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Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter III

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Magic And Light

by DarkJade

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles – CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize

CHAPTER III – Pantheros

As Z and Stryke stood on the one side of the small arena, they watched as the Ice which surrounded the Shade Isle Tigron Warrior melted…

“This is crazy,” spoke Stryke.

“Tell me about it…” replied Z.

Meanwhile I (Ren) and the others are waiting by the Pool and Waterfall.

“Do you think they went through?” asked Kinner.

“I’m going to find out,” I reply, then swim over to the waterfall.

I go through the stream of water, and see the wall with the hand prints on it, but no sign of Z or Stryke.

I make my way back, and tell them what I found.

“All we can do is wait… I guess,” replies Laris.

Back at the arena, the black furred Tigron Warrior is free.

He stands 5’8″ tall, and looks like a blend of a Black Panther and a Man.

His eyes are bright green, and he’s holding a Halberd, and on his back is a Longbow and Arrows.

He looks our way, then leaps down to the arena in a single bound.

Z looks at Stryke, then lowers his way down to the arena using a rope.

He now stands 50′ from the Tigron Warrior.

“Pantheros, I assume,” speaks Z.

Pantheros nods.

Suddenly Z starts running towards him, drawing, and shooting an arrow from his Short Bow, but Pantheros avoids it, and also moves at Z.

Pantheros too releases an arrow using his Longbow, but Z avoids it.

The two then reach the middle of the arena…

…Z draws his First Rapier, and strikes Pantheros in the stomach, taking him off guard…

Before Pantheros can react, Z sticks his second Rapier into his arm.

Pantheros then cocks his head back, growling, and goes into a RAGE.

He then swings his Halberd down at Z, but he avoids the blow…

Pantheros tries again, striking the ground instead.

Pantheros then leaps up into the air and tries to kick Z twice, hitting him in the arm once.

Z then strikes him with a Rapier, Pantheros skin has become harder to penetrate, but it still damages him a bit.

And again with his second Rapier.

Pantheros swings his Halberd twice more at Z, who tumbles out of the way.

Z comes up lashing Pantheros twice, once with each of his Rapiers.

Pantheros then runs 40′ back, and takes two shots with his Longbow, missing both times as Z avoids the arrows.

Z shoots his Short Bow, missing as well.

Pantheros tucks, rolls and comes up shooting two more arrows, hitting Z’s arm with one.

Z then shoots an arrow right into Pantheros chest.

Pantheros tears it out of his chest, then leaps unnaturally through the air, coming down at Z with his Halberd, missing…

Then tries to kick him twice, missing both times.

Z tries to strike him with his First Rapier, and misses, but hits him with the Second one.

Pantheros enraged, finally sweeps his Halberd upward striking Z in the side…

…then kicks him twice in the face, knocking him back.

Z retaliates with his Rapiers hitting him once.

Pantheros then strikes Z cleanly across the side, knocking him down, then tries to kick him twice on the ground, unsuccessfully.

Z weakening, stabs Pantheros in the leg with one Rapier, then loses his second by accident.

Pantheros’s RAGE ends, and he runs 40′ away again, and shoots Z in the chest as he stands up.

Stryke suddenly jumps down into the Arena, and stands before the staggering Z.

“No Strkye,” Z speaks as he steps out from behind him, barely avoiding Panthero’s second shot.

Z takes a shot with his Short Bow, striking Pantheros in the chest.

“DO NOT INTERFERE, OR HE LOSES,” proclaims Pantheros.

Stryke looks at Z, who gestures for her to step aside…

…which she does.

Pantheros then takes his first shot, hitting Z in the shoulder…

…followed by a second shot, which knocks Z unconscious.

Stryke runs to Z’s side as he bleeds terribly…

…She tries to stop the bleeding, but is unable…

She looks over at Pantheros who is putting away his bow, then throws Z over her shoulder, and moves back to where they Teleported in…

…suddenly Stryke and Z are teleported back under the Waterfall.

“Z’S UNCONSCIOUS!” Stryke yells as she exits the waterfall with him in her arms.

Laris tears off her Armour, then swims out to them…

…when she reaches them, she lays her hands upon Z, and they glow brightly green (LAY ON HANDS), causing some of Z’s wounds to heal, he awakes.

“Did I lose…” he mumbled, and Laris and Stryke just smile.

Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter II

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Magic And Light

by DarkJade

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles

CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize

We’d decided to accept Saya’s offer to retrieve the SUNBLADE from the Shade Isles…

Adis gave Z the first 1,500 Gold, which would go directly towards our Groups Guildhall, or Keep, whichever we decide to build.

Laris did some research while we began our 2 weeks plus Ship Journey to the Shade isles…

…more specifically the middle, and/or 5th Island.

“The Champion who protects the Sunblade is named/called ‘PANTHEROS’…” she explained.

“Panatheros, makes sense, probably because they were ‘Tigron/Cat People’ who inhabited the Shade Isles…” spoke Kinner.

“Pantheros, like… Panther,” he added.

“Chances are you won’t be able to defeat him alone Z,” interjected Theros.

“If I have to, I will,” replied Z.

“It’s going to be a long time on a ship,” added Stryke, who has already begun drinking.

“Indeed,” replied Kayen.

And it was, but without incident.

15 days later we had reached the Shade Isles.

The Island itself was likely 8 days travel from one end to the other…

But we were heading straight for the middle…

Which meant it would be 4 days travel.

It was basically a jungle, and their were many tropical birds upon it, but not much more.

No Wild Cats, no, Gorillas…

Other than the birds, it truly felt abandoned.

After 4 days of incident free travel, we at last reached 4 large marble pillars, which surrounded a pool of water leading to a great waterfall.

“What now,” spoke Z.

“Perhaps the entrance is behind the waterfall… Cliche’ I know… But still possible,” spoke Kinner.

“He’s probably right,” added Stryke.

“My Animal Spirit definitely senses something from that waterfall,” she concluded.

“Alright… I’ll swim to it,” spoke Z.

As Z started towards the pool of water before him, Thalo put a hand on his shoulder, “Alone?”

Z began to feel a little hostile towards Thalo’s constant protectiveness, “Yes,” with this he removed Thalo’s hand, “Alone.”

Z then began swimming toward the waterfall.

Once he reached it, he swam behind it where there was a wall of rock, with two hand prints on it.

Stryke instinctively stepped forward, “I think he needs me,” she spoke.

Z placed both hands on the hand prints, but nothing happened.

He then placed just one hand on the left one, and a light blue light glowed around his hand…

…but he could not remove his hand.

Suddenly Stryke dived into the water, and made her way to him.

Once there, instinctively, Stryke placed one of her hands on the second hand print, and in a flash of light blue light, they were teleported upward, and beyond the top of the waterfall.

Before them was some sort of 70′ by 70′ circular arena, some 30′ below them.

On the other side of the Arena, across from them, on the left side, there was a Statue of a Female Tigron (Cat Person) holding a baby…

…on the right another Statue, this one of a Tigron Warrior.

And between them, there was what looked to be an actual Tigron Warrior frozen inside a 12′ by 12′ cube of ice, filled with light blue light.


Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter I

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‘Magic And Light’ Is A Story About A Group Of Friends Who Got Together To Play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, And The Campaigns They Play

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)


Magic And Light

by DarkJade



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles

And so after much debate/deliberation, we came up with a name for our now Official Adventuring Group.

‘VIRIBUS’… The Seekers of Kai Lotay.

Viribus is an Archaic word for ‘STRENGTH’.

And ‘Kai Lotay’ is the name of my home land ‘Kai’ (The Kai Islands Of Galdur), combined with the place Kayen had made his home, ‘Lotay’ (The Woods of Lotai, in Polus).

Campturing the birth place of our Party, somewhere between Galdur and Polus.

But enough of all that.

Our First Goal as a Group was to build us a Home Base, where is yet to be determined, which will either be a ‘GUILDHALL’, which would run us somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 to 7,000 Gold Pieces, and would basically be a room in a City somewhere where we would have our Group Meetings.

Or a ‘KEEP’, which would run us anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 Gold.

Obviously the Guildhall would be much quicker (60 Days to build, give or take), and affordable…

…but in the long run, a Keep would be an actual Home (400 Days to build, give or take).

Putting that aside for the moment, our First opportunity for Vibris to generate some funds arrived in the form of a Scroll from Saya (Leader of the Underlay Thieves Guild, in Tru), ready by her disciple Adis, who had traveled with us to Avador.

“Greetings Z, And Comrades Of Z…

My Name is Saya…

I Am The Leader Of The Underlay Theives Guild of Tru, As Some Of You Already Know…

As I Discussed With Z, I Am In Need Of A Group To Seek Out The Twin Of My SUNBLADE Sword, Which Can Be Found In The ‘SHADE ISLES’, West Of Polus, Somewhere Around Two Weeks Travel Via Ship From Where You Are In AVADOR.

I Am Prepared To Pay 1,500 Gold Up Front, To Z, And 1,500 Gold More Upon Receipt Of The Blade.

My Desciple Adis Has The Initial 1,500 Gold With Her, Should You Accept My Offer.

The Shade Isles, Specifically The Middle Island Of 5, Was The Home Of A Cat People, And/Or Tigron Race Of People, But All That Remains Now Are The Ruins Of A Beautiful People, And The Soul Protector Of The Sunblade.

Perhaps You Are Wondering Why I Am Not Fetching The Blade On My Own…

The Tigron Shade Isle People Believe A ‘True Deserver’ Of The Blade, Is Not Only Individually Powerful, But Has The Ability To Find Another Worthy Enough To Seek Out The Blade In Their Behalf, And Trust That They Will Bring It To Them Once Retrieved.

Z, I Feel, Is Such A Worthy Individual, Deserving Of My Trust.

I’m Afraid This Is All I Can Tell You Of The Tigron Shade Isles People, Other Than Z Will Likely Face A, Or A Series Of, Difficult Challenges In The Retrieval Of It.


Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter IX

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot – CHAPTER VI – Cyclops – CHAPTER VII – Lara X – CHAPTER VIII – Session 16

CHAPTER IX – The Marquis

Once Z found us a path clear of Tru Swordsmen, we made our way to the Gates leading to the Houses of the Nobles…

…the Guards let us in, assuming we had come for our second meeting with Lord Mayor Shaymus, instead we made our way to the Home of the Marquis of Tru.


“How may I be of service…” spoke the very Royally dressed Marquis.

We explained the situation in whole, and before responding, the Marquis paused.

“I’ll take care of this,” he finally replied.

I’d done what I felt I could for Lara X, now it was time to leave Tru once more.

I approached Z, “Time for us to find a ‘Home’…”

And so it was back to Avador for now, where Thalo (Our Shadow Monk) and Stryke (Our Wolf Spirited Barbarian), may or may not have waited for us to return.

Z sent a note to Saya with one of her Underlay Thieves, telling her he had to pass on the General Position for now… But she could send the info. about the Sun Blade Mission to him in Avador.

She did one better…

She sent Adis with us to Avador.

Zahn and Dreyha on the other hand, requested the use of Tru’s Mage Tower Teleportation Portal, to return to the Teleportation Circle in Green Tower, Galdur.

The Marquis granted their request.

So it was Z, Laris, Kayen, Kinner, Adis and myself heading to Avador.

It was a 9 day journey back to Avador, and beside a few Orcs, Bug Bear and Goblins along the way, we made it back without a hitch.

Thalo and Stryke were still in Avador, waiting for us.

…it was good to see them.

Thalo still had things that might come our way from his previous life…

…but we’d be there to back him up.

I told Stryke how we nearly lost Laris to a Frost Giant without her Wolf Spirit to inspire our Melee in battle…

She was jealous that she’d missed the fight.

I also told them how we were going to make our Group ‘Official’, and find our selves a home base to operate from.

All were very excited…


Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VIII

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot – CHAPTER VI – Cyclops – CHAPTER VII – Lara X

CHAPTER VIII – Session 16

We gathered for our 16th Session…

The overall feeling of our 3rd Dungeons And Dragons Campaign so far has been somewhat Political.

By the Party entering the Hobgoblin Lair originally, we stirred the pot with Warlord Torbaloy, and the Hobgoblins…

…but by entering it the second time, and approaching the Lord Mayor of the City Tru, we’ve stirred the Political pot of Tru.

We all had our food, and were ready to begin playing once more.

“Lets begin,” spoke Johnny.

“The Duke is ill,” spoke Lord Mayor Shaymus.

“Currently it’s the MARQUISE DENANEN that I’m reporting to,” he added.

He looks at Zahn, “I’m assuming since your friend here is a ‘Cleric of Apollo’, you won’t consider receiving a portion of the Lair’s Silver Mine in order to buy your silence, an option…” he spoke.

We all just stared at him.

“Right… Well… Give me a day to think on this than…” he added.

“Alright…” I replied, and we left.

It was back to ‘The Gnoll’s Leg’ tavern for us, where Z was waiting.

“Here’s our coin… Adis converted it to Gold,” he handed me all but his portion of the Gold in two sacks.

I gave each of us a portion.

“I need to talk to you,” spoke Z to me.

So we got some rooms at the Inn portion of the tavern, and the two of us met in one of them.

He told me what Saya had offered him.

“Are yo going to do it?” I asked.

“I don’t know…” he replied.

“It’s an interesting opportunity, but…” he added.

“But…” I replied.

“What’s next for you Ren… After Lara X,” Z asked.

“I’m not sure…” I replied.

“Have you thought of finding a ‘home base’… Somewhere for us to be, between Adventures, Crusades, or whatever,” he asked.

“You know… Forming a Group?” he added.

…”Truthfully, I haven’t…” I replied.

Z gets up and walks towards the door, “I think you should… And if you do… I’ll join it.”

As Z left, Laris entered.

“What was that about…” she spoke, then sat in a chair near me.

“Complicated,” I replied, rubbing my head.

“I don’t think we can trust Shaymus…” Laris spoke.

“Yeah… I know,” I replied.

“No, I mean, I don’t think we’re safe here in the City…” she added.

With this I looked out the window of the room…

…several groups of Tru Swordsmen were standing around near the Inn.

I looked at Laris, “Perhaps you’re right.”

Deciding the Inn wasn’t necessarily the best place to be, Z took us to the secret entrance of  the Underlay Thieves Guild, after losing the trailing Tru Swordsman that is.

Lets just say, Saya was a bit surprised to see all of us…

…but when Z explained, she showed us to some quarters for our Party to spend the night, prior to meeting again with Lord Mayor Shaymus.

“You can’t trust Shaymus… No matter what he says,” spoke Saya before parting our company.

I looked at Laris, “This is a growing theme I think… Maybe we should go right to the Marquise tomorrow.”

Laris simply nodded.

Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VII

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot – CHAPTER VI – Cyclops


With Dreyha’s Spell we were able to move through the room undetected by the Cyclops…

Out of four possible exits, Dreyha felt we should go through the Eastern door…

…20′ in, it lead to a large 50′ by 110′ room, with a raised area.

At the back of the raised area was a large black velvet curtain…

…Dreyha gestured towards the curtain.

Z, meanwhile, had become distracted by the beautiful tapestries on the walls…

…then disregarded it.

He moved towards the curtain, then stood perfectly still.

“You’d Best Come In, Being You Came All This Way…” came a beautiful, yet deep female voice.

…it was her… LARA X.

We looked at one another, then stepped through the curtain.

Beyond it was a beautiful 30′ by 50′ chamber…

And sitting towards the far end of the room was Lara X, a 20′ long Silver Dragon, amongst piles of silver and gold, and a Chest on top.

I step forward and bow slightly, “Lara X?”

“Indeed,” she replies.

“We didn’t know if the Hobgoblins, or the Tru Soldiers had slain you…” I added.

“Torbaloy (The Hoblgoblin Warlord) Let me be, in exchange for the rest of the Lair…” she explained.

“And The Soldiers Of Tru, Like The Hobgoblins, Never Went Beyond The Cyclops Chamber… Wise I Think,” she added.

“Why Have You Come Wizard…” She questioned.

“This is your Lair… Your… Home… I will do my best to persuade the Lord Mayor of Tru to pull out his Soldiers…” I explained.

“What Is Your Name…” she says, almost appearing to smile.

“Ren…” I reply.

“I Have Something For You Ren…” she speaks.

“Come To Me…” she finishes.

I step forward, and she looks down at the chest, where there is a beautiful Purple Stoned Amulet, on a Silver Chain, laying over it.

“Take It…” she says, the warmth of her breath upon me.

I pick up the Amulet, “Why are you giving this to me?”

“Because You Are My Friend…” she speaks.

We left the Lair, and approached the Soldiers of Tru guarding the pass between the Lair and where Laris and Kinner were waiting.

Zahn stepped forward, “I am Zahn of the Order of Apollo,” he spoke.

The guards, hands on their sword handles, looked at one another.

“Two of our friends are beyond you, and we needs retrieve them.

Zahn was able to get the Soldiers of Tru to allow us to get our friends, and another set of Guards to let us through the Southern passageway which would lead us to Tru.

As we began our travel, Laris looked at Zahn, “So you’re Zahn…”

Zahn looked at her.

“Ren speaks about you often,” she added.

We made our way to Tru, where before anything else, we would retrieve our Silver from Adis in the Underlay.

“I’ll get us our Silver,” spoke Z, who headed to the Underlay Thieves Guild secret entrance, as he had been through it when we were last in Tru.

I nodded, then decided to visit several Horse Selling Stables, where at last I spoke to a reasonable Seller, and we as a Party purchased 5 Horses.

Mine was Grey, Kinner’s Brown and White, Laris’s was Blond, Kayen’s White, and we got one for Z as well, which was Brown.

With the money we got from defeating the Frost Giant, it was a sensible purchase, as we’d been traveling on foot.

90 Gold a piece for the Horses.

We then made our way to Lord Mayor Shaymus’s large home, beyond the walls that protected the Homes of the Nobles, the Mage Tower of Tru, and the Keep of the Duke of Tru.

Once at the Lord Mayor’s home, he let us straight in.

“We meet again,” he spoke, standing at the window behind his desk.

Zahn looked at me, and I nodded…

…he then stepped forward, “I am Zahn, a Cleric of Apollo…”

The Lord Mayor looked at him, not appearing impressed, “And…”

“We would humbly request that you remove the Soldiers of Tru from the mountain passes to the North, leading to the Lair of Lara X.

“Lara X… We captured that Lair from the Hobgoblin Warlord, Torbaloy… The Lair is the property of Tru… I would ask all of you to stay away from it…” replied the Lord Mayor.

I stepped forward, “I’m afraid that isn’t possible… We appreciate your time Lord Mayor Shaymus, but we will take this matter up further with the Duke of Tru,” I turned, and all of us started to leave.

“Wait… Wait… That may not be necessary,” spoke the Lord Mayor, a bit unnerved.


Meanwhile Z enters the Chamber of Saya, the Leader of the Underlay Thieve’s Guild of Tru…

Adis approaches with two large sacks in her hands, and sets them before Z, “We exchanged your Silver for Gold, for ease of transport.”

Z nodded, and Adis left the chamber.

Saya stepped out of the shadows once more, and stood before Z, “Hello Z.”

Z bows slightly, “Saya.”

“Though it was not your intention to battle the Frost Giant I set as your test, in the end you did, and fought it well… So says Adis… And I am not surprised, the test was more of a ‘formality’, so that my Order did not feel I was showing you favoritism..” she explained.

“Favoritism?” Z replied.

“You have a special talent Z,” she spoke as she paced around him, “Not just as a Thief, but as a ‘being’. You don’t just steal, you’re honorable… Not always an easy trait to find amongst Thieves…”

“What is it that you want?” questioned Z.

“Two things really… I would like you to be my General… My, right hand man in this Order…” she explained.

Z seemed to shift uncomfortably.

“No rush… I’m just throwing truths on the table… But for now, I’d like to hire you to retrieve the twin of this blade,” with this she draws her SUN BLADE, a glowing yellow sword.

“If you do, my Order will not put up resistance when I appoint you my General…” she stood before him once more.

“And whether you accept, or not, you will be paid handsomely,” she finished.

She turns and walks back towards the shadows, “Think about it Z, and get back to me.”…

…she disappears.

Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VI

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot

CHAPTER VI – Cyclops

After we divided the loot, we parted ways with Adis, Myth and Auros…

Because they had horses, we had them take our Silver into Tru for us…

…We’d collect it later.

Adis gave a long look to Z as she left, and he knew, she’d be in touch about the Mission for Saya.

Kayen told us that we were about a day and a half from the once ‘Hobgoblin Lair’, now captured by the City of Tru.

By late afternoon, we reached two of the mountains surrounding the Lair.

The storm was still bad, and at some point Kayen stopped.

“There’s some men ahead,” he spoke.

Z snuck ahead, then returned.

100′ ahead there are 6 Soldiers of Tru,” he explained.

“How should we proceed?” I questioned.

“It depends… I don’t think they will let us in the Lair, if that’s what you were wanting to do,” spoke Z.

“Perhaps you Ren, Z and Kayen should sneak by them, and investigate the Lair,” spoke Laris.

“Kinner and I are not as light on our feet,” she concluded.

I looked at Z and Kayen who both nodded, “Alright.”

We did our best to sneak by the Soldiers, but one of them saw Kayen, “Go, I’ll lose them,”…

…and he separated from us.

Z and I continued, until we had a straight and clear path to the Lair.

We made our way into the cavern, and down the two familiar flights of stairs.

Suddenly Kayen appeared behind us.

“That was easier than I thought it would be,” he spoke.

Kayen then closed his eyes, “Let me try and sense the Dragon if she’s still here and alive,” he spoke.

“You can do that?” spoke Z, but I shooshed him.

A faint blue glow went over Kayen, then his eyes opened, “Yup, she’s still here, and alive.”

“It’s called ‘PRIMEVAL AWARENESS‘, it’s something us Rangers pick up on as we develop our Skills. Only works on certain Creatures, Dragons being one of them,” he added.

We searched out many of the rooms, blood stains from the battle that must have occurred between the Tru Soldiers and Clerics, and the Hobgoblins, Ogres, Goblins and Ettins of the Lair, all about…

Perhaps it’s better I wasn’t here for that.

We reached a hallway outside a large room, and Kayen brought us to a halt.

“There’s something in the next room,” he spoke.

Z nodded, then went Stealthily forward to take a look.

It was a 70′ by 40’ Trophy Room, filled with slain Beasts…

…from Sabertoothes, to Dire Wolves, to even a Cyclops…

Z went back to the hallway where we waited.

“They’re dead…” he spoke.

Kayen shook his head no.

So Z took it a step further, stealthing back into the room…

…he went from Beast to Beast trying to hear if any of them were breathing.

But he couldn’t detect anything.

He made his way back to us once more.

“Either we should try to sneak through the room, or we need to bring Laris and Kinner in here with us,” spoke Z.

“That won’t be necessary,” spoke the familiar voice of Dreyha (An Elven Druid Ren, Kinner and Chi traveled with in the Campaign 1 Story) from behind them.

They turned to look and a black haired, yellow eyed Wood Elf Druid in green attire stood behind them.

“Dreyha!” I whispered enthusiastically, then hugged her.

“She’s not alone,” another familiar voice came from the shadows behind them, it was Zahn (From Campaign 1, “The Journey Of Zahn”).

Stepping into the low light was a Golden Chainmail wearing Cleric, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a white trimmed blue Shield, with a Yellow Sun in the middle of it.

We arm embraced, then all moved further from the entrance in to the room, so that we could speak.

“Zahn, how is it possible?” I questioned.

“Chi came to see me, and Dreyha and I traveled to The Green Tower, where the High Druid Jarothh allowed us to use their Teleportation Circle…” he explained.

“I, don’t know what to say,” I replied.

“This is Z, our Rogue,” I spoke.

“A Blu Hob…” Zahn spoke, then reached out to shake his hand.

“You must be one hell of a Rogue,” Zahn added.

“And this is Kayen,” I spoke.

“Ranger,” Kayen spoke as he shook Zahn’s hand.

“This is Dreyha, of the Green Tower of Galdur,” spoke Zahn.

Dreyha bowed slightly.

“What are you doing here Zahn?” I asked.

“Protecting a Silver Dragon’s Lair, seemed like a noble cause… I felt inclined to aid you if I could,” Zahn explained.

“We need to move…” spoke Z.

“TRANSIET SINE AUTEM VESTIGIUM,” spoke Dreyha, and a green glow passed over all of them.

“This should guise us as we go through that room…” she explained.

…”As you are correct, there is a living Creature in there…” she added.

“The Cyclops.”