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Allure… Cold Night

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Allure… Cold Night

by DarkJade

“La Fon Had Returned… All Was Right In The World… Soon We Would Gain Access Onto A Great Wind Ship… Which Lead Us To His Family Home… Or Should I Say Castle, Which Sat High Atop A Rocky Mountainside Overlooking The Near By Village… As We Stood By His Great Bedroom Window, Gazing Over His Ancestor’s Vast Landscape, His Arms Tightly Around Me… I Almost Caught A Smile Cross His Otherwise Serious Visage… But It Did Not Last Long, As Some Hundred Or So Torches Suddenly Rose Like A Sea Of Fire From The Village Below…“They’re Coming For Me” He Spoke… And In A Flash, He Disappeared Into The Night Below… “They Shall Rue The Day They Entered Our Valley” Were The Last Words I Heard Him Say…”

Arram sat down her Mother’s Book as she sat in the passanger seat of her old blue Mustang, letting Seth drive… They drove up the windy road leading to the Great Northern Forest beyond… Arram’s Bright Blue Hair was down, out of the constraining ponytail that she usually kept it in, and the top of Her Old Dark Blue Mustang pulled open… The wind was blowing through their hair, on what ended up being a lovely day.

“Sooo… I saw that Roy Millon Hunter Dude come out of the front desk office at the Hotel right before you did…” spoke Seth, hoping for some insight as to what kind of conversation might have occurred between the man, and Arram.

“And…” she disinterestedly replied, while sticking her head out the side of the car, in order to get even more wind through her hair… Her eyes now closed.

“Well… Did you two speak?” inquired Seth.

“A bit… Yes” she replied.

“Well… What did he say?” he questioned, now starting to get annoyed with Arram’s lack of sharing what happened.

With this she opened her eyes and looked at Seth “He said you and I were both going to die”.

Suddenly Seth swerved the car a bit, almost driving off the road.

“SETH!!” yelled Arram, as she braced both of her arms against the dashboard.

“Sorry… Sorry… WE’RE BOTH GOING TO DIE??!!” he  then yelled at Arram, looking over at her.

She shrugged.

“Ha… Great… Very encouraging” replied Seth.

Soon they entered an area that would lead them deep into the Northern Forest, and the sun suddenly disappeared from sight from all the covering trees.

“Arram… How can you possibly know that he came this way?” inquires Seth.

Meanwhile Arram is throwing her hair into a ponytail once more “I just know…” she replies.

“Pull in over there” suddenly Arram says to Seth, pointing at a restroom building, which also has a couple vending machines.

They pull in, Seth turns off the engine, and tosses Arram the keys.

“I’m getting us some snacks” he says as he leaps out of the vehicle, without even opening the door.

Meanwhile Arram gets out of the car, and pulls the White Top back over the car.

Suddenly she freezes… And casts her gaze slowly behind her.

There is nothing but dark forest, and it’s getting darker all the time.

She makes her way over to the vending machines where Seth is kicking the soda machine.

“COME ON MAN!! I GAVE YOU A BUCK” he yells at the machine.

“I’m going to go change, then lets get out of here, ok Seth” she says her voice shaking slightly, as she enters the restroom.

“Ok?” he says, noticing her sudden mood change.

CLUNK!” the Dr. Pepper drops out of the machine.

“There yah go… Now yer talken” he grabs it, and starts to pour quarters into the snack machine.

Inside the bathroom, Arram isn’t able to get the light to go on.

“Great…” she says, as she gulps, and makes her way slowly down to the last stall, which is the only one that has an open door.

She jumps in front of it, in a Judo Position “YAH!!”.

There’s no one there… And, she doesn’t know Judo.

As she goes into the stall, and pulls off her sweater, the lights suddenly flicker just once or twice… And the room starts to feel cold.

She stands in the stall, in blue jeans, and just a bra.

“Seth?” she says, but there is no answer.

Suddenly the stall door bursts open, it’s Seth, he jumps in, and shuts the door.

“SETH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!” she yells, he turns and puts his hand over her mouth.

“I think he’s here…” he says.


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