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Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look)

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It was 1977, yes I was alive then. My mom took my brother and I to go see the original Star Wars. Neither my brother’s, nor my life, would ever be the same. I partially blame this man

Good Man on a Baddd Ship... Correction, a Fast Ship

Yes, it’s true, I wanted to be Han Solo. But don’t forget this guy

Careful Kid, you Might Hurt Yourself... I Blame his Father

My brother wanted to be Luke. So that worked out well.

Because of the enormity that is Star Wars, I’ll try to stick to just  a few things this go around. But I will say my favorite villain of all time is this next gentleman

"I am your Father..."

Darth Vadar. Need I say more.

For the next 10 years my brother and I gathered quite an action figure collection, sadly G.I. Joe tended to kick these guys asses, but oh well. The truth is, Star Wars is the reason I decided to pursue Film Making in 1999-2002, which in turn lead to pursuing writing. Oh I should mention one more guy at least in this go around

Jango gives George Directions

No that’s not Boba, he’s not even born yet. Somehow I’ve gone the route of corny. It was not intended. George Lucas, in my opinion, had a brainchild that would change everything you know about film. He is the true reason I wanted to become a film maker. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are two of my favorite all time films.

Why did they inspire me? Character’s, and character development for one. I love so many of his character’s, and there are so many to love. Why else? Scope; Starting on chapter IV, of VI, inventive, exciting, and alluring.

For me Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back have forever instilled the importance of character’s and scope in a story… And the belief in a dream, and the robustness to follow through with it.

Thank You George


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