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‘DRAGON RIDERS’ (Episode II) Dungeons & Dragons Interview Show

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If You Prefer A Podcast, You Can Go Here ‘DRAGON RIDERS’ Episode II Podcast

The Truth – Part IV

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The Truth

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

After I stepped away from the ‘White Jade’ Web Series, and Filmmaking for the moment, I needed to chill out for a bit… In 2006, I did this with ‘World of Warcraft’, but this time, I’d do it with ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

I’d loved ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ as a kid, started playing in the 80’s, and again in the 90’s

It’s an awesome game to just let you imagination go

And after stepping away from Filmmaking again, I really needed to have an outlet to express my Creativity, without the pressure of Producing

The first thing I did, was get on my Twitter D & D Account, and began connecting with the Dungeons & Dragons Community

Little did I know, but the game had become more popular than ever, partly to do with a group of Voice Actors who started streaming their home game online

Maybe you’ve heard of them by now, ‘Critical Role’

Not only was it great to see a true group of friends together playing, but it exposed me to the new D & D 5e System, which they use

So I picked up the new 5th Edition Players Manual, and started to learn the new rules

I also approached an associate/friend from my Web Series (He was a Sword Trainer, and Actor from the Web Series), and asked if he’d be willing to run a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

In the past, I’d mainly been the Dungeon Master (Person who ran the game/created the world the players inhabited/ran all the NPC’s (Non Player Characters) in the game

But with 5e, I wanted to start out as a Player to get used to the rules, before running my own campaign

The Group was called ‘The League Of Unity’

And I was a Paladin (Holy Knight), which had always been my favorite Class of Character in D & D, but like I say, I mainly ran games, so didn’t have much opportunity to play one

We played this game for several months, meeting when we could, but in the end, the group kind of fell apart (Which often does, good groups can be hard to find)

Also during that year, though I wasn’t being a Dungeon Master yet, I did decide to create a Dungeon Master focused Vlog, called ‘Doragon’s Domain

Which is where I started working on ‘World Building’, which lead me to creating ‘Frost Rhealm’ (Here’s a Link to just the ‘Frost Rhealm’ related Episodes of Doragon’s Domain

It was there that I was encouraged from members of the Dungeons & Dragons Twitter Community, to Publish ‘Frost Rhealm’

Though complimented, my initial reaction was, I don’t want to make D & D a job… It was my place to Create freely, without pressure to make money etc.

I considered it for several months, then life stepped in, and I took a break from D & D Twitter, and working on ‘Frost Rhealm’

I did, however, at this time, pick up the 5e Dungeon Master’s Guide, and started to learn the new DM (Dungeon Master) Rules

But because my group that year had ended, and I wasn’t yet running a game, I decided to write a Dungeon & Dragons Blog Series on this site, called ‘Magic And Light

A Story about a group of kids who got together to play Dungeons & Dragons…

…in that Story I’d write both the parts about the kids, and then I’d write about their Characters, blending reality and the D & D World/Campaign they were playing

It was then that my girlfriend (Who’d only started playing D & D in 2017 in the group that fell apart), approached me, and asked if she could create a character, and have me run a campaign for her

I was elated

‘DRAGON RIDERS’ (Episode 1)

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