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Be Well

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April’s Going To Be Rough, As If March Wasn’t Rough Enough. We Will Get Through This… Watch The News A Bit (Not A Lot), Protect Yourself & Others As Much As Possible, But Also Remember To Live, Love & Connect (From A Distance, Or Those You Live With) As Much As You Can. Be Well

My Heart Goes Out To Those Who Are Losing People This Way

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Across the globe, many of us are inconvenienced and/or losing our income by what is happening.

It is a difficult/challenging time.

I just wanted to say I’m so sorry to those who are losing loved ones to this illness.

It must not feel real, all of this is like some terrible futuristic nightmare.

But it is real, and I am saddened for those who are impacted the most, the one’s who are losing their lives, but more than that, the one’s who loved them and have been left behind.

I’m not trying to downplay what the rest of us are going through, I’m just feeling enormous empathy for those who have lost someone during this time.

Be well, be safe, know that we care

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Somewhere Between A Nightmare, And A Dystopian Sci-Fi Movie

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Things have been so strange lately…

Between the crazy government/country divide, it’s many affects which have been going on and accruing for some time now, and now this

Humans are creatures of adaption, it’s true

And so I believe that we can get through this…

But I can’t not say that I feel like our life, and world right now reminds me of tons of movies in the past, about one possible future

I’ve been saying for months, maybe years how the future is now

Image result for i robot

Between cloning, drones, traveling to mars, A.I. and the list goes on

I just want to say, I wish you well… Remember that our perspective has a great affect on us, and I hope these words help you in that way

Be hopeful, be focused, be careful, be loving if you can

Reach out in ways that are possible (To loved ones, or strangers online, connect), remember to breathe

Nuff said, take care