Additional Site Writer’s get involved with, in addition to me.

On my Second Site, One Knight, I’ve also achieved what I set out to do, which was create a space Specifically for me to work on my “One Knight Novel, a Concept that I came up with as a young boy. As well as added a Couple Author’s to the Site, to give the Site Variation. But I’ve said all of this before.

I now sit with 2 Novel’s, and one Novela in front of me, and I’m trying to determine which to focus more on… So far I’ve inched each of the three along, most recently adding “Lion’s Roar” to my Work. This was a Novel Concept that I came up with while determining whether or not to Join the NaNoWriMo this year… In the end, I determined that I didn’t want to tie myself down to one project alone quite yet, even for a month… Perhaps next year. So, I in turn started to Write it here, in the Written Word.

Also, I’ve been doing some Research on Self Publishing, as I’m considering Publishing 14 of my 20 Poems in a Short Book. I’ve never Published anything before, so I’m quite excited about it. I’m currently gathering information about Printer’s, as well as determining if I want to Hire an Artist to Sketch a Cover, or go with something even simpler.

Other than that, I contacted a hand full of Writer’s, and one Photographer about Contributing as Author’s on The Dark Globe Blog, and several were interested. But I need more. So far I have 3 other Writer’s, and one Photographer interested.

I have several Topic’s/Page’s on this Site, some of which I will not be Writing under. Such as Technology. Though I love Technology, Embrace it, and Utilized it everyday… I am not remotely an Expert in regards to it. So I’m going to be looking for someone to Write Some Technology Piece’s, some Music Piece’s, some Short Stories (Either New, or Previously Posted elsewhere, either way), some Health or Diet Piece’s, as well as any other thing they’d like to Talk/Write about. I will find a spot for anything that is Written, or make a New Spot.

Anyway, like I say, I am at a bit of a Crossroads with Writing at the moment, and am looking to stretch and bend myself all the more as I Explore the Deeper Zone’s within.

I look forward to all of you coming along for the Ride, and perhaps even working with some of you on The Dark Globe.

Thanks for Listening. And thanks for Joining me up to this point.


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The Dark Globe

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Hey guys, I just wanted to Officially let you know about my New Blog, “The Dark Globe“.

I Designed this Third Blog to be a place for Writer’s, Photographer’s etc. to come together, and Blend and Post Material.

I think of this Blog as more of a “News Paper” of a sort, in Theme that is.

There are a bunch of Sections/Page’s on the Site, and as people Write/Post things, I will also Put a Link to their Posts on/in the Appropriate Page.

So far I’ve Invited 7 Writer’s, and 2 Photographer’s to be involved in the Site, and so far I’ve heard back from 3 Writer’s and the 1 Photographer that would like to Post. The 2nd Photographer might do some Instructional Post’s at a later date, once her schedule is freed up. The other 4 Writer’s I haven’t heard from yet, I’m sure I will either way at some point.

The Current Sections are as Follow’s;

  1. Film, Book and Television Reviews – An Area that I simply haven’t had time for lately on The Written Word, and I hope to find some people  interested in Writing Reviews. I love Writing them myself, Film in my case, but I’ve just been too busy lately to get to them. I have a hand full on The Written Word, but hope to continue them on The Dark Globe, and attach the Links in my Section on this Site as well. I’ve never reviewed a Book, as I’m not much of a Reader, sadly. But would love for some Writer’s to Write some on The Dark Globe.
  2. Earthling’s Speak – Editorials – I have found that I love, love, love Writing Editorial’s as well as my Creative Writing. This Section gives me an Opportunity to Write Editorial’s, which I sometimes do on The Written Word.
  3. My World News – This Section/Topic gives Writer’s an Opportunity to Write about either their Personal Lives, or their Life being a Writer. I’m hoping many of the Site’s Writer’s, as well as myself, contributes to this Section, as I find it very enjoyable to Read that kind of Piece, as well as Writing a Piece like this. The Title “My World News” basically refers to the Writer’s Personal World. I haven’t decided if I want to keep that Title, and am completely open to suggestions for it.
  4. Music – Scene, Taste, Opinion – During my time here on WordPress, I have heard many Writer’s talk about their love of Music, or Specific Bands. Either in a Piece on their Blog, or in the Forums as it were. This Section is somewhere where Writer’s can Write about either Music they Like, or their Opinions about Certain Music, or The Music Scene, such as a Show They Saw. I’m really excited about this Section, and am hoping that some Writer’s Write some Piece’s for it.
  5. Technology – It’s Unavoidable – This is a Section that I doubt I will Contribute much to, mainly as I’m not really a “Techy”, even though I embrace, enjoy and comprehend it pretty well. I will need to find a, or several Writer’s to Post Piece’s for this Section.
  6. Short Story – Novel Tid Bits – This is an Area on the Blog for Writer’s to Write a Short Story, or Post One that they’ve Written/Posted somewhere else, or perhaps Post a Chapter, or a few Page’s of a Novel They’ve either Written, or are in the Process of Writing.
  7. Photo’s or Painting’s – Pretty Self Explanatory, somewhere for our Photographer’s, Painter’s etc. to have their stuff. Like I say, after a Writer or Photographer etc. Posts their Post, I will Link it in/on the Appropriate Page. Older Work is also Welcomed.
  8. Health or Diet – Self Explanatory.
  9. Writing – The Craft – Once again, during my time here on WordPress, I have come across many, many Article’s about The Craft of Writing. From Technique, to Opinion. I’m hoping to get some Interesting Stuff Written for this Section from our Writer’s.
  10. Finance – Economy – Self Explanatory. Doesn’t sound too interesting to some maybe, I think there’s a lot know, and learn here. Also, I’m curious how Countries Economy’s are Effecting people’s Personl Economy’s all around the World.
  11. Deep Impact – Friends, Lovers & More – This was Originally meant to be a Single Post I was Writing today, but then I realized very quickly, it took me 1,300 words just to cover One Person that has Impacted My Life. Thus, I’ve decided to make a Series out of it, and also Welcome any of our Writer’s to Partake in the Series.

Once Again I’m not Advertising this Post in the Forum’s, I just wanted to let you my Readers/Subscribers, as well as any others that happen to Read it, about The Dark Globe. The only way that I see this impacting The Written Word really, is perhaps the Film Reviews, which will Originally be Posted on The Dark Globe now, but will still be Linked on my Movie Reviews – Favorite Films Section. Other than that, my Editorials may shift to The Dark Globe a bit, but there is more likely going to be even More Posts of New Creative Writing Here, such as my New Novel Project “Lion’s Roar”.

Thank you again for all of your Support, and I hope to see you over on The Dark Globe, as well as The Written Word. And of course those that have also checked out the One Knight Site. I thank you all.


One Knight – Formal Invitation

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I just wanted to take this moment to Formally invite my Subscribers, as well as any other Readers and/or Reader/Writer’s who happen upon my site today, to come and check out my One Knight Site (Site Info Link). As I’m not Advertising this Post in the Forums.

On October Sixth, I did Create a Thread Announcing it, but beyond my About The Writer Page, have yet to mention it here at The Written Word. As I prefer to keep the two Sites a separate thing, as they are completely different from one another.

The One Knight site has become a Two Fold thing, first of which is a place for me to work on my Fantasy Novel Concept One Knight (One Knight Story Link). Something I came up with as a child.

Secondly as a home for The Writers of the Realm, which are Guest Writers who have agreed to Write some of their own Original Work, and Post it. This has gone very well, and when I say that, I mean the Writer’s that have partaken have put up some nice Pieces. Four Writers were invited to be Authors, two have posted Pete at Evolution of Insanity, who has created Insanity’s Ascension, a very provocative piece, and Pdk at Simple Observations, who has shared a couple of his Previously Written, though I don’t believe Previously Posted Pieces, The Life of William Conrad Chesterton and Forever.

I have to tell you, both of these Writers Posts are very Heart Felt, and well worth a gander.

Well enough of all that, I will finish by saying I have with my most recent Chapter of One Knight hit the “Edge of the Cliff” so to speak, as anything beyond this point is beyond the original concepts and ideas that I had as a youth, and thus I am in Fresh Unknown Territory. Or as my Favorite Writer would have said, “The Undiscovered Country” (Act III, Scene I Hamlet).

Also, as only two of the Four Writers invited to join the Writers of the Realm were able to partake, there are two openings for participants, and/or if you’d just like to Post a Random Piece, just let me know on this Post, and I’ll get you access to the One Knight Site. The Content of your Piece is completely at your discretion, and doesn’t need to go with the Site’s “Knightly” Theme, lol.

Thanks for your time, and continued patronage of The Written Word, I love Writing, and I love that you have all decided to join me on this Quest of mine, the Journey of Imagination that is Writing.

Something to leave you with…


Let the Games Begin…


The Halls of the Written Word

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I am Woken by a warmth against the back of my leg, and the screeching sounds outside my door…

Without thought, I quickly look to my left where I am met by a Great and Glorious Light… I wince

Oh how Thee Morning Sky doth Wake at the Beckoning of this Bird’s Crow…

And so I Awake… Unwillingly, and yet Obedient to My Inner Voice… That which I Cherish so

As I take my first few steps, I stagger, and rub mine Eyes, and reach for the doorknob of my Chamber Door

Outside my Eyes pierce left then right, for who knows what Creatures lie forth

But on this Morn, I am Alone

As I make my way beyond the Darkness, and to Our Place of  Imagery, I take a sudden left

Awaiting me are Robust Trees, Follying as they Sway

Oh how the Black Birds Chirp, and Tap their Talons, in anticipation of the forthcoming

As I love them, I shall pay them no mind

As I sit, Before Me is the Deep Red, Bejeweled Box, of Winter, Lust and Wonder

Oh what Light We’ve seen these many Nights, although to some It Be Day… For me, Forever Night

My hands come out, Mine Eyes do Gleam, at what may come…

My Mind a Keen Descender…

It Opens Forth, a Wind Comes out

It’s Warmth does draw me in…

Light, Coulours, Song, and Scene…

I Find I cannot Breathe

What Candor, What Nerve

What unbeknownst Verve

Will Guide me thorough these Woods

I Drink Cool Water, I Eye the Storm

Begin the Written Word



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Blogtopia – From Here to Where

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It’s interesting, though I started my The Written Word Blog some seven weeks ago, I had actually created a Blog on WordPress a bit back. I don’t remember how I happened upon WordPress, but I created a Yankee Blog, something about being a New York Yankee fan, living on the West Coast. I never visited the Forums or anything, or really gave it much focus other than Writing a few Articles that my One Fan liked, lol. Wouldn’t you guess he was also a West Coast Yankee fan.

But here I am many years later, as at this time in my life I’ve decided to try to get myself in the habit of Writing on a daily basis. Because, Writers Write, right? Or so I’ve heard.

But what’s interesting to me is this whole process of starting a Blog with a certain Premise in mind, and how what ends up coming out of you, as well as readers reactions, end up to a degree, potentially anyway, reshaping your Blog.

Originally I just wanted a place where I could Write Write Write, and that’s basically what I’ve been doing. However, I keep noticing how my Focus keeps shifting. As a result what I’ve heard most about my site seems to be the word “Variety”. I find this interesting, as my intention wasn’t to move from one thing to another, but it does seem to be going that way. But where will it go next? At this point I’ve skipped around from Personal Articles about myself, to Poems, a Couple Blog Series, which by the way are very fun to Write. And lately, I’ve been edging more towards Concentrated Writing, if you will. Short Stories, Medium Stories, and potentially Large Stories.

I now find myself curious as to the Evolution of other Bloggers Blogs? What was your Blog initially? Where have they taken you? Where are they now? And where might they go to next?

For instance, I haven’t been around long, but in the time I’ve been here it seems like the Blog Healing Mutti has gone from someone who suffered from Post Partum Depression, to someone who now wants to help others more than anything else. Which is inspiring. And over at Evolution of Insanity, Pete/Ard seems to be shifting a bit, without leaving his roots behind, from Sharing his interesting day to day life, to someone who is truly interested in Exploring Creative Writing.

And so I am left wondering, as I stated above, where have all of your Blogs come from initially, where have they taken you, where are they now, and where do you think they might go?

Interesting stuff in this Blogtopia of ours eh?





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Jack True – An Interview with a Phantom Rocker

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I sit in the room waiting for the ever enigmatic, yet illusive, Jack True to arrive. It had been over 9 years since anyone had heard neither hide nor hair of him. As I fiddle with the matches from my pocket, noting the name “Chili’s” on the tab, yes I live a pretty illustrious life my self, I think of his final concert in London. Who knew it would be his farewell concert, some 30 to 40 thousand fans holding up their cell phone’s in the night, illuminating the way for him to make his arrival/landing on stage. He stepped forward with that off white Fender he liked so well, and broke into one of his first album hits “Wymtyde”. The crowd went wild as he began the night in Rock and Luster. He never disappointed. Just outside the two story building where I waited in a room on the second floor, I heard/saw a black limo arrive outside. Jack stepped out and it was like not a year had pasted since that night in London, 2002. His hair still spiky black, his short black boots, and his ever famous long black trench coat, with his own name spray painted across the back of it. A gift from his first and only wife. Other than that he appeared to be wearing not too tight blue jeans, and a new white buttoned up dress shirt. Silver chain underneath could be seen, the top two buttons were not fastened. He entered the room left hand extended, head down, with a cigarette that he never smoked in his right hand. He always shook peoples hand with his left, even though he was a righty.

Jack – “Right, this needs to be quick… I’ve got an avenue to stomp…” He sputtered out in his thick English accent as he sat in my simple chair. So I in turn took the soft couch for two.

Interviewer – “No problem…”

Jack – “Alright than… Shoot.”

Interviewer – “After that concert in October of 2002, where did you go?”

Jack – “Well lets see, I left my wife… No just jesting, she left me…”

“It seems she had, had enough of the “Rock N Roll” life, and so moved on.”

“I offered to walk away from my career so we might travel and perhaps have some tikes… But she simply touched my face and said no… She said… Then you wouldn’t be you.”

“So she left, and I walked away from my career anyway…”

Interviewer – “Wow… I mean… You had just completed your second album with “Bloom”, and three of your songs reached the Top 5… That just baffles me…”

Jack – “You should get that checked, anything else, I really should be on my way…”

Interviewer – “Did you write anymore songs?” This seems to set him into thought.

Jack – “Not like “Girl”… Not like “Wymtyde” or “All”… I’d lost my heart in it yah know… Nothing note worthy, or worth hollering at the masses yah know…” He seems figety so I try to rush through the last few questions.

Interviewer – “Any more wives?”

Jack – “Ha… Funny… No… Not as of yet… They’re not that easy to find.” With this he stands.

“I really must get on my way…” I try to muster up just one more question.

Interviewer – “Just one more than…”

Jack – “Aye… One more.” He sits once more.

Interviewer – “Musically speaking… Will you be back?” With this he definitely takes quite a moment before answering. Then turns and answers me with clear eyes.

Jack – “I never really left yah know… I’ve been skulking around the old boulevards for years.”

“Alright mate, I really must be on my way…” He reaches out with his left hand and shakes mine. With this, he takes note of the matches I was holding.

Jack – “May I?”

Interviewer – “Sure…” I hand him the whole pack of matches.

“Take the whole thing.”

Jack – “Thanks mate…”

He then jaunts down the stairs where his limo driver is waiting with the door open. Before he gets in he actually lights the cigarette, and takes a hit. Something I’ve never seen him do before.

Jack – “Tastes like shit doesn’t it…” With this he drops the cigarette, stomps it out with the heel of his boot, tosses the matches to the driver, and the car drives away.


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What is it about Knights that is so appealing

Excuse me would you mind not stepping on my sword...

I remember my first true effort at writing was when I was very young, maybe 10 or 11. I actually began writing about a Knight who served a King (Sean Connery of course, even then I was thinking Film). But this Knight was ready to have a life of his own, to be with his newly wed Wife (Who was more than an ordinary woman, she was actually quite good with a bow if I recall). And of course there were Castle’s

Honey I'm home... What do you mean the plumbing is acting up again

and let us not forget…

Rarr... I'm goina eat yah

Dragon’s. Now Dragon’s can take us in a total different direction. But we’re talking about Knights (Must remember to stay on target)

Would you take the damn picture already, this shield is heavy!

Is it the fact that they ride in on great white stallions to save the day? Or the fact that they say things like “STAND BACK!! HE’S MINE!!”. Is it the shining armor, or the fact that they serve a King. Or the clanking of the metal as they walk? Wait a minute, Knight’s weren’t really like that… Were they?? Or is it just Romanticism, or Hollywood that has lead us down this path of being enamored by them. Romanticism, that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. I favor myself a Romantic, I suspect most that truly enjoy Knights are…

Lets face it, Knights kick ass! And on that note, so do Castles and Dragons!!

In closing the name of my childhood novel was to be “One Knight”. You can imagine how distressed I was when the not so great film came out

I know how you feel Sean. “First Knight”. Costarring none other than… Yeah… Sean Connery.

Even then I suffered from “Why did you wait to Write it” itis. But oh well.




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The Writer

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Inside of all of us is The Writer… I’ve been writing since I was young, but I have never truly given my Writer a home… It is my intention to finally and truly embrace my Writer, I intend to do this by Writing, Writing, Writing…

But to do this, I must first create the space for it… Where will I write… What music will I listen to… Who will I share my writing with while I develop it… Time will tell



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