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Welcome To THUNSORRA – Join The Adventure! (Professional Dungeon Master/Brand New Campaign)

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Join The Adventure!

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

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In January this year I began doing some Professional Dungeon Mastering on a site called Start Playing

Fridays I have my first group, they’re currently in my ‘Frost Rhealm’ Module, but will then continue the Campaign in my Material World… A world I have been using for my Personal Campaigns for the last 4 Years

Lately, I’ve begun building New Realms, the first is ‘HAIKON’, a Campaign Setting/Adventures Module I started working on 3 years ago which I hope to Publish this year, and most recently, ‘THUNSORRA’

Thunsorra I began building for the purpose of having fresh material for a New/First Time Twich Campaign I planned on starting with my girlfriend who I’ve been running a 4 year Campaign with, but she’s at Level 27, and rather than ending it, we planned on starting a Second Campaign on Twitch

On Start Playing, I’ve been posting games starting…

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Help Bring Vilven To Life

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One year ago, my girlfriend and I began playing a One Person Dungeons & Dragons Campaign…

A year+ later, we’ve found that we’ve left a trail/brought to life a great story.

Adventures of Vilven Ledsong is a retelling of a single player Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The campaign began over a year ago, and still continues today!

The campaign was started from the love of two storytellers, James Mahoney (The Dungeon Master) and Kaitlin Q. Calkins (The Player). Together they built a special and unique world, full of emotionally driven characters.

Vilven Ledsong, the protagonist, is pushed throughout the story to transform to a higher level spiritually, emotionally, physically, and in magic. She is supported by a group of diverse friends, who become not only her allies but her family.

With the hope of bringing Adventures of Vilven Ledsong to life, the story is currently being written online by Kaitlin Q. Calkins.

The retelling of it is ongoing, and has even begun to be told through visual art from the talents of LivingSilver .

With your help, Vilven’s story can continue to grow into different forms of media, including books, comic books, animation, and even movies.

You can be part of this by Donating @ Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong GoFundMe Here

You can check out the Story Here;

Chapter I: Ouroboros

Chapter II: Pact Magic

Chapter III: Choice And Notice

Chapter IV: Meeting Wiendle

Chapter V – Catlike

Chapter VI – Encountering A Wizard

Chapter VII – A Charge And A Flame

Chapter VIII – Followed By A Lion

Chapter IX – Acquiescence

Chapter X – A Dialogue Of Friends

Chapter XI – Ineffective Planning

Chapter XII – Rivers And Races

Chapter XIII – Goodbyes And Reacquaintances

And the Art So Far is Here;

Thanks for your Belief, and your Support!

DarkJade- (James Mahoney)