R.I.P. Gene Wilder

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R.I.P. Gene Wilder

One Of My All Time Favorite Human Beings

A Comical Genius And So Much More


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man in the mirror


There’s no point in waiting…

I know you won’t come

The Strongest man in your life…

Is the one you’ve become

When things don’t go quite right…

And you’re left all alone

The Man in the Mirror…

Puts up a Fight

Sometimes it’s hard…

To rise where you’ve fallen

To Care Just Enough…

To answer your Calling

But what choice do you have…

Silence… And Cold

The Man Right Inside You…

From young… To old

The Police – Live Tokyo Dome 2008 HD

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“White Jade” Update 12 – 23 Days Into Push

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My latest “White Jade” Web Series Update

Legends Productions

WJ Update 12

“White Jade” Web Series Udate 12 – 23 Days Into The Push

On August 1st, we began our 3 Month Push to Complete Pre-Production of the “White Jade” Web Series, and with any luck, and much work, begin Shooting/Filming in October.

Here’s Where We’re At


Joe Greene

We had a successful Meeting/Audition with our potential Detective Ben Wayne actor, Joe Greene

And thus, we have our Three Lead Actors!

wj leads

This for me as the Director, is amazing

Supported by what is becoming a solid Supporting Cast

supporting cast

Not only have I found some strong talent to bring “White Jade” to life, but I truly feel that we have moved beyond the halfway point of our PreProduction

I’m also in touch with two other Actors who I’m hoping to bring onboard


Just an update, I did research a Restaurant that had a perfect Meeting Room for two of our scenes, but unfortunately the…

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“White Jade” Manifesto (Part Two)

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Part Two of my “White Jade” Web Series Manifesto

Legends Productions

White Jade Cover Book 2

“White Jade” Manifesto (Part Two)

(Part One For Those Who Have Not Read It)

In Manifesto Part One I Explained How The Most Important Components To Film For Me As A Filmmaker Are Characters, Character Development, Story and Story Scope… I Demonstrated Via The First Two “Star Wars” Films


I shall now explain how it is applied in “White Jade”

Both in the Writing of it, and now within the execution of bringing it to Film/Video/Web Series via YouTube


Cast Aug 10

(Current Cast)


(Current Crew)

Joe Greene

(Future Cast)

First of all before we begin, I ask of you this…

Be impassioned…

Be the blood that pumps through the Digital Veins of this Story, and Production

Ti Lis

Use what you have learned both in your Craft, and in your Life, prior to the undertaking of this project.

Let what you have learned in your…

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“White Jade” Manifesto – Part One

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My “White Jade” Manifesto (Part One)

Legends Productions

White Jade Cover Book 1

“White Jade” Manifesto – Part One

Leia Rescue

As I may have mentioned to some of you already, what inspired me to become a Filmmaker was seeing the Original Two “Star Wars” Films when I was 8 and 11 years old.

Star Wars Movie Poster 2

“Star Wars”, and “The Empire Strikes Back”.

What I may of also mentioned is, the most important elements/components of Film to me are Characters, Character Development, Story and Story Scope.

For example, though “Star Wars” is set in a magnificent world of spaceships, laser guns, and two sun planets…


And though it is supported and empowered by one of the most memorable and inspiring soundtracks you could imagine…


For me, “Star Wars” is a sometimes Light, sometimes Dark, piece of Theater-esq Melodrama, filled with colorful and inspiring characters, partaking in an excellently executed Theme of ‘Good verses Evil’…

A young man on a seemingly Insurmountable Quest…

Luke and Yoda

At his side, a neurotic almost ‘mothering’ like…

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“Suicide Squad” – Text Review

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“Suicide Squad” – Text Review

I recently saw “Suicide Squad”, and Texted my bro a basic Review…

Here it is

will smith

“Will Smith killed it…”

other characters

“Other characters were good, accept Katana (The Japanese Girl In The Middle) who was completely contrived…”


“The Joker was like ice/made of glass very in and out cool…”

“Good soundtrack…”


“The Bad Guys (Who the Suicide Squad battled) were eh…”


“Guy called Flag was cool…”


“To my surprise it wasn’t stylized enough very conventional safe Directing (Surprising as this Director did a great job on “Fury”… The Trailer is much more Stylized due to its’ Editing)… Would have been 10 times cooler if it was… Felt like they cut scenes out but it’s two hours so would and should have been two films… I know it will have a sequel but I mean the content in this film needed more room to breathe… Overall good (The Film that is) The Music elevated it if it was Directed better it would have Complimented it and gone to a higher level”


Overall Review

Definitely Worth Seeing

7.5 Out Of 10