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Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

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Warriors Of Light – The Great Eagle Ziox

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI, Episode XII, Episode XIII

“Hark As Tales Do Tell Of The Great Eagles, And Their Elven Riders… But These Tales Be Real”


Kor’s 100 White Orcs did as ordered (Kor’s Last Appearence Was In Episode IX), and split into 5 parties of 20… They dispersed to the outer areas of the Lake of Gorne which sadly included a single Town known as Braewood…

One of the Parties of 20 would lay siege on this Village by nightfall…

Blood would surely fall.

Meanwhile in the forests of Widdleben, Borgodan, the Paladin of Blue Hawk, and his traveling companion, a Great Wolf Rider Warrior known as Nathe (Last Seen In Episode X), would soon be in the Town of Widdleben, where they would rest for the night, and replenish their supplies for the next days journey into the Mountain Region of The North Lands.

…but for some, that would not be soon enough.

Suddenly from the sky a Giant White Eagle did appear…


…and upon his back, a white and sliver clad Elf, bearing a long silver spear which he held above his head… And a white feathered silver helmet.

“By the Gods!” gasped Borgodan, and he pulled back the reigns of his black Warhorse…

Nathe too was taken off guard, but without exclamation.

The Great Eagle landed before them…

Nathe stepped forward, “Greetings Elf… What business have you with us,” he spoke.

Borgodan, not at all impressed with Nathe’s charms, and/or lack of, stepped forward as well…

“Greetings Great Eagle… How may we be of service?” spoke Borgodan.

Nathe was completely baffled by the fact that Borgodan was talking not to the Elf, but to the Giant Eagle itself.

Suddenly the Great Eagle did in fact speak…


…in his own tongue that is.

The Elf, LEVAND by name, translated the Great Eagle’s response.

“The Great Eagle Ziox would ask that you board its’ back with me, and head north to the Town of Braewood…” spoke Levand.

Nathe looked at Borgodan, then at the Elf, “Not a chance–” he started to say…

“–Of course,” replied Borgodan, who looked into his horse Order’s eyes, and whispered to him… Order then ran towards the Town of Widdleben.

Borgodan began to step towards the Great Eagle, when Nathe grabbed him by the shoulder, “Are you mad?? Getting on top of a Giant Eagle!”

Borgodan shook him off, “You needs not come Nathe…” and mounted Ziox with his gear on his back.


The Great Eagle spoke at Nathe, but before the Elf Levand could translate…

“I know, I know,” Nathe spoke, as he too scruffed his Great Silver Dire Wolf’s head, and sent it off northward as well, “you need me as well… I get it.”

The Great Eagle then soared into the air, carrying the three travelers northward.


The Paladin – Man Down

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elvenThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

“So Shadow…”

“So… So… Shadow”


Joro, Shaylyr, Nyn, Zara and Truer are all at their camp.

“Doren and Brisk Leaf should be back by now…” speaks Truer.

Just then, Brisk Leaf enters the camp, sets his long ash bow down, and sits at the fire.

“Here…” Zara hands Brisk Leaf a wineskin of water, and a stick with animal freshly cooked upon it.

“Thank you Knight…” he replies, Zara nods and continues to cook another for Doren, who has yet to show up.

“Doren?” Brisk suddenly asks.

Truer shakes his head.

“We must find him at once…” speaks Shaylyr who stands suddenly, his silver, white armour gleaming, and yellow tabard flapping in the slight post sunset breeze.

“No need for that…” Doren suddenly appears, and speaks.

He then sits at the fire, where Zara gives him a stick of cooked animal and a wineskin of water as well.

“Thank you woman…” he speaks.

With this Zara starts for her sword, but Nyn grabs her hand, and shakes his head at her.

Shaylyr sits, “Good to see you Doren… Brisk Leaf… Now a report is in order.”

Truer, Doren and Brisk Leaf go on to explain how a Magic Wielder by the name of Yo Pre Ghado, camps with 60 Dark Warriors, and enlists a small party of Trolls… And how General Zai Zai Qed will be there by nightfall.

“Very good… What is our plan?” speaks the Paladin, and Joro and Nyn smile slightly at Shaylyr’s zest.

“We wait…” replies Truer.

“Wait?” speaks Zara impatiently… “Why did we come here if we’re to do nothing,” she finishes.

“There’s nothing to be learned with these interactions,” interjects Brisk Leaf… “Truer is right… Our best bet is to continue to track them from a decent distance.”

“And their scouts? And lookouts… Will they not detect our presence…” questions Nyn.

“Not on your life,” interjects Doren with a gleam in his eyes.

“Doren’s right… We Rangers will maintain a stealthy, yet fairly safe distance and continue to report back to you as you follow from a still safer distance,” explains Truer.

“Hmm…” Zara huffs, stands, and moves to her sleeping spot.

Joro smiles once more, “Sounds good… More study time for me.”

“Very well…” replies Shaylyr as he too stands, “…we’d best get our rest then… I–” he is cut off before finishing his last sentence.

“I’ll take first guard,” Doren suddenly interjects, and stands enthusiastically.

This grabs Brisk Leaf’s attention, but he makes sure not to gaze unnaturally at Doren.

“Very well… I the second,” replies Shaylyr.

Shaylyr then heads to his sleeping spot, and takes off just enough armour so that he might rest a bit.

Joro finds a s pot to read by a tree, and Nyn finds a sleeping spot as well.

Doren gayly grabs his sword and starts a bit of a perimeter around the camp.

Truer catches Brisk Leaf watching Doren as he goes.

“What is it Brisk Leaf…” speaks Truer.

Brisk Leaf is startled by Truer… “Nothing…” he replies, as he then makes his way out of the camp into the shadows.

Truer wonders for a moment why he’s going outside the camp, then lets it go, and finds his place to sleep.



The Paladin – Into The Woods

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SkyrimPainting2The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

“Man Is An Arrogant Breed…”

“One Worth Slaughtering”

“And Forgetting…”


CHAPTER VII – Into The Woods

The air is cool…

The Rangers Truer, Doren and Brisk Leaf have separted, but lead Zara, Joro, Shaylyr and Nyn deep into the Bolftire Woods, hot on the trail of General Zai Zai Qed, and his legion of two to three hundred orcs…

“Where Are They Heading…”

Shaylyr wonders of Qed’s Legion, as his party of four seem to follow no one through the woods, though in truth, the Rangers leave them indicators which guide them, though they themselves are nowhere to be seen…

“Here…” announces Nyn just audibly enough to be heard, as he points at a purposely broken branch, left by the Ranger Doren.

“Will this journey never end,” complains Zara, as she hacks her way through some of the branches around her.

“Are you sure you’re a Knight?” questions Joro in jest, as he reads contently his book of magic, letting his steed lead his way.

Zara gives Joro an unfriendly glance, followed by a quarter smile.

It’d been a long time since she traveled with a party of any sort… She was a loner in the truest sense of the word.

It was her way… She felt it was the safest way to not be killed by another fools error… And supplied her the luxury of caring about no one, which was helpful in such times as when she might be tortured by an enemy…

“Tortured…” she inadvertently spoke quietly under her breath.

With this Nyn cast a subtle glance back at Zara, as his elven ears were the only ones that caught wind of it…

“This Knight Is A Complete Mystery…”

Thought Nyn to himself, then continued his movement forward through the woods, his long elven ash bow strapped securely to his back, and short sword drawn and hacking away.


Yo Pre Ghado, an Asian looking man in his late 30’s, to early 40’s, black robed, stands upon a rock preaching his words to a pack of trolls that had found their way into his 60 Dark Warrior Camp…

“Here me brothers! The time has come to shift the waking world in our direction… You and your people will be wiped out if you do not move beyond your meager ambush tactics… I bestow upon you, ‘ambition’… Something that your kind lack…” the trolls do not look pleased by these words, but they are 6, surrounded by the 60 some odd Dark Warriors serving Yo Pre Ghado.

“This is not your fault… But the time for evolution is upon us… All of us must change… Take on aspects of one another’s people, in order to vanquish these lesser beings with all their ‘honor’, and ‘valor’… Let them burn I say… Let them burn…”

“HRRRAHH!” exclaimed the Dark Warriors, where as the trolls merely looked about, overwhelmed by this ‘interactive’ manner… Thus was not the Troll way.

Watching in the distance, is Doran, one of the three Rangers employed by the Paladin Shaylyr, and his party.

“You really shouldn’t ease drop brother…” suddenly a voice that sounded… Well… Exactly like Doran’s own came from behind him.

He began to sweat as he slowly turned to face this mysterious figure who seemed to appear out of nowhere… Dorn’s dagger was drawn low.

What Doran saw, shattered his mind… An exact image of himself stood before him…

“Naytonan…” spoke Doran quietly, more to himself than to the figure standing before him… A doppelganger.

The mimic stood staring at Doran with a menacing grin, his sword held high above his head.

“You know your myths…” and with this, quicker than Doran could react, the mimic brought his sword down upon the him…

“Too bad I’m not one.”



The Northerner

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The Northerner

by DarkJade

Chapter One – A Dark Town

It was a Tale of much woe…

The Northerner came from a far away Mountain… A place of peace, and solitude…

Far away from the Judging Eyes of Mortal Man, or Elf…

For he was a Halfbreed… Unaccepted by either.

He was but a young boy when he entered the mountain… His chosen place of “Self Banishment”…

His hair of grey, and Eyes of green.

He thought there… Amongst Natures Creatures… He would find the kind of Quiet his Soul Hungered for…

And so he did.

But as the years would pass, the skies below, where he had come from, to the south… Began to blacken more and more.

What Treacheries were afoot below he often wondered…

But he would simply force himself to put these things out of his mind…

After all… What good was a halfbreed to the World Below.

It wasn’t until his 17th birthday, after 5 or 6 years of darkened skies, that he made his way to a town at the bottom of his great mountain…

And as he road into town on his trusty steed, he noted how the Elven Forests were Darkened… Almost as if they had been lit ablaze…

And all about were Warrior Riders wearing all black, who looked his way as he passed, but payed him no mind, as they spoke of battles won… And the enslavement of the Dwarves of Onstadon…

“The Dwarves of Onstadon enslaved?? Impossible”

“They were the Greatest Miners, and Strongest Warriors of their kind…” the halfbreed Ronah thought to himself.

Soon he reached the now Darkened Town of Stormbaren…

And like everywhere else, there were Warriors in black all around…

As he reached the local Tavern of Noran’s Inn, he tied his horse to the nearby pole, and dismounted…

Before entering the Tavern, he pulled his dark grey hood over his face…

Once inside he could hardly believe his eyes… There must have been 40 or 50 of these black Warriors, and the Woman who worked there looked more to be slaves than anything else…

When he’d look at one of the woman as he walked by, he could see the pain and misery in their eyes…

They were not free.

Ronah sat at a table in a dark corner, and spent the next hour or so just watching as these numerous black Warriors came and left…

There were no Elves here… There were no Dwarves either… This was very strange indeed.

Finally a young blond woman approached his table…

“Something to drink or eat sir?” she spoke most unenthusiastically.

With this Ronah pulled out a Red and Black Dragon Goblet, and sat it on the table…

“Some Dark Red Wine if you please…” he spoke to the girl, pulling his hood off, and exposing his halfbreed visage.

With this the blue eyed girl’s eyes widened…

“You should go… The Warrior’s of Borduc will kill you for sure…” she spoke…

But it was too late, suddenly 3 black garbed Borduc Warriors approached Ronah’s table, pushing the girl aside.

“Well, well, welll… What have we here” spoke a tall, large man in a grizzled black beard.

“I don’t want any trouble” spoke Ronah, whose eyes looked to the girl, who seemed to be alright.

“Look at that… He’s a halfbreed… As if the Pure Breeds aren’t bad enough” spoke another shorter, brown haired Borduc Warrior.

“What happened to the Fynlaian Forests? Why, and how is it that they are burned to the ground” asked Ronah in an almost royal tone.

“Looky here… The Halfbreed wants to know what we did to the Fynlaian Elves, Ha!” spoke the blond haired third Warrior.

Ronah started to take note of the Borduc Warriors all starting to gather around his table.

That’s when he drew his two Swords, and climbed on top of his table.


“HaHaHaHa!!” the Warriors laughed.

Meanwhile the blond girl hid behind the Tavern Bar watching, hardly able to believe what she was seeing.

“So be it…” spoke Ronah… With this a blue light started to glow around him, as if it was tracing his form…


Meanwhile outside the tavern, the ‘true’ Ronah appeared next to his horse, he mounted it, and road out of town…


“GET HIM!!” the Warrior’s of Borduc yelled, and begun swinging their blades at the blue light traced image of Ronah, but their blades would simply pass through it…

“Elven magic… It’s not real…” one of them spoke…


PICTURE CREDITS – Anime Picture, Blackened Sky, Legado, Dragon, Bragga, Fantasy

Dark Rider – Moving On… Rodomor

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Despite how most Stories are told, not all Elves live in trees. In the far Village in Rodomor, lays the quaint home of Largoth. And though he is not a rich man, his family lives a peaceful life without much ever amiss. As Largoth likes it.

“Look Father, I’ve become Masterful with the the bow…” tugged Largoth’s youngest son, Alaynon.

“Come at me Father, I shall topple you!” ranted his oldest boy, Fleenon.

Often the Dark Rider has believed that the life of a Mercenary, always on the road, is somewhat safer for Largoth than being home with his two boys.

Dark Rider watched as Largoth had successfully disarmed both of his boys, and was holding them down, both unable to escape.

“I’m not impressed boys… If you really want me to come home more often, you’d best give me a bit more of a challenge when I arrive!” he gested.

The Dark Rider often looked the direction of the Road leading into the village, wondering when his Party might arrive.

At long last the boys escaped Largoth, and Alaynon called out to the Dark Rider.

“Uncle Dark, care for a wrestle?!”. The Dark Rider looked over and smiled slightly, then back to the road. Largoth seeing his friend lost in thought, motioned for the boys to go inside. “Go help your Mother with Supper” he told them. He then approached the Dark Rider.

“They’ll be here soon… It would take more than a mere Arrow Shaft to take down the likes of Iloh…”.

“Hmmpf” Dark Rider grunted in reply.

It was the next day when Elsya and Ems finally arrived, but there was no sign of Iloh nor Ukorian.

“Greetings Dark Rider… Largoth” Elsya spoke as she approached them in the stables, where Largoth and he had been discussing Horses.

“Iloh? Ukorian?” spoke Dark Rider. Em’s then stepped forward.

“Iloh healed well enough, and the two of them went on their own way… Iloh said you’d understand” spoke Em’s.

“Hmmpf” replied Dark Rider, as he headed towards the warmth of Largoth’s home, nodding at Elsya as he passed.

“Come, lets get you some hot stew, and set yee in front of the fire, old friends… Tell me of your Journey” Largoth expressed warmly, as he tossed each of his arms around the two of them, and showed them into the house.

Inside the Dark Rider sat in front of the Fire, staring deep into it’s embers.

Elsya approached, and sat beside him. He nodded at her once more.

“Did you love her…” she bluntly asked. With this he looked at her.

“Hardly time for love in this world…” he spoke in a hardened tone.

“I know of your lost love…” she continued. He looked at her “That was a long time ago…” he spat.

“Oh… Not so long” she stood, and walked towards the others. At first he grumbled more “Hmmpf”… Than found his eyes wonder over to her, only to meet her gazing right back… Deeply. With this her Eyes went from a Light Blue White, to a Deep Lavender. Inside of him, something shifted, and part of his pain took flight, and lessened.





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Dark Rider – Scarlet Bandit

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The next morning the Dark Rider and Largoth were approached by Iloh, her disgruntled Warrior friend and a Dwarven Warrior. “Dark Rider…” she spoke, as the Dark Rider and Largoth prepared their horses. “We  have a proposition for you…”. Largoth replied “What is it?” the Dark Rider continued to ready their horses. “We’ve been hired by the Mayor of Trone to capture a man known as The Scarlet Bandit… Perhaps you’ve heard of him…”. Largoth looks at Dark Rider, then back at Iloh. “The Scarlet Bandit has many Allies… And he is not an easy man to locate”. “No… He is not… Which is why we’d like you and the Dark Rider to join us, we are but three, and I fear it will not be enough”. “So that would make five of us, I still don’t–” Largoth was suddenly interrupted by an approaching Elven Girl. “Six… I will accompany you as well…” Dark Rider turned and was stunned by the Elven Girl’s beauty. “You? You were the one in the Fallen Wood… The one that warned us of the Man Golem…” “I am Elsya, of the Rendolyn Elves. I’ve been sent to aid you, should you require… Aid”. “Great… Another Elf…” spoke the

Dwarven Warrior. “My day couldn’t get much worse… Lets be on our way before the “Faerie’s” decide to join us…” With this he mounted his steed.

Largoth shrugged, and mounted his horse. Iloh did not appear pleased, but mounted her horse “Yah!!” she road off.

Within the day the six travelers reached Ordaon Valley, and were making good time.

Iloh and her Human Warrior friend, Ukorian as he was called, road in front. Largoth and Dark Rider in the middle, the Dwarven Warrior Ems brought up the rear. Elsya road off to the right of the party, seemingly on her own.

“I did not ask about the reward for this task, but then again, it must be unimaginable…” spoke Largoth. The Dark Rider looked over at Elsya, who met his gaze. “Tell me about this… Scarlet Bandit” he spoke to Largoth.




Part One – Dark Rider

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Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood

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As the Dark Rider, Largoth and Corwick’s Daughter Dylia made there way into The Fallen Wood… All was cast with an uneasy quiet.

Even the White Owl flew Above the Wood itself. No good would be found here, and the sooner they got through it the better. Though The Dark Rider himself did not seem overly concerned, Largoth and Dylia seemed exceedingly alert.

“This place makes me uneasy…” spoke Largoth. Hearing this did not please Dylia. “Perhaps it’s time I armed myself” she spoke, stopped, and started to put on some Warrior Gear.

“How’s this…” Largoth looked at her and nodded. The Dark Rider was not as easily impressed. “Eh…” he replied. Dylia smiled “You don’t like a Woman that can defend herself, eh… Might put you out of the Hero Business”.  The Dark Rider did not dignify this with a reply.

As the Nighttime Fell Upon them, the Forest seemed to swallow them up. It was at this point that they came across the Elven Village of Nah. “We’d best move on, The Elves of Nah will not appreciate us being here” spoke Largoth. “Hmmph…” the Dark Rider replied. And so they kept moving. Near the midnight hour, they decided to stop and make camp, being they weren’t likely to make it out of Fallen Wood before morning, it was probably best that they traveled by day. Though it wasn’t much Lighter during the day. “I’ll take First Watch” Largoth spoke. “No, we’ll do only one watch, and then move on… I’ll take the watch, you get some sleep… Both of you”, and so Largoth and Dylia went to sleep as best they could.

It wasn’t until late into the Night that “whack!” a rock hit the Dark Rider on his shoulder from above and behind him. He was surprised to see an Elven Woman up in the trees.

Apparently she had tossed the stone at him to get his attention, as she motioned with her Bow off in the distance, indicating he should make his way over there… And quickly.

He did not hesitate. By now a solid Snow had Covered the ground.

As he made his way through the thicket of wood beyond, the Attack Came.

“TIME TO DIE LITTLE MAN!!” it was the Man Golem. The Dark Rider was quick to draw his swords. SWOOSHH!! the Golem Swung his Giant Axe. But the Dark Rider was much too Agile. “Back for another round, eh” the Dark Rider spat. “YOU WILL GIVE ME THE GIRL, THEN MAYBE OGO LET YOU LIVE!!” SWISHHH!! the Golem swung at him again. Suddenly several Arrows Struck the Golem, as the Elven Girl in the trees aided the Dark Rider. He looked up and nodded at her when– THUNKK!! the Golem shoulder first knocked him against a tree. “Ouch… Ok, that hurt” as he slumped to the ground. VOOMP VOOMP VOOMP!!! several more Arrows strike the Golem, and suddenly Lagroth and Dyria were there and stabing at him. “ARRGGHH!!” it howls as it attempts to gimp away, but the Dark Rider would have none of it, as he tossed both of his Blades into it’s back, and it fell dead. SCREECH!!! the Dark Rider looked back behind to the trees where the Elf had vanished, and the White Owl Toar away.




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