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The Truth

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The truth is, there is something we can do about what’s happening

It’s just a matter of figuring out what that is, and doing it

Do what works for you

Unfortunately, we just can’t afford to wait around for others to make the changes

It’s just not working

Be Strong

Be Fearless

Carry on


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Why can’t more things be Constant like the Moon… The Ocean and the Sun Never seem to Complain… And yet… Homes Change… Love Changes… We Change

Why Can’t Life Stay the same… I know there’s no fun in that… But sometimes…With certain things…

It would be nice

I sit here, the Fear has filled me… And left me with no apparent Escape… And so I am left to have pleasant conversation with something, I never wanted to meet in the first place

Why is there such a thing as pain… And yet, what would joy be without first knowing it…

They say “All is Fair in Love and War…” But Love is often War… And War… Perhaps those that start Wars, simply need more Love… Or needed more than their Random Youth provided

It’s funny how peaceful Life can be when Reality hasn’t caught up to you, and shaken you about… Oh how we take the simplest things for granted… These small morcels of Light… By god Treasure every moment you have of Peace, and Leisure… For around every corner, there lies the possiblilty of a Whirlwhind of change…

Sometimes good… Sometimes… Not

Why do the Elders favor themselves Wise? For even the Wisest know it takes more than the Passing of Time to make one Wise… I’ve met five year olds wiser than half the Grey haired Wanderers…

Why can’t more things be constant like the Moon…



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