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One Knight (Chapter XI) – Adon

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One Knight (Chapter XI) – Adon


a Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


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Tyrion, Ahnug, Kon and his two Maelem Archers follow the three Sorcerer’s on horseback further up The Realm of Magic Pass.

Rarely has a common Mortal stepped upon these sacred peaks.

“So these three Sorcerers are Wizards of Paren?” Kon questions Tyrion.

“They’d better be…” Ahnug interjects.

“I’m afraid I know as much as you do Kon… I only hope they can take us to the Heirs of Warnlock, or I fear the worst… For we have no means of battling a Dragon…”.

At last they reach what looks to be some sort of Temple made of Solid Black Stone.

The Three Sorcerers dismount, and stand off to the right of what appears to be a stairway entrance, leading downward.

With this, the three sorcerers pull down their hoods revealing the black haired leader, another male, this one white haired, and a third female, whose hair almost appears to be a burgundy red.

Their eyes are no longer glowing white, which seems to put Kon at ease a bit.

“Lets do this” Ahnug starts to step forward, but Tyrion places his arm across his chest, stopping him.

“No… I go alone” Tyrion then steps forward, and makes his way down the stairs.

The stairs seem to go down about three floors before he reaches what appears to be some sort of room of prayer.

Floating in the air, sitting Indian style, eyes closed, is an older looking, white haired Mage… Adon.

Without opening his eyes, Adon speaks “You bare the Crystal of Orph…”.

With this Tyrion reaches in his shirt, and pulls out the blue crystal “Orph?”.

Adon opens his eyes, which appear to be an unearthly blue green… He then comes out of his levitative state, and stands.

“Indeed…” Adon replies, as he pours himself some sort of dark liquid, and brings Tyrion a cup of water.

“Drink…” he says as he hands the cup to Tyrion.

Tyrion drinks “Thank you” and hands him back the cup.

Suddenly the cup refills with water by itself “You need more than that, you’ve had a long journey”.

Tyrion startled, complies, and drinks.

“You can not defeat Tor’Hum…” Adon says as he returns to his levitative state.

Tyrion is surprised to hear him say this “That is why we’ve come to you? Can you not help us?”.

“No… I can not” Adon bluntly replies.

Tyrion is speechless. “Well, I can not merely sit back and watch this Dragon destroy all that King Maelem and I have achieved… Never has there been a peace like this… And I–” Tyrion is interrupted before he can finish.

“You are arrogant! Boy…”. “Never been a peace like thisI’ve known times on this Realm of such serenity that you could never hope to know… No, you, and your kind, are not capable of such a thing as “True Peace” and “Harmony” Adon snaps at him..

“Your Race has a Restless Spirit… Unquenchable… Never satisfied… No… You have no idea of the extent of Loss this Realm has experienced at the hands of… Mortals”.

“Are you not an Heir of Warnlock?? Was it not your kind that slayed the many Heirs of Shadowmyth at Ardent’s Stowe…” Tyrion demanded.

“With this Adon opened his eyes… “We are done here… Show yourself out… Knight”.