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Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter VI

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Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor – CHAPTER II – Laris – CHAPTER III – Dwarfport – CHAPTER IV – Blue Hob – CHAPTER V – Session 10


As the Party traveled eastward through the grasslands to the south of Dwarfport, the air was crisp, and new.

Our Marching Order was Stryke the Barbarian girl in front, with Chi, our Wood Elf Ranger, at her side… Laris, our Paladin of the Ancients, aka ‘Green Knight’, and myself, Ren, a Wizard, behind them… And in back, Kinner, our Drow (Dark Elf) Bard and ‘Z’, the Blu Hob Rogue, in back.

I have to admit, beginning our Polus Adventures was a bit strange whilst only truly knowing half of the Party… But that’s how all great Adventures begin I imagine.

A couple hours in we came across the Black Dragonborn Monk Thalo Laris and I saw battling in the Arena-esq games in Dwarfport…

…he was traveling on foot.

“Hey there…” spoke Laris who rode up next to him.

He looked up, then back to the grasslands before him.

Our Party passed him by, and Laris joined us quickly after.

An hour or so before nightfall we reached the WOODS OF FAIRELIGHT, and Stryke suggested that we camp just outside of them for the night.

“Not on your life,” spoke Chi, who had come from the forest of Speahr Torn in Galdur, and longed for the trees…

Chi would lead us in for an hour or two before we made camp.

On first watch would be Laris and Kinner, second watch myself and Z, and third watch, Chi and Stryke…

On third watch the Black Dragonborn Monk Thalo came into our camp.

“May I use your fire once you leave,” he spoke.

“Sure,” spoke Stryke who began to ready her horse for departure.

Chi didn’t say anything, but did give the Monk a glance.

“Thalo,” he spoke as he extended his hand to Chi.

Chi smiled, “Hello there… I’m Chi.”

“Are you heading to Tru?” questioned Thalo.

“Yes…” replied Chi.

Stryke gave a glance over at them, then went back to her horse.

I (Ren) then awoke, “Hello Thalo.”

Thalo waved slightly to me.

“Thalo…” spoke Laris friendly, “Like some food and some hot brew?”

“I’m alright,” replied Thalo.

When Z awoke he noted how quickly Thalo seemed to notice him, though he was behind him.

Kinner woke up rubbed his eyes, “Morning all…”

Z then sat next to Thalo, “Somehow I feel like I know you,” Z spoke to him.

Thalo looked at Z slowly, “Not likely,” he spoke.

They stared at one another for a moment, “Perhaps not,” added Z.

“We should get going,” spoke Stryke.

And so we said our goodbyes to Thalo, and went on our way through the Woods of Fairelight.

Magic And Light – Chapter IV

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by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends

Chapter II – Making Characters

Chapter III – Choose Your Class

CHAPTER IV – Character Introductions (Stigus)

Here’s a look at Stacy’s Character;

STIGUS (Dragonborn) Fighter

Eyes: Green Age: 20 Weight 230 Height 6′ Skin/Scales: Blue

Strength: 18 Intelligence: 13 Dexterity: 14 Wisdom: 13 Constitution: 13 Charisma: 15

Hit Points: 11 Armour Class: 13

Alignment: Chaotic/Good

Stigus has the ability to Breath a 5′ x 30′ line of lightning each time she rests.

Her Languages are COMMON (Human), DRACONIC (Dragon) and ELVISH.

She is Proficient in all Armour, Shields, Simple and Martial Weapons.

Born in the land of KRIEG, North of the Dragonborn ran Port of Oto’Ra, Stigus was a Hunter in her clan.

As an Adventurer, she has taken on the trade of Fighter.

She is an Elite Archer, but can also wield a Great Sword quite well.

Some might call Krieg a large island, but the natives do not.

Though they do acknowledge it as being part of the Continent Galdur, they also consider themselves independent of any laws there.

Though in Galdur, there are many Regions that are uncharged, and/or lawless.

This suits the people of Krieg just fine.

Due to Stigus’s Archer tendencies, she has chosen to wear Leather Armour, as opposed to Chainmale, which is more cumbersome.

She likes to be light on her feet, though as a Dragonborn, that might sound strange…

…in Stigus’s case, it is not.

She also has a Long Bow (And Arrows), 2 Handaxes, a Great Sword (Her Father’s) and a hand held Crossbow.

She is not rich, but has enough gold to carry her for a while.