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On A Lighter Note, ‘Baby Jaba’

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The Mandalorian Season 1 (Not Just A Baby Yoda)… In Review

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I was really looking forward to this show…

At first I had heard it was somewhat based on an old western style, which sounded great

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But when I heard Pedro Pascal was playing the lead (Whom played one of my favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ characters), I was super stoked

Beyond that, i’m a huge Disney fan, so I was actually interested in checking out ‘Disney Plus’, which looked to have a vault of Disney Movies made available to stream (I have not been disappointed)


Episode One

Ep 1


Episode Two

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Episode 2 was a great ‘Jawa Tribute’, and an opportunity to see what Little Yoda could do

Episode 3


This Episode was my favorite, amazing, was completely reinspired about the future  of’ Star Wars’

Episode Four


From the Directing, to the concept and execution of this Episode, if Episode 3 hadn’t been so good, I may have given up on the Series

I’m not being hyper critical, just being honest

Episode Five


So rough… Like I said, loved the beginning and setting, but the characters and/or actors and/or writing and directing, was terrible

The young Bounty Hunter could have been such a cool character, and especially the Assassin Bounty Hunter they were chasing…

This Episode wasn’t as bad as Episode 4, but it didn’t leave me with a lot of hope for the Series

Episode Six

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In the end, I really liked this Episode… The two characters on the left were a bit over done (Not the Art above, but the actors, or directing, or both), but the two characters on the right were great… Especially the droid

It left me with curiosity in regards to the final two episodes of the show

Episode Seven


What a great Episode… And I shouldn’t be surprised, as it ended up that it was Directed by the same Director as Episode 3

Episode Eight (The Finale)

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A great episode…

Also, Gina Carano’s character in both Episodes 7 & 8 lept way beyond her performance in Episode 4, she was great

I will admit, the final moments of this Episode felt a bit forced, and contrived (The very last moments, most of the Episode was great)

Episodes 7 & 8 really started to feel like ‘Star Wars’ to me


Overall I’m very happy with the series

There were some Writing, Directing and Acting issues along the way (Not by the Lead Actor, he was amazing and consistent throughout), but the Production is beautiful, and…

Image result for the mandalorian ig-11

Image result for the mandalorian baby yoda

…the two surprises, and best characters other than The Mandalorian were IG-11, and ‘Baby Yoda’

Nuff Said,

Check it out


P.S. John Favreau (The Creator of the Series) confirmed, there will be a Season 2 Next Fall!

P.S. P.S. The Theme Song of the show, followed by the Concept Art and Lead Actor (Ok, Baby Yoda too), may have been the best parts of this Series