Blog Series 2012

Kamir (2012); Kamir is a story about a 15 year old Arab Boy, who wakes up within a dark cave, without his memory… All that he possesses is a large blue sapphire ring, and a blackened metal oil lamp to lead his way. Kamir takes place in an ‘Arabesque’ Land, in a far away ‘Earth Like’ World…

Chapter I – In The Dark

Chapter II – Descendants

Chapter III – Alia

Chapter IV – The Mystics Of Lo Polan

Chapter V – White Desert

Chapter VI – Crossroads


Sophia Brown (2012); She’s Just A Girl… In The World… But You’d Best Not Get In Her Way

Chapter 1 – Interrogation

Chapter 2 – Day 2

Chapter 3 – Father


Paid To Play (2012); “Sean McClure had spent 8 years in the Minors Pursuing his Dream… But the time had come for him to move on… Or did it”

Paid To Play

Paid To Play – Day One

Paid To Play – Sister?

Paid To Play – The Press

Picture Credit – Baseball Art Prints


The Votan… Hunters In The Sky (2012);

“The Year is 2015… Captain Jack Barett Has Been Ordered By The Government Of Earth, And The Moria Space Station Orbiting What’s Left of The Planet Earth After A Large Meteor Strike… To Head To Mars Where A Small Colony Of People Who Live There Have Communicated That An Alien Craft Has Come Into Mars Orbit, And Is Just Sitting There…

After A Few Days, Three of The Aliens Came To The Surface, One Of Which Killed Three of The Colonists Scientists On Approach…

Thus They Have Been Contained.

Unable To Get Any Info. From The Three Aliens Whom They Call “The Votan”, The Colonists Sent Up a 25 Man Crew To Try And Make Contact With The Votan Ship, But To Their Dismay, Never Returned.

It Is Now Up To Jack, His Crew, And 85 Assigned Soldier Botts To Attempt To Make Contact, And/Or Destroy The Alien Craft.

This Will Not Be An Easy Task.


Chapter One – Destination

Chapter Two – Meet Thine Enemy



“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

The Place is Mars… The Year, 2096.

Some Fifty Plus Years after The Mars Colonization, and The Ecological “Death” of The Planet Earth…

The Criminal Lord “John Swift“… Has it all.

Money… Power… Respect… And The Lead Position on the Mars Council, which has basically Raped all of Mankind in it’s Capitalistic, to the Point of Bordering on Slavery, ways…

Soon there would be no more Light in the “Human Race”… Just a Room full of Dark Men, doing Dark things… And John Swift is in the Middle, and some would say “The Top” of it all… As The Lord Of Crime, and Grand Master of Financial Conquest…

…until one day… When the Life of a Beautiful young girl was taken in the middle of the Council Chamber… Her Throat Slit, and the Blood of Her Innocence Staining the Council Floor… Basically for Slandering the Name of one of The Council Members… Which of course, was all true.

Something… Just… Snapped.

And suddenly, John Swift began having “Dreams” of the one memory of his long past Mother… And “Memories” of his Cruel Grandmother Telling him “Your Mother Saved Your Life”…

Yes, in the Year 2096, on the 1170 Colony of Mars, “A Line Was Crossed…”.

And suddenly, those who ruled had gone from “Criminal… To Evil”.

A Need Has Arisen… One that can only be met by A Group of “Unique” and “Gifted” Individuals Long Since Dead from Earth’s Past…

But What Matter is that Right? They’re Dead… There’ no way for them to help us now… “Is There?”.

Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Chapter III – Black Planet

Chapter IV – Hearing Voices

Chapter V – Cleo

16 Responses to “Blog Series 2012”

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  2. Congratulations DarkJade! I’ll certainly read your book 🙂

    • Thank you so much Heloise


      • Wow, that is cool… You really have my Number… Totally Emotionally Pinned me down whilst Watching it.

        Very Sensually, Rythmic, both the Music, and the Video

        I’ll add it to my Guest Music Page on Dark Xperience, another Gift from Heloise… I’ll probably do a Post of the ones you’re giving me at some point, love them

        Yah know, I have both French, and Belgium in my Blood… I get Irish, Scottish from my Dad, and Irish, French, Belgium, Russian and I think a bit of Danish from my Mom.

        My Mom’s Grandmother’s Maiden name was I believe Deryker, and her parents were Belgium and French.

        But mom says some stories are that both of her Grandma’s Parents were Belgium, so I’m not sure if one of them was French or not.

        Thanks for the Gift Heloise


        • Glad you love it too. This song is so special, so very different than what you’d hear nowadays (:

          Funny. A real melting-pot of origins 🙂 Deryker sounds indeed very Belgian, either Flemish or from Brussels, or might even be from the Wallonia.

          My pleasure, have a nice sunday DJ

  3. Congratulations DarkJade. This is so inspiring.

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