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Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter IV

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Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15

CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant

That night, we camped on a high Peak…

The weather was relentless, snow, ice, wind, there was virtually no visibility.

on 3rd Watch, Kinner worked away writing his songs, whilst Kayen kept a study eye and listen.

Suddenly, Kayen heard something, and got Kinner’s attention.

He gestured Kinner to wake the others, and disappeared out into the storm…

…When he came back, we were all awake, “Frost Giant,” he spoke in a gravely tone.

My mind froze as Kayen drew his bow and Z disappeared out into the storm to our right.

This was it.

Kayen released his bow into the darkness, and a large cry of anger could be heard as the Frost Giant, some 20 or so feet tall, with glacial blue skin, blue hair and eyes, appeared in camp baring to large Great Axes, one in each hand.

Suddenly, the two Rogues (Adis and Myth) and the Mage (Auros) from the Party earlier appeared.

Adis smiles at me, then moved towards the Frost Giant with Myth.

Suddenly Z appears from behind the Giant, slicing it badly with one of his Rapiers.

Next came the Rogue Assassin, Myth, who strikes it in the belly with their Poisoned dipped Dagger.

The Giant yells as the stings of the Rogues penetrate its’ thick skin…

Kayen then leaps at it, both Short Swords drawn, but is knocked out of the air by one of the Giants’ Great Axes, gashing him near death, he strikes the ground.

Kinner quickly reaches Kayen’s side, and Casts, “REMEDIUM LUX PLAGUS,” and a bright yellow glow goes over Kayen’s body, healing him a bit.

Kinner then begins to sing…

“Struck Down By Fiend… He Will Prevail… Beware The Paladin’s Sword”

And a Yellow Glow goes over Laris as she raises her Long Sword, “DIVINUS PERCUTIAT!” and it glows Brightly Green as she comes down upon the Giant…

…striking its’ leg.

Then with his Second Great Axe, the Frost Giant strikes at Laris, but she throws up her Shield just in time…

…but it knocks her to her knees.

Adis then appears, and strikes out with her Rapier, but misses…

…she then disappears back into the storm.

My hands Glow Red, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” and a larger than normal Orb of Fire appears in my hands, but as I’m about to throw it, I slip, and slide 40′ down the side of the mountain behind me.

Aurus then Summons the same Spell, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” but his is the normal 4′ Orb, he throws it but the Frost Giant is able to avoid it.

Z moves in, his Rapiers blaring, but the Frost Giant is remarkably nimble, and avoids the blows.

Kayen then stands, draws his bow, and shoots, striking the Giant in the shoulder.

Laris then leaps in front of Kayen…

…and the Frost Giant strikes her with his first Great Axe…

…and she’s knocked down, crumpled to the ground, badly wounded, but her Sword Lights up once more as she swings at his arm, “DIVINIUS PERCUTIAT!” badly wounding it, he drops that arm’s Great Axe…

…and in his Rage he strikes the Paladin (Laris) with his Second Great Axe, crushing her underneath her Shield…

…she stops breathing.

“LARIS! NO!” yells Kinner, who steps forward, Singing once more, tears running down his cheek…

“Though Struck Down, She Will Arise, By My Sound, My Voice Denies”

With this a Yellow Glow goes over Z, ‘INSPIRING’ him.

Kinner than raises his hand which glows Yellow, “REMEDIUM LUX PLAGUS!” he speaks, and a Yellow Glow covers Laris’s crumpled body, and she begins to breathe…

Her Shield destroyed, she casts it aside, but she’s still badly wounded.

Myth goes at the Giant again, sticking her Poisoned Dipped Dagger in its’ back, and with this the Giant is starting to look a bit wobbly.

Meanwhile I Cast, “FUNEM ARTIBUS,” and a 60′ Rope appears above me, and I start climbing it until I reach the Peak once more.

Adis reappears, but she can’t get to the Giant, and disappears again into the storm.

Auros then Summons, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” another 4′ Ball of Fire, and hurls it directly into the Frost Giant’s face.

The Giant yells, brushing it from his eyes, whilst staggering backwards.

Z then leaps through the air, plunging one of his Rapiers into its’ belly…

…and Kayen releases one last Fatal shot in between the Giants Eyes…

…and it falls back off the Peak to its’ death.


Warriors Of Light – More Frost Giants

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Warriors of Light – More Frost Giants

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI

“Behold These Early Signs Of War… And All Its’ Discomforts”


Tora and Hannah continued their journey north through the South West Hills of The North Land’s Hill Region (Their journey was last posted in Episode VII)…

They passed many herds of local animals, but traveled without issue for several days…

They then came upon some Tribesmen from the Village of Shar, several days west of them.

Shar lays in the middle of a small forest on peaks dropping down to the Xoat Ocean.

There were 12 Tribesmen in all, carrying spears and wooden shields… They appeared to be being lead by a Cleric, or Druid, who was in front.

They approached on feet.

Tora dismounted from the back of Hannah’s horse, and approached the Tribesmen Leader one hand raised.

“Greetings… I am Tora… Keeper, and Paladin of the Fire Tree Order…” she then gestured towards Hannah, “This is my travelling companion, Hannah… A Curate Cleric, and Healer…”

“Greetings Paladin and Cleric… You’d best go back from whence you came… There is trouble to the North… And some of it is nearly upon us,” replied the Druid Leader.

Hannah then dismounted, and joined the conversation, “What kind of trouble… Do you speak of the White Orc Legions… Do you speak of Kor?”

“We have not time to concern ourselves of Kor… His allies are on their way, and they are not White Orcs,” replied the Druid.

Tora looked at Hannah, then back to the Druid.

Tora stepped closer to the Druid, “As a Paladin of Fire Tree, it is my sworn duty to protect those in need… How may I service you?”

“Go,” spoke the Druid, as he gestured for his Party to continue north, and they started to run off.

Hannah stepped beside Tora, and followed her eyes which peered upon the departing Party.

“We best abide their wishes…” spoke Hannah, who then placed a hand upon Tora’s shoulder.

“That Party of Tribesmen will surely perish if we do not aid them…” spoke Tora angstedly.

“We must respect the Druid’s wishes… They are heading in the direction that we are anyway… We shall stay back, but keep watch none the less,” stated Hannah, who remounted her horse.

Tora looked up at Hannah who had spoke wisely, “Agreed,” then remounted the back of Hanna’s horse.

Day turned to night, and the Tribesmen stopped and made camp, as they feasted and spoke of troubles ahead.

Hannah had also made a campfire, and was eating, and looking into the fire, when she took note of Tora, who was pacing back and forth.

“Come Tora… Eat something… Get some warmth… The cool winds of the North are upon us… These are not typical temperatures for the Hill Region,” Hannah spoke as she pulled her cloak over her shoulders.

“I want to ride ahead… Make sure the Tribesmen aren’t ambushed in the night,” Tora spoke.

“My horse,” replied Hannah.

“Hannah… I’m sure you can feel it as I do,” insisted Tora.

“Nope… Just a bit cold here… No premonitions,” Hannah replied.

Suddenly out of the dark the Druid Party Leader appeared, causing Hannah to jump…

“By the gods you scared me Druid,” spoke Hannah.

“You wish to help?” spoke the Druid to Tora.

“Yes… We do!” quickly replied Tora.

Minutes later the Tribesmen, Tora and Hannah sat atop a large hill and looked to the bottom of the hill where a Frost Giant was sleeping, surrounded by four Winter Wolves.

“This creature should not be here…” spoke the Druid.


Warriors Of Light – The Kingdom Of Tyr

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Warriors of Light – The Kingdom of Tyr

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX

Episode X


As the Party, Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen (Last Shown In Episode VI) continued across the Southern Planes of the Mountain Region of the North Lands, they came across a couple Gnolls here and there…

Nothing too threatening, though being Chaotic Evil Beings, one would have thought they would attack the Party anyway…

But they did not.

“So once we reach these White Orcs, what is it we plan on doing exactly?” questioned Odle as he ate upon a large roasted bird leg.

“Our Grey Ring Order has requested that we visit the Kingdom of Tyr, and speak to it’s King, to determine what their defensive, or offensive measures are in regards to the rise of Kor…” replies Chemney.

“Do you really think the King of Tyr will see a group of wondering Clerics, and they’re Mercenaries?” earnestly questioned Sparen.

Being a friendly Mage, Sparen is quite inquisitive.

Vyle, however, struck Sparen’s shoulder lightly, as if to say, “We’re not paid to think…”

Sparen merely smiled in her direction in a “Actually as a Mage, I am” way.

Her attention then returned to Chemney, her dark brown eyes, soft black hair, and soothing voice inadvertently drawing the poor clumsy Cleric in.

“Well… I… I can not say… But it is the duty that has been thrust upon us, and we shall answer,” he replied in an energized, convicted fashion.

“Hmm… Exciting,” replied Sparen.

Vyle merely shook her head at the young Mage’s innocently fascinated disposition.

Vyle on the other hand, was much more cynical, and pessimistic about… all things really.

“Look there!” suddenly proclaimed Sparen, as she pointed high in the sky!

Above was a Great White Owl, simply monstrous in comparison to most…

“It’s a good omen,” spoke Sparen excitedly, as she opened her traveling journal and quickly jotted down several descriptive words.

Such as wondrous… And magnificent.

Vyle merely grumbled and road up ahead of the Party.

Meanwhile, Odle, having finished his bird, tossed the bone, looked back at Sparen, and then to Chemney.

“She’s a bit batty, aint she…”

Chemney smiled slightly, and held his finger to his mouth, as if telling him to stay quiet on the matter.

“You’re just afraid of magic,” Vyle then grumpily spoke back at Odle.

“I ain’t afraid of nuthen,” grumbled Odle, as he drank down some wine from his wine skin.

“I’m sure it will follow us all the way to The Kingdom Of Tyr’s outer walls! All is well I say, all is well…” spoke the young Sparen oh so pleased.

Soon they had reached the Hills south of the Kingdom of Tyr, and were only a hand full of days from their destination.

Along the first day they came across many herds of local animals, but all and all, the day went well…

…then came the second day

Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen all sat on their mounts a top a high hill… In the distance they could not believe what they saw…

Cries let out from a herd of animals as a 15′ Frost Giant hurled his great axe upon them… More for his own pleasure than for food.

His skin was a hardened, snow white, and his hair was river blue, with traces of black.

The Party was paralyzed…

“Has he seen us?” spoke Chemney without meaning to.

“Not likely, or he’d be upon us,” replied Vyle.

‘I’m not afraid of a Giant…” spoke Odle.

“I should distract him, while the rest of you make your way around him,” spoke Sparen courageously, as she stared at the Giant with wonderment, and apprehension.

“It’s too late…” suddenly spoke Vyle as the Frost Giant picked up a sheep, and hurled into the air striking the ground before them, killing it.

“YOU WILL PERISH!” bellowed the Giant.