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DarkJade – Plight of the Gentle Heart

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Just throwen some softy songs your way… Enjoy

This next one I already liked the song, but saw the Video on one of the Blogs I follow 1001 Scribbles

Adia – My favorite Sarah McLaclan Song

Before she pissed people off… She made them cry (Sinead O’Connor)

Annie’s a Class Act

An Old one, but a good one

Lets run with that Bono que

Used to Love this one… The Cure… Lovesong

At the Risk of Dating myself… I roll on… This guy has a great voice

And for the sake of saving face, I shall let Chester finish up

Come on now, that wasn’t so bad… Was it? lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading/Chillen




Some More DarkJade Video Picks For The Weekend

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Lez Do It

I like how they skip over the Hangover in this Video, lol Isn’t this what it’s like when you go out for Dinner with Friends?? lol

I used to like this song, hadn’t seen this version before

lol, Came across this, thought it was funny… But kind of cool

Love Usher’s Way

Cool Song, hadn’t seen the Video… I guess it was Filmed one Week before the Tsunami Hit Japan… Sad stuff

Have a Good Weekend