Blog Series 2018-19

clarkAftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction); 13 Years Has Passed Since Superman Gave Up His Powers To Be With Lois Lane… Unfortunately, After 3 Years Of Trying, It Didn’t Work Out, As She Was In Love With Superman, Not Clark Kent. It Was Just Around That Time That Zod And His Disciples Over Took The Planet, Pushing Society To Nuclear War. Ten Years Later, Clark Kent Arises From A Nuclear Protection Chamber Along With Several Others, To Enter A Post Apocalyptic World.

Episode 1 – The Hope

Episode 2 – Earth

Episode 3 – The Path

Episode 4 – Machines

Episode 5 – Mortality

Episode 6 – Beyond The Glasses

Episode 7 – Zod

wei-guan-horse-man-and25The Wounded Warrior (2018);

by DarkJade

A Wounded Knight, and servant to Lord Or’Agos.

Vulnerasti Bellator had all but lost everything.

Part One

Part Two – The Basics

Part Three -10 Knights Of Or’Agos

Part Four -Standing Still

Part Five – Past Comes Calling

Part Six – Memory

Part Seven – Calm As Water

Part VIII – The Darkness

Part IX – Ariq-Cu

Part X – The Fallen

Part XI – Rise


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