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Some Place I Go

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~Some Place I Go~

There is a Place I Go…

Somewhere No One Knows…

The Quiet… Resounding

The Peace… Unbounded

Sometimes I think of you

Just for a While

But I am Alone

The Crystal Sands…

The Waking Hour

The Water Blue

The Long Way Home…

Tears Won’t Help me

I Cast My Vision to the Sky

The Light is so Bright

Vast Fields of Hopes… And Dreams

Cool Moonlight…

Arms Wrapped Tightly Now

Do Not Wake Me

I Long To Sleep


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Sweet Embrace

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~Sweet Embrace~

If not you… Than Who

If Not Now… Then When

I Run Across the Vacant Room, Arms Extended…

My Movement becomes slower and slower

My Eyes Wide Open, and yet… I can not see

Robbed Again of All that is Glorious

Longing… Oh so Longing

The Wall Comes forward… The Blackness

I slide and cannot stop

My Eyes Open again…

This Time My Self… My Child

Tugs at my Much Too Long Sleeves…

Calling Me… beckoning

Her Eyes Tell me… Her Eye’s Bleed

Please she says… please

As I turn to her… My head shaking…

The Rain has fallen

Black Tears from mine Eyes



watch and or just listen… and if you have someone that you love, watch/listen together

Other Poems Scribblings By DarkJade