The Black Knight & The Princess In White

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The Black Knight & The Princess In White

by DarkJade

There Once Was A Princess…

In A Far Away Land…


Across A Great Desert…


Covered In White Sand


Under A Dark Black Sky…

With Stars That Winked From Above…


And A Kingdom Below Them…

Whose People Did Love…


This Girl

Though She Was Young…

Less Years Than Fingers On Her Hands…

Berber nomad dune portrait, Sahara Desert, Morocco

She Brought To All Smiles…

Across This Great Land


Her Father, The  King, Would Come To Her Each Night…

And Tell Her Great Tales…


Of Bravery… Magic… And Light


Her Eyes Opened Wide…

Hanging On Every Word…


Her Father’s Shadows Cast…

Upon The Walls So Near


And Just As All Seemed Lost…

The  Princess’s Eyes Filled With Tears…

But Relief Closely Followed…


Behind Her Father’s Beard…

As The Heroes Prevailed…


Magical Creatures Unvailed


The Night Would Come To A Hush…


Her Pillow Grew Softer…

Her Blankets So Warm…


Safely Tucked Away…

Behind These Great Walls…



It Was A Cool Desert Night…

Just As Elinque’s Eyes Began To Fall…


There Was A Noise…


“Don’t Worry At All…” Her Father Then Spoke…

“It’s Nothing At All…”

He Left Her Chamber…

She Was Barely Awake…


Six Dark Figures Surrounded Him…

Come For The King, No Mistake

As She Waited For Him To Return…

Her Eyelids Grew Heavy…


Dream Dust Inlaid…

…She Faded Away

To Sleep…

To Sleep


An Hour Later…

She Awoke To Orange Light…

The Palace On Fire…

The Help In Fright


From The Shadows Came A Man…

She Knew Only By Sight…

A Silver Bearded Healer…


Some Called A Knight

“Come Child Don’t Make A Sound…”

He Spoke As He Swept Me Up…

“They’re Looking For You…”


We Went Out The Window…

Secured By A Rope

Down Below Lit By Star Light…


There Was A Great White Horse…

“You Must Ride My Dear…”

“And Don’t Look Back…”


He Placed Me Upon It

And Slid A Red Jeweled Necklace Into My Hand

“Never Lose This…”

He Spoke With A Slight Smile Upon His Face


The Shadow Men Suddenly Appeared…

As He Sent Me On My Way…

His Sword Drawn He Fought Them…

And Fell To Their Blades

Alone I Rode…

For What Felt Like Days…


The Sun Would Rise…

I Fell Into A Haze

“What Would Become Of Me…”

“Where Was My Father…”

I Shall Never Forget This Night

I Shall Never Forget This Knight


PICTURE CREDIT – Blond Little Girl, White Desert, Star Filled Sky, Desert Kingdom, Desert Boy In Blue, Arab Warrior, Bravery, Excited, King Shadows, Lost, Genie, Sleeping, December, Sleepy, Arab Man, Figures, Dream Dust, Fire, Grey, Knight, Window, Horse, Necklace,

“White Jade” Update 16

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My Latest “White Jade” Web Series PreProduction/Production Update!

Legends Productions


“White Jade” Update 16

There’s A Lot Going On…

Curious How Long This Post Will Take To Write, lol



Since Our Last Update On September 24th, I’ve Gone Through And Chosen The Clips We Will Use For The Final Cut Of This Scene… I Then Sent Them To Our Visual Effects Person / Assistant Director, Sebastian Cudmore, Where He Reviewed Them For Visual Effects, Light Grading (I Changed This Last Minute From A One White Light Shoot, To A One Blue Light Shoot, So We Ran Into Some Grading) And Sound.

His Initial Report Indicated We Should Be Good To Go With Any Visual Effects We May Need (Which Will Likely Have To Do With Just Making It Look Further Like A Dark Room), And He’s Trying To Clean Up Any Grading Issues… We’ll Probably End Up Producing The Whole Thing, And Then Decide If…

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“White Jade” Sword Training Begins

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“White Jade” Web Series Sword Training Begins

Legends Productions

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“White Jade” Update 15 – Film Shoot One Complete!

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My Latest “White Jade” Web Series Update… We Completed Our First Film Shoot! Really Excited

Legends Productions


“White Jade” Update 15 – Film Shoot One Complete!



I am Stoked to have Completed Our First Film Shoot


Special Thanks To Joshua Moon, Who Plays ‘Mr. Doi’ (Mafia Villain)

Who Gave An Excellent Effort, and Strong Performance


And Kaitlin Q. Calkins (Associate Producer/Lead Actress In Our Web Series) Who Not Only Helped Me With Set Design, But Acted As Assistant Director For This Particular Shoot

The Two Of Us Were Basically A Two Person Crew On This One


Above Is A Before And After Of Mr. Doi’s Futuristic Conference Call Phone… Kait And I Spent Like 2+ Hours Trying To Figure Something Out…



We Also Had Our First In Person Rehearsal For ‘Film Shoot Two’, ‘The Red Light Room’ Scenes

In This Case It Was Kait (Nayoko), Joe (Detective Ben Wayne) And I, As…

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Film Shoot Two… Incoming!

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Film Shoot Two For My “White Jade” Web Series Incoming!

Legends Productions


Film Shoot Two (Shoot One Will Be In October) Is Officially ‘Potentially’ Set For Next Wednesday, September 21st

Why Before Film Shoot One?

Because Out Actor In Film Shoot Two Is Leaving Town For A Couple Months As Of September 25th… So We Needed To Make A Move…


The Contraption You See Above Is A Makeshift ‘Futuristic’ Conference Phone, Which We Will Use In Shoot Two

TWITTER @LegendsProd & @WhiteJadeSeries

INSTAGRAM @LegendsProductions & @WhiteJadeWebSeries

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“White Jade” Update 14 – Progress

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My Latest “White Jade” Web Series Update

Legends Productions



Things are going really well.

Our Update



Our project has been given as an Assignment to 8 to 15 Costume Design Students to come up with Costume Concept Drawings within 3 Weeks

This is very exciting

Though what we actually end up doing with Costumes will rely primarily on what kind of Budget we can acquire via our Crowd Funder, these Students will not only come up with Concepts, they will also help us determine the Budgets related to their Designs, so we will have an idea of How Much we need to ask for in regards to Costumes in our Crowd Funder Campaign



In addition to reaching out to a School in regards to Costume Designer, I also reached out to a Film Makeup School, and ended up Posting an Ad in hopes to find a Makeup Artist for our…

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Surviving Your Life… And Dreams Can Come True

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Thirty Nine years ago, I saw the First “Star Wars” Film, and my life was changed… Three years after that, “The Empire Strikes Back”…

It was those two movies that set within me that I wanted to be a Filmmaker.


In my 20’s, I wanted to begin pursuing Film Making, but life took me in another direction… For around 10 years, I was in Corporate America.

Making decent money, but suffering, and shutting down on the inside


In 1999, at the age of 30, I stepped away from Corporate America, and the decent paying job, bought my first Video Camera, and lived off my 401k (Something you’re never supposed to do, lol), while I began working on Experimental Film Projects… And came to the realization I was also a Writer of Film


Two and a half years later, I shot a 5 Minute Short Film, in an hour and a half, and submitted it to the ‘New York International Independent Film And Video Festival’, and got it in… Eight months later, I was sitting in a small theater in New York, watching my Film

My life had changed… I was a Filmmaker



Two months later, I was admitted to the hospital with medical issues basically caused due to the fact that I had difficulty finding work after 9/11, and lost Medical Insurance for over a year, which caused me not to be able to afford the medicines I needed for an otherwise manageable condition.


After spending 10 days in the hospital, I blasted out of state, and tried to continue my pursuit of Film Making, but ended up going through some trauma related to the Medical Issues, and suffered a Severe Panic Attack

Sadly, my physical ailment was healing, but from that day forward, I suffered with serious Anxiety issues


And so I shifted my focus from Film Making, to Screenplay Writing for the next one to two years

During that time I completed a Written for Film Screenplay that I had written a First Draft for in 2002, called “White Jade”

Tried to get an Agent to read it, so that they could Represent it (And me), and shop it around… To no avail…

After sending out several Quarry letters, with no response, I sat my Dreams aside…

I was 36-37


For the following 5 years, I played a lot of ‘World of Warcraft’, lol

I did some Admin. Work from home, and  got a couple jobs out of the house, but in the end the Anxiety Issues (Which ended up being more of a PTSD thing) made it difficult for me to hold onto work outside of my house


In 2011, created this Blog, and began Writing Everyday…

Poetry, Blog Series (Stories), Novellas, and even a Fantasy Novel…

All right here.

In 2012 I Self Published my First Book, which was a Book of Poetry

Later that Year I Self Published my First Novella…

In 2013 I took a break from Writing, but in 2015 Self Published my Second Novella in the Series, which I had Written in 2012


And at the end of 2015, I picked up my “White Jade” Screenplay and decided I didn’t want it to go to waste… And so I created a rough “White Jade” Trailer, with a not great Video Camera, with not good sound… But it inspired me


And so in April of this year, I began PreProduction of the “White Jade” Web Series…

And though I am a bit overwhelmed with Production Details, especially after starting our current August 1st, through October 31st Push, I am essentially living my Dream of being a Filmmaker

My next challenge… To be ok with that… As it is fairly easy to avoid your Passions, and live a Simple Life… Torturous, but easier

And sometimes, believe it or not, it’s easier to be less happy, with less emotionally at stake…

But I recommend you consider the alternative…

Chase your Dreams