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Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Now Available On Kindle

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Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Now Available On Kindle

Moving Beyond My Online Site, and Beyond The Local Book Store that is now Carrying My Book, I’ve been meaning to do more Research in ebook Publishing.

Mostly because it appears to have become a Huge Part of the Writer’s, and Reader’s World, and Basically Makes The Book a Little Bit More Accessible.

Good News Though, You Don’t Need A Kindle To Download Kindle Books

Which is Good, because I don’t have a Kindle, lol

I’m Using what is Called a “Kindle Reading App”, in which there are several, but I am using the Windows PC App (There is No Charge for the App, it just makes Kindle Books Readable/Orderable for People who don’t have a Kindle).

You Can Find This Free App and Several Others Right Here Free Kindle Reading Apps

The Book is $1.99 On Kindle if you’d like to Pick One Up You Can Go Here Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Kindle Version)

Or if you Prefer The Printed Version You Can Check out The Links to All 6 Available Colors Here Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Printed Version).

These ebooks should be “Loanable” as far as I understand it, so if you Read it and Like it, you can share it with the People You Love… Or even The People You Just Like, ha

If you’d like to Check Out Some Reviews on The Book, you can Go Here

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Thanks for all of your Support