The City – Julian Geer

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Anime-boy-with-white-hair-and-blue-eyesThe City



“I am Billy Nordum… An Intern at a New York hospital”

“I am Rex Daro… A taxi driver”

“I am Julian Geer”

“I am Timothy Collins…”

“And I am a Listener.”


Deep beneath the city of New York, an underground party takes place…

Candles… Drugs… Wine… Woman… And… Young men?

A long, dark haired man, in a long gold jacket, sits in a red velvet and dark wood chair, surrounded by 6 to 8 under aged guys, who are responding to his every whim.

Julian Geer approaches, wearing a very white and black suit.

“Agent Julian Geer… At last we meet,” speaks the man known as The Beholder.

“At last,” replies Julian.

“I thought you’d be older,” speaks The Beholder as one of the young men feeds him a Monticello Cherry.

The young men are all wearing white, and have silver glittery makeup on.

They scope out Julian, but are not impressed.

Save one who looks particularity scared… Julian takes note.

“They always do… Say… Are these guys here willingly?”

The Beholder seems a bit taken off guard by this remark.

“HaHaHa…” The Beholder claps his hands, and the young men all leave… At the same time the one that had been looking at Julian, looked back at him, sweating…. Desperate…

The Beholder points at a near by chair, “Sit…”

Julian takes one last look at the young man, and then takes the seat.

“You’ve taken a liking to one of them… You but say the word, and I–“

“I’m alright,” Julian cuts him off before he finishes.

“Very well… So tell me Julian Geer… To what do I owe the honor?”

“Nice collection of young men you got there…”

“You’re not too bad yourself… Still… You’re a little too old for my taste,” The Beholder looks to be in his 40’s.

“I won’t let you destroy the city Vaug…” Julian suddenly says, as he waves away a waitress.

“HaHa… So you know who I am then.”

“I know you’re Vaug Hendrichs… I know you go by The Beholder,” replies Julian

“Who told you I was going to destroy the city?

“A little voice inside my head…” replies Julian.

The Beholder looks to be losing his patience.

“Voices eh… You should take something for that.”

“I’ve already had all that I can take… With this place,” Julian replies, prodding him on.

The Beholder is not impressed.

“Clever… But I think that it’s time that you go…” The Beholder says, and …


…he claps his hands loudly.

“Out of sight… Does not mean… Out of mind,” Julian spats out as two large security guards in white suits lift Julian from his chair.

“Remove him,” The Beholder simply states, no longer looking at Julian…


…he smacks his hand together again, and the young men return, and surround him.

Julian is dragged on his heals out of the party chamber.


He lights a cigarette and looks over the city… It’s started to rain.

“People die on this planet every day…”

“But it is not their choice…”

“Vaug singed his own death warrent tonight…”

“Julian won’t let him too off his leash…”

“But Vaug knows that… Which means…”


Six men in black suits, with blood red shirts, step off a boat.




Netflix Recommendation… “Daredevil”

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daredevil-on-netflixNetflix Recommendation… “Daredevil”

Netflix has begun producing their own shows

I may have seen some of their documentaries

And peaked at a couple of their shows

But this show is good

But of course, Stan Lee is a genius

So it shouldn’t surprise me that the Daredevil is just another interesting one of his creations

Check it out, I’ve seen two so far

Gritty, Smart and Cool


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The City – The Listener

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the city 1The City

by dArKjAdE-


“My name is Timothy Collins…”

“And I’m a Listener…”

Episode II

The Listener

A taxi cab tears down the road in the middle of New York City

In the back of the cab, an older couple argues

Driving, is the white haired, 23 year old Timothy Collins

“Today’s not a good day…”

“Today’s one of those days where I want to find a ravine, and drive right off into it, me jumping out, and leaving this couple in it…”

“Yeah today’s one of those days.”



Suddenly Timothy pulls over, and brings the cab to a dead stop.

“Get out,” he says without demonstrating any remorse.

“What?” the guy in back replies

Timothy turns around, lights a cigarette, and flicks it at the couple, “I said get out!”

The couple shaken up, jumps out of the car, and as the guy reaches into his wallet to pay, Timothy has already torn down the road in his blue taxi… The Pharaoh as he calls it… One of a kind.

“As a cab driver, I go by the name Rex… All these identities… What’s the point.”

Ah yeah I remember… Sanity… I mean, who can really take being the same person every single day, in and out… No wonder so many people get lost in t.v…. They need an escape from being whoever they are all the friggen time… Not me, I just ride out 3 identities…”

Timothy pulls up to a highrise apartment building, scopes it out a bit, then gets out of his cab.


Timothy rides to the 22nd floor, where he gets out, and uses a card key to access his room.



He tosses his long black trench coat onto the couch.

“Now home I like…”

He checks his messages.

 He then jumps over the couch, picks up the remote, and turns on the t.v.

“You didn’t really think I never watched t.v., did yah… But I don’t watch it for the same reasons…”

He flips it to the news.

“Car wrecks, shootings, political bullshit… Now that’s entertainment.”

Suddenly his face goes blank, and he drops the remote on the floor, and like being in a trance heads into his bedroom, leaving the news blaring in the background.

“Rex’s day is over… But Billy’s is just beginning.”

He goes into his closet and pulls out a pair of medical scrubs for his intern job…


Suddenly he freezes, and turns to look at the cell phone sitting on the mantle by his bead.


He tosses the scrubs on the bed and picks up the phone


“Looks like Billy’s calling in sick… It’s Julian’s time.”


The City

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The City 2The City

When Stars drop from the sky


And Full of light

You should hold them till you die

Love them…

Fill their lives

When Stars Fall past the moon

Break the barrier…

Start a new

Your eyes let me know straight away…

Held you close

Hope you stayed…

When you came into my life

I woke straight up…

From a clouded rain

When you shared with me the night…

It’s then I knew…

You could be mine


New York City – New York

“My name is Timothy Collins…”

A sleek looking male, in a black trench coat, with white stylish hair, steps into a Starbucks

“And I’m a Listener…”

Inside there are a table of young girls laughing, Timothy himself is 23

He orders a hot tea, and makes his way out the door as quickly as he came in

The girls hardly get a glimpse of him, but seem to feel him as he walks by

They continue laughing and chatting

“There are three secrets that I will never tell anyone…”

“One would get me killed… And I’m not quite ready yet…”

“And one would send me to prison for 20 years.”

“The other would destroy anyone I’ve cared about in my life…”

“Of course at the moment… There are none.”

He enters a local hospital Emergency Room, and makes his way into the doctor and nurses locker room

“One of my identities is that of an Intern at an Emergency Room…”

“But no one truly knows who I am.”

“And I prefer it that way.”

“Evening Billy, how goes it,” speaks  a different Intern looking Timothy’s way

Timothy looks over at him, but doesn’t reply

“I haven’t decided yet…”

“If I’m going to interact with people.”

Timothy gets up after putting on his Intern attire, and passes right by the other Intern

“Or if I”m going to change this place…”


Timothy has finished his shift and is walking down the sidewalk

Suddenly he walks into traffic

“Sometimes I walk directly in front of taxis…”

A taxi headed right towards him screeches to a halt, “HEY BUDDY, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!”

Timothy goes back to the sidewalk, and continues on his way

“I like to keep them sharp…”

“They need to be sharp.”

“They are the stumbling feet of New York.”

“They are motion…”


The Warrior Tiwaz

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Conan-Barbarian-520x715The Warrior Tiwaz

Only The Mighty Will Conquer

Only The Strong Will Survive

Tiwaz was a Warrior from the Northen Mountains of Oz Riak

Clad in reds, yellows and gold… Saving the areas of his body which he preferred exposed

And there, his muscles were strong, and well toned

Tiwaz traveled alone, and rarely spoke to anyone

You might see him deep in the shadows of a tavern, slowly drinking his Ohnrik Ale from his homeland

The only kind he will drink

You might see his dark, almost black eyes looking into his cup, as if scoping the universe, and patiently waiting for something to happen


The lands that surrounded these mountains were largely overrun with the dark warriors of Cadrel… But they rarely messed with Tiwaz

The lands surrounding that were largely burned, and their peoples without hope

But this was not something that Tiwaz cared about… He was more of an island, than a fellow man amongst this world

Some compare his swordplay to that of the great Mythic Hero, Ziwa Ond…

And at his side rested the long, black, heavy blade of his father Kenleck

Though this world is on the brink of ending, or at least the lives of the innocent within it, Tiwaz stared deeply into his ale…



A Return To Screenplay Writing?

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greenA Return To Screenplay Writing?

2015 is a big year for me

I’m in a place that I’ve never been before internallly

I’m starting to consider the possibility that it might actually be ok to be pretty happy

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a depressed or super sad person

But, I do believe I’ve limited myself a bit in regards to letting myself be truly happy

It’s not my fault really… We’ve all got our pasts, and things we’ve been through

And are dealing with on a day to day basis

But I feel really good right now

What does this have to do with Writing Screenplays?

While, I’ve been deliberating, and bouncing between Writing Books

Getting back into Film Making

Becoming a Financial Advisor (Mostly Stocks related)

And even Rune Reading to make some money

All of these things are amazing

But what I truly feel is I need, and want to really begin to Focus primarily on one thing

Don’t get me wrong, I will likely continue to educate myself on Stocks

And even give some advise in regards to them

And I will continue to study Runes, as I am drawn to them, and find them facinating

And frankly, I am a Writer and a Film Maker

So those things will always be in the mix

But during a conversation with my greatest, and favorite person

It was pointed out to me how much I lit up when talking about Re-Reading my Screenplay “White Jade”

Recently I contacted a Professional Actor/Director who I happened to meet

And asked if he would be willing to read both my Screenplay, “White Jade” and my Novella “I Died Once”

He replied ‘via twitter’ that he has a tight schedule this year, but will take a look

Which lead me to Re-Reading part of my Screenplay


I do believe I will begin again to start Writing Screenplays

Though I’ve written one full Screenplay

And tried a couple times to get a Writing Agent to no avail

I’ve never truly given the Craft of Screenplay Writing

And finding an Agent a 100% effort

In fact… The most I ever really gave it was maybe a 25% effort

Granted, getting an Agent to read your Screenplay is hard

Really hard

And until you do, you don’t have an Agent, which means it’s not being shopped around

Sure, you might meet someone at a party or something and get an opportunity to meet someone who can help you out

But the hard reality is, that is very unlikely

Even this Actor/Director who is going to try to take a look his schedule allowing

Is no guarantee

In fact, there’s probably a 25% chance I’ll ever hear from him again

Which is ok, I’ve never really been one whose been looking to be discovered

It just so happens that he plays a Detective on a television Series (“White Jade” is about a Detective)

And is a Father of 3 Girls (“White Jade” and “I Died Once” are both about Father Daughter relationships)

So we’ll see with that

Either way, I do believe I want truly give Screenplay Writing a try

Keep in mind, I do have my Second Novella “Mady’s Storm” coming out in May or June of this year

Which is the Sequel to “I Died Once”

But truth be known, both “I Died Once” and “Mady’s Storm” could easily be transformed/converted to Screenplays

Wish me luck



White Jade Blog

White Jade YouTube Videos

I Died Once

Happy Easter

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reuse-plastic-easter-eggsHappy Easter

Ok, so they’re not real eggs

Cut me some slack, I’m a Vegan, Lol

Happy Easter to all



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