Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VII

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot – CHAPTER VI – Cyclops


With Dreyha’s Spell we were able to move through the room undetected by the Cyclops…

Out of four possible exits, Dreyha felt we should go through the Eastern door…

…20′ in, it lead to a large 50′ by 110′ room, with a raised area.

At the back of the raised area was a large black velvet curtain…

…Dreyha gestured towards the curtain.

Z, meanwhile, had become distracted by the beautiful tapestries on the walls…

…then disregarded it.

He moved towards the curtain, then stood perfectly still.

“You’d Best Come In, Being You Came All This Way…” came a beautiful, yet deep female voice.

…it was her… LARA X.

We looked at one another, then stepped through the curtain.

Beyond it was a beautiful 30′ by 50′ chamber…

And sitting towards the far end of the room was Lara X, a 20′ long Silver Dragon, amongst piles of silver and gold, and a Chest on top.

I step forward and bow slightly, “Lara X?”

“Indeed,” she replies.

“We didn’t know if the Hobgoblins, or the Tru Soldiers had slain you…” I added.

“Torbaloy (The Hoblgoblin Warlord) Let me be, in exchange for the rest of the Lair…” she explained.

“And The Soldiers Of Tru, Like The Hobgoblins, Never Went Beyond The Cyclops Chamber… Wise I Think,” she added.

“Why Have You Come Wizard…” She questioned.

“This is your Lair… Your… Home… I will do my best to persuade the Lord Mayor of Tru to pull out his Soldiers…” I explained.

“What Is Your Name…” she says, almost appearing to smile.

“Ren…” I reply.

“I Have Something For You Ren…” she speaks.

“Come To Me…” she finishes.

I step forward, and she looks down at the chest, where there is a beautiful Purple Stoned Amulet, on a Silver Chain, laying over it.

“Take It…” she says, the warmth of her breath upon me.

I pick up the Amulet, “Why are you giving this to me?”

“Because You Are My Friend…” she speaks.

We left the Lair, and approached the Soldiers of Tru guarding the pass between the Lair and where Laris and Kinner were waiting.

Zahn stepped forward, “I am Zahn of the Order of Apollo,” he spoke.

The guards, hands on their sword handles, looked at one another.

“Two of our friends are beyond you, and we needs retrieve them.

Zahn was able to get the Soldiers of Tru to allow us to get our friends, and another set of Guards to let us through the Southern passageway which would lead us to Tru.

As we began our travel, Laris looked at Zahn, “So you’re Zahn…”

Zahn looked at her.

“Ren speaks about you often,” she added.

We made our way to Tru, where before anything else, we would retrieve our Silver from Adis in the Underlay.

“I’ll get us our Silver,” spoke Z, who headed to the Underlay Thieves Guild secret entrance, as he had been through it when we were last in Tru.

I nodded, then decided to visit several Horse Selling Stables, where at last I spoke to a reasonable Seller, and we as a Party purchased 5 Horses.

Mine was Grey, Kinner’s Brown and White, Laris’s was Blond, Kayen’s White, and we got one for Z as well, which was Brown.

With the money we got from defeating the Frost Giant, it was a sensible purchase, as we’d been traveling on foot.

90 Gold a piece for the Horses.

We then made our way to Lord Mayor Shaymus’s large home, beyond the walls that protected the Homes of the Nobles, the Mage Tower of Tru, and the Keep of the Duke of Tru.

Once at the Lord Mayor’s home, he let us straight in.

“We meet again,” he spoke, standing at the window behind his desk.

Zahn looked at me, and I nodded…

…he then stepped forward, “I am Zahn, a Cleric of Apollo…”

The Lord Mayor looked at him, not appearing impressed, “And…”

“We would humbly request that you remove the Soldiers of Tru from the mountain passes to the North, leading to the Lair of Lara X.

“Lara X… We captured that Lair from the Hobgoblin Warlord, Torbaloy… The Lair is the property of Tru… I would ask all of you to stay away from it…” replied the Lord Mayor.

I stepped forward, “I’m afraid that isn’t possible… We appreciate your time Lord Mayor Shaymus, but we will take this matter up further with the Duke of Tru,” I turned, and all of us started to leave.

“Wait… Wait… That may not be necessary,” spoke the Lord Mayor, a bit unnerved.


Meanwhile Z enters the Chamber of Saya, the Leader of the Underlay Thieve’s Guild of Tru…

Adis approaches with two large sacks in her hands, and sets them before Z, “We exchanged your Silver for Gold, for ease of transport.”

Z nodded, and Adis left the chamber.

Saya stepped out of the shadows once more, and stood before Z, “Hello Z.”

Z bows slightly, “Saya.”

“Though it was not your intention to battle the Frost Giant I set as your test, in the end you did, and fought it well… So says Adis… And I am not surprised, the test was more of a ‘formality’, so that my Order did not feel I was showing you favoritism..” she explained.

“Favoritism?” Z replied.

“You have a special talent Z,” she spoke as she paced around him, “Not just as a Thief, but as a ‘being’. You don’t just steal, you’re honorable… Not always an easy trait to find amongst Thieves…”

“What is it that you want?” questioned Z.

“Two things really… I would like you to be my General… My, right hand man in this Order…” she explained.

Z seemed to shift uncomfortably.

“No rush… I’m just throwing truths on the table… But for now, I’d like to hire you to retrieve the twin of this blade,” with this she draws her SUN BLADE, a glowing yellow sword.

“If you do, my Order will not put up resistance when I appoint you my General…” she stood before him once more.

“And whether you accept, or not, you will be paid handsomely,” she finished.

She turns and walks back towards the shadows, “Think about it Z, and get back to me.”…

…she disappears.


Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VI

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot

CHAPTER VI – Cyclops

After we divided the loot, we parted ways with Adis, Myth and Auros…

Because they had horses, we had them take our Silver into Tru for us…

…We’d collect it later.

Adis gave a long look to Z as she left, and he knew, she’d be in touch about the Mission for Saya.

Kayen told us that we were about a day and a half from the once ‘Hobgoblin Lair’, now captured by the City of Tru.

By late afternoon, we reached two of the mountains surrounding the Lair.

The storm was still bad, and at some point Kayen stopped.

“There’s some men ahead,” he spoke.

Z snuck ahead, then returned.

100′ ahead there are 6 Soldiers of Tru,” he explained.

“How should we proceed?” I questioned.

“It depends… I don’t think they will let us in the Lair, if that’s what you were wanting to do,” spoke Z.

“Perhaps you Ren, Z and Kayen should sneak by them, and investigate the Lair,” spoke Laris.

“Kinner and I are not as light on our feet,” she concluded.

I looked at Z and Kayen who both nodded, “Alright.”

We did our best to sneak by the Soldiers, but one of them saw Kayen, “Go, I’ll lose them,”…

…and he separated from us.

Z and I continued, until we had a straight and clear path to the Lair.

We made our way into the cavern, and down the two familiar flights of stairs.

Suddenly Kayen appeared behind us.

“That was easier than I thought it would be,” he spoke.

Kayen then closed his eyes, “Let me try and sense the Dragon if she’s still here and alive,” he spoke.

“You can do that?” spoke Z, but I shooshed him.

A faint blue glow went over Kayen, then his eyes opened, “Yup, she’s still here, and alive.”

“It’s called ‘PRIMEVAL AWARENESS‘, it’s something us Rangers pick up on as we develop our Skills. Only works on certain Creatures, Dragons being one of them,” he added.

We searched out many of the rooms, blood stains from the battle that must have occurred between the Tru Soldiers and Clerics, and the Hobgoblins, Ogres, Goblins and Ettins of the Lair, all about…

Perhaps it’s better I wasn’t here for that.

We reached a hallway outside a large room, and Kayen brought us to a halt.

“There’s something in the next room,” he spoke.

Z nodded, then went Stealthily forward to take a look.

It was a 70′ by 40’ Trophy Room, filled with slain Beasts…

…from Sabertoothes, to Dire Wolves, to even a Cyclops…

Z went back to the hallway where we waited.

“They’re dead…” he spoke.

Kayen shook his head no.

So Z took it a step further, stealthing back into the room…

…he went from Beast to Beast trying to hear if any of them were breathing.

But he couldn’t detect anything.

He made his way back to us once more.

“Either we should try to sneak through the room, or we need to bring Laris and Kinner in here with us,” spoke Z.

“That won’t be necessary,” spoke the familiar voice of Dreyha (An Elven Druid Ren, Kinner and Chi traveled with in the Campaign 1 Story) from behind them.

They turned to look and a black haired, yellow eyed Wood Elf Druid in green attire stood behind them.

“Dreyha!” I whispered enthusiastically, then hugged her.

“She’s not alone,” another familiar voice came from the shadows behind them, it was Zahn (From Campaign 1, “The Journey Of Zahn”).

Stepping into the low light was a Golden Chainmail wearing Cleric, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a white trimmed blue Shield, with a Yellow Sun in the middle of it.

We arm embraced, then all moved further from the entrance in to the room, so that we could speak.

“Zahn, how is it possible?” I questioned.

“Chi came to see me, and Dreyha and I traveled to The Green Tower, where the High Druid Jarothh allowed us to use their Teleportation Circle…” he explained.

“I, don’t know what to say,” I replied.

“This is Z, our Rogue,” I spoke.

“A Blu Hob…” Zahn spoke, then reached out to shake his hand.

“You must be one hell of a Rogue,” Zahn added.

“And this is Kayen,” I spoke.

“Ranger,” Kayen spoke as he shook Zahn’s hand.

“This is Dreyha, of the Green Tower of Galdur,” spoke Zahn.

Dreyha bowed slightly.

“What are you doing here Zahn?” I asked.

“Protecting a Silver Dragon’s Lair, seemed like a noble cause… I felt inclined to aid you if I could,” Zahn explained.

“We need to move…” spoke Z.

“TRANSIET SINE AUTEM VESTIGIUM,” spoke Dreyha, and a green glow passed over all of them.

“This should guise us as we go through that room…” she explained.

…”As you are correct, there is a living Creature in there…” she added.

“The Cyclops.”


Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter V

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant

CHAPTER V – The Loot

“Wow!” I (Conner) yell as I stand from the game.

“Nice job Barry!” says Trevor, as he stands up and slaps Barry (Who Plays Kinner, The Party’s Bard) a high five.

“That was crazy…” speaks Lisa.

“Wow…” I was like crushed,” speaks Stacy (Who Plays Laris, The Paladin).

“Ok, lets continue,” speaks our Dungeon Master Johnny.

It wasn’t until the Frost Giant fell back off the Peak that I (Ren) caught sight of Laris, crumpled on the ground, alive, but badly wounded, in Kinner’s arms.

Adis rushed to her, and fed her a ‘HEALING POTION’, but even so, she was still badly hurt.

I quickly made my way to her, and looked into her eyes, mine were tearing up, “I fell off the mountain,” I spoke without thinking.

She laughed, though it hurt.

“Probably for the best, or you would have seen the Giant crush me underneath my shield…” she replied.

Kinner was holding her tight, like he wasn’t going to let go…

…it was the first time I saw him truly getting emotional as opposed to working on his next song.

“It’s alright buddy,” came Z’s calming, gravely voice as he placed a hand on Kinner’s shoulder, “You saved her.”

With this Kinner reduced his hold a bit, “Yeah,” he replied.

“Is Kayen alright…” spoke Laris.

“He took quite a blow…” she added.

Meanwhile Adis was now giving Kayen a ‘HEALING POTION’ as well.

“Thank you Adis…” Kayen spoke, as his wounds healed up a bit more.

I (Ren) stood and looked at Adis,”You were right…”

With this Adis stood, a bit perplexed.

“The 8 of us could beat the Frost Giant,” I added.

We rested there for a while, eating, drinking.

Z had gone down and checked to make sure the Giant was dead, and found it with Kayen’s arrow stuck between its’ eyes.

“It was dead before it struck the ground,” Z spoke as he returned, tossing a look over at Kayen, “Nice shot, right between the eyes.”

“I fear I didn’t get one hit on it,” spoke Adis.

“It all happened so quickly,” added Kinner.

It was extremely noticeable that Thalo and Stryke weren’t in the fight, Laris was left as our only real Defender.

Strykes ‘SPIRIT BEAST’ Effect made our Melee much more Fierce, and boy could she take a hit.

“What now,” spoke Kinner.

“I know where the Frost Giant’s Lair is…” spoke Adis.

Z gave a sleight smile.

“Lets do it,” he replied.

Leaving Laris, Kayen, Auros, Kinner and myself behind, Myth, Adis and Z went to the Frost Giant’s Cave.

When they returned, each one had a sack of 300 Gold, and Z handed me a VIAL, a SCROLL and a YELLOW DIAMOND.

“We’ve got 900 Gold between us, but there’s much more in the Cave,” he explained.

After the ‘SHORT REST’ we took while they were gone, Laris and Kayen were feeling much better, so we all made our way to the Cave.

Once divided, each of us had 375 Gold, 750 Silver (Which we’d have to have Adis and her Party take into Tru for us, because we don’t have horses), 16 Platinum Pieces (They gave me 18, as there were 2 extra), 700 Copper, which we left, and 3 Gems, which I had Adis keep, as she used 2 ‘HEALING POTIONS’ on my Party.

The Vial, Scroll and Yellow Diamond they gave to me to determine what they were, and to keep.

As Magic is my thing, I accepted.

Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter IV

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15

CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant

That night, we camped on a high Peak…

The weather was relentless, snow, ice, wind, there was virtually no visibility.

on 3rd Watch, Kinner worked away writing his songs, whilst Kayen kept a study eye and listen.

Suddenly, Kayen heard something, and got Kinner’s attention.

He gestured Kinner to wake the others, and disappeared out into the storm…

…When he came back, we were all awake, “Frost Giant,” he spoke in a gravely tone.

My mind froze as Kayen drew his bow and Z disappeared out into the storm to our right.

This was it.

Kayen released his bow into the darkness, and a large cry of anger could be heard as the Frost Giant, some 20 or so feet tall, with glacial blue skin, blue hair and eyes, appeared in camp baring to large Great Axes, one in each hand.

Suddenly, the two Rogues (Adis and Myth) and the Mage (Auros) from the Party earlier appeared.

Adis smiles at me, then moved towards the Frost Giant with Myth.

Suddenly Z appears from behind the Giant, slicing it badly with one of his Rapiers.

Next came the Rogue Assassin, Myth, who strikes it in the belly with their Poisoned dipped Dagger.

The Giant yells as the stings of the Rogues penetrate its’ thick skin…

Kayen then leaps at it, both Short Swords drawn, but is knocked out of the air by one of the Giants’ Great Axes, gashing him near death, he strikes the ground.

Kinner quickly reaches Kayen’s side, and Casts, “REMEDIUM LUX PLAGUS,” and a bright yellow glow goes over Kayen’s body, healing him a bit.

Kinner then begins to sing…

“Struck Down By Fiend… He Will Prevail… Beware The Paladin’s Sword”

And a Yellow Glow goes over Laris as she raises her Long Sword, “DIVINUS PERCUTIAT!” and it glows Brightly Green as she comes down upon the Giant…

…striking its’ leg.

Then with his Second Great Axe, the Frost Giant strikes at Laris, but she throws up her Shield just in time…

…but it knocks her to her knees.

Adis then appears, and strikes out with her Rapier, but misses…

…she then disappears back into the storm.

My hands Glow Red, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” and a larger than normal Orb of Fire appears in my hands, but as I’m about to throw it, I slip, and slide 40′ down the side of the mountain behind me.

Aurus then Summons the same Spell, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” but his is the normal 4′ Orb, he throws it but the Frost Giant is able to avoid it.

Z moves in, his Rapiers blaring, but the Frost Giant is remarkably nimble, and avoids the blows.

Kayen then stands, draws his bow, and shoots, striking the Giant in the shoulder.

Laris then leaps in front of Kayen…

…and the Frost Giant strikes her with his first Great Axe…

…and she’s knocked down, crumpled to the ground, badly wounded, but her Sword Lights up once more as she swings at his arm, “DIVINIUS PERCUTIAT!” badly wounding it, he drops that arm’s Great Axe…

…and in his Rage he strikes the Paladin (Laris) with his Second Great Axe, crushing her underneath her Shield…

…she stops breathing.

“LARIS! NO!” yells Kinner, who steps forward, Singing once more, tears running down his cheek…

“Though Struck Down, She Will Arise, By My Sound, My Voice Denies”

With this a Yellow Glow goes over Z, ‘INSPIRING’ him.

Kinner than raises his hand which glows Yellow, “REMEDIUM LUX PLAGUS!” he speaks, and a Yellow Glow covers Laris’s crumpled body, and she begins to breathe…

Her Shield destroyed, she casts it aside, but she’s still badly wounded.

Myth goes at the Giant again, sticking her Poisoned Dipped Dagger in its’ back, and with this the Giant is starting to look a bit wobbly.

Meanwhile I Cast, “FUNEM ARTIBUS,” and a 60′ Rope appears above me, and I start climbing it until I reach the Peak once more.

Adis reappears, but she can’t get to the Giant, and disappears again into the storm.

Auros then Summons, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” another 4′ Ball of Fire, and hurls it directly into the Frost Giant’s face.

The Giant yells, brushing it from his eyes, whilst staggering backwards.

Z then leaps through the air, plunging one of his Rapiers into its’ belly…

…and Kayen releases one last Fatal shot in between the Giants Eyes…

…and it falls back off the Peak to its’ death.


Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter III

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward

CHAPTER III – Session 15

And so we gathered for Session 15…

Ralph, who played our Rouge Z, wasn’t going to be coming for now, so Johnny, our Dungeon Master was going to play him.

Trevor, who was playing Chi, was going to take over Kayen for Johnny…

And Lisa and Mike, Johnny planned something for, but I don’t know what.

“Lets get playing,” spoke Johnny.

On the 6th Day of travel, the Party reaches the mountains North East of Tru, and begin their assent.

A whipping snow storm hinders their vision, but Kayen is able to lead the way.

As it nears the nightfall, which is near impossible to tell because of the snow and ice, they reach the peak of their first mountain…

Kayen brings the Party to a halt.

He looks back at me, and waves me to the front.

“A Stone Giant,” he speaks.

I do my best to try to see him, and he is huge…

…maybe 17 to 18 feet tall, some 150 feet away.

Unfortunately Chi was the only one in our Party who spoke the Giant Language.

Not that, that would necessarily help.

“We can try to go by it… It’s going in and out of its’ cave… They’re pretty reclusive creatures,” spoke Kayen.

I nod.

Sadly, Thalo could have Cast his Monk Black Smoke Chant (PASS WITHOUT A TRACE), but he, like Chi, is not with us.

As we try to go around the Stone Giant, it sees us…

We sit perfectly still as it stares at us.

Kayen gestures for us to keep moving, and so we do.

It seems to begin to lose interest, but keeps its’ eyes upon us as we make our way.


That was almost as scary as being in that Young Red Dragon’s Lair (Clanculam Vermi), when I was traveling with Zahn.

When we set up camp that night, 2 of Tru’s Scout Soldiers enter our camp while Kayen and Z are on guard.

“May we share your fire… Can’t seem to keep ours lit,” speaks one of them to Kayen.

Kinner and I wake, and I approach them.


“Can I do an ‘INSIGHT’ Check?” I (Connor) ask Johnny (Dungeon Master).

“Sure,” he replies.

I Roll a 12, plus my +1 WISDOM Modifier, for a total of 13.

Not too bad.

“They seem too cold to care about any agendas they might have right now,” replies Johnny.

“You can stay,” I (Ren) tell the Scouts.

In the morning, we eat, and I question them, “What are you doing so far North East of Tru?”

They look at one another.

“Has it to do with the recent capturing of the Hobgoblin Lair?” adds Laris.

“Uh,” one of them starts to speak, but the other stops him.

“Perhaps A Lovely Song Would Help Persuade You,” sings Kinner, a yellow glow passes over the 2 Scout Soldiers.

“Yes… That is why,” one of them bursts, as if in a trance from Kinner’s singing.

“As a measure of protecting the Lair, or are you searching for Warlord Torbaloy?” questions Laris.

“Both,” the other Scout Soldier replies.

“A dangerous line of work,” speaks Kayen with a smile.

They nod.

We feed them well, then move on.

As we continue North East into the mountains, we come across a Party of 2 Adventurers.

One in robes, with a staff…

…the other hooded.

“Greetings…” speaks the robed man

“You’ve another traveling with you,” speaks Z.

Suddenly from the mask of the snow and ice steps another hooded Party Member.

They pull back their hood, and it’s a woman High Elf.

Alabaster skinned, with brown hair to her shoulders, and green eyes with gold specs in them.

“Hello there,” speaks Z, but hidden in his speech is the secretive ‘THIEVES CANT‘, and what he really says is “Are you a Thief?”

“Hello there,” she replies in the same ‘THIEVES CANT’, and what she says is yes, me and the other hooded belong to the Thieves of Underlay Guild, the robed is a Mage.

“Thieves of the Underlay… The robed one however is a Mage,” Z speaks to the Party.

“Greetings,” I speak, and the girl bows a bit.

The other hooded figure does not pull down their hood.

“I am ADIS… We’re searching for the Hobgoblin Warlord, Torbaloy,” she speaks.

“I have met with your Leader/Master, Saya… She is exceptional,” speaks Z.

Adis nods again, “Yes… Yes she is.”

“This is a dangerous area… There’s a FROST GIANT that has been terrorizing the mountain villages near here,” she explains.

“The 8 of us could probably kill it… Put an end to its’ treachery.” she adds.

I pause…

“I can’t right now… There’s something I half to do,” I explain.

“No problem… But should you–” she says, then looks at Z, “–Or ‘any’ of you change your mind (‘s), success could lead to ‘other’ opportunities,” she finishes.

Mixed in her words, is the ‘THIEVES CANT’ language, and what she says to Z is, “If you help us defeat the Frost Giant, Saya has a special mission she’d like to offer you.”

Z nods, “Fare yee well, we must part,” but in ‘THIEVES CANT’ he says “I must finish my business with this Wizard, then I will be in touch.

The Party of 3 leaves, and we move on.


Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter II

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways

CHAPTER II – Westward

It was difficult parting ways with Chi, Strkye and Thalo…

Especially Chi, as we’ve been traveling together since we signed on to Zahn’s Journey.

Kinner is still with me, but seems more focused on telling Great Tales through song for the most part.

Z’s just a good guy, and Kayen I only met a hand full of days ago.

But Laris…

Laris seems to be here for me…

…though I’m not quite sure what that means.

A Tiefling Wizard, and a Human Paladin, doesn’t seem all that likely.

And settling down in love isn’t exactly what I’m looking for right now…

I look at her…

…and she turns to me and smiles.

But I can’t exactly say I don’t like having her around.

As we parted, Kayen (Wood Elf Ranger) lead the way…

I have to admit, he is the most naturally gifted Ranger I’ve ever come upon.

Behind him is Kinner (Drow/Dark Elf Bard), playing his fiddle…

“To Destiny’s…

We Did Not Know

Through Rocky Mountains…

Full Of Snow…”

Laris (Human Paladin) and I (Tiefling Wizard) were behind him, with Z (Blu Hob (Half Blue Orc Half Hobgoblin) Rogue) behind us.

A smaller Party than I had grown accustomed to, but still a decent sized one.

On the way out we saw a single Orc Scout, but he did not approach or seem to care about us…

And that night, as a deep snow fell down upon us, 2 Gnolls came near our camp, but also did not approach, and soon were gone.

The ‘Locals’ seemed to be watching the road we took, but nothing more.

The same night of camp, 2 Goblins were watching us as well…

…but they too moved on.

On the second day we reached the Lotay Woods by nightfall, where we had met Kayen 4 or 5 days before, and while he was on watch, 2 Wood Elves came to see him…

With this, we all woke, and the Wood Elves played their silver and wooden flutes, while Kinner joined in with his fiddle, and they all sung for quite sometime…

…a good and joyous night it was.

And during Day 3 of travel, as we made our way through the Lotay Woods, 3 more of the Local Wood Elves appeared, and embraced Kayen.

He had lived here for quite some time, and aided in the protection of their woods.

Day 4 was quiet, as we departed from Lotay, and made our way North West up the Plains of Isla.

The 5th Day was quiet as well, as we continued across the Plains…

…however on the 2nd Watch that night, which was Kayen and Z on guard, Kayen sensed something to the East, and made his way out into the darkness.

It was a Gnoll Hunting Party, three Gnolls in total.

Just as he thought they were going to pass, one of them stopped, and looked in his direction.

With this Kayen stood and waved his arms about, “GO!” he yelled in the Gnoll language.

The Gnolls looked at one another, and decided to move on.

When Kayen returned to the camp, Z was staring at him.

“Go?” Z spoke with a half smile.

Kayen shrugged and smiled.


Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter I

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On January 12th This Year, I Began A Story (Blog Series) About A 14 Year Old Boy Named Johnny, Who Invited Four Friends Over, And His Sister, To Their Surprise, To Play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

He’d Recently Learned How To Dungeon Master D & D (Dungeons And Dragons) 5e (The 5th Edition), And Wanted To Give It A Go…

Two Of His Friends Had Played RPG’s (Roleplaying Games), Where The Others Had Not…

This Lead To A 47 Chapter (Short Chapters) Campaign, Called ‘The Journey Of Zahn’ (Which You Can Check Out HERE) Where I Go In And Out Between The Characters In The Story, And The Players Playing The Characters In The Game…

At The End Of Chapter 47, Ren (The Tiefling Wizard Played By Connor, One Of Johnny’s Friends), Decided It Was Time For Him To Part Ways…

Which Lead Us To CAMPAIGN 2, ‘The Adventures Of Ren’ (Which you can also find HERE, below Campaign 1)

Through His Adventures, Ren Ran Head To Head With A Need For Purpose, And So He’s Beginning This Quest With Redemption


Magic And Light


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways

“Are you mad?” spoke Chi.

Our group, and Kayen had gathered in one of our Inn rooms.

“We’re Adventurers, not crusaders…” added Chi.

“I’m afraid I must agree with Chi,” interjected Stryke.

“You’re right… And my need to do this is my own,” I replied.

“I will join you,” spoke Laris.

“I had disease with it from the beginning, and once I heard of Lara X, I felt more inclined to finding out if she still lived, than finding treasure,” added Laris.

“But, I”m also a Paladin…” she concluded.

“Kayen will lead me back, only those who wish to go, can go… When I know anything, I will send word to those who stay here in Avador,” I added.

“I’ll go… It feels right to investigate the matter,” spoke Z.

“I will not go,” replied Stryke.

“I’m not going, and i’m not sure I”m going to wait for you here either…” spoke Chi.

“Will you return to Jor?” asked Kinner.

“I’m considering it,” replied Chi.

Kinner stepped towards Ren, “I must accompany you Ren… I am lead by great deeds, and this is one.”

Thalo looked perplexed.

“There are matters in my life I must face…” he spoke.

“For now I will remain in Avador, where they may remedy themselves…” finished Thalo.

“Do you want me to aid you?” questioned Z.

Thalo placed a hand on Z’s shoulder, “No my friend… Aid Ren.”

“I’m sorry for this Chi…” I spoke, then headed to my room.


“Because of this split in the Party, we need to figure out some things…” spoke Johnny (The Dungeon Master) to the Group of Players.

“I’m actually going to half to stop playing for a while…” spoke Rodger, who played our Rogue Z.

“Ok,” replied Johnny.

“I can take over Z,” spoke Mike, who Plays Thalo, our Dragonborn Monk.

“I have other plans for you Mike,” replied Johnny.

Mike nodded.

“Trevor, Lisa, would one of you like to Play Kayen?” Johnny asked.

“I’ll Play him,” replied Trevor, who was playing Chi.

“I’m going to take over Z for now, if that’s alright?” Johnny asked Roger.

“Yeah, that’s fine…” replied Rodger, but he didn’t seem all that pleased.

“Or would you rather he left the Party for now?” spoke Johnny.

“Nah, it’s okay, just attached, and bummed about leaving,” replied Rodger.

“So that leaves you Lisa… Now that I think of it, I have an idea for you as well, you and Mike meet with me after the Session,” concluded Johnny.

They both nodded.

“We are now officially starting, Campaign 3!” spoke Johnny.