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Climate… We Have 7 Years To Turn This Thing Around, And We Can Not Rely On Government Alone To Do It

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For America, the reality is this… In regards to Government, we’re likely to have a fight on our hands should Biden win

This will take time we do not have, but it is what it is

If Trump wins, that’s a whole other huge issue… Which will take even longer to deal with, and will likely push our Country and Planet further down the Rabbit Hole

The reality is, no matter what happens in Government, it’s not going to be enough to achieve what we need to achieve as a planet in regards to our Earth’s Climate

We, as a species, have to attack this issue ourselves above and beyond Government

We have to make changes, and we have to make them now

So many of the things a lot of us have heard about for at least the last 20 to 30 years or more are now on the table before us, with a 7 year ticking sound coming from the core of our existence

Don’t look away

Don’t shrug this off

Don’t wait for the Activists, or the Government to figure it out and fix it

It needs to be us

It needs to be now

We the ones who do, and have nothing but contribute to our Crisis hold the Majority in regards to numbers of us

Which means we have the greatest responsibility, and we have the greatest opportunity to have the greatest effect/impact

I’m not trying to shame those that have left these things unattended to as they focused 24/7 on their individual lives

I get it

But now, if we are to survive as a species, in addition to taking care of our individual lives and needs, we also need to put an effective amount of time, thought and effort into reversing what we’ve done to our home, and what we are still doing to our home

I have Recycled for 30 or so years (Only to recently find out the company that picks our stuff up, only actually recycles the things that they make money for doing)

I have been a Vegan for 7 years (Yes this has saved thousands of animals, but beyond the humane element, Animal Agriculture has a huge destructive impact on are planet)

But these things are not enough

There is much more that we can, and need to do

My girlfriend who is an Activist, and has been on the frontline of helping to reduce Animal Agriculture for the last 3 years, is now working for a B Corp Company

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. … B Corps form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

We should all look to use B Corp companies for whatever products we can, as to support a ‘Sustainable’ existence on our/this planet

The greatest thing I took from last nights Presidential Debate, is we can’t wait around for our Government to improve, and reverse the reality that is upon us

Please don’t disregard this Post

We can do this

If not for those around you, then for your kids, or grandkids, or the kids and grandkids of others in the world who we have brought to this planet, and deserve a shot not to live in the shadows and devastation of what we have done here

Have hope, get involved


DarkJade- (James)

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Earth Crisis

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Image result for earth crisis painting

Growing up you hear people talk about if we don’t change this or that, our children won’t have a planet to live on… Or at least not one that is doing well. At 50, I’ve spent the first half of my life hearing these things… Watching these things. So many Sci-Fi Movies and Stories are based on Humans dragging the planet though the coals in one way or another, leading to Global Destruction… The Stories often take place after these facts. Where most of the planet have become Scavengers, and a large majority of the planet simply didn’t survive. The Horrific thing is, life has begun to feel like a Pre-Sci-Fi World, as we watch one Ecological problem after another stack up. I’ve always felt that the Earth’s, and People’s biggest challenge is, and will continue to be, our Population. And to a degree, it still is. But the truth is, our Populations is also our greatest Strength… Meaning, if we make movements together, we could still change all of this. I realize it’s easier to turn off the T.V., and continue living Status Quo… The problem is, there are ‘powers that be’ managing parts of the world, not based on what we need, or want… But based on Greed. This post isn’t designed to call these people/governments etc. out, this post is designed to Inspire/Reinvigorate people into action… Meaning, educate yourself asap, find out what you can do that will help some of these current global crisis’s stop, or slow down long enough for us to change these things around… We need to Elect those that our on board with Reality, we need to buy products from people/companies that think about all of us, not just money. I’m all for Capitalism, Goals, Economic Strength, but not at the expense of our home… The Planet. The sad thing is, this Post isn’t from someone who is extremely Right or Left, this post is from someone who is an Earthling, and is truly worried about all of us… Truly. As it is those that are younger than I have been born into a world of crisis. This is no longer a time to just enjoy our lives, our own little worlds, and shut off the T.V. when large global issues come on. We can still enjoy our own little worlds, but we need to also incorporate our actual planet, and the rest of the human race into our day to day… It’s the only chance we have at turning this thing around.

ART  – Earth Crisis


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She keeps up warm…

And Cool

She is the Strength below us

The Sky around us

She Breathes as we do…

Hungers, and Lives as we do

She is Beautiful

She is a Gift

She is our Home




Darker Times – Black Planet

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Darker Times…

by DarkJade

Black Planet




John Swift’s Space Vessel Arrives in Earth’s Atmosphere… It is but a Blackened, Poisoned, Dead Planet Now

John stands before his Bridges Great Window, arms crossed, staring at what used to be a Fertile, Life Filled Planet…

His Long Black Cape draped almost to the floor of his Tall Form.

Dressed in both Black, and Deep Maroon (For A Better Physical Description of John Swift Go Here Darker Times – Wakening)…

“There’s Nothing Left…” John thinks to himself.

“Excuse me for saying this My Lord… But don’t you think The High Council will find it strange that you up and suddenly blasted off to The Dead Planet of Earth?” John’s silence is suddenly broken by these words from his ever Pestering Assistant, Odomo Jones.

Also within The Bridge are 6 S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units, John’s Own Creation, who act as Security to him, as he Trusts… No one.

John doesn’t seem to take note of Odomo’s words as he Methodically Places the Palm of his Right Hand, which is Gloved in his Accustomed Black Long Gloves.

“Forboding…” he thinks to himself as he continues to stare at the Lifeless Black Orb.

“Sir?” Odomo reaches up and taps John’s left shoulder.

With this John quickly grabs Odomo’s Hand and Arm, and twists it until he drops to his knee.

“Just exactly how much did they pay you to watch over me??” he says to Odomo, his Dark Blue Eyes Burning With Rage…

“Pay me My Lord??” Odomo plays dumb, as he breaks into a sweat, obviously in Great Pain.

John releases him and look back out the window “Fool!”.

Odomo stands, and straightens out his Assistant Jacket “They did offer me Sir… But I turned them down” Odomo confesses.

John turns back at him with a sneer “Oh Yeah… Why’s that” questions John.

“You Scare me…” Odomo gulps “Sir”.

With this John breaks into an unlikely, fairly deranged looking smile “So that’s why you’ve been bombarding me with all of these questions, eh…” John looks back out the window.

“You’re Concerned because They’re Watching Me…” John says as he looks outward into the darkness of the Earths Atmosphere.

“Yes My Lord” Odomo replies nervously.

“Order My Security on Mars to Arrest The High Council…” John states flatly.

“But My Lord??” Odomo questions in a surprised tone.

With this John turns and faces Odomo, his long Right Arm Extended Fully, Pointing at Odomo “JUST DO IT!!” he demands and leaves the Bridge.

Odomo gulps once more “Yes… My Lord”.


Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Darker Times Page – Premace