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Work In Progress… “Mady’s Storm” Novella Cover

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Work In Progress… “Mady’s Storm” Novella Cover

Mady's StormAfter Choosing the Photo for the 2nd in the Mady Novellas (The First Being “I Died Once“)

I have begun the Cover Design Process with my good friend Kirsty

“Mady’s Storm” takes place 8 years after the First Book

And will be Edited, and hopefully Self-Published Later This Year

Chess With Agatha – The Final Cover

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Chess With Agatha – The Final Cover

I do believe that Kirsty and I have Figured out the Final Font for the Cover of My “Chess With Agatha” Fantasy Novel.

We now just need to Work on the Back Cover, and something new, which is a Spine…

Because this book exceeds the CreateSpace 100 Page Minimum for a Spine, there will indeed be a Spine on this Book… Which is a good thing, because as the Bookstore Manager indicated, the Book isn’t always Faced Outwards in a Bookstore… And if it’s turned Sideways, a Spine (With the Title of the Book on it) will still show.

For My Poetry Book, and Novella, this was not the case… And so when those books are turned Sideways on the Bookstore Bookshelves, they’re basically almost invisible.

I think that I’m going to go with this as the Cover for the First of this Trilogy of Fantasy Novels, what do you think?

Thanks for Reading/Listening


And This Is Why I Will Be Hiring An Artist…

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And This Is Why I Will Be Hiring An Artist To Draw My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha” Book Cover, Lol

For all of those out there that thought my Talents Had No End… Trust me, They Most Definitely Have An End, Ha


I Died Once (I.D.O.) Third Draft Cover

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This is the “Third Draft” of My Up Coming Self Published Novella Cover, “I Died Once” (I.D.O.)… I’m really liking how it’s coming out. I Designed one a While Back, using This Drawing that I Found Online, and Got Permission from The Artist to use… I then Handed it over to Kirsty, One of My Assistant Editors over at My “Dark Globe” Site, and she did some good stuff… But I had her Change it a bit, and Man Do I Like how this came out.

What do you Guys Think so Far?