One Knight

joustingOne Knight;

The Story

A Loyal Knight of Maelem, Tyrion, Leader of Maelem’s Armies, prepares to approach his King and ask for his freedom from service. The Great Wars have finally ended, and he longs to build a family with his new wife.

But Baron Braug has different plans…

Instead of being a Time of Peace, The Time of Magic and Dragons shall return


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter 2.5

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter 7.5

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Chapter X

Chapter 10.5

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII

The Characters

Tyrion – Tyrion, or Sir Tyrion, is the Leader of Maelem’s Armies. He is the Nobelist of Men, a Great Leader, and Husband to Jade. King Maelem thinks of him as a Son.

Jade – Lady Jade as it were, is Wife of one year to Tyrion. She is a Brave, and Strong Willed Woman, who also is quite good with a Bow. She is a bit younger than Tryion, but often was the case in the Time of Knights.

King Maelem – King of the City, and Kingdom of Maelem. His Ancestors built Maelem hundreds of years ago, and his family has ruled it as such. King Maelem is a Wise, and Mysterious man, his Warm and Large Heart being the greatest of all his traits. King Maelem, however, is not one to be trifled with, as he has a long history of experience in regards to Battle. His wife died some 15 years ago, and so he’s ruled Maelem alone. He thinks of Tyrion as his son.

Lord Braug – Lord and Ruler of the Keep of Hamke. The Baron thinks that it is time for a New Rulership in Maelem, and will use all of his resources to see this goal realized. He is the Father of two sons, Viden, and Wiley.

Ahnug – Ahnug is the Lead of Maelem’s Cavalry, and closest Comrade of Tyrion. He is Cantankerous, and Strong.

Natum – Natum is the Captain of the Guard of Tyrion’s New Tannanhall Keep. He was appointed by King Maelem himself. Natum is Loyal, Able, and Reliable.

Kon – Lead of Maelem’s Archers. Kon keeps very much to himself, and is a brilliant Archer, and Leader.

Adon – Heir of Warnlock

Pepen – Newly appointed Foot Soldier Lead for Tyrion’s Tannanhall Guard. Pepen is young, friendly, and able.

Viden – Eldest Son of  Lord Braug. Viden is a Strong Warrior, but is Rash and unwise.

Wiley – Wiley is the youngest of Lord Braug’s Sons. He is both Arrogant, and Ignorant.

Oddos – Baron Braug’s Court Sorcerer

Ingum – King Maelem’s Captain of his Elite Guard. Very Strong, Very Loyal, Very Smart.

Brentia – A Female Tannanhall Archer.

Shadowmyth – The Ancient and First Known Dragon.

Tor’Hum – Youngest Heir to Shadowmyth. He is renowned for his Cruelty, and Blackened Heart.

Lizandar – Head House Man of Tannanhall Keep

Sargent MilcoyA Sargent of Lord Braug’s Army.

Enre – Tyrion’s Squire

Ree – Jade’s Lady’s Girl

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