Received My First Copies Of My Second Novella “Mady’s Storm”

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IMG_1073.JPGI’ve been so wrapped up in my Film Making for the last year and a half, I’ve only just today received my First Printed Copies of my Second Novella in my Mady Series, “Mady’s Storm”

Available on Amazon HERE for $5.95


And if you haven’t read the First Novella in the Series, “I Died Once”

It’s also available on Amazon HERE also for $5.95

Really Excited

Thank you all for your continued support and interest in my Writing Endeavors/Blog Postings/Film Making Updates



Deep… And Classic

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Star Trek Beyond… In Review

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Before I Say Anything Else, Let Me Start By Saying I Respect That They Dedicated This Film To Both Leonard Nimoy, And Anton Yelchin (Checkov)

Leonard Nimoy Was One Of My Favorite People On The Planet, And Spock Was My Favorite Character In The Original “Star Trek” Shows And Films

And Anton Yelchin Was One Of My Favorite, If Not My Favorite Part Of These New “Star Trek” Films. He Was Just A Very Special Talent.



Let me start by saying that preview above, sadly, was much better than the actual Film.

When I originally saw the preview for this Film (I think it was a different preview than the one above, which is actually pretty good), I actually didn’t think that it looked like it was going to be very good… But, as time has gone by, once I saw it was orderable, I’ve kinda wanted to take a look. Partly because I liked the first two Reboot “Star Trek” Films, partly because it’s a “Star Trek” Film.

The Writing; After watching this Film last night, I knew it would be a challenge to try and explain what appeared to go wrong overall with this film. My biggest suspicion, was the Writing. Followed by possibly the Editing, and lastly the Directing.

That in mind, I thought I’d start with the Writing in determining this.


The First And Second Reboot “Star Trek” Films were written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who appear to have been working together for a long time on such films as “Tranformers” I and II, and “Cowboys And Alians”.


They were also joined by Damon Lindelof on the Second Reboot, “Star Trek Into Darkness”. He also worked with them on “Cowboys And Aliens”, and also was one of the writers on “World War Z”.

All of these were decent films, though their efforts in “Star Trek” Reboots were probably better.


Writing this Third Reboot Film, “Star Trek Beyond”, was Simon Pegg (The Actor who plays Scotty in the Reboot films), and Doug Jong. Both of them have previous writing credits (Most notably “Shaun Of The Dead”, which Simon Pegg Co Wrote)

I’ve never seen any of either of their work… I’ve only heard that “Shaun Of The Dead” is funny.

All I can say is, this film felt very sloppy, and disjointed.

The Story;

Though there were some good concepts here and there, for the most part the whole thing felt like “Then this happened… Then this happened… Then this happened,” with no sense of… Solidity I guess… Still difficult to explain, lol

One very sad thing I will say is, J. J. Abrams (Along with  everyone else involved with the First Two Reboots) did a great job of reinventing the Old/Original Star Trek Characters, and making us look forward to their new Adventures.

But this third film not only took the Original 1966 Characters for granted, it also took the New 2009 Rebooted Characters for granted.

Which I gotta say, is really sad for the Actors, even more so than the fans of Star Trek.

And it makes me wonder how each of them actually felt about this film.

But that info. is probably impossible to find out there, as I guess there’s a Sequel to this latest film already planned.

The Directing; It’s difficult for me to discern how much of the issue with this Film was the Directing, how much was the Writing, and how much was the Editing.

I know they all played a part.


The only film I’ve seen that Justin Lin Directed was “The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift”.

I actually liked that film. Though I admit, I really liked a couple of the actors, and I love Tokyo at night.

Still, it wasn’t bad.


I’m curious to hear what people think in regards to how much of the problem was the Directing, and how much was the Writing in this film… But I suspect the Writing is the main problem.

Editing; All I can say is, something was off… But maybe it had to do with the Content/Shots they had to work with, or just bad Writing, or unintuitive Directing… Really hard for me to put my finger on it.



What can I say, the Acting was good… Admittedly, some of them seemed a bit off sometimes… But I suspect that had to do with either the Writing, or Directing… Really hard to say… But their efforts were consistent with the First Two Reboot Films.



Like I say, the Acting was good, but as I mentioned above, I do feel that how well they developed the Characters in the First Two Reboots was taken for granted in this film… The Cliche’s, if you will, became multi layered… Leaving a feeling that you were only seeing the shell of these characters. Sorry to be repetitive, but Writing, and/or Writing and Directing.


And the New Character Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), wasn’t an issue as I feared from the preview… If anything, I felt she had to kind of be in ‘neutral’ during some of the film, because either the Writing or Directing just wasn’t good enough.

In Conclusion;

It’s important in reading this article/post that you realize, I’m not Writing this to ‘Slam’ the new film, the Writers or Director… I’m just an extreme admirer of the whole “Star Trek” Franchise, and so every film, and series is important to me.


That said, lets face it, J. J. Abrams isn’t exactly easy to replace. And though he did Produce this Third Reboot, he did not Direct it.

We all know he shifted from the “Star Trek” Franchise to the “Star Wars” Franchise, and there’s a chance that “Star Trek Beyond” may have paid the price…

Though, I’m definitely not slamming him for that… In my opinion, he has successfully Rebooted both the “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” series.

In truth, he’s such a busy, and highly demanded guy, I doubt he would have Directed the Third Film anyway…

Final Thoughts; I was terribly disappointed in this film. In fact, even the ‘hey it’s just a movie, have fun watching it’ factor wasn’t quite enough to keep me watching the whole thing… The main reason I watched the whole thing was so that I could do this post to be honest with you.

And the main reason I did this post, is because I know they can do a lot better than this film… Because I’ve seen them do it, for one.

What can I say, I’m a Writer, and I’m a Filmmaker… And this Film left me very unsettled.

One last thing, I really do want to give credit to those involved because it was obviously a behemoth of a film to Produce.

Nuff Said

5 Stars Out Of 10

Check it out, and let me know what your opinion is



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What is it you want from me…

I’ve given you blood

I’ve given you Time

Do you wish for me to surrender…

Look into the light

The Trauma is real, no doubt…

But the Stories

And the People…

Perhaps it’s Time myself that I Need

Perhaps I’m too hard on myself



A Time to Weep



Black Angel – A Friend

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Black Angel

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

“With Hair, And Light, Like I’ve Never Seen…

Her Smile Penetrates…

Her Heart So Free

How Can Life Be So Cruel…

Only To Set One To Confusion





Angelice, an eight year old girl with curly blond hair, and soft blue eyes, brushes a small comb through a dolls hair.

She smiles as she coughs just a bit.

A nurse in the room checks her vitals.

“Just 20 more minutes Angelice… Then straight to sleep,” speaks the nurse with a slight melancholy smile.

“Twenty minutes…” replies Angelice gaily without looking at the nurse.

Meanwhile standing in the room, unseen by Angelice, is a striking man with glorious white wings, and shoulder length brown hair.

He stares at her, almost smiling.

Suddenly Jacob enters through the outside wall, fading whilst passing through it, then appearing beside the other angel.

His black wings set starkly next to the others white.

“Not long now,” speaks Brim, the white winged angel.

“Yes,” replies Jacob.

“I’m surprised to see you here Jacob,” speaks Brim as he looks over fondly at him.

“I was drawn here,” replies Jacob.

“Farewell Jacob,” speaks Brim as he fades and passes out of the building.

Suddenly a golden glow passes over Jacob and his wings fade away.

The girl looks up, “Hello,” she speaks.

“Hello Angelice,” he replies as he takes the chair beside her bed.

“Have you come to take me away?” she questions going back to combing her doll.

“No… That’s not my job,” Jacob replies.

She puts her doll under her blanket and looks at Jacob.

“Than why are you here?”

He stares at her his eyes glowing blue faintly, enamored by the girl.

“So you know I’m an Angel…” he states.

“Oh yes… I’ve had another visiting my room for several days now,” she replies.

“You could see him?” questions Jacob.

“No… Not exactly,” she replied.

“I understand,” replies Jacob.

“I need a few friends, as I live here on Earth now… And I thought you’d be a good choice,” explains Jacob.

Suddenly the girl looks a bit sad, “Well… I won’t be here long.”

“Yes I know,” replies Jacob.

The girl ponders for a minute, “Ok, I’ll be your friend.”

Jacob smiles, “Thank you Angelice.”


Ella Strom convinces someone at the apartment building to let her into the newest tenants, Jacob’s, room.

She looks through the apartment, but there is no furniture other than one chair in the middle of the living room.

She’s perplexed.

“Can I help you?” suddenly comes a voice from the doorway…

…it’s Jacob.

“Oh, I,” Ella stumbles for words.

“It’s ok,” replies Jacob.

“Where’s your furniture?” she questions.

“I haven’t chosen any yet…” he replies.

“I see…” she replies.

“But you have a question?” Jacob says.

“Oh… Ha… Well… A young man came to us and said that someone here rescued him from falling from the roof…” she explains.

“Yes… That was me,” he replies.

“Oh… Ok… Wow… Great,” she replies.

“Would you like to grab some dinner Ella?” suddenly questions Jacob.


They both eat burgers and fries.

Ella has a diet soda, and Jacob has a chocolate milk shake.

“So good,” exclaims Jacob as he takes a large spoon full of the thick shake.

“Yes they are,” she replies.

“May I ask what happened?” she questions.

“Mark T, the young man, leaped from the abandoned building next to mine… I was on the rooftop, saw that he wasn’t going to make it, and grabbed his arm, bringing him to the roof,” he explains.

“Wow… Yeah… So you’re a hero?” she asks.

Jacob just stares at her, but doesn’t reply.

“And… Yer humble… Ok, well, I appreciate your time Mr.?”

“Just Jacob,” he replies.

“Ok, thank you,” she starts to pay, but he places his hand on hers sending an immense amount of peace through her heart.

She gasps.

“I’ve got it,” he says.



Jacob sits in Angelice’s room, which is now empty, the bed made.

Tears run down his cheek.


Black Angel – Rediscovery

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Black Angel

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II




As the sun sets over New York City, Jacob stands atop the rooftop of his apartment building…

And as the sun reaches the sea, his black wings reappear.

“Where Do I Belong…

Surely I Have No Home.

Removed From The Golden City…

I Look Upon The City Of Light

I Must Seek Out The Three…

The First Begins To Come To me.

Suddenly the roof door begins to open, and Jacob takes flight…

From out of the door comes Ella Strom, and Mark T.

“This is where it happened,” Mark T spoke as he stepped to the edge where he nearly lost his life.

“I jumped from that abandoned building, and a hand reached out and caught me just before I fell to my death…” explained Mark T.

Ella steps to the edge of the building looking down, “That’s quite a fall.”

“And you say you saw a dark silhouette of wings, and a hand reached out and grabbed your arm… And this hand had a golden glow around it?” spoke Ella as she peered around the rooftop.

“Right!” Mark T responded anxiously.

“So how much is this going to get me?” he then questioned.

“It depends…” replied Ella.

“On what?” questioned Mart T.

“On what kind of story this ends up being…” she looked at him, “…but don’t worry, it will be at least a couple hundred bucks.”

With this Mark T. smiled, then smacked his hand in excitement.

“You can’t be up here…” a voice came suddenly from behind them…

It was Bruno, the landlord of the apartment building… A semi heavy, short, big mustache, balding Italian fellow with a cigar in his mouth.

“We’re just leaving,” as Ella walked by Bruno, she handed him a $20.

“I don’t want this,” Bruno spoke, insulted…

…and Mark T took it out of Bruno’s hand, “I’ll take it.”

Ella smiled, the two left the rooftop.

Bruno stayed and looked around a bit, when he saw Jacob, his wings gone again, sitting on a far edge… Out of site from where the others were standing.

Jacob was looking down at the streets below.

“Hey, you’re that new tenant, right?” spoke Bruno as he stepped up behind Jacob.

Jacob’s golden white hair looking unnaturally beautiful…

…he wore all white.

“Yes…” with this Jacob stood, “The name is Jacob.”

Bruno took a hit off his stogie, and shook Jacob’s hand.

“Wow… That’s a firm grip,” Bruno spoke as a strong feeling of peace rushed through him.

He sighed, and forgot what he was doing for a moment.

“I heard what you said to those two… So, I’m not allowed on the rooftop?” questioned Jacob.

“Huh? Oh… No… It’s alright… You ain’t doin no harm… Besides, you live here… I just don’t want no strangers, and/or reporters fussen around up here,” explained Bruno.

“Reporters?” questioned Jacob.

“Yeah… The woman… I recognize her… She’s from the New York News… She’s a good writer, but still… I like things to keep pretty private in this building… These people liven here work hard.”

Jacob nodded, and Bruno stepped away.

“Nice meeten you bud…” and Bruno was gone.

Suddenly a little blue eyed, blond curly haired girl’s face appeared in Jacob’s mind…

“Angelice… We don’t have long,” his wings appeared, and he took to the sky.


Black Angel – Home

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Black Angel 

by DarkJade

Episode I

“Though Mark T Was My First Encounter…

We Would Not Be Friends.”





Mark T awaits yelling in the Emergency Room, “Noooooooooo!”

A nurse runs in, and calms him down, “It’s ok… Everything is ok… You’re unharmed.”

“The Angel… The Angel on the roof,” he spoke frantically.

The nurse shook her head to herself, “It’s ok… You can go home as soon as you sign these,” she hands him papers so that they can bill his insurance company, and he can be discharged.


An empty, dark apartment, which has only one chair.

There are no lights on.

Sitting in the chair is a black winged angel, with golden white hair…

…his head bowed.


As the sun rises in the nearby window, Jacob’s wings dissolve in a light golden glimmer.


Reporter Ella Strom rushes around trying to put the final touches on her latest article about cell phone caused car accidents.

Her haircut shaggy, hair brown, and clothing less than stylish.

“This is redundant… This is redundant,” she speaks to herself, as she finally sits down at her cluttered desk.

“Even if it is… It’s still a relevant topic,” speaks her Boss, Drake Mortamor…

She looks up to see his 6’3″ perfectly in shape form, thick black hair and flawless smile.

“Good morning Drake,” she speaks with familiarity.

“Go to dinner with me Maggy,” he speaks.

“It’s Ella… Mr. Mortamor… Sir,” she corrects him gently.

“Right, Ella… My bad,” suddenly his secretary calls to him, indicating there’s a call for him.

“Chat at yah later,” he says as he coolly steps away into his office.

Suddenly Jeremy, one of the Assistants in the office steps forward with Mark T.

“Here’s that guy who says he saw an Angel… Mortamor said to have you talk to him,” speaks Jeremy who then steps away.

Mark T sits down awkardly at the extra chair.

Ella types away finishing up her article without looking up at him.

“An Angel, eh,” she speaks semi sarcastically.

“Well whatever, or whoever it was, they weren’t human,” replied Mark T casually as he glimpsed around the place.

“Say, how do you get a job in here,” he suddenly says.

Ella stops typing, “You don’t want a job in here,” she replied, then finished up her typing, and clicked send on her computer.

She releases a sigh of relief, then looks at Mark T with full attention.

“So… What made you say he was an Angel specifically…” she asked coyly.

“Well… I suppose I’d have to say the wings… But also the golden light that was around him… He looked angelic to me,” he replied, having now spotted the doughnuts on the nearby table.

Ella followed his gaze, “Want one?” Mark T smiled and nodded.

She grabs him a bright pink doughnut, then sits back down.

“I See… Is there anything else you can tell me about… Er… Him?” she questions.

“Yes, ‘he’… Saved my life… And I can tell you where it happened.”