My Short Film

My Short Film – If Not Now…

Written, Directed, Edited and Produced By James Mahoney

Cinematography/Camera Work By James Mahoney, Hallie Drake and Don Mahoney

Assistant Editor Hallie Drake

Staring Don Mahoney, James Mahoney, Willow, Una Irielight, Hallie Drake, Sequoia Mahoney and Cedar Mahoney

Filmed in Eugene Oregon, 2002

This Film was Shot in about an Hour and a Half, due to Time Constraints… My Brother is the Main Actor, and had never Seen The Script… And My Wife of One Year did a lot of the Camera Work for it, because I Needed to be in it as well, because I didn’t really know anyone in the Town, as I had just moved there.

This is My First, and Only Short Film that I did, and is Pretty Rough… Due to Time Constraints Etc., so Forgive the Shifting of Camera on Occasion, and the sometimes Choppy Sound…

I am a Writer/Director/Producer by Nature, not an Actor, Lol… But I did what was Needed, and Play The Main Character’s Brother, “James”.

2 Responses to “My Short Film”

  1. Wow, I’m impressed James! Short films aren’t easy, I know because my cousin is an actor and he did some but you’ve always to stay within a specific amount of time, etc. So you’ve to deliver in such a short window of time your message! I love the end! Great, great job!

    • Thank you H… Film has been drawing me back lately, I’m considering to start Filming Some Shakespeare, and putting it up on “YouTube”… Starting with “Hamlet”, which is My Favorite all time Play

      We shall see, trying to figure out the Crew Etc. at the moment… Will Film the First Scene Below My Mom’s Deck, a perfect Spot for it

      Thanks so much for your Kind Words… No one in it thought I could pull it off with the Footage I got either… But it came out ok I think


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