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Hope In A Severely Divided Time

Posted in Life, Love, Writing with tags , , on January 19, 2021 by darkjade68

I Have Never Felt So Accutely The Deepness Of The Division Of Our Country

Empathically, It Is Extremely PainfulI’ve Never Been Blind To The Differences And Inherent Problems Associated To Our Society

But For Me, So Many Of The Problems That Have Stemmed From This Division For So Long In Our Country, Make Much More Sense Now

I Realize Our Population, The World’s Population Really, Is Enormous

I Realize We Can Not All Be The Same

On One Side, You Can Say Many Of Us Have Been Dillussioned By This Notion Of FreedomOn The Other Side, For Many Of Us, The Freedom Within, And Under This Troubled Sky, Is The Only Cushion That Has Allowed Us To Get This Close A Look At What Truly Is Happening Within Our Country

To Be Cliche’, ‘This Is Not A Time For The Faint Of Heart…’

I Say This In A Non-Preachy Way, Mathmatically If Nothing Else, Apathy Will Not Move Us In The Desired Direction We Seek

The Time Of Being A Non-Participant, Of Being Only A Bystander, Of Focussing Only On Our Individual Bubbles, Has Become Complacent… Once Again, Not A Criticism, Mathmatically If Nothing Else

I Am Fortunate In That I Was Born With Hope In My Heart…

So Many Of Us Were Not

But At This Time More Than Ever, I Wish To Bestow This Hope On Those That Struggle To See And/Or Feel It

Anyway, Here’s Hoping There Will Be No Or Little Violence Tomorrow…

Though It May Reflect The True Struggle That We All Face, I Can’t, And Never Will, Be Ok With It

The Briefcase

Posted in Dreams, Entertainment, Inspiration, Poem, Poetry, Scribblings, Writing with tags , on July 11, 2012 by darkjade68

The Briefcase

As The Long Black Coated Man Makes his way across This Field…

Of Dark, Blue, Purple Blooms of Light

His Gloved Hand grasping Oh So Tightly to the Silver Briefcase in his hand…

The Red Sunlight, Beams Upon him

He Presses on his Shades

Big Black Boots Stomping Lightly

Cool Winds Rise…

Nothing stays the same

Reaching his Destination…

He Kneels before the Pools of Cool Blue Green Water

And Opens up his Case

From within he Pulls Forth Two White Doves…

Flapping for their Lives

His Heart Warms

But Pain Goes Through Him…

Like Warm… Steely


“Be Free Now Child”

He Speaks

The Red Sun Falls…

His Hands Open Wide

His Dying Wish…

He Falls so Hard

The Freedom of The Birds


PICTURE CREDIT – Purple Dreamy

The Purple Pill

Posted in Dreams, Fantasy, Inspiration, Poem, Poetry, Scribblings, Writing with tags , , on November 10, 2011 by darkjade68

The Purple Pill

I Tire of these Mortal Games…

Realities got me Down

This Man that Waits, wont go Away

He Beckons, and he Calls…

Don’t go out there, I Beg, I Plea…

All Once Yours, Will be Lost…

Your Reign of Terror, Your Great Contol…

Your Pain will be your Boss

He Seems so Pure… So Kind… So True…

Whenst First you do Come Through…

He’ll Kick Your A$$, He’ll Make you Pay

All This I know he’ll Do


Why Choose Red, or Blue, When Purple Connects the Two…




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