Cooking (Recipes)

Cooking – Recipes;

As much as I love food and cooking, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to share some of my simple, and a couple not so simple, recipes. Also be sure to check out my 5 Favorite Foods Post. Enjoy







My Specialties;

  • Poor Man’s Nacho’s
  • Guacamole
  • Spaghetti (See my 5 Favorite Foods post)
  • Pasta De Luv
  • Jack Mashed Potatoes
  • Grandma’s Stuffing (To be added)
  • Pican Dried Cherry Stuffing (One I got off line at some point, to be added. This one takes a bit more prep, but is great with Thanks Giving Turkey)
  • Chili (To be added)
  • Egg in a Hole
  • Taco’s
  • Home Fried Potatoes

*Recipe’s are Listed Below in the same order as the List Above

Poor Man’s Nacho’s

Love Nacho’s? Want something Quick that isn’t a Sandwich (Sandwiches are one of my Favorite Food’s by the way)


  • Tortilla Chips
  • Cheese (Nacho is my favorite, but most cheeses are just fine)
  • Beans (Generally Re Fried, but Black work just as well)
  • Pic ante or Fresh Salsa (Both are good, hell even some of those Taco Bell packets you have laying around will work)
  • Sour Cream (Not essential, but very good)
  • Guacamole* (This moves it a bit beyond the Poor Man’s Nacho’s, but if you’ve got the time and/or the inclination, do it for sure)

*See Guacamole Recipe Below


Take 20 or so Chips, depending on how hungry you are, and how many will be eating. Place them on some tin foil, lay it on a Cooking Sheet (Mini Ovens work just fine, and don’t heat up the house). Put a nice big glob of beans in the middle of it (or a few smaller globs), shred or slice the cheese and lay it (If sliced) all over the chips, spread it about, not all in one spot. Put it in oven at 300 to 400 degrees, depending on how patient you are for the cheese to melt (maybe 5 minutes or so). Hit it with Salsa/Pic ante, Sour Cream and Guac if you got it, and you’re good to go.*

*Already Cooked Chicken or Steak can be added as well, but once again this moves it out of the “Pour Man’s Nacho’s”, but it makes it really good



  • One or Two Avocado’s depending on how much you want to make
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lemon (Just one)
  • Pic ante or Fresh Salsa


Remove the inside of the Avocado (‘s) and put them in a bowl (Make sure they’re ripe, or it will be very difficult to smash them with a fork). Put 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of mayonnaise in the bowl per avocado (Adjust as you like, matter of personal taste really). Squeeze some lemon in the mix, not tons, just some. Add about 2 tablespoons of salsa/pic ante per avocado in the bowl. Take a fork and mash/smash/mix it all up, wola. Guacamole.*

*Some might ad a tad bit of salt and/or pepper, I never have

Pasta De Luv

This is my proudest creation. I believe I created it some 13 to 15 years ago.


  • 5 to 7 Tomatoes (Roma if you can, otherwise most any Tomato will due)
  • A Bag of Frozen Peas (You wont use the whole bag, maybe a third or so)
  • Fresh Garlic (I highly highly suggest using fresh garlic for this dish, jarred is ok, powder is meh)
  • Pasta (Spinage is probably best, but Wheat or White works fine)
  • Chardonnay Wine (Don’t use Red, White Zin is ok. But I recommend Chardonnay. My favorite is Kendall Jackson which didn’t used to be too expensive, hopefully it still isn’t)
  • Olive Oil
  • Feta Cheese
  • Pine Nuts (These are optional, and can be expensive. But they are awesome)


Get a decent size pan, maybe 1 1/2″ to 2″ in height. Cut up the tomatoes in 6 or so pieces each for Roma, maybe more for another type of tomato. Put them in the pan. Pour in the Frozen Peas, like I say, maybe 1/3 of a normal sized bag of frozen peas. Maybe 60% Red, to 40% Green in visual ratio (Tomatoes to Pea ratio that is). Or 65% Red to 35% Green, don’t over Pea it, this is definitely a Tomato dish. Cut 3 or 4 Garlic Cloves, not teeny slices, but fairly small, put them in. Pour a good couple swigs of Chardonnay over it (It’s not a perfect science). And finally, hit it with 3 or so tablespoons of Olive Oil. Only at this point do you turn on the heat. Cook it at something under Medium, don’t let it bubble too much. Cook it for maybe 15 to 25 minutes, or whenever the Garlic is soft. Meanwhile be cooking the pasta. Also don’t over cook the tomatoes where they look like they have no life left in them, keep em Red to a degree. When it’s done, dish up some pasta, and then hit it with 3 or 4 serving spoon sizes of sauce. Make sure to get some of the liquid sauce, not just the peas and tomatoes. The ratio should be maybe 60% Pasta, 40% Sauce at the most. Now take the Feta Cheese if it’s in a block, and cut it into four smaller blocks. Then crumble the 1/4 block all over the top of the sauce and pasta. If the feta is already crumbled, you may need 1/3 or more of it to be sprinkled on top. Wola, Pasta De Luv, Manjia Manjia. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. I love it, have it all the time. P.S. if you went all out and got Pine Nuts, sprinkle a couple table spoons full after the Feta

Jack Mashed Potatoes (Or as I like to call em, Mashers)


  • About 6 or so Potatoes (Any kind is fine really, Red Rose you might grab 8, it really depends on how many you’re feeding, and how much left overs you want)
  • Milk (I like 2% but any is fine)
  • Jack Cheese (Other cheese work as well if you don’t have Jack, I prefer Jack)
  • Butter (Margarine is also fine, I just prefer Butter)


Cut the potatoes into 4 to 6 piece’s each, depending on their size. Put em in a fairly deep/wide pan, so as not to boil over, that can be messy. Boil them. Once you can safely stick a fork in em, strain em, and put em back into the same pan. Put a few chunks of butter in, depending on how buttery you want/like them. Hit it with a few splashes of Milk, not tons, don’t want them too loose. Cut several pieces of Jack Cheese, and throw them in. Depends how cheesy you want them, I’d say 4 to 8 one inch pieces. Mash em, and add more Milk as needed, you want them to be kind of thick, but not too thick. Wola, they go great with Pork Chops, or Chicken. I personally like Peas, or Peas and Corn with them, but choose what yah like.*

*Asparagus is even better, let me know if you need to know how to cook it

Egg In A Hole

One of my favorites.


  • A Piece of Bread (I prefer wheat, sourdough’s good too, but most any bread will do)
  • 1 Egg
  • Butter (Or Margarine, even Olive Oil I suppose, but I prefer Butter)


Put butter in a pan you might cook eggs in. Spread it all over the surface. Take a one inch hole out of the middle of the piece of bread. Not too small, not too big. Maybe an inch and a half actually. Place the bread in the pan. Crack an egg right in the middle of the hole. Kudos to those who can crack an egg with one hand (Generally on the side of the counter), without it exploding, and without a piece of shell ending up in it. It’s something I like to do, but I wouldn’t necessarily try it unless you’re feeling adventurous, lol. Turn the stove on to something under medium. Medium is too high for eggs generally, unless you just stand there with it constantly. Cook it on one side for a bit, then flip it to the other side. Depending on whether you want the egg runny or not will determine whether you flip it a second time. I like mine runny, so might cook each side once. Dish and serve. Wola! Egg in a Hole.



  • Ground Beef or Turkey (Maybe a Pound)
  • Corn Tortilla’s (Hard Shells are also very good, or small Flour Tortilla’s)
  • Paprika
  • Tomato Sauce (Maybe a 12oz Can, though you may not need it all)
  • Cheddar Cheese (Jack is also good, and a blend of both is great)
  • Tomatoes (Maybe 3 or 4)
  • Iceberg Lettuce (Other forms of Lettuce are fine as well, Romaine Etc)
  • Frozen Corn (This is optional, but is good mixed in the meat)
  • Avocado (Also Optional, but very good)
  • Pic ante (Optional, but very good)
  • Sour Cream (Optional, but very very good)

*It’s also an Option to serve the Taco’s with Re-fried Beans, Dished up on the side, with Cheese sprinkled on top


Crumble up and cook the ground meat on a heat below medium. Once the Meat is browned, pour in the tomato sauce (You may not need the whole can, make it saucy, but not as saucy as a spaghetti sauce). Mix the meat with the sauce, and hit it with a few sprinkles of Paprika. If you go with corn, than go ahead and throw in two or three hand fulls of corn. Leave it on a below medium heat. Well the meat is cooking, cut up maybe a third of a head of lettuce, if not more. Mainly make sure there’s enough for everyone eating. Also cut up the tomatoes, and Avocado if you have one. Shred Cheese if it isn’t shredded already, once again enough for maybe 6 to 8 taco’s or so. Heat Corn Tortilla’s in oven, or mini oven (Soft or Hard). Taco Meat wont need to cook for long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Try to finish heating the shells around the time the meat is done. Place meat in tortilla’s/shells, hit it with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream and finally Pic Ante, depending on what you went with. Serve it up!*

*If you make Re Fried Beans, just heat them, serve them, and put some cheese on top

Home Fried Potatoes

This is a very simple Recipe that I make.


  • 4 to 8 Potatoes depending on size/type of Potatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Paprika
  • 1 Onion


First cut up the potatoes, Russets into maybe 8 pieces, smaller potatoes into maybe 2 to 4 pieces. Boil them. Now cut up an Onion, and put it into a pan. Pour maybe 3 or so tablespoons of Olive Oil into the pan, and cook the Onions on a lower than Medium Heat. Mix the Onions around as they cook. Once the Potatoes are done, strain them, and put them in with the Onions. Drizzle maybe 1 or 2 more Tablespoons of Olive Oil over the Potatoes. Sprinkle Paprika over the Potatoes, maybe 6 or 7 shakes of Paprika, don’t over do it. Leave it at somewhere below Medium, but not Low. Mix and break up the Potatoes a bit as it cooks. In maybe 5 to 10 Minutes, Wola. Ready to Serve.*

*Good with Eggs, Ketchup, and even Hot Dogs… Might I suggest a Begal with Cream Cheese and a Glass of Orange Juice, if Served with Eggs

5 Responses to “Cooking (Recipes)”

  1. Pasta De Luv I will try it sound delish thanks

  2. Cool, let me know what you think

  3. I will, I gota say I’m not the best in the kitchen but will give it a go and hopefully get back to you lol

  4. Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge Says:

    Hi DJ –

    I love your cooking page. 😀

    • lol, Thank you Zoe… I’m afraid I’ve neglected it as of late… I need to add some more on here… Or actually, start to work on some New Recipe’s

      Thanks for your Comment


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