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How To Deal With Chronic Fear And Anxiety

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How to Deal with Chronic Fear and Anxiety

chronic%20anxiety%20manIn this section we address things you can do on your own to work with fear and anxiety. We do not cover the many valuable techniques and therapies available when working with professional psychologists or other providers. These are essential for those who have experienced trauma or are suffering from intense chronic fear or anxiety.

Avoid avoidance

The only way to deal with fear is to face it. Avoiding it prevents us from moving forward—it makes us anxious. Therapists can be invaluable in helping us work through our avoiding strategies. If you have experienced trauma, it is especially important to work with a therapist to create a safe environment where you can face your fear and reconstruct your memories.Learn more about mindfulness

Another technique in milder situations is to use mindfulness meditation techniques to sit with what is arising. All you need to do is sit quietly and observe the present moment. If fear or anxiety arises, recognize it. Watch it rise up. Notice how it feels in your body. Observe it as it is; don’t try to get rid of it or change it.


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Oh to common friend…

Meant to protect, it seems you know no end

Erase my memories, if this is what you mean…

When you fill me with doubt

And oh too frequent freeze

I have things to do…

Dreams I’ve yet to have

Places to go…

And Things I’d like to have

I do my best…

To hold your rough touch at bay

Your destined it seems…

To find another way

May Peace Deliver me…

Or find some other way

To Protect me still…

But allow my Visions to play




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What is it you want from me…

I’ve given you blood

I’ve given you Time

Do you wish for me to surrender…

Look into the light

The Trauma is real, no doubt…

But the Stories

And the People…

Perhaps it’s Time myself that I Need

Perhaps I’m too hard on myself



A Time to Weep



Skies On Fire

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Skies On Fire

We Dream of Skies On Fire

The End… My Friend

Of Distant lands

Full of Hatred…

And Dread

But the Blue Light is all around us

It’s just Quieter now

No Loud Beginnings…

Only Echoed Ends

There Isn’t Any Time to wonder


Count Friends

The Time to act was Yesterday…

Arm yourself with Love…

Hold them close

Live like there’s No Tomorrow

Because there isn’t…

Without today



Black Flame

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Black Flame

Why have you Come for me

Sitting at my side…

Knitting my Hands to the Floor

What purpose can it serve…

Striking Fear in the Heart

Of a Man already thin…

You Mock me

With Your Cool, Calm Laughter…

And yet it turns to String it seems

These Shackles made of Vapors…

And Mists

I turn to go…

And you watch me leave…

Not even you are Committed

To This Follying Soul

Not even Fear…

Can Find a way



I.D.O. Chapter VII – The 13th Day

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“I Died Once” – Writing Project



CHAPTER VII – The 13th Day

It was the thirteenth day after I had arrived in Africa… I remember it well as I woke up screaming.

“Ahhhhhh!!!! He’s here!! He’s Here!! He’s Here!!” my father came crashing in my room, and took me into his arms… I couldn’t control the tears, I didn’t even know a human body could cry that much. It was embarrassing… But I couldn’t seem to stop.

“It’s just a nightmare Mady, I promise… No one is here” he assured me. But I did not believe him… Or rather… I could not.

“That’s it… No more sleeping out in this guest house, I’m moving you into one of the main house bedrooms” he insisted. “No No, I’m okay…” I assured him. But I wasn’t. The truth was, I had never been this shaken… It’s like all the emotions of the last eight or so years of my life were all starting to flood to the surface. “Come on…” he picked me up out of bed and carried me into the house. It was pitch dark outside, but the sky was unbelievable… Ten Million, Zillion Stars. By the time he got me in the house, the crying had switched to an occasional “Hhhhhehhh…. Hhhhehhh” sniffling, shortness of breath thing. How humiliating.

He brought me to a beautiful room, right next to his. “This is your room now… Tomorrow, you set it up however you like…” he told me. “No… I couldn’t–” I tried to speak, but he interrupted “It’s yours… No more talking… Time to get some sleep”. With this he covered me up with the large, soft white quilt. “I’m going to get you some water, I’ll be right back…” and he stepped out of the room. I could hear thousands of crickets outside, or whatever they were… Africa was truly a beautiful place, I understood why he came here. But in truth, I never actually asked him why, or how he ended up here.

He returned with the water in his hand, and handed it to me. He then handed me a white pill “Here, it will help you sleep” “NO!!!” I slapped it out of his hand… What am I nuts?? He’s been nothing but nice to me. He went and picked it up “It’s not a drug, it’s an Aspirin, I thought you might have a headache from all the crying”. He tossed it in the trash can, and opened up the bottle he had in his pocket, it was Aspirin. He handed it to me again, it said Aspirin on it, what a fool I am. I took it. “I’m so sorry… I–” he interrupted me “They drugged the hell out of yah, didn’t they…”. I stared at him for a minute “They tried… For the most part, I was able to get rid of it… But on occasion, they held me down” he tried to cover me. “Is it okay if I stay up for a while… Watch the sun come up maybe?”. He smiled. “Of course… This place is enchanting”. “I’ll give you some space”. With this he stood up to leave. “Father…” I spoke. This was the first time I had ever called him that. He turned back to me. “What is it hun?”. “Ah… Never mind”.

He smiled, and left the room. I stared out the window… So many thoughts racing through my head… Too many really. Fred would come for me… He’s surely figured out that I know he murdered my mother… I don’t want him to kill my father… I need to leave.

I stood and went to the window. But I was in Africa… Where would I go.


A man in  dark brown  cowboy boots steps off the train. He drops a cigarette, and stomps it out with his heal.

His boots make their way to a man of information.

“Sam Monroe?” his gravely voice questions the man. “Sam… A very good man… A very good man”. “I need to know where he is… I’ve got money… Lots of it”. The man with information pauses for a bit. “How much if I take you to him?”. The man in the boots sits down a long case with the word “Colt” on it. “Plenty…”.

End Of Chapter VII




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My Heart’s just not in it…

What is it you ask

My mum hit 70 in August

With that I rolled

Age is a Mindset…

Or so I’m told

I love my Life

I Really do

Perhaps that’s the Problem

I start to cry

I am Strong

Forever Young

Three Cardiologist Appointments in One Week?

Alright, I’m done

I try to Surf Light

I do quite well

Despite this Black Wave

To spite this Swell

I sit on the floor

Look at these hands

Why can’t they Write

I’ve so many Plans

In my Greatest Imagination

Yes, in all that I Wield

The thing I want most

Is out of my Field

I love you Mom… Don’t go anywhere… Not yet… Stick it out for another 20 or so… I have so much to share… I’ve only just begun

Your Son James



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Why can’t more things be Constant like the Moon… The Ocean and the Sun Never seem to Complain… And yet… Homes Change… Love Changes… We Change

Why Can’t Life Stay the same… I know there’s no fun in that… But sometimes…With certain things…

It would be nice

I sit here, the Fear has filled me… And left me with no apparent Escape… And so I am left to have pleasant conversation with something, I never wanted to meet in the first place

Why is there such a thing as pain… And yet, what would joy be without first knowing it…

They say “All is Fair in Love and War…” But Love is often War… And War… Perhaps those that start Wars, simply need more Love… Or needed more than their Random Youth provided

It’s funny how peaceful Life can be when Reality hasn’t caught up to you, and shaken you about… Oh how we take the simplest things for granted… These small morcels of Light… By god Treasure every moment you have of Peace, and Leisure… For around every corner, there lies the possiblilty of a Whirlwhind of change…

Sometimes good… Sometimes… Not

Why do the Elders favor themselves Wise? For even the Wisest know it takes more than the Passing of Time to make one Wise… I’ve met five year olds wiser than half the Grey haired Wanderers…

Why can’t more things be constant like the Moon…



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