“White Jade” YouTube Trailer Kickstarter Project

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kickstarter“White Jade” YouTube Trailer Kickstarter Project

I just launched my First Film Making related Kickstarter Project, to generate some money to Produce a “White Jade” YouTube Trailer.

Here’s the Link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamesmahoney/white-jade-youtube-trailer

Check Out the Video I made for Kickstarter, and Thanks for any kind of support you can offer.


If Robots Can Dance

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A Video I Did Back In February, But It Wasn’t Approved By YouTube Right Away Because Of The Song Copyright… Seems To Be Now

Originally posted on Legends Productions:

A Video I Did Back In February, That Wasn’t Approved By YouTube Because Of Song Copyrights… But It Appears To Be Approved Now

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“White Jade” Trailer

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White Jade Cover Book 1Hey there, I’m just trying to drum up $200 to fund my “White Jade” Trailer

My PayPal Email is jadeblue@yahoo.com if you’d like to get involved

$2, $5, $10 Etc., anything helps

I will be presenting this Trailer to a possible Co-Producer in the middle of August for my “White Jade” YouTube Series

You can peek at the Cover and 8 Pages from my “White Jade” Partial Comic Here “White Jade” Comic

And here’s a couple Videos I made using the Comic Pages a couple years back

Part 1

Part 2

Anything you can do is Appreciated

My goal is to Produce 8 Minute Video Increments of the Film/Video

These will be Produced/Backed by a Co-Producer, or by creating a KickStarter Project

I’ll keep you updated

Thanks for your help with the Trailer!


Lights – Engage

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by dArKjAdE


“In One Mind…”

“Out Another”


Chicago – 2138

A blackened building…

One and a half dozen men in black, gas masked, and bearing Z600 Canons enter the mutant filled building…

Lights at the top of their guns, it looks like some sort of white fairy dance from Kore’s floor…

…as he sits on a crate eating a can of beans.

“Corporate @#@#$!”


They enter the building clearing the hallways of mutants with rapid fire…

It’s like a lightning storm on level one…

Twelve more floors to go…

Scout leads his pack… But in his helmet he receives a telecomute-o-gram from Joseph.

“How’s it going in there Scout…” speaks Joseph.

“All is well laddy…”


…speaks Scout as he and his men lay waste to the unsuspecting mutants.

Meanwhile upstairs, Kore looks at the huge stack of canned beans.

“Dam it…”

He then opens his door, and there is a mutant standing there…

OOMFARGH! screams the mutant as Kore throws a fist in its chest, his fist lighting up in a white glow as it strikes, blowing the mutant back up against the wall…

Meanwhile Scout and his Mercenary crew have reached the third level, heading up the stair well.

“This is easy!” speaks one of the mercenaries…

Scout on the other hand seems a bit hesitant suddenly.

“Too easy.” he thinks to himself.

With this Scout lets the others make their way up, and out into the third level hallway…

“Whose that!” one of the mercenaries suddenly says, as Kore is standing at the end of the hallway, his motorcycle helmet now on, causing the 1, 2 and 3 on his helmet to light up in blue light, then fading.

Surprisingly there don’t appear to be any mutants on this level, but there is a scent like that of a hot oven.

Scout steps through the lot, and sees the man.

“You’d best clear out of here buddy, this building belongs to Joseph Ridlen now, Chicago City Official…” speaks Scout, but Kore does not reply…

Scout pauses for a moment waiting for a response… “Eh… Waste em.”

Just as the men begin to raise their cannons, Kore raises his arms, his fists now aimed at the mercenaries…

“Send my regards to our City Official” he thinks to himself before…

SHAMMM!!! a white light blares out of his hands, incinerating them…


…and all is silent.

A moment later Kore is downstairs, knocking down a mutant here in there, with the same glowing punchs to their chests, mounts his YT7000 Hover Bike…


…and takes off.


PICTURE CREDIT – Post Apocalypse


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“In A Time Of Despair…”

“When Hope Is A Luxury”

“Think Of Me Brother…”

“And I Will Think Of You”

CHAPTER ONE – Indulgence


Inside a half destroyed, blackened building…

Night has fallen…

And one secured room holds a man in a tight-ish white leather bikers suit, with a black stripe down one side.

His helmet is removed, also white, but with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 running across the front in black

The man that sits by a bonfire in the middle of what used to be a high end stock exchange office, opens a can of beans with his sharpened buck knife.

Outside his locked door, the hallway is filled with torn up mutant survivors from the many chemical explosions that occurred over the previous three months time.

The month is September… And the man’s hair is sandy blond.


…the man thought as he dug a spoon… His only spoon, into the uncooked beans.

“I dated a girl born in September once… What was her name.”


Suddenly there is a bang on the door…

One of the mutants probably smells the food.

The man is named Kore…

And he has no interest in what lays beyond the walls of this building.

Though he often leaves to find foot etc…

…Kore looks over at a huge stack of canned beans…

…his latest haul would hold him over for weeks.

Outside in the city… The flying military police ships fill the night.

There brash beams of lights coming down upon the streets below, well snipers within the vessel sniper mutants dead.

…But there are so many.

Deep within the walls of the City Counsel building… Dark, scheming men pull, and tear at a map of the city…

…each trying to claim more territory for themselves.

“What about that building?” speaks a rather dim man in short brown hair.

“Ha… That’s where the light one is… You won’t be wanting to stir that,” speaks an ugly, scraggly looking fellow picking at his teeth.

“Light one? What are you talking about,” replies the dim man.

“That’s a myth Jaros… None have seen hide, nor hair of any ‘light one’,” interjects a man known as Sam.

Sam is a fairly good looking 50 something looking fellow… Part Archeologist… Part Physicist.

But none of the others in the room, totaling 50, know of his resume’.

What would be the point of telling this lot of vicious, power hungry scavengers…


“If it’s a myth… Why has no one claimed that building?” asks the dim one, whose now spoken enough to deserve a name… His name is Joseph.

“Mutants… Hundreds of them have gathered in that building,” speaks a rough looking fellow in a black safari hat, and jacket… One eye, a glass one, covered by a patch. This one is known only as Scout.

“But for the right price… Me and my men will help you clear it out,” he continues.

“You’ve got a deal… Uh… What was your name?” asked Joseph.

With this the man stands, now visible are two sawed of Lazor Cannon R300’s strapped to his back…

“The name’s Scout… And we’ll leave in an hour.”


PICTURE CREDIT – Post Apocalyptic

Happy 4th Of July!

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stm4c2b94f73cdf220100630Happy 4th Of July!


Corn On The Cob – A Couple Days Ago (For Me It’s More Than One Day, lol)

Watermelon – A Few Days Ago

Potato Salad – Last Night

Fireworks – I Know I’ll Hear Them, Not Sure I’ll See Them

Happy 4th Everyone!!


Point Of View

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HDR tonemapped

HDR tonemapped

Point Of View

The World is a Beautiful place

There’s really no two ways about it

People are Complicated

We do what we do

This Harking sky


Pool of Truth

Look around you…



Let not your Hard Eye Blind you

The World Lives Outside Our Mind’s Eye

But we Live Within

Our own world

Bring the two together and Let Go

Cold Breath…

Warm Wind

Gentle Heart

Let it in




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