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DarkJade – Tears For Fears… Same Songs, New Meaning

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It’s funny, there’s been different times in my life when I’ve listened to Tears for Fears… But it all Originally started back in 1985, when the Song “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” came out.

For me it was the epitome of Summer, and I just couldn’t hear it enough…

It was from their “Songs from the Big Chair” (1985) Album.


Which is the Image I remember most of them.

The next song that really hit home with my brother and I was “Shout”. This song also, I could just not hear enough…

I remember me, my brother, my mom and her boyfriend driving down the coast listening to “Shout“, and all singing it, lol

There’s actually an interesting history behind “Shout”.  I’ll go ahead and Qoute Wikipedia on this.

A lot of people think that ‘Shout’ is just another song about primal scream theory, continuing the themes of the first album. It is actually more concerned with political protest. It came out in 1984 when a lot of people were still worried about the aftermath of The Cold War and it was basically an encouragement to protest.
—Roland Orzabal
It concerns protest inasmuch as it encourages people not to do things without actually questioning them. People act without thinking because that’s just the way things go in society. So it’s a general song, about the way the public accepts any old grief which is thrown at them.
—Curt Smith
I just thought it was a great song.
Head over Heels
My Brother went on to purchase an Older Album by Tears for Fears called “The Hurting” (1983).
(Live Version)
But I was more familiar with “Mad World
(Album Track)

(Live Footage)
To me their music reached me very deeply. Something about the Music, combined with their Lyrics, and Singing.
Pale Shelter” loved this one.
If you can move beyond the 80’s esq Visuals of the Video, their Music is Quite Good.
Change” Great Song
I never cared for their “Seeds of Love” (1989) Album, but when Roland did the Album “Elemental” (1993) without Curt, who had left the Band, I thought it was an awesome Record.
lol, I hadn’t seen this video. Oh how things change, lol.
Break it Down Again
Trippy footage, lol. Man, they needed some help with Videos, ha.
Mr. Pessimist” Scratch the Video on this one, just listen to the Song, lol. Probably my Favorite on the Album.
If I remember correctly, this song was about Curt, who had left the Band. If I remember correctly Rollen wanted him involved in this Album, but Curt didn’t want to be. I could be remembering incorrectly.
I will go ahead and end this Tears for Fears Tribute if you will, with a song from “Songs from the Big Chair” called “The Working Hour”. Love this song, I was recently looking for a Video for it and came across this cool Reflective Apocalyptic Video using this song…
The Working Hour
Thanks for Hangen with me.
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